Happy (after) Thanksgiving Day Knockout fans! Whether you’re loosening your belts from those Thanksgiving meals, shopping around for Black Friday deals, searching the best Cyber Monday steals or just treating this holiday weekend as any other day, I hope you’ve enjoyed the ongoing festivities! Tis the season to be thankful and in TNA’s case, after their whirlwind of a year, being able to escape near-death (yet again) is more than a reason to celebrate! In this case, for our Knockouts, this includes a Thanksgiving dinner get together!

Backstage, we find Allie playing with her paper pilgrims and Native Americans centerpiece while running down her vegan friendly Thanksgiving menu; which includes Tofurky, sweet potatoes, carrots and corns. Maria Kanellis and Laurel Van Ness walk in on Allie’s fun, mocking the beloved Knockout on her Thanksgiving spirit and crush on Braxton Sutter. Laurel tells Allie that Braxton isn’t interested in “little girls” like Allie while Maria informs Allie that she will act as a server at tonight’s double date Thanksgiving dinner – in a pilgrim suit.

At the in-ring dinner table, Maria, Mike Bennett, and Laurel are all smiles. Allie is introduced by Maria as a “real pilgrim” and she comes down the ring to a gobbling Turkey theme song. Despite the awful theme song and outfit, the Impact Zone continues to show their love to Allie with chants of her name.

Allie confesses to feeling a bit warm in her suit-up but feels even more uncomfortable when Laurel brings out Braxton to join them as part of this double date. With all the dinner guests now at the table, the traditional going-around-saying-what-you’re-thankful-for commences.
Maria is up first and says she is thankful for her husband, Laurel and for being the First Lady of Professional Wrestling. Mike Bennett goes next and says he is thankful for food, Tom Brady and his wife Maria; all in that order! Laurel is third and says she is thankful for Maria, her handsome date Braxton and her father’s Black Amex card.

Allie takes a moment to interject to give her thanks for the fans of the Impact Zone. While Allie may have had more to say, she gets caught off by Maria, who says no one cares to hear what she is thankful for. Instead, Maria orders Allie to serve the food but Allie snaps after hearing a flirtatious conversation between Laurel and Braxton.

She calls Laurel a “big meanie” and yells out her frustration on not being able to eat anything at the table due to absence of anything vegan friendly. Allie has now become my spirit animal at the Thanksgiving table!

Laurel gets in Allie’s face, trying to antagonize her but Maria tries taking control of the situation by calming Laurel down. Allie grabs a nearby pie, trying to hit Laurel in the face with it but accidentally gets Maria instead when Laurel ducks out the way!

Elsewhere on the show, TNA announce that next week’s main event will be the big six sides of steel cage match between Jade and Rosemary for the vacated Knockouts title! Red and Blue had their say on the upcoming battle:

Finally, Reby Hardy has a reason to be thankful, as Matt Hardy has recovered from amnesia episode thanks to being struck by lightning? Well, I found the hypnotizing to be a more logical idea but in any event, welcome back Broken Matt!

Thoughts: Typically, I find these holiday segments to be cheesy but, at least in TNA’s case, this week’s segment was more entertaining than some of the previous acts we’ve witnessed from the Knockouts.

The whole dinner party highlighted Allie, Maria and even Laurel’s characters with some laughs in between. Allie has the fans fully behind her and while it is great to see her stand up to her bullies again, we’ve seen this done before only for things to go back to square one where Allie falls back and tolerates her tormenters to push her around. Let’s just see if this leads to Allie fully breaking apart from Maria and her Lady Squad.

TNA have already done their part in getting Allie over as their potential top babyface for the division but now they’ll have to find a way to transfer that to some actual in-ring competition. Keeping in mind that Allie’s character is still this rookie talent, I’m holding on to the face that someone such as Braxton will, eventually, “teach” Allie to wrestle through some kind of backstage protocols.

I am very excited for next week’s match between Jade and Rosemary! It is great to see that TNA have placed this confidence between these two, 2016 breakthrough, Knockouts for next week’s main event slot. After some less than stellar (and some weeks, with no matches) from the Knockouts this year, I think we’ll be in for a treat from both women next week.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Do you think Allie will leave Maria for good this time? Excited for next week’s Knockouts title match between Rosemary and Jade? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Smackdown > Raw

    TNA is a mess

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I’m so upset that I wasted my time watching this segment. #Foolery

  • GailKimStan

    Ok Rosemary’s segment gave me serious shivers, queen of fucking everything! It almost made me feel like Jade and her had been feuding for months.
    The other segment was a big mess

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Allie is over. This is the only positive.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    TNA has changed a lot, in the past they were more focused on wrestling. I remember divas doing stuff like this but not really knockouts. In some way, the creative team is hurting TNA with these segments. This is not making Mike any favors, not doing the knockouts division any favors neither. There are some things about the show that are good but then is still a set-back. The building with Allie has been good, but they can keep that in matches and backstage segments. They can even do a taped segment with something like this instead of doing it on the ring. (I never get those type of segments. Why would the GM allow a wrestler set a dinner in the ring wasting wrestling time). I’m ok with Maria’s character (it’s really good) but if she isn’t going to be the GM of TNA or have a position (not like that stupid knockout’s leader thing), or the wife of a champion. Where is all that power coming from? These in ring segments also are not focused on wrestling, that is a big no, no. We need women delivering matches and segments just like in the past. While Maria’s character is really good for tv, is really bad for women’s wrestling. Also the segment needed to show that the guy was a little into Allie defending her and givin Laurell reasons to hate Allie and viceversa.

  • Db

    I like Allie but I cringed so hard at her voice and mannerisms. You can create an underdog babyface without having them act like an ACTUAL baby (see Bayley and Becky) this segment was good for the storyline I guess, but it sucks there was no match. Cmon TNA, pull it together.

    • I don’t know how you can see Becky as a baby cause in my eyes, babies don’t threaten somebody that they will rip their arm off or smack their head off like Becky does to Alexa.

      • Db

        Noooo i meant Allie was acting like a baby, I was comparing her to Bayley and Becky by saying they are babyface underdogs but they don’t act like actual 5 year olds!

    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      Bayley? Don’t you see how she’s dressed and her hairstyle? ?

  • AsaAkira #wickedBARBIE

    trash garbage rubbish waste

    • Robynsweber

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  • Monkey Tennis

    This segment would have been bad if it had happened in the WWE during the 90’s. The fact that it happened this week on a major(‘ish) promotion is woeful.

  • -B

    ew this mess is going from bad to worse with each week…

  • Juan

    I’m going to give TNA a pass here because it was a holiday. They better deliver next week however! I want my hard hitting Knockouts division back!!

  • Raekon

    They really Need to pull the trigger with Allie and seperate her from Maria now.
    Let her “Train hard” and take out Laurel in a match, let her challenge Maria in one and take her out too but with Maria actually really Wrestling instead of running around the ring, screaming around or making only a Punch, a kick and a slap before she wins or loses cause there is no need to hide that both can wrestle much better then what we saw so far.
    I get it that they are doing it in Terms of their characters but they did that like the whole year and it needs to stop now. Expand the characters and give them real fights.
    Can’t wait for jade vs Rosemary! If booked right it can become the televised match of the year for sure! Just hope that they won’t water them down or restrict them and that both will capitalize on the opportunity to put up a 5 stars match cause I know that both are more then capable of doing it. :)

  • conan_kun

    Why do they love to book Chelsea Green in love triangle storyline, first Bryan in WWE, now Braxton in TNA.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      Cause she looks like a homewrecker :D

    • Pavement Rhodes

      I don’t think the DB stuff was a “love triangle” storyline. It was Steph bullying and/or bribing her to lie about having an affair with DB. The TNA stuff fits better.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    TNA basically needs #GiveKnockoutsAChance at this point…

  • Luke

    They really trying to make Allie their Bayley. I don’t watch this shit anymore

    • Shady #AndStill ?

      I don’t see any similarity with Bayley

  • glassjaw

    Rosemary’s promo was excellent. I just wish Jade had the same character build.

  • Rose-Quartz

    Even when she ” learns ” how to wrestle she isn’t going to win matches right away.

  • Summer_Slay#BellasAreOverParty
    • Taryn Cutter


    • Marie?

      he is such a daddy

  • YouOnlyLivOnce

    Have you seen Raquel vs Sienna OMG Raquel is so good for a roockie TNA should give her more TV time.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      She really is pretty darn good. Now I want her to go to NXT lol

    • Sami Zayn. #BeHappy

      Queen Mandy Rose still the best Ex-TE contestant male or female currently.

  • Shady #AndStill ?

    This segment was really corny but Allie gets so much love, her character is really over. Laurel plays a nice role but she has a lot to work on. Maria is a great heel but her rants are very repetitive

    Jade and Rosemary need to go all out in their match next week. TNA really needs 1 good match to add to the conversation of MOTY candidates for the women

  • Sami Zayn. #BeHappy

    Queen Allie ENDING the uglies.

  • trishlita721

    Oh come on this was really fun maria is a gem allie so over and laurel is nailing it

  • glassjaw

    Here’s the problem with TNA’s Knockouts “division”: you have two exceptionally talented wrestlers contesting for a title in a feud that has no reason to exist, while the main focus is squarely on a non-wrestler, painfully inexperienced wrestlers and a great wrestler who’s playing a character that doesn’t know how to wrestle.

    Point in case: what the fuck is the POINT of Allie standing up to Maria when even Gail Kim couldn’t drag a compelling match out of her?

    • Deadman TCB

      Gail’s injured, mark.

      • glassjaw

        I don’t need you to point out the obvious, cunt.

    • FK9

      The point of Allie standing up to Maria is that it’s getting Allie incredibly over. The quality (or lack thereof) of any match they might have in the future is irrelevant compared to what this does for Allie as a character.

      • glassjaw

        It still doesn’t change the fact the quality of a proper wrestling division in TNA is of poor standard or that Allie’s character could have been built with the same strength as a competitor.

        • Ace

          Yes match quality needs too go up but let’s be honest here Allie (and Rosemary) have been the breakout stars of the knockouts division in 2016 without even wrestling most weeks. That’s a huge feat considering how hard it is too get characters or personalities over in wrestling in 2016 with the audience.

        • FK9

          It COULD have, but the fact remains that Allie is the most over babyface in the division without having to wrestle barely at all. If she’d been introduced as a seasoned pro rather than an underdog novice, the charm of her character that fans have latched on to might have been lost.

          Frankly, the fact that you’re criticizing anything about Allie’s character is baffling to me seeing as how it’s gotten over as well or better than anything this company has done with the Knockouts in a long time.

          • glassjaw

            There’s nothing to be baffled about. I’m not criticising Allie’s character; I’m criticising the lack of importance in TNA’s competitive women’s division. Cherry Bomb acts the shit out of her character and I don’t doubt that one day when her wrestling ability is finally unearthed things will be wonderful. But. She could have been just as endearing and cutesy and capable in the ring in a similarly written angle with another good wrestler to feud with. Yet that’s beside the point: the emphasis on Allie/Maria/Laurel/Brandi is fine if it were an additive to another great program revolving around the Knockouts Championship. But it isn’t. Jade, for instance, is a monumentally talented wrestler who has had minute character development since her split from the Dollhouse and is heading into a main event with no build whatsoever.