Below are spoilers for this week’s episode of WWE Main Event, airing internationally and on Hulu.


* Becky Lynch defeated Alicia Fox, Natalya was out on commentary.


    • SweeneyTodd

      She is a jobber. That’s her part

      • -?

        shut your dirty mouth

        • scc

        • SweeneyTodd

          For telling the truth? No

  • Stef’

    Before unfolding the spoiler, I was like “let’s see who beat Summer Rae this time, probably Becky since Sasha had a match at RAW”. I must admit I’m quite surprised and a bit desappointed. I didn’t expect Alicia to come back as a heel jobber again.

    • Anne Varela

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  • Roman Reigns Supreme
  • GailKimStan

    My girl doesn’t deserve this mess, she shold’ve had a triumphant return

  • Couldn’t she (Alicia) have faced Summer like everyone else?? At least then she’d practically be guaranteed a victory on her return match. :P

    • Daria ‘Jersey Devil’ Berenato

      uhh no Summer has been undefeated agaisnt Alicia this year keep it

  • Kickn’ Lass

    I just…why is this on Main Event? Assuming Becky/Nattie aren’t also on smackdown they won’t have had any main show time this week at all. next week at least Tuesday will be all about the draft so that basically leaves one more Raw to finish the build to their feud.

    I swear if they end up on the damn pre show I will not be happy

    • Roman Reigns Supreme

      It really doesn’t make sense like I rather see this then Dana vs Sasha again.I mean seriously what does Sasha need to prove she beat Dana on raw let Nattie and Becky have SD.Or how about BOTH matches on Smackdown.Like it’s simple things like this that annoy me like I can never Be happy with any female feud because WWE just books them like garbage.I mean for once can we have a simple feud that has creativity,Perfect booking and unpredictable outcomes is that too much to ask for?

  • Rosa Melano

    So is Natalya going to wrestle before Battleground? Don’t they have a face girl to sacrifice to Natalya? I bet if they let her wrestle next week it will be against Summer or Alicia lol *sigh*…

    • Roman Reigns Supreme

      Natalya has legit nobody else to face besides Becky and Sasha.I don’t know what’s going on with Paige and the rest of the girls are heels which I’m confused because I thought Alicia was a face before she was absent?.

      • Marlon Eric

        Don’t get too confused. You know how WWE like to do Alicia and the rest of the divas. They play musical chairs with their alignments because “all women secretly hate each other”. Lazy booking.

  • howie_ruhl

    This is going to be about Summer losing again, isn’t it?

    EDIT: Oh…

  • Michael Burmeister

    You’d think, as the last of #TeamBella, she’d get a better push…hopefully she will after the Draft. (She has MASSIVELY improved since her Divas title reign, therefore she deserves at least ONE more title run)

  • conan_kun

    Alicia Fox randomly plays face and heel like Big Show

  • Claire

    The WWE should use underrated wrestlers like Alicia Fox.

    The “crazy” Alicia Fox gimmick was the best Alicia Fox gimmick, especially with Tom Phillips. The WWE should give her a chance for the Women Championship. She’s an amazing athlete and a really good wrestler with good good mic skills. She’s clearly underrated and underused by the WWE and it’s sad because she’s very talented. A feud between her and Sasha Banks could be very interesting.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Yay Foxxy is back!!!! So I take it over her time off she randomly turned heel… #Interesting

  • QueenB_Mnl

    I guess she’s back to jobbing meh. After this Beck & Nattie feud i hope they make Nattie into the jobber. She’s a skilled wrestler but she’s boring she needs to give the other girls the spotlight.

  • Tevin Campbell

    Who is Alicia Fox? Is she new? Congrats to Summer for not losing twice in one week.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      You can’t be serious…

  • Rita Gomes

    So… Is Alicia like The Big Show of the divison? We can’t keep up with this heel/face turns she has…

    Becky is great and Foxxy is good so I hope they had a good match

  • Daria ‘Jersey Devil’ Berenato

    just happy they’re using someone other than Summer to be the jobber for other divas considering Alicia has a lot less to lose in being a jobber rather than summer who already has the stigma of being a typical blonde horrible kelly kelly type wrestler

  • Woman

    So she’s heel once again? Fuck this shit. I’m tired of them treating Fox like she is some local talent and doesn’t have a story as a character. They don’t even explain why she changes her alignment all the time. I legit thought in 2009/2010 that Alicia and Eve would be the next top girls after Mickie and Melina. But look how it turned out. Eve became a recordbreaking 3 time champion and retired, while Alicia is still struggling despite being one of the best pure wrestlers of the division.

  • nice a new matchup

  • Exotic

    G2G at the fact 2 of my faves are nothing more than jobbers and literally have no value in the division.
    UGH, I’m hoping Fox/Summer actually win some matches after the split and are involved in some storylines. Sick and exhausted of how they’re being treated.

    But anyway, nice match up, looking forward to it despite the result of it.

  • Art of Professional Wrestling

    I would have preferred Alicia Fox vs Summer Rae with either woman coming up with a win and starting a mini feud, but I guess not. knowing WWE they always tend to do this to Alicia and that is swap her back and forth between heel and babyface, The girl can play any role great and I really wish WWE can see what we all see in her and THAT is talent! She’s the most underated woman on the roster in my opinion.

  • fearlessfoxy

    This should have been on RAW or smackdown. Would have loved to have seen foxy on my TV