The Winner Takes It All…

A coinkidink considering I just saw Mamma Mia! at the weekend? I think not! For those who are late to the party, last night on Raw we found out that there would be a mixed (or is it intergender?) tag team match at SummerSlam for both the Intercontinental and Women’s Championships. Could you imagine Santino’s rendition of The Winner Takes It All if he and Beth Phoenix were to defeat Kofi Kingston and Mickie James? Something tells me it won’t be quite as appealing as Oscar-winner, Meryl Streep’s take…

Anyhoo, this match goes down in just two weeks and has already left many fans divided. I, for one, am totally against this idea. I think it’s stupid and I am certainly not checkin’ for Beth vs Mickie Part 215465. I was hoping we’d see Katie Lea vs Mickie at the pay per view but they wasted that last night; more on that in the Raw Redux. This match harkens back to the 2000 edition of SummerSlam, when Val Venis and Trish Stratus teamed up against Eddie Guerrero and Chyna, in an Intercontinental Championship match, just thought I’d throw in some trivia!

What do you think of our SummerSlam Divas offering?

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  • Terrell Perkins

    I like the idea for the match,but i would like it better maybe if it was Paul Burchill and Katie Lea vs Mickie and Kofi for the Intercontinental and Womens title,and plus the way that Katie was talking last week saying her brother being the next Intercontinental champ and her the next Womens champ after she attacked mickie

  • Rebecca

    It definatly seemed like the match was inteneded for Katie & Paul, but with the way Beth & Santino’s storyline has took off with fans, i’m not surprised they’ve been pushed into the match. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win it, especially with Candice returning. WWE will want Super Candice to win her belt back ASAP from returning *rolls eyes*.

    And PLEASE STOP with with Beth/Chyna comparisons. It irritates me so, besides both being strong, there is no resemblance.

  • wwedivafan

    I think Katie and Paul will be added into the match next week. Kinda like how Bad Blood’s womans title match was added in 04 (it was Gail vs Victoria then added Lita and Trish later on). Maybe not but it would be a good idea to add them into the mix. Off topic but what’s up with Santino’s uni brow lol?

  • Daniel

    I thought of the SS match aswell. I have that on video, haha.

  • marco

    i hope beth and santino win POWER COUPLE 08 LOL

  • Jake

    wow i like the idea it should be good and how unexpected would it be if Beth gets the Intercontental and Santino the Womens(has there ever been a man who held it b4?)but i could also see Beth getting the womens title due to wwe wanting Candice and Beth feud to take off again(shes soon to return………yea!!!lol)

  • Erin

    When I first read about it, I was intrigued. If they do it right, it could be entertaining. If this led to a serious push for Beth, I’d be all for it. If this is just something to give Santino the Women’s Title for shits and giggles, then I’m not giggling.

  • Leah

    I’m really looking forward to this match.I don’t care who wins but Beth deserves to be womans champ a whole lot more the Katie does.

    Everything about Katie bores me so hopefully she’s out of the title picture for now.

  • stephens61086

    I think its ridiculous that Santino and Beth have been thrown into the equation completely forgetting about Katie Lea and Paul Birchill, hopefully they will be thrown into the mix too, i did see this sort of match happening just not with Bentino.

    I see Mickie losing tho since Candice is soon to be returning, what a load of old sh*t!!

  • Kayla

    They could’ve done a triple threat tag match Kofi & mickie vs Beth & Santino vs Katie lea & Paul Burchill as a way to tie both storylines but that could be chaotic though it would be interesting. I don’t mind that match it self for SS. Though for some reason last night i thought Katie was going to win the title i don’t know why though

  • Artie

    It would be cool if it was a fatal 4-way


    that would be fun

  • Krystal

    I think that Beth is going to win the title back, because Candice is returning soon, actually I think she’s returning at Summerslam, but anyway. I think they’re starting the Beth/Candice fued again. I can’t wait to see Candice back in the ring!

  • KiKi

    I like the idea!
    But I think that Beth is going to regain the women’s championship b/c as we all know, Candice Michelle is due back at any minute and WWE wants to rekindle the feud with her and Beth Phoenix.
    A man has held the women’s championship before, his name is Harvey Whippleman. He won it from the Kat.

  • Mike

    I like this match. Beth/Santino are much m ore entertaining then Paul and Katie.

    Plus WWE wants Candice/Beth to start again and if WWE plays their cards right, it could really take off.

  • Melanie

    Rebecca, I wasn’t comparing Beth and Chyna. I was mentioning this isn’t the first time we had a mixed tag title match at SummerSlam.

  • Kelli

    I wasn’t that happy that they made that match. Their hadn’t been any feuding or build-up to a match really. Where as their has been with Mickie and Katie. It should have been for the Womens title between them or have Katie Lea and Paul Burchill replace Beth and Santino’s spots. I think that would have been better. Especially since Mickie has been feuding with Katie and Kofi has sort of feuded with Paul. They should have done something like Beth vs Santino or something. lol

  • Kayla

    I think if Beth wins the Womens title, Candice will return and win the title from her.Mickie is then forgotten about until someone else is injured and WWE uses her as a sub.

  • Luis

    i think they killed it…
    its pretty stupid i think
    i hope there will be a divas championship match

  • Taylor

    IT shouldn’t be Santino and Beth, IT should be the Burchills. There has been more of a story line there

  • Taylor

    And I agree with Luis, there definatly needs to be a Diva’s Championship match here, not a Woman’s. They need to get that ball rolling