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Each week, The Wrap will wrap up the week in women’s wrestling by compiling the week’s smaller news stories, rumors and gossip – anything not normally covered by Diva Dirt. Got a tip for next week? Send it in.

* Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett speak with Huffington Post to reflect back on their 2016, share the story on how they met and reveal their contracts are up in January. (Huffington Post)

* Alundra Blayze sits with JBL in the latest edition of WWE Legends. (Wrestling INC)

* An announcement from Anthem Sports & Entertainment officially purchasing TNA and parent company Impact Ventures LLC from Dixie Carter is expected soon resulting in Dixie likely removed from any position of power. (PWInsider)

* Sasha Banks hints an interest in joining SmackDown. (Twitter)

* Lilian Garcia and Marti Bell honor loved ones who passed away over the holidays. (Instagram 1, Instagram 2)

* Former WWE Broadcaster Jonathan Coachman believes that WWE will no longer sign Ronda Rousey after her UFC loss. (Twitter)

* SmackDown draws in more rating than Raw for the first time since the WWE Draft. (Cage Side Seats)

* Pop TV ranks Jade’s top cage cross body to Rosemary Number 2 in their list of “Top 5 Impacts of the Year” (Twitter)

* Deonna Purrazzo takes on Candice LeRae in the latest episode of WOH Wednesday. (YouTube)

  • Mark

    I like Sasha. I think she’s the most marketable and best overall package in the WWE today. Complete package. BUT… I hate how she complains or is subtle shady when she doesn’t get her way. No one told you to complain about your back to the office. You did. Then they made you drop the title and then the stupid hot potato “storyline” happened… Otherwise you would have stayed as champ! And don’t tell me I’m wrong because she did an interview with Rosenburg and said it herself, complained about her back and then management wouldn’t let her wrestle… Which ultimately led her to dropping the title.

    It’s like she’s not willing to play second or third fiddle to anyone, unless she’s the champion. Now that she has a potentially awesome storyline going on with Nia Jax, she wants to go to SD just to win the SD Women’s title. Girl please!!! BYEEEE. Summer Rae, Emma, Foxy and many others would be shaking their pussy lips and making them clap if they got a storyline on Raw. Your chance will come again, calm down.

    As for Charlotte, I do think it was the right choice to end the feud with her as champ. She has proven she can carry a feud with her mic skills. Babyface Sasha as champ would have been horrendous. All that needs to be done now is proper booking for Charlotte and Bayley, which I’m not excited about since I can’t stand Flopley.

    • GailKimStan

      “would be shaking their pussy lips and making them clap” SFTFDAHSWH LMAO

    • ToneiKnight

      “Shaking their pussy lips and making them clap” I’m dead!

      But seriously I agree with what you said. Sasha’s talented and everything but I always got the undercurrent of ungratefulness and selfishness coming from her every time something didn’t go her way. Girl, be a tad humble. I’m seeing Naomi now, who actually has cause to speak up, look more and more like she’s being punished for calling the WWE on their crap after years of not saying anything. I’m really tired of how some can complain and get praised while others get vilified.

      How would Sasha deal with how Naomi being treated? Being left of SD for weeks(even if she was injured, she should have been back by now, which shows someone is lying), having no storylines or feuds since the brand split, getting cut off at the knees whenever she starts gaining momentum, being told she’s not marketable….I could go on.

      But Sasha’s lucky she hasn’t dealt with what Naomi or Alicia have gone through. She’s gotten firsts and matches other women dream of. Naomi can’t get a title with all of her hard work and Alicia gets treated like a jobber. With the way the WWE treats it’s black superstars in the past and present she’s really fortunate to get what she’s gotten.

      She can also stop with going to SD talk. Until Naomi wins a title, Sasha can stay on Raw. Every time someone new comes to Sd Naomi goes further and further down the line. I don’t need Sasha hogging another scene in the name of Eddie and Ric Flair.

      • Joseph

        Differences is that Sasha is a NXT girl. I don’t count 2010-2011 NXT since that wasn’t developmental, FCW was still that.

      • glassjaw

        Sasha’s repeatedly went on record to big up Naomi, even saying she deserved to be the inaugural Smackdown Women’s Champion.

        • Rebeccardorn

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        • Robann

          Yup. They constantly shout each other out on social media. Their friendship is adorable honestly.

    • Joseph

      You do realize she is trolling you right?

    • Jo9834

      Sasha is still in her early 20’s , just be thankful she hasn’t pulled a Paige and shacked up with a fellow superstar and completely done a number on her own career.

      I also feel its about time for women to speak up and push the envelope, we hear wayyy to many stories about employees and women getting punished for having a voice. I doubt Undertaker or JBL would be punished for speaking up or having a preference. Sasha is a main event player, whether it was handed to her or not is another story but regardless she worked her ass off along with Charlotte, they deserve a little ‘stroke’ in my opinion.

      • Robann

        Technically, Sasha is married. To a former Indy wrestler. But everything else you said was spot on lol.

    • Geek God

      Shaking their pussy lips & making them clap ??????????????????????? i try to be PG on here (just in case little kids visit the site) but THIS is what gives me life and how i would really like to talk

      • Summer_Slay#BellasAreOverParty

        Same but we will be most likely banned or the comments will be removed once again D:

        • Dorothymjohnson

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  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    I wouldn’t be surprised by that as she has stated times ago that she was tired of facing the same women all the time (which was the case with her facing Charlotte, Dana all the time) and that is understandable. Not to mention with SD being the IT show as a whole and maybe the fact that Eddie was a SD guy, she may prefer SD as a place to be.

    Either way, I see WWE putting either Sasha or Charlotte on SD after the draft (likely Charlotte). Those two reliable in-ring workers who actually deliver when it counts so it will be interesting to see one of them on SD and it will make up for fresh stories as well.

  • trishlita721

    I hope Maria doesn’t leave :( I wanna see her wrestle more or a face turn I think she’s great

  • Jo9834

    For those of you who haven’t watched Alundra Blayze’s interview with JBL, she threw MAJOR SHADE at Trish Stratus and to a lesser extent Lita. I was shocked the WWE allowed her to air the comments considering how much pride and joy they put into both of those women.

    A basic rundown…

    – Trish was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.
    – Lita had a few ‘cool moves’ she could perform.
    – Trish wasn’t really a good wrestler but could ‘flop around the ring really well’.

    As hilarious as it is to read back, it did make me lose a little respect for her. We are all aware of the limitations of both Trish and Lita, however what they brought to the table was undeniable. I am super surprised she didn’t go in on Sable and the like.

    • glassjaw

      Agreed it was a but douchey. But at the same time I’m glad she isn’t afraid of an opinion that goes against the grain. Alundra Blayze was one hell of an athlete during her day and way ahead of her time in WWE.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      She sounds bitter. Honestly Trish and Lita are and will be the faces of women’s wrestling forever. Why? Because they actually did what they was supposed to do. They focused on the wrestling and that alone. They deserved everything they have. You never heard any stories of them bickering with politics, asking for hirer pay, being arrogant and being a fame whore. WWE was good enough for them and they built a legacy out of it.

    • THOMAS

      ‘flop around the ring really well.’

      oh, alundra, you mean she could sell well? aka being a good wrestler???

      bitter ass hag.

      • KatyaMenelli

        More like honest. Back when she was wrestling, you couldn’t just be a great seller. Cameron was a great seller. You wanna call her a great wrestler, too?

        • THOMAS

          you deadass wanna use CAMERON of all people to compare to TRISH? your opinion isn’t valid, sorry girl. no need for further re: from me.

          • KatyaMenelli

            Yes I did, because like Cameron, Trish was pretty damn bad in the ring for the first half of her career but we’re always good at selling moves. Pay attention to what my comment said before trying to defile someone’s opinion. If my opinion is invalid, then yours is complete shit.

          • THOMAS
    • Trish queen stays unbothered. She had it all unlike that flop.

    • punisher

      Why does she always have to trash other women wrestlers? She talked trash about Paige, Eve etc. I can’t stand her

      • KatyaMenelli

        You see it as talking trash. I see it as honesty. It’s not like she lies about she says.

    • Summer_Slay#BellasAreOverParty
      • KatyaMenelli

        The reason why your favorites have a damn job in WWE as we speak… that’s who she is.

        • Summer_Slay#BellasAreOverParty

          Dont know her.

          • KatyaMenelli

            Doesn’t surprise me at all. That wasn’t a compliment either.

    • KatyaMenelli

      I mean she wasn’t lying. I happen to agree with most of those comments, even though I adore Trish and Lita. Trish was always a great seller while Lita had some cool moves and was still Uber sloppy in the ring. And Trish did come to WWE at the Perfect time

  • Radical

    An announcement from Anthem Sports & Entertainment officially purchasing TNA and parent company Impact Ventures LLC from Dixie Carter is expected soon resulting in Dixie likely removed from any position of power.

    Things are already looking bright for 2017.

  • limfox

    Happy New Years Diva Dirt! <3

  • conan_kun

    The La Luchadora appeared during Alexa vs Becky was Deonna Purrazzo.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    I don’t think people understands how good is for Sasha to have her own ego, just like Melina did. You don’t get championships by taking everything, you have to fight for your success.