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SHIMMER Women Athletes is preparing for another round of events and this time a celebrated veteran is joining the roster. SHIMMER announced on twitter last night that Mickie James is set to join the action.

On its website, SHIMMMER writes:

We’re pleased to announce that Mickie James will join the SHIMMER roster on our November 11th & 12th events at Logan Square Auditorium! Mickie has been a key figure in women’s pro wrestling for the past 15 years, helping to lay the groundwork for the rise of women’s wrestling on the independent scene during the early 2000’s, and then appearing on worldwide television shortly thereafter. On 11/11 & 11/12, we look forward to celebrating the 11th anniversary of SHIMMER by finally adding Mickie James to the list of amazing competitors who have wrestled on our events!

SHIMMER 86-90 events will take place in Chicago November 11 – 13. The events on Friday and Saturday will be held at Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, while the Sunday show will take place at the Eagles Club in Berwyn.

Tickets go on sale Sunday, August 7. For more information about the events and to buy tickets, go here.

Are you excited for this news? Who do you hope to see take on Mickie? Sound off in the comments below. 

  • Monkey Tennis

    It’s nice to see things come full circle with Shimmer. We’ve seen many Shimmer wrestlers find their way to the WWE over the years, including the likes of Beth, Nattie, Paige, Emma and plenty more – as well as Sara Del Rey, in a different capacity.

    As far as I know though, this will be first time it’s happened the other way – with an established former WWE talent heading to Shimmer (Victoria/Lisa Marie has attended a few events, but not in an active capacity; And Malia Hosaka did have a very brief run with the WWF, long before Shimmer came along) .

    • Number One

      Becky Lynch, Bayley, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Nikki Storm; more SHIMMER alums now in WWE. Absolutely love it!

  • GailKimStan

    Not her wrestling everywhere besides tna, idk what’s keeping her from coming back there but THE DIVISION NEEDS HER SOOOOO BAD. Girl get your shit together and go have outstanding matches with Jade please

    • Mitch

      I don’t think she wants to come back. From the interview Magnus had a while back he seems to have beef with tna and she’s probably staying away out of respect for him

      • GailKimStan

        Yeah i did hear something about it but it’s just sad, i miss her

    • Rhawk

      Because maybe she realised TNA has no idea what they are doing with their women.

      • GailKimStan

        Probably tbh

    • Geek God

      I was just about to comment, “she wrestling everywhere but WWE” lol she needs to also come back along with Melina & Victoria

    • er?c

      um no WWE

  • carlos

    Mercedes martinez vs mickie is a match i wanna see

    • ssilva872

      They already wrestled in WSU for the WSU Title and it was pretty good. I hope they can have another title match but this time for the Shimmer Title.

      I doubt Mickie would win but just having great matches in Shimmer is great news.

      • Charlie Flickinger

        Idk. With how Shinmer runs only a few weekends a year I could see Mickie taking the title. I think it would bring a little mainstream attention to Shimmer, which is a GREAT idea!
        Plus I secretly want Mickie to hold ALL the titles. Lol. I want her to capture the Shimmer championship, swing by WSU and take that one as well and then swing down to Shine for that one as well.

        • ssilva872

          I would be so down for that. But they give their champions long reigns (they are always long due to their taping schedule) so I doubt Mercedes would lose it anytime soon.

          What they should do is set up their title match for the April tapings.

      • carlos

        You are so right bruh, and that was around the time she got released from wwe right? And yeah that match was good! I do wanna see her have good matches with all the girls there nicole savoy, lufisto, cheerleader melissa and the list goes on.

        • ssilva872

          Yeah I think it was after her release but before TNA.

  • MirMik

    Mickie needs to go back where she belongs: WWE.

    • Alliebsimmons2

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  • ssilva872

    Wow this should be awesome! Better late than never imo.

  • cubs1998

    Idk why people here want her to go back to wwe or tna ? If your a true fan of women in wrestling shimmer is a thoudand times better quality.also just be happy she is still performing.