Below are spoilers for this week’s episode of WWE Main Event, airing internationally and on Hulu.


* Sasha Banks defeated Summer Rae.


  • jeffhardy88it

    what?????? on main event? goodbye the boss……dana on raw and smackdown and sasha??? on main event….bah

    • conan_kun

      Very over guys like New Day, Kevin Owens on Main Events too, what’s good for Main Event is the match may last longer than 5 minutes, unlike Raw and Smackdown

    • SummerRaeThe1stLady

      At least she won….

      • jeffhardy88it

        Summer lose a matches,
        Paige on superstars,
        Sasha after 4000 days return on….main event,
        Becky is a jobber(for wwe, not for me),
        And…Danaaaaa win all matches……good job wwe???

  • Simply-Exotic
    • UglyByNature

      Yasss!!!! Describes how I feel about this perfectly.

      • Simply-Exotic

        This loss better lead to some storyline progression with Summer and Sasha.


    Unlike every other Sasha fan bout to comment hate cause she’s on Main Event…

    The Boss is back on television!! Hope the match is good, but goddammit, poor Summer!!! Three L’s in a row! ?

    • SummerRaeThe1stLady



        OMG, I stand corrected… ?

  • SummerRaeThe1stLady
    • Maria’s Vision

      Lmao I love got2breal

  • SummerRaeThe1stLady

    4 matches….in 2 weeks…..and Queen Summer has not won…..any of them…..on C rated shows….

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Good Sasha is back in the ring. Bad cause it’s another loss for Summer. Summer Rae’s birth certificate does not say Jillian Hall. Don’t use her like that wwe.

    • SummerRaeThe1stLady


      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Omg you and I both!

  • Roman Reigns Supreme

    Good to see Sasha Banks again even if it’s on main event.As For Summer that’s another paycheck she’s earning so yeah it’s another loss but she’s on tv and that’s a good thing.Meanwhile Alicia fox is chilling in the back like…..

    • Right? I miss Fox, I hope she’ll be back in action soon

    • Mark

      I never understood why the WWE treats Alicia Fox the way they do. She’s extremely beautiful, extremely talented, very marketable… Like what more do you want WWE?

      • Katherine Savage

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  • Ethan Demarest

    Honestly I’m okay with this.. Though I feel like WWE is underutilizing Summer, at least she’s being used. Also welcome.back Sasha

  • Sandra #SashaLee #NaoLynch

    Damn, Summer’s getting the Alicia Fox/Aksana treatment.

  • Fearless Dii

    Summer losing 4 matches in two weeks… in C level shows…………. I JUST CAN’T

  • dnashobviously

    Where is Alicia Fox?

    • She hasn’t been at Raw, Smackdown, even live events in a couple of weeks, I guess she’s on vacation

  • -B

    this is the 3rd or 4th time Summer has lost in a row, lol, fuck you wwe…

  • B J

    Sasha’s come back is on main event. Summer Rae has become Summer Who? Becky has become a jobber. Nattie has become a joke. Charlotte isn’t getting the title reign she should. Dana is getting pushed. Emma and Naomi are injured. I thought they said they were gonna give us a revolution. WTF is this shit?

  • nice to see sasha back

  • Summer doesnt deserve this.. and Sasha returning on main event? I guess those rumors are true after all.

    • conan_kun

      What rumor? Like Sasha is injury-prone?

  • #Hooligan

    I didn’t know Summer was a hidden member of the Ascension, always losing on C shows… It’s sad though.

  • Sha95

    No offense to Summer fans but why are y’all surprised she’s jobbing so much…she’s practically been a jobber throughout her whole run and y’all act like she just started losing ?? I have love for all the girls but Summer’s in-ring ability is a clear indication of why she’s the one to take the falls. Js

  • Yuri #QueenGabi #RaquelTNA

    Fck that one liner lizard looking bitch Trasha Banks, Queen Summer should be Womens champion by now

  • Leanna Michelle#WomensDivision

    What is going on with this womens division!?

  • Mark

    It’s disgusting how the WWE treats Summer Rae. I know she’s not the greatest wrestler on the roster, but she’s good enough and I’m sorry but she could have done so much if they gave her the title reign they gave Charlotte. She is SUCH a good heel and SUCH a natural on the mic. They also messed up Cameron who I truly believe was SCREWED.

  • Dez

    Why are people mad about Sasha being on Main Event? We should be mad about her NOT being on Raw or Smackdown.