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Tonight on TNA’s first live PPV of 2017, Knockouts Champion Rosemary successfully defended her title against Sienna.

Gail Kim made an appearance prior to the Knockouts title match to dismiss rumors that she was retiring from wrestling and to clarify that her absence from ring action is due to not being medically cleared by doctors.

Rosemary responded to Gail’s comments, questioning whether Gail was faking her injury in an attempt to run away from the fear of competing against her.

Once Gail headed to the back, Sienna would make her entrance, where she immediately brawled with Rosemary.

The action found its way back to the ring, where Sienna targeted Rosemary’s lower body, thrashing Rosemary’s kidney at a corner turnbuckle, connecting a Samoan Drop and a back breaker.

Rosemary slowed down Sienna with the use of rope submissions and biting Sienna’s finger when they were of close reach.

Towards the end of the match, Sienna was able to hit her Silencer finisher onto Rosemary but it wasn’t enough to put the Demon Assassin down for the three count.

Frustrated by this, Sienna shoved acting referee Earl Hebner, causing a distraction which Rosemary took advantage of by blinding Sienna with a mist and hitting The Red Wedding to retain the Knockouts title.

What did you think of the match?

  • Gato_wiska


  • Divo’s Champion

    Sounds like a really great match!

  • HEELHornet

    REALLY great match, especially straight after a potential MOTY in Moose/Bennett

    • Radical

      ‘potential MOTY’ It’s literally the start of 2017…

      Granted, Wrestle Kingdom 11 also just happened so I cant say as much.

  • HEELHornet
    • Thiago Oliveira

      I love this “ressurrection” move of Rosemary.

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  • Carlos?#canigetarefill

    This look like it was a hard hitting match

  • Juan

    I am a proud member of the Hive (spoilers say thats what Rosemary calls her fans lol)! I hope she has a long title reign!

  • SamoanSquad

    Heard it was a great match so I’ll definitely check that out.

    But as far as Gail Kim goes I just don’t know what more they can do with her.How many heel and face turns? How many more Knockout title runs does she need?.I thought the HOF and winning the title at BFG was the perfect ending for her.

    • Gail-Rollins

      Really… that horrid match with Maria is the last match we should ever see from her? That’s the ending she deserves?

      • Francisco Baguer

        No it shouldn’t. If anything the only ending she should get is by having Rosemary defeat her in a title vs career match, so she can be the wind of change for the Knockouts.

        • SamoanSquad

          But instead of doing that why can’t Gail just get the Trish stratus treatment and just go out on top?.How many more women does Gail have to keep putting over?.Jade and Rosemary can be that wind change of the knockouts division their feud has so much potential to be that feud The knockouts division needs after their steel cage match the potential is endless.

          • Francisco Baguer

            There’s only thing left & thats turning Gail heel. Let her be heel & feud with Jade or Allie so she can put them over huge as new top babyfaces of the division.

          • SamoanSquad

            Honestly IMO I don’t think that’s needed for Gail.Angelina love is coming back apparently so let her do that.Allie is doing fine all she got to do is beat up Maria and she’ll be over.Jade and Rosemary are about to heat things up in the knockouts division and I hope and pray this is the feud we been waiting for.

            I mean let’s face it the Gail Kim,Awesome Kong,Beautiful people era that we all saw grow in 2007 is officially over.We are in a new generation the Dixie carter TNA era is over.Its a new TNA Jade,Rosemary,Allie,etc are gonna takeover.

          • Francisco Baguer

            Your right. Now that Dixie is out of power, its time to see what Anthem will do. Gail will no longer have Dixie to fall back on or as a shield. Gail no longer has any backstage pull anymore when she realized that the new people in charge from Anthem was going to be overruling her & Dixie from here on out.

          • Johnny

            Who says that Gail uses backstage pull to go over in matches? I’ve never heard that before.

          • glassjaw

            Gail has heaps of respect from her peers. Her hard work speaks for itself, not backstage pull.

      • SamoanSquad

        The ending of the match was her winning the belt after being screwed over by Maria and her crew for months.Storyline wise it was a perfect ending for her because she not only defeated Maria(Who IMO was booked pretty well in this feud) but she “saved” the knockouts division again and gave the belt off for Rosemary and Jade to fight in an amazing steel cage match.

        Gail has been the game for over 10+ years she has a whole resume full of amazing matches.She relinquished the title and now a new set of girls are fighting for it she doesn’t need to “Save” or prove anything anymore shes done all she can for that division.

    • HEELHornet

      I think she’ll finish up with Jade.

    • She should really transition to the X-Division. It’ll be a way of utilizing her withOUT stealing spotlight from other Knockouts.

      • glassjaw

        As much as I adore Gail I don’t know if that’s something she’ll do considering both her age and the fact she’s just had surgery with problems relating to her back.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Rosemary is just great. I’m a fan!

  • GailKimStan

    A true icon

  • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

    The Match was really physical, for a Heel vs Heel match it told a story even when there was none, props to both girls! If this is what the Knockouts are doing in 2017 i think we have even better things to look forward to!
    Rosemary contiunes to be a beautiful fresh air in the knockouts division, i hope her reign out does Taryn although i love her, it’ll give rosemary some bragging rights.

    Sienna looks amazing in her new gear, i like the two piece way better, she also put on a great performance, i think this is her best outing since her KK4 match with Gail. Hopefully with finally a strong Booking team, we can see what Sienna can truly become.

  • What ever happened to Sienna’s “AK-47” finisher?? That looks SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better (and more devastating) than that God-awful shoulder block.

    • HEELHornet

      Still uses it from time to time.

  • Rosemary is what that Knockouts Championship was lacking, a good serious performer who can have the KO’s title for a long time. ??