Raw Spoilers: July 6th, 2009

Spoilers for next week’s episode of Raw are below. The show airs next Monday night, as the Raw stars will be on tour:

Gail Kim & Mickie James def. Alicia Fox & Maryse. Gail Kim pins Maryse with her straight-legged jawbreaker.

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  • Mace

    At least the new draftees are being used! but with Gail winning does this mean that Mickie will lose to Maryse at the pay per view and Gail will be her next challenger, or are they just trying to get her over? Maryse needs to drop the title imo, but this will leave Gail with pretty much nothing to do…hmmm

  • Johnny_91

    Look’s great for Gail. i hope it’s not a one-night-thing and that she actually gets involved in the title scene. :) … No Kelly?! .. -gasp-

  • Matt

    C’mon Gail! Triple Crown, baby, Triple Crown!

  • hellwege

    Maryse will retain at NOC, no match Summerslam, then title defense MAryse-Gail in the submission PPV in Montreal(!). If Maryse wins with her camel clutch the smarks will go crazy…

  • chrisP

    Another set of spoilers I read stated that Mickie, not Gail, pinned Maryse.

  • Hunt-A1

    Good to see Gail Kim hopefully being used to her best of her ability and i gotta say that i was totally impressed with her on Friday, i have to say also i think that raw should have used Rosa and Beth, maybe a backstage segment seeing as they were fighting in the ring. I say have Beth turn on Rosa slowly then lay the bombshell at the pay per view, maybe Beth gets a title shot and tells Rosa to stay backstage but halfway through the match Rosa can run down and somehow distract the referee, maybe have Rosa try to undo the turnbuckle, then have Rosa sneak in the ring with a steel chair and look as if she is going to hit the champ but instead hit Beth and cost her the title, then continue their rivlary for a while and end it at a pay per view.

  • Marco

    I shall now be a mark for Gail to be the Triple Crown Champion!!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/xdivatoxic xDivaToxic

    It’s nice to see alicia wearing something different. Thats my favourite Maryse outfit :)
    Maryse will deffiently retain at NOC & then Gail will either win the title the next night on raw or at Summerslam.
    But you never know, i have been getting all of this wrong. Gail has been used better on her 1st night on Raw then all of her time on Smackdown.