In the words of Maria Kanellis: “Do you believe in miracles?”. Well, whether it was a miracle or a carefully thought out plan, TNA were able to go forward with this year’s Bound for Glory as planned. Wonder where Dixie Carter got that last minute funding from? In any event, we’re going to put TNA’s woes to the side to focus on the celebrations hosted for the TNA Hall of Fame inductee Gail Kim, surprise returns, debuts and wars that took place at this year’s Bound for Glory; which by the way, was actually a pretty good show… aside from the Knockouts title match which was, in my opinion, the weakest match on the card. More on that later!

Our first Knockout sighting comes to us backstage during Jermey Borash’s interview with celebrity chef and Gail ’s husband Robert Irvine; though he asks to be referred to as Mr. Gail Kim, as tonight is all about Gail. How cute! He mentions that tonight is a family affair and that his wife has given her life to wrestling but is soon rudely interrupted by the Knockouts champion Maria and her husband Mike Bennett.

Maria says that tonight is really about her, self proclaiming that she is the greatest Knockouts champion that there ever has been. Mike adds that his wife is also the greatest female wrestler ever and notes that tonight is all about Miracles. The Bennetts may need to reconsider this mindset, as Mike would lose his match against Moose.

Before we get to the Knockouts title match, Gail’s showcase TNA Hall of Fame ceremony is next. Get to ready to grab some tissues all of you hardcore Gail Kim fans!

For such a special moment, TNA invited back former ring announcer Christy Hemme. Holding back some tears, Christy calls Gail a legend in this business, who cemented her legacy by building a team and fighting everyday for every women that has ever stepped into the ring.

Christy wasn’t the only former Knockout to show up for this event, come on down Taryn Terrell! Congrats to you as well Taryn on expecting a second child. Taryn takes the mic to call Gail a career maker, crediting Gail for teaching a beginner such as herself and giving her a career that she could be proud of. Taryn closes her gratitude by proudly calling Gail a role model and, more importantly, a friend.

The surprises keep on rolling in as yet another former Knockouts champion is in attendance, welcome back Awesome Kong! Totally didn’t see that coming!

A woman of little words, the upcoming G.L.O.W star says Gail elevates every opponent to their best and that she is loved by many and respected by all.

Finally TNA Chairman Dixie Carter comes out to commence Gail’s big moment after gushing how proud she is of Gail for establishing the Knockouts division for what it is today. With that Gail Kim comes out, looking as stunning as ever, kisses her husband who sitting in the row and embraces the love from the Impact Zone and female talents in the ring.

Gail is presented with a video that highlights her TNA career beginning from being crowned the first Knockouts Champion to present day with kind words from TNA President Billy Corgan, Jade, Madison Rayne, Al Snow, Josh Matthews, Christy Hemme , Pat Kenney and Dave Lagana.

Gail gives a heartfelt acceptance speech, sharing the high and lows she’s faced throughout her career but says she would never have changed a thing. She thanks her long list of people, inside and outside the ring, family, friends and fans alike, for helping her become the woman she is today. Dixie presents Gail with the tradition Rolex watch as a gift for her TNA Hall of Fame induction. We love you Gail!

We move from the highlight moment of the night to the most physical moment of the night: The Great War between The Decay and Broken Hardys for the TNA Tag Team titles.

Reby Hardy is sitting by a piano, playing an obsolete tune for the out of the ordinary entrance for Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero where as Rosemary joins Crazzy Steve and Abyss in their traditional entrance.

The bell rings and from the get-go, the Death Dealer trios spit a red mist to Reby and the Great War gets underway! With Reby being sent to the back to recover, Rosemary gets involved in the match, setting up weapons and targeting Matt Hardy with a top tope missile dropkick.

For most of the match, the men do battle all around the area, with Rosemary only getting back involved when Matt nearly pins Abyss for the three count after he hits a barbwire board flying elbow drop on The Monster. For her punishment, Rosemary gets power bombed through a table by a returning Reby.

The Hardys would win the match and Tag Team titles after Brother Nero obliterates Crazzy Steve with a Swanton Bomb from a ladder and through a table! The whole Hardy clan, including King Maxel, rejoice in their victory!

From one title match to another, it is time for our big Knockouts title match!

Christy Hemme acts as the ring announcer for this contest and introduces now inducted TNA Hall of Famer, Gail Kim makes her entrance first, leaving behind her Ninja Kim attire for a new white graceful one.

Maria is out next with Allie by her side. The champion tries to get out of the match, again, claiming that she is still not medically cleared to wrestle. Allie corrects her mentor and says she is indeed able to compete, providing documents as proof.

Despite the confusion that match gets underway, starting with a chase around the six sided ring until the competitors find their way inside it.

Once inside, Maria begins her work on Gail, tossing her head from one turnbuckle corner to another. The First Lady of Professional Wrestling follows up with a mix of clotheslines, kicks and a spine buster leading to a two count pin.

In the middle of the match, Mike Bennett comes out and tries to assist his wife by tossing in Maria’s hand brace to use as a weapon. Maria strikes Gail in the head with it and gets a near three count.

With Gail back up in her feet, she takes control of the match by taking Maria down with a running forearm, ring post Figure Four and topping it all of with a two middle fingers to Maria before hitting the Eat Defeat for the three count. Big surprise, Gail wins the gold for a record setting six times!

After the match, the Bennetts air their grief on how unpleasant their night has been so far, with each of them losing their matches. Mike says he is going to shut the rest of the show down. Is there who can save us? Cue in a debuting Cody and Knockout in training Brandi Rhodes! Well, at least TNA gave the pair a cool theme song! How about changing up some of the Knockouts ones while you’re at it TNA!

The Rhodes confront the Bennetts in the ring, with Maria throwing the first dagger of words by telling Cody to that this was her company and to “go back to WWE”. Brandi steps in and hits a knee shot to Maria after Maria slaps her across the face. The Rhodes clear the ring of TNA’s power couple and make their TNA debut in a high mark.

Thoughts So TNA manages to pull out another miracle this year, this probably by the biggest one with reports of how everything appearing as though the final nail on the coffin for the company had finally hit. Thankfully TNA, continues, to pull through.

The biggest highlight of the night, for me, was Gail Kim’s TNA Hall of Fame speech. Yes, we can poke fun that TNA even has such a thing (I’m guilty of such jokes) but hearing Gail’s speech in her moment was a reminder of how important and appreciative she is to TNA and business alike. TNA has given her the platform to showcase her talent and in a perfect world, Gail’s TNA Hall of Fame ceremony would micmic that of the WWE’s but despite the magnitude difference, Gail was grateful and appreciated for all her hard work and that is what truly counts. Props for all the former Knockouts who made surprise appearances to honor Gail!

Sadly the Knockouts title match didn’t live up to what it was suppose to despite how long these two have feuded since the start of the year. It was forgettable, which is disappointing for an actual live show from TNA.

We all knew Gail would come out on top but given the anticipation to see Gail finally get her hands on Maria, it was a bit of a let down to see the lack of aggression and physicality. Maybe if the match was under some kind of stipulation of some sort, we would’ve saw more of that fire. I would have liked to see these two battle it out without the title on the line, so at the very least, new Knockout names like Jade, Sienna and Allie could have been on the card instead of competing in a dark match or being a non-factor at ringside. Throw them in a triple threat match so that they can at least say they were given their rematch title clause, which has yet to be addressed.

Speaking of Allie, I am surprised she didn’t fully turn on Maria yet! I’m not sure what TNA are waiting for, now that Maria seems to be heading in a new feud with Brandi. As I mentioned on last week’s Impact Write-Up, one scenario that can be played off is Allie growing weary of being Maria’s doormat in favor of newbie Laurel Van Ness.

With what little we’ve seen from Brandi and Maria so far, I do hope that, should this feud from the Bennetts and Rhodes is to continue, the men carry most of the in-ring matches while the women provide the promos and occasional ringside cat fights.

Though they were hardly used, I am glad to have seen Rosemary and Reby be a part of The Great War, as they played a part in the ongoing feud between their respective teams continued.

So TNA manages to stay afloat until the rest of 2016. The only question is where do we go from here? Gail is Knockouts champion but has no contenders to match up to her? Should she turn Heel after such an emotional night? Will a new name rise up to challenge her? As always, time will tell!

What was your favorite part of Bound for Glory? Are you excited for the Rhodes/Bennetts feud? What do you think will happen next in TNA? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Wolf Kane

    Brandi botching already LOL what the hell was that exchange between the two? Brandi vs Maria, its got to happen just for entertainment value.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Maria didn’t even slap her! :D
    Brandi is cringey af…She doesn’t know what she’s doing character-wise/presence-wise. Definitely not TV ready imo, just hope she won’t influence negatively on Cody down the line.

  • Rose-Quartz

    Why did Brandi take at least 6 seconds for a knee? That was just horrible then Maria slap Brandi botched the slap. LMAO!

    Maria vs Gail Kim was just a plain mess im sorry but there was barely even good moves. Besides Maria spinebuster.

    Gail Kim speech was by far the best of the night when she gave props due to all the women who helped build who she is today. Unlike WWE women she recognized the unrecognizable. Even a special shout out to Molly Holly.

  • Stuart McKay
    • jbrizzy

      This meme always gets me ??

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    OMG! I just realized we might get Sandow vs Cody down the line :D TNA, DON’T DIE ON ME NOW, MOTHERFUCKER!

  • Francisco Baguer

    So Gail wins the title I don’t even care anymore. Is TNA even going to be around much longer after this? WWE can still buy TNA or Billy Corgan can. This is the end & ironic how Gail is the 1st & Last champion of TNA.

    • MK126

      Wasnt she the first and last champion the last time TNA was about to go under or was that havok/taryn?

      • Francisco Baguer


        • MK126

          Yeah you’re right… ah well congrats to gail i guess

  • GailKimStan

    Imo Maria and Gail proved that wrestling means when there’s ring psycology, yeah that wasn’t a 5 star match but moment as a whole was epic.

  • Victoria&Melina19

    Congrats to Gail. She deserves it and I love her dress too

  • PVHa

    since the Knockouts had a genuinely great match. If you told everyone 5 years ago that the women of WWE would be clowning them on a regular basis, would anyone have believed it? Multiple women were sacrificed on the altar of this match, they spent the entire year building up to this moment and the whole thing went over like a wet fart. Not unexpected at all when you’re relying on the OG Eva Marie to deliver anything worthwhile but that’s what they chose to do nonetheless. At least it was mercifully short.

    On a positive note, Gail’s induction was pretty great. You could really feel how meaningful it was to her and how proud she was. They brought back the right surprise guests to aid in the ceremony as well. Very nice moment.

    • Juan

      I know right! Never in a million years would I have ever thought I’d see the WWE women surpass the TNA in match quality! I think the Knockouts still win when it comes to charisma and character development but the wrestling quality has diminished severely!

      • Monkey Tennis

        How are the Knockouts winning in terms of charisma and character development!? Don’t get me wrong, the WWE still have a lot of work to do in that regard, but TNA are still very much second best.

        You’ve got Gail playing a very, very one-dimensional baby-face; Mariah doing whatever it is she’s doing; Allie being squeaky and having to pretend she can’t wrestle… and that’s basically it. Nobody else in the division has any kind of character to speak of – with the exception of Rosemary, but she’s still not really an active part of the Knockouts right now.

    • Sunny’s Therapist

      yea, i dont know what happened but the girls are really, really, REALLY, messy now. It doesnt even look “professional”…

  • Rainee Toneme

    I don’t think Brandi was that bad. Yeah, she needs some work, but let’s be honest, we’ve seen worse in the ring. I’m for a Brandi/Maria feud, ala Steph vs. Debra. Keep it at ringside, backstage and fiery promos.

    • Sunny’s Therapist

      cat fights done right can be awesome (trish vs stephanie anyone?)

      • Rainee Toneme

        Steph vs. anyone actually. Folks may not like her, but she can cat fight with the best of them.

    • BitchFit

      can we not compare them to Debra and Steph… lol brandi/maria learning how to wrestle from velvet sky hahahahah

  • GailKimStan

    Was i the only who fucking died when Maria said “go work for wwe” to Cody? Lmao

  • The only things worth seeing was Gails induction and Cody/Brandi’s entrance. Their entrance gave me chills and the crowd was SO into it…at the moment. I think the best bet will be WWE buying TNA and then just carrying this feud over to Smackdown. I would love to see Bennett vs Cody under the WWE wing.

  • Juan

    Dang! How many times have TNA almost died and survived over the years? Too many to count xD

    Anyway, the KO match was alright and I’m glad about the outcome! Hopefully we don’t have to see Maria wrestle anytime soon, apart from catfights with Brandi that is.

    Decay vs The Hardy’s is the best thing TNA has produced in a while! So entertaining! Rosemary has definitely become a favorite of mine!

    As for the KO’s, well I have no idea where they’ll go from here but one thing is for sure, the wrestling quality will go up thanks to Gail! I honestly think Gail Kim vs Madison Rayne is the best feud going forward since those two are the best wrestlers and in Madison’s case talker as well.

  • TheBoss

    I actually teared up watching Gail’s speech. She might’ve been a flop in WWE bc of how they treated her, but in terms of women’s wrestling in general she is definitely revolutionary and one of the greatest of all time.
    As for Cody/Brandi, I actually screamed when they came out. Cody was one of my favorites in WWE, but they never treated him right. I’m glad he can finally be a big star on his own now. I’m curious to see where their feud with Mike/Maria will go.
    I don’t usually watch TNA but with so many great people like The Hardys, Decay, Gail, Mike/Maria, EC3, Cody/Brandi, etc. I’ll probably have to start watching.

  • GailKimStan
    • Monkey Tennis

      • GailKimStan


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  • Raekon

    Loved Gail Kims ceremony. Rosemary and Reby were great in all parts they were involved! The match between Gail and Maria however were very dissappointing to me.
    Yeah I understand that Maria Keep playing her heel role by trying to cheat without to have to put up a real fight. However, she can wrestle better than this and has several other moves on her repertoir to put up a better fight against Gail then what she did here.
    In my opinion a wasted opportunity since I know that this match could had been a great memorable war between the two.

  • PoisonFelino #Watermelondrea

    The length of the KO match was disappointing. Both women are capable of more. It’s kinda sad that the KOs have come to 5 minute matches at BFG. I wasn’t expecting a 5 star match but they could’ve done better with more time.
    After the speech that Gail gave about women’s wrestling and the KO division, this match was even twice as bitter to take.

    The speech was awesome and I loved that they brought in Christy, Kong and Taryn.
    I was also waiting for Tracy Brooks to show up.

    The great war was kinda awesome and unique. I would’ve loved to see a little more from Rosemary but I guess Reby has still some ring rust so they eliminated her in a smart way. I also loved the video package for this match.

  • PoisonFelino #Watermelondrea

    Will Maria vs Brandi be possibly even more iconic than Jenna Morasca vs Sharmell?

  • Luke

    Only came to see this spinebuster. Busted

  • Francisco

    IM SHOOK at how good Maria looked. Don’t even come at me. She showed so much progress so much more ring awareness and comfort, and she did one hell of a good looking spinebuster. Wish the match was longer so we could’ve gotten to see more of her, but i’m loving this revamped in ring Maria. Aksana is proud!

  • saul de la efe

    i don´t get the whole “HALL OF FAME” thing, not in wwe nor tna, is like a bunch of kids playing to be famous, or a mother giving a “best daughter award” to her own child, you get me?
    a mean, is cool to acknowledge people’s careers and everything, but, it doesn´t have a lot of sense in general, like out of their company
    if there was a hall of fame, involving WWE, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, CMLL,etc. it could have way more sense, mean while is like being popular in the school´s talent show, i don´t know how to explain it

  • BitchFit

    Brandi is Velvey Sky Lite

  • Nicola Byrne

    Gail deserve it, the match itself was pretty damn awful.

  • Woman
  • Raichu

    I think Brandi really does not care about wrestling, she just wants to be Cody Rhodes the female version for some weird reason.

  • MyleneCruz

    Room for improvement Mrs. Rhodes but you look great!!

  • jbrizzy

    TNA is so trash bro lol.

  • jbrizzy

    And wtf is up with Matt and Jeff Hardy? They have truly reached an all new low

  • Gail-Rollins

    As I’ve said for a while now, the best thing for the division is for Gail to turn heel and for Maria to stay the fuck out of it. Have Gail storyline “train” Allie and then turn heel on her. I’d love to see Angelina come back as a babyface too.

    • Danny?

      Heel Gail is my favourite! I’d love her and Jade to go at it for a couple months.

  • Danny?

    Gail Kim is definitely one of the best women’s wrestlers of her time and ain’t nobody gonna convince me differently. Taryn was definitely right when she called Gail a career maker, she done it with Taryn and Brooke. I see a lot of people complaining that she is a 6 time champion but why shouldn’t she be? She is the greatest women to step foot into TNA. Trish is a seven time women’s champion and I would say Gail is the Trish Stratus of TNA. I also believe Gail to be at a higher level than Trish, her mic work is fantastic, especially as a heel, and her ring work is untouchable.
    Now moving forward I’d love to see Jade and Gail have a full blown feud over the title because all of their interactions together have been great and I’d love to see what they could do with a series of matches.

  • FadedPaige

    Ugh Maria screaming to Cody “Go back to WWE” gave me liiiffffffffeee

    • SashaBanksBoss

      it wasnt that long ago when Maria wanted to go back to WWE and she got rejected lol

      • FadedPaige

        Well judging from this match I’m glad WWE chose the Bellas over Maria if the rumours about them feuding having to do with why Maria didn’t return to WWE are true

        • SashaBanksBoss

          Yeah i heard The Bellas stopped Maria making a return Because they never got along or something and im kinda glad she got rejected after seeing this the only reason the Tna division is stil going is because of Gai it l seems like she the one carrying the division and after a while she will get sick of it they need to bring it new talent that can actually wrestle

  • SashaBanksBoss

    TNA womens divison is a mess and sloppy dont know whats going on yeah big build up for the Gail Kim and Maria feud and it ending up being a huge mess because she still dont know how to wrestle and just boched her slap to Brandi and Brandi boched her knee to the head to Maria WWE womens Division is still winning TNA need to sort their shit out

  • SashaBanksBoss

    Well Done to Gail kim for carrying The Knockouts division for so long and keeping it on check she deserved to get Her title back Gail is queen of the ring

  • GEO

    BFG was pretty good last night! It was refreshing to see Christy, Taryn, and Kong all in the same ring again and Gail truly deserves all the praise. The Decay vs Hardys match was insane, by far the best match of the night. And scrm at Dixie getting booed when she came out. Gail vs Maria was eh, but I’m interested to see where Brandi goes and how much she’s “trained.”

  • Liam Collett

    I thought it was a great showing by the women,
    Reby putting Rosemary through a table was cool.
    Although the we all wished the match went longer it was good story telling in the match all the way down to Gail giving Maria the bird and slapping her.
    Although yes Gail is champ again if the rumours are true about we potentially buying TNA atleast if they get rid of the knockout championship and lay some people off they could leave their last champ as one who was passionate for the business and for the company and someone who is a legend.
    Here’s to the future ladies.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    TNA needs to develop their own talent tbh. Getting old faces in the division as some of you request isn’t gonna do much in the long term and it’ll cost more.
    A fresh girl with actual skills will probably shake hands at a lower pay than someone who has a built brand in the wrestling community.

  • Sass.

    Gail’s induction was beautiful. Loved seeing Christy, Kong & Taryn there for it.

    The match left a lot to be desired, I almost feel that it’s the people backstage giving the knockouts the “divas” treatment. Like they’re afraid of the women upstaging the men? I can’t remember the last time we had a classic match with big spots that went over 10 minutes. The sad thing is, the talent is there!