Below are spoilers for this week’s episode of WWE Main Event, airing internationally and on Hulu.


* Becky Lynch defeated Summer Rae.


  • ann. ?

    Summer losing two matches in a week, again. Paige beat Eva in a dark match, they should have shown that instead, ugh.

    • Geek God

      I’ve been wanting those two to feud for the longest, The Total Diva vs The Anti Diva has the capability to be GOLD

  • Ollie Byron Roché

    I’m not a summer Rae fan, but her losing streak is getting ridiculous.

  • aldo

    Poor Summer. With Naomi, Tamina and Emma injured, and Alicia missing she is the only heel left. I thought Eva was part of the main roster but whatever. ?

  • Roman Reigns Supreme
  • SweeneyTodd

    Summer isn’t very good but i feel kinda sorry for her.

    • ann. ?

      isn’t very good? what, lol

    • AngelinaJade

      Summer is great

  • Hangga

    out of topic but gail goes into tna hof,, isnt it first encounter between these two ?

  • conan_kun

    This is the first time Becky face Summer at main roster, they have a match at NXT which is Becky’s NXT debut match with her one time awful gimmick

  • AngelinaJade

    I’m so glad there’s more main event matches it always seems like the girls are allowed to wrestle more on this and Superstars.

  • Simply-Exotic

    Only good thing about this is that its a new match up. Summer needs to start picking up wins, cause im exhuasted seeing everyone minus Alicia squash her.

  • limfox

    Girl Summer is getting ran THROUGH. Let up on that damn girl’s neck. Sheesh.

  • Edwards1992

    Let’s just face it. Summer Rae is the Jillian Hall of the divas division. Somebody has to do it. Just because summer loses all the time doesn’t mean nothing. I’m pretty sure she get the same amount of money as everybody else. Not trying to sound insensitive or anything.

    • Rosa Melano

      Yea, from Molly Holly to Alicia Fox, there’s always got to be someone that has to put others over.

  • qwertls

    having Summer Rae lose every week is tanking. I’m tired of it and it does nothing for the girls beating her because she loses so much.

    it’s just sort of weird that they keep making her lose if nothing’s going to come again; it’s like they’re deliberately giving us meaningless matches just to fill space and shut diva fans up so the wwe doesn’t get a bad rep like from #GiveDivasAChance

  • dnashobviously

    Is Alicia Fox still with the company?

  • Diogo

    Let’s trend this. She deserves it!

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I don’t like this one bit. Summer Rae deserves more than this. It shouldn’t be a new Jillian. In the attitude era every woman had a fair losing to win ratio even if they never won a title. This is just sad.

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    So Summer is the C show jobber. Great

  • Rita Gomes

    So they don’t have any other heel? Poor Summer, the losing streak never seems to end.
    The only positive coming out of this is that she has been giving time to show her in ring skills and get better and with Becky in the ring I’m sure they had, at least, a solid match

  • I hate how Summer has to job to everyone right now. They shouldn’t have released Cameron.
    With the division being thin right now, she woul be a good addition to the roster, at least they’d have someone to job OTHER than Summer.

  • sshhtu

    Should be an interesting watch given how fresh this match seems on paper and the fact Summer Rae has been stepping it up in the ring lately.

  • brimode

    I can understand her losing to Becky so that Becky can gain some momentum… but why aren’t she, Paige, Sasha, Eva and Lana trading back and forth victories to build momentum for the entire division, and not just the focus women.
    It’s shocking to think that around Wrestlemania time, we had 13 women being featured on the shows weekly, all competing in matches with various winners and surprises (the whole Bad & Blonde vs Total Divas, and the Beckh/Sasha/Charlotte storyline). It was at that point I thought that the Divas revolution was actually coming into place.
    I have never been more wrong.

    • limfox

      Stephanie is so fucking phony. I hate how she acts like she cares about the divas but does nothing about it. WWE is all about what’s “cool” at the moment. Even in her little monologue when she introduced the 3 horse women, she even made that comment “women are making a mark in sports and it’s about time we do so too”. So if women weren’t making a mark, you wouldn’t care to change or invest in the divas?

      She’s so fucking wack and phony. I really don’t like her fake ass. She’s fine snatching 20-30+ cumulative minutes on the show, but can’t give the girls 15 mins of a 3 HR show?

      I will be fair and give them a chance to see what happens as we head into Summerslam and what happens when we get this draft officially kicked in. I really don’t think much will change but we’ll see!

  • man summer cant catch a break

  • fearlessfoxy

    Why not have Lana wrestle it would be something new at least!

  • -?

    I’m tired of WWE paying Alicia Fox and any other Non-4HW basically dust

  • Sha95

    Fresh matchup. Looking forward to it. Be happy Sumner is being used at all at this point. The Paige vs. Eva match may have been better to see instead, but WWE may not be ready to permenately have Eva compete full-time on the main roster.

  • I don’t like Summer much, but even I think this is a bit ridiculous. Let the girl win at least once in awhile.