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July 18th, 2010 | At Money in the Bank 2010, both the Divas Championship and the Women’s Championship were up for grabs: Alicia Fox defended the Divas Title against Eve Torres while Layla put the Women’s Title on the line against Kelly Kelly. Alicia was able to hold on to her belt by delivering a scissors kick to Eve. Layla, meanwhile, retained her title by reversing a pin attempt by Kelly into one of her own. As it turned out, neither belt was destined to change hands that night.

What are your memories of these moments?

Note: This was originally posted on 7/18/14.

  • GailKimStan

    Alicia vs Eve is so iconic honestly

  • Roman Reigns Supreme

    Look at this in the so much hated diva era we had 2 TITLES defended at a PPV and nowadays we can’t even get the 1 title they have defended at PPVs but we gotta make room for the tag matches because that’s what we need more of.

    • Shameronstar

      the draft was also in effect than 2 and there were 2 titles so this statement proved nothing

      • Roman Reigns Supreme

        How does it prove nothing?

        The point is is that we had 2 Women’s title matches on a ppv regardless of a brand split.Compared today when women’s wrestling is supposed to be at all time high we end up not having a ppv match at all for 2 MONTHS straight.I thought this era was supposed to be the women are now equal to the men yet the men’s WWE title is being defended this Sunday yet the women’s title isn’t.

    • Geek God

      True but we have to look at the quality of matches as well, now we get takeover matches, when comparing those quality of matches to the matches in this video, the latter looks like it should be on superstars lol

      • Roman Reigns Supreme

        When’s the last time we had a takeover match? WM? Because if the quality of the matches have changed then I haven’t seen it.For the past couple of months Nattie and Charlotte failed to have one.

        • Rita Gomes

          Nattie and Charlotte at Payback was being pretty good until the awful finish happened, after that everybody just lost interest in the the feud because WWE thought it was a good idea to make fun of Bret, AGAIN.

          At ER it looked like they didn’t even try really hard because they knew they couldn’t. Giving them a stipulation like a submission match that takes time to build up in a match and then giving less than 10 minutes was just stupid.

          The fact is, the overall quality of the matches have improved. With the exception of Dana, everybody else is going strong whether they have 3 minutes or 10 minutes.

          Not every match is good but we know that, with the right women and the right time, we can see amazing matches. The ball is on WWE’s hands now

          • Roman Reigns Supreme

            I disagree when it comes to the time limit.Trish and Litas Classic Raw Main event match was only 8 minutes I believe yet that match is still talked about to this day.Not every match Has to be 15 minutes or more.

            But the point I’m trying to make here is that in that era where the women weren’t equal to the men back then they still manage to put 2 women’s title at a PPv event yet in this era where the women are supposed to be equal we don’t have a title match for 2 months straight that’s unacceptable when you tell everyone “The women are equal to the men” yet the only women’s title is not being defended.

          • Rita Gomes

            I only mentioned the time limit on Charlotte and Nattie because it was a submission match. It’s going to be mat based and very technical and those matches need time to tell a story since it’s going to be a slower match. Submission matches needs time whether they are performed by women or men.

            I see you’re point. WWE as lacked in a lot of things in this “revolution”. That’s what they do. They cared more about marketing than actually developing stories for these girls but the few moments they have given these girls something to work with they came up with some really great stuff.

            I think we still have to wait and see what happens. When you’re a WWE fan (not only a womens fan) you need to see what happens. Bad booking is everywhere in the company, even with the guys

        • Geek God

          Nattie vs Charlotte at Road Block was Natalya’s best match imo

          • Rita Gomes

            That match was soooo good. Once it finished I said to myself “This is out Charlotte’s reign needed to go up another level.” It was THAT match that was truly outstanding since the call up happened.

            For me, that match is the second best women’s match of the year followed closely by Asuka and Bayley

    • Exotic

      I sorta disagree as Charlotte been defending the title for every PPV minus the last 2.
      Its much better now, but storyline wise back then was far more entertaining.. Shame WWE took too long to actually care, hence why they was regulated to 6 min PPV matches usually.

  • Diva_Fan

    I kind of wish they kept the Diva’s title now tbh and just had two titles The Women’s Championship and the Diva’s Championship expecially with the draft now and the women being seperated on two different brands. One brand is going to miss out getting the title and title opputunites !

    • Shameronstar

      they’ll make a new title now most likely

      • Geek God

        WWE Women’s World Championship (in Lillian Garcia voice)

      • Rita Gomes

        I wouldn’t count on 2 titles any time soon. As of right now both brands will have 5 women plus some of the women who will be called up from NXT which, most likely will be 2 or 3, since the total NXT call ups will be 6. Both brands don’t have enough women to have 2 different titles

      • Diva_Fan

        I hope so if not another Women’s Championship then women’s tag titles finally would be good !

        • jcott3

          TBH, I’d rather have a women’s tag team title than another women’s singles title. I know many fans like the idea of having lots of titles (more titles = more storyline possibilities), but I don’t. The more titles you have, the less important each one is.

  • conan_kun

    They should make Alicia relevant again, let her feud with Becky, Sasha or even Bayley

    • The Earl of Lemongrab

      IMO she deserves the belt more than the new comers, but management/fans always want to give to every new comer who got drafted to the MR. I mean will it hurt their career to wait a little longer and build up the new comers first? Look at Paige first day on the MR got the belt, got numerous title shots now some if not most are sick of her. Now they’re doing the same to Sasha.

      • Cathy Benham

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  • Divas title match was better while the Women’s title one was more entertaining.
    They need two titles again.

  • Claire

    I hope Laycool gets their just recognition when it’s due. They were awesome.
    LayCool was hands down one of the best tag teams of all time. Their performance as the meanest girl was outstanding. I hated them so much and it’s a good thing because if you’re acting like the biggest bit h and people actually believed that you’re a bit h you must be one hell of an actress. I miss them so much.

  • Exotic

    Such an sad state at the fact 6 years ago Fox was a legit dominant strong champion.. And now.. Shes nothing more than a jobber.

    Anyway liked both matches, even tho Kelly vs Lay was a mess, but Layla my fave so queen regardless.

    • Woman

      Fox could’ve been one of the all time greats if they didn’t fuck her up.

  • Woman

    Alicia and Eve showed the fuck out. Layla should have gotten a better opponent, or they should’ve done Layla vs Tiffany vs Kelly vs Michelle but that would’ve been a bit weird because they didn’t do it on the Fatal 4-Way PPV.

  • Resting Beck Face

    Even though I was pumped about Kelly vs Layla, i kind of thought that it would be ridiculous to have Kelly tied to the women’s championship.

  • Nicola Byrne

    Not even a minute into the Layla vs Kelly match just the noise out of kelly is beyond far to much.!! thank god she is gone