The Bash: Through the Years


Tonight, WWE holds the 6th incarnation of it’s ‘Bash’ pay per view, a former staple of the WCW PPV calendar. Up until this year, the event had gone by the name of ‘The Great American Bash’, but in an effort to make the show more globally-friendly, it has been shortened to ‘The Bash’.

Tonight at The Bash, the Women’s Championship will be defended for only the second time at the event when Melina defends against Michelle McCool. Neither Diva is a stranger to this particular event, Melina was involved in the very first Women’s Title defence in 2007. Meanwhile, McCool’s career landmark came last year, when she became the first ever Divas Champion at this PPV.

Let us take a look through the years at the various Bash events, ahead of tonight’s big pay per view! Remember to join us for our Bash live blog from 7.45pm ET/12.45am UK!

Sable vs Torrie Wilson

The first Bash pay per view was held in 2004, when WWE ressurected the event for it’s SmackDown brand. With the advertising campaign based around the brand’s top Diva, Torrie Wilson, it only made sense to put her on the card. Sable and Torrie had started out as bitter rivals in 2003 before making up to appear on the cover of Playboy together in March 2004. They even notched up a huge victory together at WrestleMania XX for the SmackDown brand. But just a few months later, they were back at each other’s throats (both on screen and in real life!) which led to this match at the Bash:

It may not have been the most technical affair, but Sable could teach our current crop of Divas a thing or two about in-ring psychology. Her heel mannerisms are resemblant of current Diva, Maryse’s. Though Sable stole a win here, Torrie would get her revenge the very next week on SmackDown.

Melina vs Torrie Wilson

In 2005, a new Diva emerged on the SmackDown scene and promised to usurp the ‘top Diva’ position from Torrie Wilson — enter Melina. With Torrie, once again featured in the promotional campaign for the 2005 Bash, you couldn’t just leave her off the PPV. So it would be Torrie vs Melina in a Bra & Panties Match to settle their differences with Candice Michelle serving as special guest referee:

The battle for SmackDown supremacy was cut short later that summer, when Torrie and Candice were traded to Raw. Melina would follow suit in 2006, where she would win 3 Women’s Championships and her short feud with Candice would become full blown just a couple of years later…

Ashley vs Jillian vs Kristal vs Michelle McCool

The following year saw a blip on the Bash radar, as four of the brand’s Divas competed in a four-way Bra & Panties Match. A match that made me yearn for the days of Torrie, Sable and Melina.

Candice Michelle vs Melina

In 2007, The Bash was given a lifeline: it had become a tri-branded pay per view. Which meant that the Raw Divas got a turn to appear on the show, a far cry from the year before. This year saw the Women’s Championship on the line for the very first time at the Bash; Candice defended against Melina. These two had a prior altercation at the 2005 Bash, but it was on Raw where the dial turned up on their feud in 2007. Just a month before, Candice had done what we thought was impossible — beat Melina for the title and Melina would get her rematch at the Bash:

Though Candice bested Melina here, a few months later she would drop the title to Beth Phoenix and suffer the first of her many injuries that would end her career as she was released earlier this month. Meanwhile, Melina would come back from her own injury to win her third Women’s Championship from Beth, a title reign that is threatened at this year’s Bash!

Michelle McCool vs Natalya

2008 made history as the Divas Championship was introduced and at The Bash, the first ever champion would be crowned. The SmackDown Divas had won back their hold on the event, when Michelle and Natalya would compete to become the first ever Divas Champ:

Fresh in our minds, last year’s event was a disappointing one considering the hype surrounding a new title for our Divas. However Michelle McCool proved that she was Diva-enough to be a champion and that is a mentality she will hold onto tonight, when she has the opportunity to make history again! Can she be the first ever Diva to hold the Divas and Women’s Championships? (Read our 2008 Bash live blog)

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  • PedroPedroso17

    2004 – Both divas looked comfortable in the ring and had a great feud. Sable will always be one of my fave divas, and Torrie too. They did a great job in the match :) RATE : 3+/5

    2005 – I love Melina, and I love Torrie, but I don’t love this match at all!! Melina was kind of sloppy in that match and Torrie too, Candice seems confused even as a ref RATE : 2/5

    2006 – Thia match was pretty boring and ridiculous, a big waste of time for the divas division. Ashley looks terrible in and outside the ring, Michelle was a lot worse back than, Jillian looked great as always and Kristal was pretty generic but she made a great heel. RATE : 2/5

    2007 – First of all, I HATED THIS FEUD, Melina is and will always be a top diva on WWE, Candice is NOT champion material AT ALL, the match was acceptable, but Candice did not look good as a champ in the ring. RATE : 2+/5

    2008 – Good solid match, a little boring, Michelle looks good, not awesome, Natalya is a great performer and I think she looked fantastic in the ring on this particular match. RATE : 4/5

    2009 – I hope that Melina and Michelle have a great long match to show some ability in the ring. It seems like Alicia is comming with Michelle, so Im guessing this : Bell rings, Melina dominates for 5-6 minutes, but, as the Referee is seeing if McCool is ok, (Melina is by the ropes), Alicia approaches the champs legs, pushes both of them, slammin Melinas jaw to the mat, Alicia leaves Melina in pain by the floor and as she walks away with a smirk on her face, Michelle gets up quickly and goes for her opponent, she gets Melina back in the ring and than dominates the match for about 2-3 minutes, as she goes for the FaithBreaker, Melina quickly reverses it by using the Last Call, 1..2..3 END OF THE MATCH :D
    (either this or having Michelle hittin the FaithBreaker and going for the 1..2..3)

  • boi213

    i love these history lessons or watever u wanna call it it kinda shows how the divas are growing as wrestlers…look at michelle and melina….they come so far from their first atch together….i hope melina retains tonight and then have gail join the picture to the title as a tweener or maybe a face still either or if not trade her for jillian or beth….hope tonights match is long and one for the books…

  • megagary

    so both have one at the bash and both have suffered a loss at the bash lol

    going to be interesting tonight as ive said before it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick an outright winner. alicia also mixes things up lol

    cant wait to watch

  • mah

    torrie n melina r the girls of he bash..they both had 2 matches in it…n now mccool follow
    i jope it will be a good match