On this day in history:

December 19th, 2010 | In the first ever Women’s Tag Team Tables match, the soon-to-be Divas of Doom (Beth Phoenix and Natalya) took on Lay-Cool (Layla and Michelle McCool) at 2010’s TLC PPV. Natalya shined in the match, locking Lay-Cool in a double Sharpshooter and eventually winning the bout by shoving them both onto a table and hitting them with a top-rope splash. Though they were the good guys here, it wouldn’t be long before Beth and Natalya became mean girls themselves.

Also occurring today in history:
* 12/19/99 – Madusa defeats Evan Karagias to win the WCW Cruiserweight Title at Starrcade 1999.

  • Vince Martin

    The booking this match was miles better than the Sasha vs Charlotte one lol

    • Wonder Woman ? ?

      No it wasn’t.

    • howie_ruhl

      There was no ”Sasha vs Charlotte one…” They’ve never gone through a match like this.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Back when Natalya used lots of powe moves. I still remember Laycool vs Natalya were she came out with the championship. It was great!

  • Divalicious

    This match was so good. My problem is table matches is that the whole point of the match is too teas table spots but only go through with one and it’s hard to keep the momentum going and the crowd invested that the way but the crowd was really here for this match and the girls did a great job. The avalanche Faithbreaker would have been a really good spot for another match she should have done it as some point.

  • TheBoss

    This match was in my city and I really wish I went. I miss Laycool and Beth. Hopefully they get inducted into the HoF eventually.

    • Chloe Wilson #TeamMaryse

      Preach. They should start including 2 women each year so LayCool can get indcted together.

      • TheBoss

        The usually induct one tag team a year, so when it’s time for Laycool to be inducted they’ll prob be inducted as a tag team. Tbh, I can’t see them being inducted individually.

        • Sunny’s Therapist

          oh they will induct McCool by herself, trust it

  • Wonder Woman ? ?

    You can tell that the table was broken when they got on the table.
    People really thought that Laycool was going to go through a table?.

  • limfox

    This was better than the Becky/Alexa match tbh. Yeah.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      They’re not even comparable. Different stakes, different set up, different story.

    • Gail-Rollins

      Maybe the in between stuff. There’s no contest when factoring in the finish though..

  • Dropitboy

    I remember after this match was booked thinking that maybe this would be the turning point for the division and they would be taken seriously as competitors, and then that pink table made an appearance! However great match by all four involved

    • that was only DOD mocking Laycool with that table, they sure used other tables, but that one was ‘special’ because it was supposed to annoy and mock them.

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  • These tag teams still remain two of the most Iconic Female tag teams to ever be in WWE

  • Claire

    This segment is so funny.

    • howie_ruhl

      What this segment proves more than anything else is how much cohesive outfits actually help elevate a tag team. When they were starting out, it was a bit jarring to see Layla and Michelle working together because they seemed like two kinds of people that wouldn’t even be in the same room together. Layla normally looked like a club girl while Michelle looked like a jock. Seeing them here in those outfits helped sell their tandem a little better.

  • Claire
  • Iconic queens. Love them all so much.

  • Gail-Rollins

    Love all these ladies (Beth, Michelle, & Layla are some of my all time favorites) but this match is terribly overrated by diva fans. Largely in part to the stipulation, and the time period that this match happened in. I’m sorry but they didn’t deliver in this match. I’m sure 95% of that is due to the limitations that were set on them. However if you’re going to tease a big spot and not do it, you have to follow through with something just as big, or bigger. And that never happened here. That’s just really bad booking, and made the whole The feel extremely anti climatic. The planned finish was extremely stupid. The ending we got was a tad bit better, but not by much. If you place this match in the current era, the golden era, or against the Knockouts circa 2007-2014 this match doesn’t hold up.