TNA has taped upcoming episodes of TNA Xplosion, Impact Wrestling and an unnamed One Night Only PPV. Spoilers below.



* Madsion Rayne defeated Raquel.

Impact Wrestling

* Laurel Van Ness defeats Allie. Prior to the match, Jermey Borash explained to the crowd that Allie is untrained in wrestling and she will face a dangerous opponent in Laurel Van Ness.

* Brandi Rhodes says that Lashley put Cody down, but not out, this is not the last Impact Wrestling has seen of Cody. Maria and Sienna out, they trade insults with Brandi before it becomes a brawl, Sienna lays out Brandi.

One Night Only

* Rosemary defeated Jade.


  • I lost hope!
    My only concern is Smackdown Live!

  • Raekon

    Interested in the Xplosion and ONO Matches for sure!
    Really don’t understand why they Keep selling Allie as “untrained” for THAT long anymore.

  • Ghetto Baby

    I’m intrigued

  • Gustavo Lima

    Save us, Mr. Corgan…

  • GEO

    I’m interested to see how Rosemary and Jade will play out. And Madison needs to get a story in soon, she’s starting to fade out.

  • Corby Hess

    3 weeks worth of tapings and no sign of Gail Kim and the knockouts title.

  • saul de la efe

    this promotion is becoming trash

  • vdcvt

    The storylines between the KOs is really weak…and no sighting of the KO champ? I know Gail has been overexposed a fair bit, but she’s the champ now, you’d think maybe Rosemary or Jade would go against Gail for the title

  • Stef’

    If it’s not Madison Rayne’s first win in 2 years… That’s a must-see !

  • chrissi calvert

    A few weeks ago on Xplosion, we had Madison vs Allie and the fans saw that Allie can wrestle so what’s the point in keeping her “untrained”?

    • howie_ruhl

      Because TNA is run by geniuses whose logic is far beyond mere mortals like us.

  • Nicola Byrne

    For heavens sake is me or has Dixie and TNA dropped the ball massively with the KOs couple of years ago women wrestlers would prefer to work for TNA instead of being a diva in wwe know fast forward 2016 majority of the women in wrestling would prefer to work for WWE again. Storylines are really weak. Forgetting the champion she will have another dull and boring long ass title reign.

    • Rosendajwilliams

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  • Mitch

    Ahaha so now becoming champion is a death sentence to your career, your push ends as soon as you get it. And I’m sick of this Allie doesn’t know how to wrestle storyline, for god sake this woman should be utilized

  • Michael Burmeister

    How dumb does TNA think we are?!

    You think we can’t watch a PLETHORA of Cherry Bomb’s BEST matches in SHIMMER, Shine, WSU and other indy promotions? (or at least watch some of her earlier matches for Impact as Laura Dennis)

    • Gato_wiska

      Casuals dont watch shimmer ,shine and WSU

      • Michael Burmeister

        So far as I know, most casuals don’t watch TNA nowadays either…

    • Deadman TCB

      Casual fans do not watch those promotions, they don’t care.

      • Michael Burmeister

        Most casuals don’t watch TNA nowadays either…

  • Jim Mills

    Too Funny Allie is untrained amateur LOL