TNA Webmatch: Nice Knowing You, Sojo


This week, we are treated to a TNA Knockout webmatch between the two accessories of the Sharmell vs. Jenna Morasca contest at Victory Road. Consequently, we also get a sneak peek of things to come toward the PPV. Awesome Kong (looking just fine without Raisha Saeed in her corner) unleashes some pent-up aggression against her former Kongtourage associate, Sojourner Bolt, to an ominous yet fitting chant of “Kong’s gonna kill you!”

The hair pulling in this match actually makes me quite nervous. And although watching one of Sojo’s tracks spiral across the ring would be a sight to see, we here at Diva Dirt express sincere concern toward any and all hair: natural or bought. So, keep the synthetics in tact, ladies!

Sojo’s feeble attempts against Kong are discouraged for the majority of match. However, Sojo does somewhat manage to hold her own in this brief match-up, relying on submissive manuevers to ground Kong. Sojo nearly gets the best of her opponent with a flying elbow. She attempts to counter the Implant Buster, but suffers much worse to an Awesome Bomb.

Looks like Sojo’s not going to be much help to Sharmell come Victory Road. Let’s hope she even makes it to Sunday. Sojo is no match for Kong? Surprised? The TNA Knockouts seem to have really gone the lengths this week to cement what we already know.

Watch the match below:

  • spiffy

    i can’t believe it. there is actually someone worse than rosa mendes.

  • Steven

    I don’t know what match you were watching but Rosa makes Sojo look like Lita. Sojo and Rosa should never be said in the same sentence, unless we’re talkin’ bad weaves.

  • PedroPedroso17

    I think Sojourner Bolt is an average wrestler. Plus, Maria is worse than both Rosa and Sojo put together. Rosa had 1 bad match, while Maria had 1 or 2 almost good matches (on her part…). Bolt is a nice wrestler, she’s nothing special, but she’s not that bad. Awesome Kong for Knockouts Champion :D

  • spiffy

    difference of opinion. but i think both sojo and rosa are awful wrestlers. damn, now pedro has to throw maria in the mix.

  • Steven

    maria wins hands down.

  • PedroPedroso17

    Rosa is NOT good, but she’s better than Maria.
    Sojo isn’t comparable with none of them, I don’t even know how we can compare Bolt to Maria OR Mendes.

  • Thomas

    you guys must be retarded if you guys think maria or rosa is even a little better than sojo bolt. sojo is NOT comparable!

  • Melanie

    Seriously dude, no need to call people retarded to get your point across…

  • Steven

    @Thomas: Let me clarify: Maria win worst wrestler hands down. And no need for name calling.

  • charlierogue26

    Sojo is not worse than Maria…I dont think ANYONE EVER COULD BE WORSE THAN MARIA!! I dont see how thats possible…seriously.