Roundtable News & Discussion for Thursday, July 23rd

So you guys may have noticed that we had to cancel last week’s Roundtable, we ran into a number of issues that forced us to postpone. However, the Roundtable returns this Thursday night with our biggest show yet!

This week’s Roundtable is sponsored by SHIMMER Volume 23, which will be available on DVD this month! We’ll be discussing the DVD which features newly signed WWE Diva, Serena Deeb in the main event against SHIMMER Champion, MsChif. Plus comments from SHIMMER founder, Dave Prazak as well as your chance to win a copy of the DVD!

As well as that, we’ll be covering a WWE and TNA topic as usual! And as always, you can have your say on our topics below, just leave your thoughts in the comments section!

Please try to keep them short and sweet — just one sentence, so we can read out as many comments as possible.

WWE Topic: “This Sunday night is Night of Champions, which will feature two Divas matches: Maryse defends the Divas Championsip against Mickie James while Michelle McCool defends the Women’s Championship against Melina. In a similar topic to the one we didn’t get to discuss last week — Which feud do you think is better and why? And which match are you most looking forward to?”

TNA Topic: “Victoria shockingly lost the Knockouts Championship at Victory Road, after just 10 days as champion. The shock move has divided fans. Has Victoria been screwed over?”

We are also going to do a segment where we answer your questions about anything and everything, from wrestling to random stuff! If you have a question for Melanie, Erin, Steven or Tiffany, just leave it in a comment and make sure you state who your question is for! Whether it be an opinion on a certain Diva or if you just want to know what their favourite sandwich filling is!

Remember: Keep your comments brief, one sentence is best. I’m being serious about this, last week we got huge paragraphs from some of you and bear in mind, I have to read this out and it gets tongue-twistery. I know it’s hard to say what you want to say in a line or two, but it’s important to keep your comments brief so we can read them out.

Please copy and paste and the form below into the comments box, to best help us! Feel free to leave any field blank if you don’t want to answer:

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  • C-Rez

    Your name (required): C-Rez
    Comment on WWE topic: i have to say im looking forward to the Mickie James vs Maryse just so it can be over with lol
    we all know the outcome to the michelle mccool vs melina match michelle going to win by far im just ready for two new contenders i actual like to see Mickie lose and see Maryse going against Kelly Kelly i like to see Kelly Kelly diva’s champion

    Comment on TNA topic: Im kinda on the fence about Tara losing so soon aftr winningthe title i didnt want her to win it so early but since she did i find it ridiculous to give her magazine covers say she’s alive lol wtf that mean lol but i kinda agree with giving back to Angelina especially how Traci is going to play a role if she going to be Knockout law i would love to see Awesome Kong in the mix but why give her this big amount of praise just have her drop it after 10 days

    Question for Melanie/Steven/Erin/Tiffany (delete as applicable) my question is to everyone and its a two part question do u think they hyped Sarita up to much? cause she was dominated by Alissa Flash (Melissa Anderson) to have her win by a roll up don’t u think they should’ve hyped Tara’s and Alissa’s debut too ?

    part 2 ok this aint bout wrestling this is about attire who yall think has the best ring attire? my top 5 Maryse, Melina, Layla, Alissa and Kelly Kelly Sarita and Mickie’s attire are tacky lol

  • Steven_D

    Name: Steve

    WWE Topic: Hands down the Melina/Michelle feud is the best of the two and the match has the better prospects talent wise.

    TNA Topic: No. I think the title has lost some credibility with the short run but sooner or later Tara will get back and when she does, she’ll have a tidy run with it.

    Question for Steven: Which of the Shimmer volumes is your favourite and why? Or, Who from Shimmer would you like to see, if TNA made a knockouts tag division?

  • xDivaToxic

    Name: TOM

    WWE Topic: Melina & Michelle fued deffiently, the Maryse/Mickie fued has gone on too long & the fans have somewhat lost interest

    TNA Topic: In a one simple word .. Yes

    Question for Steven: A question for everybody, which WWE Diva do you think is the most underrated?

  • dan333

    Your name (required): Daniel
    Comment on WWE topic: I like the Mickie/Maryse rivalry because it has a story, while the Michelle/Melina hasn’t. I am looking forward to the Mickie/Maryse match as they have been mostly wrestling on House shows to prepare for their match at NOC, while Michelle/Melina is seen it, done it
    Comment on TNA topic: I think it is an insult with what they did with Tara. She comes along gives the KO’s a fresh new face and they do this to her. I find it annoying that TNA would give the title back to the most boring and useless KO champ in history, hell even Tara’s 10 day reign was far more enjoyable then Angelina’s

  • katieleafan

    Your name (required): Lon

    WWE Topic: I like the Michelle/Melina fued because they have had better matches with each other and they mesh well in the ring together and they both can wrestle where as the Mickie/Maryse fued has one who can wrestle and one who can flip her hair.

    TNA Topic: I don’t think Victoria was screwed because at least she got the belt even though it was a short reign and she should be happy because the last time she held a title was in 2004 when she was with WWE.

    Question for Tiffany:On thursday Traci Brooks will join the main event mafia and since the mafia wants to take over they need all the titles so do you think TNA will give her the knockouts title?

  • PedroPedroso17

    Your name (required): Pedro

    WWE Topic: I can’t wait to see another Melina/Michelle match, I think they share a good amount of chemistry, they’re both great in-ring performers and can have an amazing match (if WWE gives them some time…). I’ve got a feeling that Maryse/Mickie is going to be a little worst, it’s going to be BLAH, but I hope Mickie wins it.

    TNA Topic: I think that Victoria deserved to have a long-run as a champion, because she’s a great worker in the industry, on the other hand, we might be surprised by TNA booking for the rest of her career in there.

    Question for Erin: Do you think that Natalya will get a good showing on SmackDown?! Is there any chance that she gets her 1st championship reign?!


    Name: Nick

    WWE Topic: I enjoy the Melina/Michelle Fued a lot more, i feel that they have a lot of chemistry together, I also respect the womens title a lot more than the divas title whereas with the Mickie/Maryse fued they don’t have good chemistry.

    TNA topic: I was very disappointed that she only had a ten day run especially because she is one of the most talented women wrestler today, i do however think this feud isn’t over because of the post-match segment, maybe they are just wanting to give Angelina or Tara two title runs. But to be honest she is quite lucky because of all the talented female wrestlers in tna that deserve the title as much as her

    Question for Melaine: I am starting to fill and upside to the WWE womens division, do you agree and do you think it will last

    P.S how do you win the DVD because i love shimmer so much

  • faux.brit

    Your name (required): Jennifer
    Comment on WWE topic: I am more excited to see the match between Melina and Michelle McCool, mostly because of the fire behind Melina as she’s gone into the match; I also want to get over the Maryse/Mickie feud because it’s become stale, and I want to see more of G.Kim and Beth Phoenix.
    Comment on TNA topic: I’m a TNA girl through and through and I do not think she was “screwed over”; this feud will continue and I’m sure Tara will walk away from it the knockouts champ.
    Question for Tiffany: The knockouts division has acquired a lot of experienced and talented wrestlers, which matches are you looking forward to seeing?

  • Ed

    Your name (required): Ed

    Comment on WWE topic: Melina/Michelle is better. The feud actually shows progression and escalation whereas with Mickie/Maryse it’s just continuation with the same thing week after week. Also, the Melina/Michelle matches are better because Michelle doesn’t need to be carried as much as Maryse does.

    Comment on TNA topic: Victoria was not screwed over. Was she screwed out of the title? Yes, but that was the whole point. Now the fans have a reason to rally behind her as she tries to get revenge. This angle got her really over at the PPV and her getting over like a top babyface needs to be was more important than the title.