Night of Champions 2009 Predictions


Two Divas matches tonight on PPV — way to spoil us WWE *cough* Tonight’s Night of Champions will see the Divas Championship on the line for Raw when Maryse defends against Mickie James. Meanwhile, for SmackDown the Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool defends against former champion Melina.

Our Diva Dirt writers weigh in:

Divas Championship: Maryse (c) vs Mickie James

Erin: This feud has been slow cooking for the past few weeks, which gives me the inclination that either they don’t give two shits about it, or they’re letting it build gradually (verrrryyy gradually). I have a feeling that they don’t know what else to do with Maryse as champ – everyone’s been complaining that she’s doing the same schtick over and over again, and the only thing to do to remedy that is to change things up. Let Mickie have the title, and either let Maryse chase or get into a non-title feud and develop her heel persona a bit more. It’s clear that Maryse as Divas Champ isn’t going anywhere (it feels like she’s been champ foreverrrr), so the best thing to do is move on. If not, the division’s gonna be going nowhere fast.

Melanie: It’s time for a title change, Maryse has held the title for 7 months now. An unprecedented reign in the women’s division and also bear in mind, that it’s her first ever major championship. Her title reign has been exhausted and I just feel like it’s time for fresh blood. I definitely see Mickie taking the belt tonight. Maryse, I’m sure will get a rematch in the near future or even a triple threat feud involving Beth, with both heels gunning for Mickie. Either way, there’s more possibilites with Mickie as champ and it’s a nice change too. I expect this match will get more time on the card than the SmackDown match, because it’s the more fresh match.

Steven: A few weeks ago, I stated in our roundtable that I didn’t think Mickie was coming out of Night of Champions with gold (or silver) and I stand by that statement. By having Mickie lose, it would be the perfect opportunity to extend this feud and shape it into a decent rivalry a la Melina and Michelle. I say Maryse retains and Mickie wins at the next PPV.

Tiffany: This may be wishful thinking on my part, but I’m holding out to see Maryse pick up the win.  I’m not entirely sure just how possible it may be, but I’m keeping hope alive.  Sure, Maryse got the last laugh going into the event, but this feud has been so back-and-forth that it’s hard to tell.  Maryse has had a lengthy reign so far, but I’m not entirely ready to see her let it go just yet.  And, I’m not entirely convinced that WWE is either.  We’ve seen Mickie in the title picture, but where exactly have we gone from there?  So…I’d like to see Maryse prevail this weekend, as unlikely as that may seem.  I think, by retaining, she has a lot more going for her.

Women’s Championship predictions after the cut:


Women’s Championship: Melina vs Michelle McCool (c)

Erin: This feud’s only just heating up again, and they’ve barely even built up the title match this time around (if at all.. I haven’t gotten the chance to watch SmackDown yet), which makes me think that they’re just shoving this match on the card so they can honor the “all titles are on the line” stipulation of the event. Due to the lack of push and overall excitement for the match, I don’t see a title switch taking place – it just doesn’t seem like the right time. Let Michelle and Melina battle a bit more before making a switch, if there even will be a switch. If you couldn’t tell, I’m going with Michelle on this one.

Melanie: Far too soon for a title switch, I think it’s an obvious outcome in favour of Michelle. Since we know the outcome, I can only hope that these two Divas put on another great show as they did at The Bash and attempt to steal the spotlight from Maryse & Mickie, whose match I believe WWE will put more effort into. I expect this will be a 3 minute affair while the Raw match will get a little longer, but I hope Melina & Michelle use the 3 minutes to the best of their advantage by getting really physical straightaway. I believe one commenter recommended having Melina attacking Michelle straight at the bell, which would draw a reaction from the crowd — could be a good move.

Steven: WWE hasn’t really put much effort into booking this rematch. In fact, it seemed to be tacked on as an afterthought. This half-assed booking leads me to believe that Michelle will retain and enter a new feud soon. The question is, with who? Hmmm, might be prime time to call up a new Diva.

Tiffany: I don’t think WWE will pull a “Victory Road” on us and have Melina regain the title this soon, so I’ll have to give this one to Michelle.  There just hasn’t been enough build-up.  Melina has been rather fiery these past couple weeks, and I’d like to see their rivalry escalate.  It’s just not going to happen for Melina at Night of Champions.

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  • Thomas

    i hope to see maryse win the divas championship and fued with gail.
    michelle is definitely retaining but i don’t know who else she can fued with besides melina.

  • Burke211

    I want Melina & Maryse to win, but unfortunately I think the opposite will happen in both matches!

  • WWEFanGurl

    As much as I like to see maryse with the belt, I’m pulling for mickie on this one, simply, Because maryse has held the belt a bit longer than most titleholders, so it would be a good idea too stick the belt on mickie this time, let maryse have a fresh start at chasing the title or even have a non-title fued with someone else. On the Melina-Michelle match , I honestly don’t see why they would put the title back on melina, unless they pull a victory road, like tiffany said they probably won’t do that, but it will come as a surprise if they do. Even though I really don’t follow michelle like everyone, I say keep the belt on her, so she can have a new fued, maybe with natayla.

  • Undi

    Mickie losing would be a shock at this point, given the insanely long build-up and the fact that she has been owned by The Iron Chic twice in a row. All signs point to a victory, via Mickie DT.

    Melina has no chance. She just lost the title and the WWE has gone into complete overdrive with the McCool hype. They’ve also been suspiciously consistent with that hype…From the recent Power25: “The debate continues: Is McCool the best ever?”. I mean really, its so absurd that I can only think that three options possible:

    a) The WWE thinks that the fans are idiots, and think that talking her up this way will help get her over. Absurd, even for them.
    b) Some “past legend” is making a one-time return to face McCool. But who on earth would come near this product right now?
    c) They are building a cross-brand showdown between her and Mickie James at Summerslam. Simple way for both titles to be squeezed onto a packed PPV.

  • B_R_A_N_D_O_N

    Maryse holding the belt isn’t a bad thing though. What is Mickie going to get out of winning the belt? Another lame title reign? A feud with Beth? How interesting. Mickie shouldn’t be rewarded for mediocrity while Gail Kim goes out there and lights a fire under all these new Diva’s asses and puts on an amazing show. Maryse should retain so it will be more meaningful when she does loose the title. I love Mickie but she’s gotten stale. She should put over Maryse (who’s actually getting there fine on her own) so she’ll be considered a real threat and then throw Gail into the mix so the fans will cheer for her to finally get the belt off of the evil Maryse.

  • RR45

    I’m sorry but for some reason I think WWE will pull off a ‘Victory Road’ in the Divas Division.
    My reason-Although WWE might try to do a ‘twist’ ending with Maryse losing despite her having Mickie’s number, I think Maryse will be pushed for a longer title reign(she has had it for a long time now, though).

    Michelle vs. Melina-I think Michelle has had too big of a push and switching titles might have this fued turn into something bigger. Michelle was a lot better when she was the chaser, now with the title shes just boring.

  • palaceofwisdom

    Throughout this entire feud, I knew Mickie James would come out on top and be the next Divas Champ, but this past Monday when The Miz interrupted Mickie’s promo, it struck me that The Miz could have a part in their match tonight. Although I’m not entirely sure, since The Miz has his own match tonight as well.

    If Miz doesn’t interfere in this match, then his little storyline with Maryse is pointless.

  • mr_socko

    hopefully maryse to retain. i’d like beth to turn face and feud with her.

    michelel should also retain and move into a feud with eve, who i envisage winning the title later in the year

  • alvarado509

    I would love to see Melina win the belt and feud with Natalya!!! Michelle is just plain boring!!! I would also hate 2 see Michelle feuding with Eve or Maria!!! As for Mickie 4 Maryse I’m thorn!!! If Mickie wins she can feud with Beth, Rosa or Jillian!!! If Maryse wins he can feud with Gail Kim!!!

  • Sabre

    Mickie needs the belt. I think they have kept this going for just the right amount of time.
    I like the “old school ” build ups that take months as opposed to the three week on again off again feuds.

  • Charlie-K2

    I Hope Mickie Wins This Championship Opportunity Against Maryse But I Think That The WWE Going To Extend The Rivalry Against This Two Divas.
    In The Case Of Melina & Michelle For Me Is Obvious That Michelle Is Going to Retain Because Is A Good Rivalrie But I Dont Think That Melina Will Win The Championship Again So Soon.