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Judging from two first-look videos from tonight’s episode of Total Divas, it seems that fans will see a whole lot more drama involving some of our favorite WWE female wrestlers.

First, we have Nikki and Brie Bella headed to a wine tasting with Daniel Bryan. It doesn’t take long for Nikki to drop a bombshell request on Daniel – asking the retired wrestler to help her train for her comeback on RAW.  But, Brie is not having it.

“Bryan is in such a good place right now, and I just don’t want Nicole to interrupt that,” Brie explains:

In another clip, Eva Marie and Nattie are seen sitting backstage during a Monday Night Raw taping in Omaha, NE, with Eva asking Nattie about receiving her live events schedule for the following week.

“Are you still not booked right now, for real?” Nattie asks Eva, to which Eva simply replies, “No.” It soon becomes apparent that Eva is left out of the loop, whereas Nattie is booked solid for the next two months.

Of course, the only thing left for Eva to do is to speak with WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano.  Once confronted, Mark’s response to Eva is, “You’re a very special, special person.”

“We need talent. We need people. We need buzz. We need talent and you have it. Unfortunately, we don’t have the direction saying today Eva Marie will be part of the roster,” he continues.

Total Divas airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET on E!.

Do you think this episode will give more insight into Eva’s currently visible absence on Smackdown Live? Do you think Brie is wrong in being annoyed by Nikki’s training request from Bryan? What/who else are you excited to see on tonight’s Total Divas? Feel free to sound off!

  • Quinn Summers

    Eva’s absence on SDLive has been a breath of fresh air. They probably didn’t book her on any live events after WM cuz her storyline made no sense. Eva gets red hot heat and before the Total Divas match at WM they booked her as a face saving Brie from Lana which also made no sense.

    • She competed on live events this is ofc just for TD.
      And that WM match was TD vs Non TD, it wasn’t heels vs faces. They didn’t book her as a face as seen with their reaction when she tried hugging them after attacking Lana.

      • Quinn Summers

        I understand it was a TD vs none TD match. In that feud the TD members were definitely the faces cuz it was Brie’s retirement match. Most matches have a clear face and a clear heel so I don’t really understand your comment when you said it wasnt heel vs faces. Before the WM match on Raw it was revealed that Eva Marie was the last member team TD when she ran in and made the save for Brie. It made no sense because of the boos Eva received. If you watch that segment you can see the girls reacting quickly to the audience reaction of Eva. You even see Paige push Eva off of her when Eva tried to hug her. She actually wasn’t seen on WWE tv until the after the brand split. All I’m saying is it makes sense that she wouldn’t be booked on live events since that was the time where she had JUST made her main roster appearance after her time NXT & they probably didn’t know what to do with her after her WM match.

        • Because it didn’t matter if they were heels or faces, TD girls faced other girls. Just how Kaitlyn wasn’t a heel but still joined the heels in their crusade against TD.

          You’re delusional if you think Eva was supposed to get cheers. She returned as a heel, fans reacted to her as a heel, as did the other TD. Don’t know what’s hard to understand.

          • Joseph

            The fanbase hates Eva Marie.

          • i think that’s a common knowledge by now

          • Quinn Summers

            Did I ever say that I expected her to get cheers? Pretty sure I never wrote that. I was commenting on how stupid the booking was. She was booked to be face by coming in and saving Brie to which I said made no sense. Which goes hand in hand to why she wasn’t booked on any live events after her match at WM. Basically WWE didn’t know what to do with her until the brand split which they proved by how horrible they booked Eva before the WM match. So for a period of time from like May to July she probably wasn’t booked on any live events.

          • Honey, you dont understand. She just came in to ”save” her to get the WM spot, but she was never booked as a face and her teammates didn’t want to team with her.
            She competed on every live event after WM go check the websites. You keep believing this when it’s just for Total Divas.

          • Quinn Summers

            Bitch, I understand that you have way too much time on your hands to go back and research the website to see if Eva Marie was on live events. I do in fact know that she wasn’t on WWE TV until after the brand split. So there was a period of time that they were not using her which is what she was talking about in this clip.

          • She was very well used on live events, she just didn’t appear on TV since Raw after WM until after the brand split. I can’t at you believing all of this.

          • What?

            Hahaha I hate this person. I have him blocked but I can only imagine the condescending, cunty attitude they have in their responses. The ultimate troll.

          • howie_ruhl

            Said it before and I’ll say it again: Boris is most likely hired by DD to spike engagement. A lot of companies do that now. Better not engage.

  • GailKimStan

    Bitch i don’t care, the only reason i’ll keep watching this lame show is the Paige drama

  • OJ Von Erich

    Nikki’s choice of attire for some thing’s have me howling, but hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it…

    And she has certainly GOT IT!

  • glassjaw

    “We need talent and you have it.”

    Seriously, not throwing shade, a serious question: what IS Eva Marie’s talent that we haven’t seen yet?

    • howie_ruhl

      And to think he said “because I don’t want to lie to you” just after that. Shady apes.

  • Wonder Woman ? ?

    Hard work?. When did Eva do hard work?. She trained with Brian Kendrick on a couple of episodes TD.

  • Wonder Woman ? ?

    I’m not throwing shade at Nikki her cleavage i is too big, to be wearing the shirts and dresses she be wearing.

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