10-Knockouts Gauntlet Match, TNA 11/14/11


Welcome to another Free Match Friday! This week it has been decided to keep with the IMPACT theme from last week. This time it will go back several more years to TNA where a gauntlet match was featured to determine the number one contender to Gail Kim‘s Knockouts Championship.

Kim won the championship for the second time in her career the night prior at Turning Point. This title win occurred in a fatal-four way (also featured Madison Rayne and Mickie James) and Velvet Sky was the champion heading into the match. With the help of Karen Jarrett and Rayne, Kim planned for the winner of this Gauntlet match to be Rayne. Was Rayne successful in becoming the number one contender?

Take a look at this match to see if Rayne could pull off the victory to Kim’s satisfaction.

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  1. I always found this era of TNA extremely annoying, mainly because the focus was on ex.wwe stars only, those with no previous wwe experience became personal jobbers for wwe stars even though they were 10 times better than that ex wwe star.

    Yes the matches were typically great compare to the then divas division, but when you push the same Beautiful People and Ex.WWE divas it was a problem!
    When you tell Lufisto, Sara Del Rey, Ember Moon, Jazzy Gabert, Courtney Rush(before she was Rosemary) “you don’t have the look” it was a problem because it felt like another wwe.

    Sarita was super mistreated, that lady can wrestle circles around Mickie James(no disrespect to Mickie)and TBP, but Dixshit and Hogan made her limit her moves just so she looks “weaker”

    All of this mess was because they were hoping to beat the wwe lmao
    AEW better not pull the same shit.

    Thank God nowadays the Impact Roster is great when it comes to character, looks, diversity, and storylines. I just hope they get a better TV deal and reach millions of viewers.

    Can’t help but imagine if Dixie and Hogan takeover Impact now, they will fire Rosemary, Su Yung w/Bride maids, Jessicka Havok, Grace, and Alisha Edwards for not having the diva look and get replaced with Tenille, Summer Rae, and possibly bring back Angelina Love and Taryn.
    Taya will be safe due to her being with Jhonny. Katarina will be the new John Cena of the division because she has the most experience with the wwe.