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STARDOM has wrapped up their European tour with their International Grand Prix event in London today. Full results below, courtesy of Diva Dirt’s Jack, who was on hand at the show.


  •  It was announced that the winner of the International Grand Prix tournament taking place will crown a new Number One contender to the STARDOM Undisputed Women’s World Title.
  • Mayu Iwatani defeated Kirsty Love in a first round match after a double foot stomp from the top rope.
  • Santana Garrett defeated Danielle Hunter via the Shining Star Press.
  •  Nixon Newell defeated Ayesha Ray with a springboard kick in the third first round match.
  • Diosa Atenea defeated Dragonita via submission in the final first round match.
  • Alpha Female and Kairi Hojo defeated Toni Storm and Dahlia Black after Alpha hit a Dominator on Toni. Fantastic tag match with the four of the girls leaving the venue and fighting in the street at one point. Kairi also hit a massive spiking back fist on Dahlia in the closing moments.
  •  Mayu Iwatani vs Nixon Newell went to a draw in the first tournament semi final. This was an amazing, hard-hitting match. The match went to the end of the 15 minute time limit but the referee added an extra 5 due to it being a tournament match. Mayu spat water in Nixon’s face to set up her foot stomp finisher but it wasn’t enough and got a two count. The last few minutes were counted down with so many near falls. The time ran out again and it was announced both girls would advance to the final.
  • Santana Garrett defeated Diosa Atenea with a wheelbarrow victory roll to advance to the final.
  • ABC Catch Champion Heidi Katrina defeated Laura D’Matteo via a spear in a non-title match.
  • STARDOM Undisputed Women’s World Title Match: Io Shirai defended the title against Kay Lee Ray. Kay Lee had by far the biggest reaction of the night and started the match off with a bazooka of a missile dropkick. The match had some amazing outside spots including dives and a suplex onto chairs. Io retained with a moonsault.
  • Santana wins the International Grand Prix, hitting the Shining Star Press on Nixon for the win. She will face Io Shirai at a future event.
  • Corby Hess

    Can these events be ordered? I’d love to watch it.

  • Raekon

    Sounds like a amazing Show and I’m kinda sure that it was it too. Congrats tSantana! :)

  • Ozzy

    Congratulations to Santana!! Shame on me for not even being aware of this!! Saw some cool clips of KLR vs Io Shirai and Alpha Female/Kairi Hojo vs Toni Storm/Dahlia Black when they carried the action outside the venue but the whole event sounds great! SO glad KLR is back since her previous tour got cut short (but I completely understand as family comes first).