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According to a report from PWInsider, the WWE is moving forward with their plans of an all women’s tournament for the WWE Network – similar to that of their Cruiserweight Classic from earlier this year.

The report details that the current plans are to have the series taped at Full Sail Live during the early start of 2017. While no names have officially been confirmed, a few of the current names rumored to be part of the tournament series include Heidi Lovelace, Kimber Lee, Nixon Newell, Evie, Deonna Purrazzo and Rachel Ellering.

Are you excited to see this potential all women’s tournament? Who would you like to see participate? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Rose-Quartz

    I hope Angelina love tries out. She’s already said she would like to join. She’s amazing wrestler she already has amazing mic skills. Like come on wwe don’t waste her.

    • Alicia’s wig

      love it! i just wanna have velvet out of this lol

      • Cailumm #NikkiStan

        Seeing this gif and thinking of TBP on SD or Raw just gives me goosebumps! http://i.imgur.com/9Y7wH7G.gif

        • Alicia’s wig

          Hate thoso outfit, like when angelina use the leather pants

          • Cailumm #NikkiStan

            There not great, but I don’t mind them tbhh

      • fearlessfoxy

        I swear if Velvet is on and Angelina isn’t I will lose my shit..

    • Prima Dona

      I agree. I always loved her. I don’t watch TNA but on YouTube I always enjoyed seeing her wrestle as the beautiful people.

      • Rosabcrosby

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      • Elizabethwfigueroa

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    • Usos On Top!

      They did sign her at one point but she ended up getting released.

      • Seraphina Rosenhart

        Why did she get released?

        • Usos On Top!

          I’m not sure why she was released but this was a long time ago before she was even in TNA.She even had a matches with Michelle McCool,Beth and Brooke Adams in DSW(WWEs development brand).

          • Juan

            Angelina was in TNA first. She worked a few matches for TNA in like 2004 against Trinity :)

            As for WWE, she was supposedly released because WWE felt she didn’t have the right look. At least that’s what I remember reading

          • Usos On Top!

            Oh wow I didn’t know that! Thanks for telling me :)

          • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

            Brooke came so far since then

  • Bryskers
  • GailKimStan
  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    While I like these girls I can’t stop thinking where they are going to end up. NXT have tons of girls that barely receive any attention and they will be hosting a tournament for women outside of the brand. I’m sure it will be a great show but after that most of them wouldn’t even be part of WWE or get any attention.

  • I wonder if this tournament will lead to a flood of girls coming to the main roster after the tournament. Sorta like how they did the CWC

    • Joseph

      Well of course it will.

    • Gato_wiska

      I hope so, The raw roster is so small.

      • True the roster is small but I think it’s important they have establish characters. The biggest problem with the CW is that no one knows who they are. It could be bad to have so many random girls show up on the main roster. I say they should only call up the winner right away.

        • Gato_wiska

          just debut them as Heels. Who will be minions of Charlotte or maybe Dana.

        • Geek God

          I agree the winner and another stand out or two right away between both rosters and the rest of the ones who proved theirselves worthy of a contract should all go to NXT

          • KatyaMenelli

            Exactly what they should do

      • SweeneyTodd

        Because Summer is
        injured, Emmalina premiering soon since 2 months and Paige is nuts.

        • Joseph

          Also Dana and Nia are still green.

    • SweeneyTodd

      I hope not. There are enough girls with bad standing on the Main Roster! They should go to NXT.

      • Joseph

        Depth is important.

      • Not really sure how I feel about the flood of girls on the main roster.

  • Jorge Hernandez Moran

    Please WWE get Angelina Love for this I’d Love to see her in the tournament or NXT with Velvet Sky as her manager

    • Joseph

      If only this leads to the American Wolves to leave TNA and join WWE. American Wolves vs. American Alpha would be fucking amazing.

      • Johnny

        No. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

      • IceBaby7

        First match with AA one of em would just get injured…..

  • Gato_wiska

    Put Manami Toyota in the Tournament. The person who will beat her will get this super push.

  • Shady #AndStill ?

    My money is on Thea Trinidad, Angelina Love and Evie! If only Gail could mend her relationship with WWE too

    • Marshy

      My money is also on Thea Trinidad, cause she gets to be by her boyfriend’s side and once a year that they do a Salute To The Troops around the Christmas holidays. Angelina Love wants to be apart of the tournament. Evie, I have never seen her matches, but as a wrestling fan that I do welcome her wrestling skills to the WWE and will Google her matches. Gail Kim will have to swallow a crow the size of Big Bird, her pride, and humble pie to make mends with the WWE.

  • howie_ruhl

    I hope that somewhere down the line this leads to a woman’s tag team division. It’s a stretch, for sure, but why not? Sasha and Charlotte have both proven that women get people invested in them and they’ve been doing that even before Char got that monumental push of hers. There only real impediments are the lazy creatives, that old bag of bones Vince and a handful of bigoted, close-minded fans that can swallow the fact that their world is changing.

  • Alex

    There are 3 aspects I would really love to see prominently featured during the tournament.
    (1) As it relates to the following areas I want the tournament to consist of a diverse group of female wrestlers, race & ethnicities, nationalities, and height & body types.
    (2) In additional to being capable to great in-ring performers all or most of the female wrestlers must have both charismatic personalities and defined and engaging gimmicks.
    (3) In addition to their in-ring work I want the tournament to highlight the wrestlers’ personalities and gimmicks, via promos, interviews, ring entrances, wrestling attires, and etc.


  • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

    If Brooke Adams is in I gonna celebrate for years but that isn’t gonna happen

  • Troy Rochester

    Kharma/Kong needs to return through this please !

    • Juan

      No she doesn’t. She is way past her prime! Gail couldn’t even get a good singles match out of her.

    • Mark

      No thanks. She sucks.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    I will mark the fuck out if we get KLR or Candice in.

    • Joseph

      I think Candice will be in it.

    • Sami Zayn. #Zayniac

      Candice LeRae ICON

  • Cailumm #NikkiStan

    Velvet, Angelina, Brooke where you at??

  • Cailumm #NikkiStan

    I know a lot of people dislike her but I really hope Velvet try’s out, she has already said she would join the WWE and would fit in with the SD girls perfectly. Just don’t put her in NXT first send her straight to the main roster and build her up as the former Knockout who is the underdog of the roster.

    Also I would love to see Brooke Adams and Angelina Love try out as well.

    • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

      I’ll take all 3 of them but Brooke pretty please I do know that she has started back training but it hope she doesn’t go back to that crap house that is TNA ATM

      • Cailumm #NikkiStan

        It seems like TNA will never be like how it used to be. I do appreciate its glory days though.

        • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

          TNA has lost hope when Brooke Kong and taryn left I stopped caring about the KOs all together I don’t even know who the champ is probably Gail going by history

          • Cailumm #NikkiStan

            I think some Rosemary chick beat her for the belt idek

          • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

            That’s the zombie chick right

          • Stuart McKay

            Isn’t Maria champion? I’m not even bothered enough to go check. Sad. . .

          • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

            I honest don’t know who is champ ever since they screwed brooke last year out of her deserved long reign and gave her a month reign to give it back to Gail I don’t care about TNA

          • Juan

            The title is currently vacant because Gail Kim got injured at a taping.

            It’s going to be Jade vs Rosemary in a steel cage main event for the title this Thursday!! I heard its a good match!

          • Geek God

            Right i stopped watching TNA after the Dollhouse/Kong/Gail Kim feud ended and i could never bring myself to like anything i seen on their ever since, LU however is amazing and i still catch that whenever i can, and of course I’m the biggest WWE & NXT nerd lol

          • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

            Brooke is my fav in TNA history couldn’t stand how they handled her last title reign

    • Geek God

      Honestly Velvet is my favorite person in TNA history but i know for the rest of the fans sake, she needs to go straight to NXT no matter if she wins or not so she can get properly trained, even though character and experience wise, she’s definitely can be put on the main roster right away, it’s just that we need to keep our quality of matches going lol

    • KatyaMenelli

      I would like VelvetSky being on SD too. She would be a perfect feud for Carmella.

  • glassjaw

    Santana Garrett, Leva Bates, Kay Lee Ray, Nicole Mathews, Hania, Mandy Leon, Candice La Rae and Madison Eagles please.

  • AsaAkira #wickedBARBIE

    Hopefully the tournament consists of rising talent only. This should provide exposure for talented unknown wrestlers, rather than showcase women far past their prime.

  • Kvngbalor

    Where is Candice La Rae? Surprised she hasn’t had a try out she is Johnny wife and a great wrestler i can see her as the face to replace Bayley in NXT.

  • GlowTime

    Id really like to see Raquel Diaz again but i dont think she wrestles anymore? :/

    CLR & Angelina Love please! It’d be nice to see some former talent too, wouldn’t mind seeing a couple out of Victoria, Jazz, Melina, Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix & Gail Kim come back for a stint.

    I’d love Lita to have a run but not in the tournament.

  • CB

    There’s a very specific set of women I want to see in this tournament: Melina, Mickie James & LuFisto.

    Melina & Mickie need to have a massive 20 minute blowoff to their fiery feud.

    LuFisto is just a badass that more of the world needs to know of.

    • Juan

      That would be amazing!

    • Sami Zayn. #Zayniac

      I am wet at the thought of the long Melina and Mickie match.

  • What?

    Angelina Love needs to be a part of this.

  • Geek God

    I’ve been extremely excited for this for a long time and can’t believe WWE is actually gonna do it, i want past women to come back for this if even in a 1 time only kind of way:
    Mickie James
    Beth Phoenix
    Molly Holly
    Velvet Sky (don’t judge me! ???)
    Angelina Love
    Brooke Tessmacher
    Kelly Kelly (i wanna see what kind of reaction she’ll get in the new era but I do wanna see her lose)
    Tarryn Terell
    Gail Kim (they can work something out with TNA if they really wanted to)
    Ember Moon (so she can get more exposure)

    • Joseph

      Most of the people on here haven’t wrestle in a long time.

      • MK126

        I would assume to these particular females wrestling is basically like muscle memory since theyve been doing it for a long time

        • Joseph

          No rather have it be a tournament with fresh faces.

    • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

      Taryn is pregnant tho lol

      • Geek God

        If Kong did it, so can she lol jk

  • Cookie Munster :D ?

    Kimber Lee!!!!

  • glassjaw

    When Triple H said that Mickie returning to WWE depends on her, do you think he meant extending an offer to her to participate in this tourney?

  • Db

    What is the prize for winning going to be? Just a contract? It would be cool if the final 6 had a ladder match with the winner getting a contract to cash in at any time for either a Raw or SD womens title match. Im just imagining Angelina Love wearing the blue belt….

  • Divo’s Champion

    Can’t wait!!

  • Izzy4lw

    O Em baby Geesus… Evie is super talented so I’m so excited to see her rumored to be in the tournament- I agree with the other commenters, Angelina should be included, as should Candice LeRae, Kay Lee Ray, Io Shirai (for a big Joshi name similar to what Kota Ibushi was) and after takeover, PLEASE bring back Mickie James, Victoria, And Melina if they can swing it. Even if they don’t sign her, they should also bring in LuFisto- that woman has tried so hard to break into WWE, so at least give her the rub of showing the WWE universe what she can do – that’d be a nice little bump to her booking fee as well, and she’s a serious talent. Nixon Newell is also a solid up and coming talent, so overall im happy to see this is continuing and I hope they grab some bigger names.

  • -B

    they better pick up angelina & some other former tna knockouts because who needs a tournament with random names like these only, seriously?!

    • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

      Agree 100%

    • Sami Zayn. #Zayniac

      Nixon Newell, Kay Lee Ray, Candice LeRae, Thea Queens.

  • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

    Problem with getting Angelina love or velvet sky is that couldn’t be those names

  • pat

    Shotzi BlackBerry, Karen Q, and I Shirai plzzz

    • KatyaMenelli

      Tsukasa Fujimoto and MJ Jenkins

  • So excited for this. I hope they pick up Angelina and Brooke.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    I need Candice LeRae & Kay Lee Ray in the tournament! I would also love to see Madison Rayne compete in it!

  • Peter

    These are the women I want to see:
    Angelina Love
    Brooke Adams
    Santana Garrett
    Candice LeRae
    Kay Lee Ray
    Leva Bates
    Ivelisse Velez
    Deonna Purrazzo
    Baribi Hayden
    Hedi Lovelace
    Kimber Lee
    Nixon Newell
    Rachael Ellering
    Velvet Sky

    • IceBaby7

      You were good til your last two picks :(

    • I would love to see Thea Trinidad in this torunament

  • carlos

    I wanna see Mercedes Martinez, lufisto, Nicole savoy,LA Rosa negra, cheerleader melissa

  • DynaDuck

    That’s cool WWE giving women talent some big shine on prime time so the young viewers can safely watch(PG-era) and enjoy.

  • Luigi Anthony

    yes i’m so happy eviee !!!!!!

  • Rhawk

    Oh please let Nixon be a part of this! OH PLEASE!!!

  • Marshy

    For the women who are rumored to be in the WWE all women tournament that I got three words to say and it is, Book em WWE.

  • Raleex2

    I don’t know what to think. I would love a tournament to showcase new women, but if they’re not going to be offered a contract then what’s the point? This tournament should showcase new exiting talent that’s going to be in whichever brand of WWE.

  • Marshy

    Deonna Purrazzo and Rachael Ellering are no stranger to NXT and the WWE fans who are subscribers to the Network, Evie has wrestle Nia Jax on Monday Night Raw and Kimber Lee has just wrestle at a NXT taping, these ladies are a sure win to be in the tournament.

  • KatyaMenelli

    Tsukasa Fujimoto, M.J. Jenkins, Hania, Santana Garrett, Niya, Keira Hogan, Kylie Rae, and Mayu Iwatani please

  • Ashley Lancaster

    The likelihood is that that the majority of the women in this tournament are going to be indie fresh faces to scout talent ala the cruiserweight classic.
    Kudos to WWE for recruiting in this way rather than the garbage diva search that killed women’s wrestling in WWE for years.

    I imagine Candice LeRae will get in this being the wife of NXT star Johnny Gargano.
    I predict at least 2 names from Japan being brought in.
    As for past women realistically I see them bringing in maybe 3 past women that can still work or did not quite hit their full stride in WWE the first time around, I think Mickie James is a sure bet, possibly Melina or Victoria and maybe Awesome Kong/Kharma who had her first WWE run cut short. I can definitely see Kharma returning if only for a 1 off head to head with Nia Jax possibly in the “women’s” Royal Rumble match if it happens.

  • Jay Danger

    I think people are putting too much stock into the Knockouts, especially when there are plenty of indy women who are way better in the ring. Keeping in mind that the tournament needs to have a global feel to it, here’s my picks:

    1. Kimber Lee – USA
    2. Heidi Lovelace – USA
    3. Evie – New Zealand
    4. Nixon Newell – Wales
    5. Kay Lee Ray – Scotland
    6. Bea Priestly – England
    7. Su Yung – USA/China?/My Nightmares/Who Knows
    8. Tessa Blanchard – USA
    9. Thea Trinidad – USA/Puerto Rico
    10. Shazza McKenzie – Australia
    11. Deonna Purrazzo – USA
    12. Rachel Ellering – USA
    13. Nicole Matthews – Canada
    14. Aerial Monroe – USA
    15. Candice LeRae – Canada
    16. Kairi Hojo – Japan
    17. Io Shirai – Japan
    18. Vanessa Kraven – Canada
    19. Amanda Rodriguez – Peru
    20. Alpha Female – Germany
    21. Arisa Nakjima – Japan
    22. Mickie James – USA
    23. Viper – Scotland
    24. Zeuxis – Mexico
    25. Mayu Iwatani – Japan
    26. Veda Scott – USA
    27. Mary Dobson/Sara Bridges – USA
    28. Angelina Love – Canada
    29. Santana Garrett – USA
    30. Shayna Baszler – USA
    31. Rhia O’Reilly – Ireland
    32. Velvet Sky – USA