Before They Were Divas: Velvet Sky


Welcome to another edition of ‘Before They Were Divas’, the Diva Dirt exclusive where we look back at our favorite Divas and Knockouts before the glitz and glamour of the “big leagues”.

Today we’re taking a look back at TNA Knockout and sidekick extraordinaire, Velvet Sky. This week on Impact, we saw Velvet take on TNA newcomer, Tara (ugh), in singles action. Believe it or not, this was history repeating itself. Back in 2005, Velvet made a one shot appearance on WWE Heat as ‘Talia’ to take on the Diva better known as Victoria with the same result.

Click in for the match and my thoughts:

I have to say, this match was better than a lot of Vel-Vel’s more recent work. Sure, there was an awkward move here or there, but I think Velvet did really good considering it was her first televised match. Why didn’t WWE sign her after this match is beyond me. Here you have a gorgeous blonde who can actually wrestle, yet you still continue with the Diva Search? I bet they’re kicking themselves now, huh?

When I initially saw this match, I expected it to be a total squash. However, WWE surprised me by giving the ladies a good amount of time and allowing them both to show some decent offense. My only negative comment would be Velvet’s crappy selling for the Widow’s Peak. It made the move look really fake and weak. Maybe I’m just being a perfectionist, but when I see the Widow’s Peak, I want to wince in sympathy for that poor girl. Not so much in this case.

What did you guys think of the match? Did you like it better than Thursday’s match? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  • xx4xl3tt3rxli3xx

    velvet sold the widows peak the same in both matchess.

  • MarBu13

    Yeah, Velvet sold the same in this match and the other one.

    To me, she’s just not a really good wrestler. I don’t know if it’s being lazy or clumsy or awkward or needing adjusting in the six-sided ring but there’s a reason her matches have always been on the webisodes.

    I think her strongest point is as a ” Maria “. Hosting, doing promos, backstage skits, playing sidekick and the occasional taking a bump or filling in a tag match. But I’m very glad she has improved in her mic skills. I remember when Angelina Love use to be the total package. Now Velvet has surpassed her in the mic/acting department.

  • mah

    i see vel as a normal wrestler not really good one…n she sold the widow’s peak the same way in the two matches her neck wasnt on victoria’s shoulder!!

  • jcristo

    Velvet’s hot hot hot. Her wrestling is….not.. I haaate how she sells the Widows Peak and her match with Victoria on Thursday was nothing special. All she did was like to hair pull tosses and punches. This HEAT match was better than her recent work however. Thank you Velvet for putting some highlights on your head she looks soo much better. Oh and she needs to watch Angelina take a Widows Peak because she gets destroyed when she takes one of those!