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As previously announced, this Sunday (December 4th) British Empire Wrestling will team up with Revolution Championship Wrestling of Spain, for a second taping for Japan which will be a Stardom World Alliance sanctioned show.

As seen on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, Rosemary became the new Knockouts Champion and British Empire Wrestling have now announced via Facebook that Rosemary will take on British Empire Wrestling Women’s champion Nixon Newell in a champion vs. champion match:

Other matches and appearance announced for this weekend’s show include:

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  • Monkey Tennis

    I was already looking forward to this show, but was especially pleased when I realised (after reading the spoilers for the last set of TNA tapings), that this would likely be Rosemary’s first appearance as Knockout’s Champion.

    As I mentioned in the comments section announcing Rosemary’s victory, this announcement does seemingly spoil the outcome of the match. With it being a no DQ/disqualification match, one of the titles on the line is going to have to change hands – and I can’t see any plausible scenario where the TNA new Knockouts champion is losing the belt to an non-TNA wrestler on another promotion’s show.

    I guess they could do a quick switch where Rosemary wins the BEW title, but then someone challenges her for (just) that title and wins it back immediately. Presumably though, the intention is for Rosemary to come back to BEW next year. Or perhaps lose the title via another of BEW’s affiliate promotions… Maybe even Stardom?

    Either way, I’m sure it’s gonna be a great event. Shame about the two male match toilet breaks though! ;-)

  • Rhawk

    Always wanted to go to one of these shows, whether it be Revolution Pro, British Empire, or Stardom. These joint shows just sound so interesting.

    The Welsh in me wants Nixon to win, but we know that won’t be happening. It’s VERY unlikely since I see her going to the WWE side more than TNA, especially with the (kind of) recent Scotland tryouts, which she was part of. As well as her being on the radar for the potential WWE Womens Tournament.

  • Deadman TCB

    I think Rosemary will win this, Nixon’s been signed by WWE so will may have to do the job.

    • Monkey Tennis

      I don’t know if the rumours about Nixon being signed by the WWE are true. I can’t find many sources, other than some chatter on Twitter. She is amongst a number of wrestlers who’ve reportedly been scouted to take part in the upcoming Women’s Tournament. Whether that leads to anything further remains to be seen.

      Course, Rosemary is still winning. Regardless of who Nixon is or isn’t working for, there is not even the teeniest of tiny possibilities that the Knockout’s title would change hands at an untelevised independent show.

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    • Rhawk

      Those are just rumours at this point, but it’s only a matter of time before one of the bigger companies gets a hold of the Welsh Vixen, whether it be WWE, TNA or some other place.

    • Hojo’s Deadly Diving Elbow ?

      I’m sad if that’s the case, only because it would’ve been amazing if we could’ve seen more of her in Stardom. Her match vs Mayu and the 3-way in the finals of the International Grand Prix they did with BEW was killer.