Night of Champions: Mickie Wins

Mickie James has ended Maryse‘s seven month reign as Divas Champion, pinning her to become the second Diva Dirt Grand Slam Champion.

As for the match, well… let’s just say we got covered the entire spectrum in one night.

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  • Christi84

    I got what I expected out of Maryse, but Mickie just hasnt been cutting it in about a year. She was the weak link for me honestly. Maryse did fine.

  • mkc1989

    The match was dry and boring, i couldn’t even sit and watch it all the way through, i found myself turning to another channel right in the middle of the match.

    …both Divas definitely were not on their A-game that’s for sure, and its pretty funny that the “We Want Puppies” chant made a return just for this match.

  • TorrieFan12

    I Just Say Finally The Pulling Hair Champion Era Ends. And Melanie One Advice For The Site About Beth Phoenix, She Doesnt Been On RAW ThE Last Few Weeks Because She Is Expecting Her First Child And Said That Beth has been given a minimum of a year of work-off But The Backstage Officials Are Unsure If Beth Will Return To WWE After Her Pregnancy.

  • Felipe

    This match put me to sleep, it was the worst divas match at a ppv sense Wrestlemaina 25. Mickie needs to step her game up because she has really been slacking as of late. I expected Maryse to be crappy considering she CAN’T WRESTLE AT ALL!!! Gail, Jilian, Beth, or even Alicia need to get in the title run asap or the RAW Divas division will go down the drain.

    Maryse, Kelly, Rosa, and the Bellas need to get on the damn Magic School Bus and take a permanent trip to FCW.

  • spiffy

    This match was pretty subpar. But I’m glad Maryse lost. Being champion for so long allowed her to be lackadaisical in the ring. Now she has a goal to reach again and will need to step up. There’s no belt to hide behind or DQ’ing to protect herself. I hope she’d done with Mickie for a while (please no rematch at SS). Plus her loss puts a new twist on her storyline with The Miz.

    I am so ready for a Mickie/Rosa feud now!

    Really, I’m not. I wonder if Gail will turn heel. Alicia’s not ready. Rosa’s definitely not ready. Beth’s out. Even Jillian doesn’t look to be returning anytime soon (and suddenly being thrown into a title feud is too quick & TNA-ish).

  • trishrocks

    the match wasnt really that bad, i mean compared to michelle/melina its wasnt good, but without having seen that match before hand if would have probably gone over better, plus the crowd was just dead all night and i know for me that just takes so much out of the match when its like silent :( horrible philly crowd tonight! lol
    lets hope for jillian for next challenger!!!!

  • trishrocks

    oh boy, figured i should post this, looks like people who said mickie vs michelle at summerslam are gonna be right

    plus michelle basically did the heel version of this promo on the wwe live chat

  • Hurricane Girl

    These rumours about Beth Phoenix being pregnant are NOT true. So she’s not out of the picture at all…WWE is just not using her right now, for whatever reason.

  • WWEDivaFan09

    Well, everyone is going to have their own opinions on how the match-up went, but I personally don’t think that this match-up could even top the Michelle and Melina match-up. Both Divas did an incredible job in my opinion through out the match-up. From Mickie stopping Maryse from spraying her in the eyes, etc. It’s not an incredible match-up in my opinion, but it is worth watching.

    The interview with Mickie after the match-up was good too. I’m unsure of what will happen next on Raw though.. will Alicia get a shot? Will Jillian get a shot? Will Beth get a shot? …They have so many choices, so I hope that they do not limit it to Maryse because she’s not the only talented Diva.

  • Anthony

    This match basically sucked. Maryse really isn’t a good wrestler at all, she did the camel clutch twice in the match and neither looked like it was doing anything. I wonder who the next competitor will be because the division seems a little blah right now.

    I think the rumors about Beth are just rumors. She hasn’t been used in awhile because if you haven’t noticed the WWE has been using summer theme’s the past few weeks and i don’t think creative would put beth in a bikini or a “legs” match when they have girls who used to be models who can fill that role.

  • xMissxBellax

    Here’s my opinion. Mickie vs. Maryse was a very bad match — and imo, it wasn’t Mickie’s fault. Maryse just, she’s not the star I thought she was when she was on Smackdown. It’s like her flame has burned out. I’m over her, completely and I was ready for a new champion and imo, there isn’t a better choice than Mickie. Mickie gives the belt credibility, we know the fans love Mickie and it’s on a wrestler who can put on a good match. I would love for Mickie vs. Gail but after I saw the WWE Interview with Mickie, I see Michelle vs. Mickie at Summerslam.

  • xMissxBellax

    I also meant to say it was very boring and I almost fell asleep — that is not me overreacting. I actually, almost fell asleep.

  • Undi

    I know I was bugging people to death by constantly bringing up my Michelle vs. Mickie at Summerslam prediction, but when I get a feeling, I just can’t let it go! Finally, it looks like I might have been correct on something. From the live chat:

    Michelle McCool: hey Fink….I’m done with Melina…I don’t know how many more times I can beat her. I heard Mickie James was running her mouth about me though
    [Comment From Guest]
    do u think u can beat mickie james and become undisputed women’s champion
    The Fink: Well, a Unification Match would be my cup of tea!!
    Michelle McCool: I don’t think I can….I know I can. Mickie James is OLD news! There’s a reason I am the first one to have held both the divas and women’s titles and not her. I’m better…end of story! YES…I could beat her

    I seriously doubt the titles will be on the line if the match goes through. And it is hard to get too excited because you just know the match would be a lumberjill match (another one of my predictions). But hey, it’s still a big time match worthy of Summerslam.

  • mariosthemaster

    you ppl saying it was mickie’s faults/not on “A Game” are idiots, Maryse sucked big time, and Mickie had a hard time compensating for Maryse’s lack of wrestling ability. Did you not see Maryse run out of her moveset like 2 minutes after the match started??? So Maryse stood around the match throwing bogus punches, and going for the same moves over, and over again because she does not know how to improve for SH**. Mickie is great, and soo happy she is champion. So plz get Maryse off my tv, for good… Seriously I dare say there was a part in the match that she threw a worse slap than Jenna Morasca. WWE this is the reason why, if you’re going to finally give a divas match some airtime, you do it with 2 women who are good wrestlers. Stop building up these playboy models, who don’t know jack about wrestling to go over to good working women, or else garbage like that takes place. It does not work, its 2009 and the audience is not stupid, and know that you purposely have jobber divas win, over good women, to make the jobber divas who look good on mag covers seem better than they actually are. Granted Mickie won, and I’m thankful.

  • rico

    Ok this definitely was not a bad match by any means! It just wasnt ppv quality! Sux that maryse lost and she didnt even use all of her signature moves! That kick Maryse gave to Mickie on the apron was just ouch!

  • rico

    Oh and to the people playing the blame game, it wasnt either of their faults they just lack good chemistry obviously. There wasnt noticeable botches or anything like that but the chemistry just wasnt there! I do think that Maryse could do better as a heel that the guys love but the women dont making her sorta tweenerish like Sable was during her “grind” days.

    heres the match:

  • 100% Kellz & Mellz fan

    I hope the next challenger is Kelly!
    She actally fits that bellt, Considering she is more of a diva then a women. :)
    And, No, I didn’t like this match, I agree there was no chemestry.
    Kelly & Her had a lot of it… When her and Kelly fought… Kelly did very good… I was surprised.

  • rodneyclint

    I think it was obvious going into this that McCool/Melina would be better than this match up. I think Maryse and Mickie are really awkward in the ring together and neither really did anything terribly wrong in this match up other than Maryse’s timing. She made some moves look really bad because she simply set up for them too fast or reacted too slow and her selling was kind of off. The set up for the match was really boring IMO and could’ve been saved for Raw. There was nothing new or different in this match and yes, the dead crowd killed what little wasn’t already dead. But I think that a lot of people are also giving the Smackdown side too much credit. Melina and McCool are both good workers but their matches and feud have become predictable and stale. They had a few neat spots but it seems like then always: 1) cat fight and roll around 2) Melina gets upperhand 3) Michelle gets upperhand and abuses Melina’s flexibilty 4) Melina makes comeback 5) McCool does quick counter to get a quick win. I’m eager to see what’s next for both titles at this point.

  • xmelissaa

    I’d love to see Mickie turn heel and go all physco again and feud with Kelly, but I doubt that’ll happen.
    Possibly new number one contenders for the divas title?
    Beth or Alicia (or god forbird, Rosa Mendes)

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    mickie James New Divas Champion Baby!
    Like I said! Ha!

    Anyway I loved The interview with Mickie and its like Mickie said to Michelle she will always be the better Champion.
    Being Da first to win both titles dont man squat its about the respect you get from the fans that counts Michelle plz

  • Melanie

    Okay seriously, you are free to debate but don’t call other people idiots.

  • B_R_A_N_D_O_N

    You guys are tripping. I just watched the match and there was nothing wrong with it what so ever so stop blaming Maryse when there are no faults to point the finger at. I think some of you just don’t like her because she’s a pretty face. But the fact of the matter is right now she’s the only woman in WWE who is giving us a reason to give a damn about her. The only thing that sets apart Mickie, Gail and Kelly as characters on RAW is their hair color. WWE dropped the ball with this match. Where are they going to go from here? Mickie (generic face) will either feud with Beth (generic heel), Rosa Mendez (God forbid) or Alicia Fox (seriously overrated). Maryse could have retained and feuded with Gail which could have been good based on their SmackDown! matches and could have gotten Gail over with the fans. Or they could have turned Beth face and given her a much needed change of pace. Hell, even Maryse’s feud with Kelly was fun. Instead, Mickie gets yet another title run which already looks to be just as boring as her last four and we get more “You have my title. I want my title back.” feuds that we’ve witnessed since Trish left. I sometimes wonder what the powers that be in WWE are smoking, because I seriously need to get a hold of some of that.

  • Mace

    This was a decent match I guess. I wouldnt personally blame Mickie or Maryse. I think it wasnt too great because the crowd wasnt into it and there were not many good spots, apart from Maryse kicking Mickie. The psychology of the match was pretty good though. It was a bit sloppy, and badly scripted I mean 2 camel clutches? perhaps in future they need to execute some more complex moves.

  • Goodnightddtmnm

    Its quite clear Brandon that u r a Mayrse fan! But Whinning isnt gonna help.And actually people dont have a problem with Mayrse at all. She has just lost her touch and that is all everyone has been saying on diva-dirt nothing else.So I dont think u should take it the wrong way.The match was boirng. Mayrse has been Champion for 7 months that is long enough for her espically with her staute.And Basically every diva has a boirng title regin really so saying mickie is gonna have another boring regin is a bit immature.Yes I agree Gail could have won the title too but cleary wwe wasnt heading in that direction.Hopefully with Mickie now Champ we will see her face up agianst Gail,Alicia,Rosa(Sike)Or Jillian.Just like when Michelle won it was nice to see a New Champion now Mickie won its nice to see a New Champion.

  • xxQOXxx

    The match wasn’t bad…it was DULL. Very dull and seemed to drag on and on. I’m all for having longer women’s match but not when someone books it like this.

    When the match was over, I could barely remember anything that had happened.