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A women’s tag team match has been announced for Sunday’s Money in the Bank match.

The team of Dana Brooke and WWE’s Women’s Champion Charlotte will take on the team Becky Lynch and Natalya. The announcement was made via WWE’s Facebook page, where Natalya and Becky speak with Tom Phillips about their satisfaction of being submission specialists and making their opponents tap out.

Watch the video below:

WWE.com has also released a match preview:

WWE Money in the Bank could prove to be the turning point for the Women’s division as Natalya & Becky Lynch look to put an end to Charlotte & Dana Brooke’s unruly power trip in a must-see tag team showdown that was first announced on Facebook Live.

WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte has held her place atop the division since the title’s inception at WrestleMania 32. This is no easy feat, and one that has come with a bit (or a lot) of help. First, the titleholder’s legendary father, Ric Flair, provided his fair share of aid to his daughter by showing over and over again why he is called “The Dirtiest Player in the Game.” Recently, however, the arrogant Charlotte made a rather shocking and bold move, telling her dad to take a hike. Enter Dana Brooke.

The powerful newcomer wasted no time making her mark in the Women’s division, first aligning herself with Emma and most recently taking the two-time WWE Hall of Famer’s place as Charlotte’s partner in crime. Together, Charlotte and Dana have proven to be a force to be reckoned with within the division.

In recent months, Natalya has pushed the champion to the limit on numerous occasions, only to have victory taken from her at the last second. The Queen of Harts has remained determined to prove that Charlotte’s impressive title reign is the result of her underhanded tactics, the most recent of which involved a scheming Dana dressing up as The Nature Boy at Extreme Rules to distract the pink-and-black–clad Superstar and cost her the win.

The odds have since evened, though, as Dana’s heated rivalry with Becky Lynch has made for an opportune alliance between The Irish Lass Kicker and Natalya. Both duos have since taken turns trying to gain the upper hand, resulting in a number of volatile run-ins.

Although Charlotte won’t have to defend the coveted WWE Women’s Championship at WWE Money in the Bank, a loss this Sunday could prove to be a very costly setback. Can Natalya & Becky put a halt to their adversaries’ powerful alliance? Or, will WWE Money in the Bank prove to be the place where Charlotte & Dana’s power trip hits the jackpot?

The tag team match marks the first time Charlotte will not defend her title on a PPV event.

WWE’s Money in the Bank airs Sunday June 19th at 8pm ET live on the WWE Network.

Are you excited to see this match?

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Big deal, we have predicted this for ever.

  • Stef’

    “Are you excited to see this match ?”

    Isn’t there some sour irony in this question kind sir ?

    Not the least excited, the division needs entertaining stipulation matches and for instance a Money in the Bank match for this particular PPV, and not a tag team match because this isn’t SmackDown HELLO ! As usual I will just give them their chance to impress, which sometimes happens.

    Quite unlucky the “today in history” match is that great fatal 4 way from more than ten years ago.

  • Jorge Hernandez Moran

    Lazy booking

  • CAViT
  • Unbreakable Eva Marie

    Ugh bye

  • Roman Reigns Supreme
  • Be Sexy #MadeURelevant

    Not interested. They should’ve kept this match as it isn’t worthy for a PPV.

  • #Hooligan
  • Hangga

    lets start another hastag on social media #WWElazybooking

  • Rita Gomes

    Well I just hope this feud ends once and for all. This as been as exciting as watch grass grow.

    I just hope they, at least, have a decent match. 3 of the 4 women in this match are amazing wrestlers so maybe they have a nice tag match.

    We are all prepared for the gift of Charlotte vs Sasha, but please keep Dana Brooke out of that feud, we don’t need her for anything. She can stay in catering

    • SweeneyTodd

      Gift? From one boring Title Run to another one. Then Sasha is Champion and again nothing will happen…

      • Rita Gomes

        We haven’t seen her title run start and we are already complaining. Sasha is an amazing performer that stole the show in all Takeover last year along with Charlotte and Becky. Let’s wait and see what happens. Plus I’m pretty sure they are going to invest in the Charlotte vs Sasha feud

    • limfox

      “she can stay in catering” gshsdyfhdkfydhd ???

  • GailKimStan

    I will try not to complain too much cause at this point i wasn’t expecting anything good.
    It’ll be hard for the division to go back to being entertaining after this awful trainwreck feud.
    I hope it’s at least a good match (it won’t tho), Naomina vs Becky and Sasha was even better than the singles match at Fast Lane

    • Rita Gomes

      The tag match at Fast Lane was really good and I was really happy they trusted them to open the show. Pretty sure this match won’t be as good. After that awful segment when Steph literally sucked all the heat that Charlotte had and the lazy booking from the divison and Dana still being super green in the ring and not a very good wrestler, the match is going to be very forgettable.

    • Sienna Fan #PinkiesUp

      The match hasn’t even happen yet. And yet you say it won’t be good. Lets just wait and see.

      • Dez


        • Sienna Fan #PinkiesUp


  • Db


  • Sienna Fan #PinkiesUp

    WWE should be focusing on the Women’s Championship, instead of a Tag Match.

  • Bryskers

    sucks that the title won’t be defended. I’m usually really hype for the women’s match, but this storyline kinda killed my interest in the division. Let’s hope this match puts an end to the Charlotte/Nattie feud and marks the beggining of the storyline for the summer. (= S A S H A)

    And it’s obvious the babyfaces will win this time. Still, it should be a decent match.

  • Addy


  • Nicola Byrne

    Boring!! Same crap that been going on for months now. We want Sasha

  • Xavier

    I couldn’t even come up with a more boring , stale and redundant storyline if I tried. At least they didn’t go with Charlotte vs Nattie part 4 though, as that would have been insanely embarrassing and sad for Natalya.

  • Simply-Exotic

    WWE booking is so illogical like they should have had this as a Raw match and then at MITB it should have been a fatal four way for the title.

    I predict this match is going to be the average Raw/SD tag match, but I’m hoping it will be good as the Fastlane tag match, which is one of my favorite women tag matches of all time.

    • I love Melina(Yiorgos/???????)

      i completely agree! This is a waste of a ppv slot & easily could have been on the go home week to a multi woman title match smh

      • Simply-Exotic

        I feel as if, they booking the women shit purposely, as when it comes to Sasha vs Charlotte, people will be more excited and ‘wowed’.

    • BO$$

      It has 3 of the best in the division, they should be able to pull a very solid tag team match!

      • Simply-Exotic

        I’m hoping so! I don’t think they’ll pull something like the FastLane match only because, the Naomi/Tamina vs Sasha/Becky feud actually was tolerable and was booked fairly well, so I was more invested in that match..
        but this Nat/Beck vs Dana/Char feud… G2G.

  • WweLover726

    BORRRRRRIIIINNNGGGGGGGGGGG … Every Match in the MITB card is awesome except this one … Nattie and Charlotte both have boring characters it’s been awful the past 3 months. . Dana is awful too and Becky had her shot already. … So that means another Singles match tonight on Raw featuring Nattie/Bec/Dana/Char or another awful in ring segment ??

    • JD

      I don’t know, Rusev/Titus & Dolph/Corbin(yes, again) aren’t exactly making people excited to see the show.

  • Mitch

    Predicted they would make this match. Just stretching out charlottes reign until Nikki is cleared, probably have her face for the title in July and then build up Sasha for a feud for summerslam to take the title

  • sshhtu

    In a way it does signify the turning point of the women’s division.

    After showing signs of getting their act together for women’s wrestling, WWE has almost completely reverted back to type.

    I’ve a funny feeling that Charlotte will be dropping the title to Nikki Bella in time for her spin off show debuting.

    • Dez

      omg I really hope so! Nikki should’ve negotiated this in her final contract

  • Hoping it’s good and it better be the end of this storyline.

  • fearlessfoxy

    Ugh this could be a 2minute tag match on RAW why is it on a PPV lineup

  • limfox

    What the FUCK did I say. They are so damn predictable. What reason do people have to invest in this match? I usually stream the Divas matches but this one will be caught on Dailymotion and if I feel like watching it.

    This is fucking stupid and annoying. Let me call the rest of this week: Nattie and Becky get the upper hand on Raw and SD and then Char and Dana win at MITB so they look like a threat as they prepare to tackle Sasha on the road to Summerslam.

    These writers are so damn basic it’s cringeworthy. Some guy needs to nut in all their mouths tbh. Dumb fucks.

    • WweLover726

      Smh you right just a mess

  • Alicia’s wig

    and we were expecting a MITB match for a title shot LOL

    • Rosa’s iconic Sells

      and we got this clusterfuck instead

  • Sandra #SashaLee #NaoLynch
    • I love Melina(Yiorgos/???????)

      lmao literally

  • Sandra #SashaLee #NaoLynch

    Going from Paige vs Nikki last year to this is kind of a shame

  • Wolf Kane

    I’ve never wanted a feud to end as quickly as I have between Charlotte and Natalya, it’s been one of the most stale, boring and drawn out rivalries, why they’ve pushed Natalya now when they should have done it 6-7 years ago is crazy.

  • carlos

    So naomi and sasha are cleared but yall still wanna serve us this bland ass pudding?

  • Vince Martin


  • Steampunk Queen

    ugh this is such a mess
    but I guess this is just a filler feud until the brand extensions commences, and hopefully there will be better storylines

  • Hangga

    why dont make it 4 corners match ? with charlotte pins dana to build tension between them

    • Rosa’s iconic Sells

      or anyone wins but charlotte

  • YonceLuvsDivas


  • ThePeaceVibe.

    How exciting…..

  • I love Melina(Yiorgos/???????)
  • aldo

    Pleeeeease enough with this feud already… I’m so sad Nattie never got the title :/

  • Sunny’s Therapist

    Tbh, I stopped watching the title fued months ago because it’s so fantastically boring. When you watch NXT and then the main roster it’s like switching from regular to decaf .

    • I love Melina(Yiorgos/???????)

      riiiiight omg, in many ways i feel NXT is bad for the main roster

      • Sunny’s Therapist

        It makes the main roster look bad that’s for damn sho’!

  • Raekon

    This is so stupid really.
    I’ll never understand why in the world they will Stretch a title reign THAT Long and feed other women that deserve a title run themselves to a Champion that her title reign has run it’s course, only for someone else they are high one will take it like months later.
    There was no reason to Keep Charlotte as a Champion at all! Sasha could had won the title from Becky or Natalya afterwards and without even to have to turn to heel again.
    These stupid writers are SO lazy and close minded that one want’s to scream.
    Can’t believe they still have their Jobs after so much crap they are producing.

  • nattie and becky to win

  • BO$$

    Sasha Banks needs to appear after the match and lay out Dana and Charlotte and put herself into the title picture!

    • Dez

      I can see this happening

  • Summer_Slay
  • Rosa’s iconic Sells

    id rather have charlotte drop the title to rosa mendes then to hold the title any longer, heck i’d rather have her drop it to the fucking floor and have a who can grab the belt first match between rosa and cameron.