On this day in history:

January 10th, 2008 | Mere days after falling short in her Knockouts Title shot at Final Resolution, Awesome Kong faced champ Gail Kim in a rematch, this time in Impact’s main event. Kong brought with her the debuting Raisha Saeed, a mysterious woman who served as her manager. Saeed proved to be Kong’s good luck charm, as Gail eventually fell prey to two successive powerbombs followed by an Awesome Bomb and was pinned. Just like that, Awesome Kong was the new Knockouts Champion – the second in the title’s history.

Also occurring today in history:
* 1/10/14 – Lei’D Tapa defeats Velvet Sky in a street fight at TNA’s One Night Only: Hardcore Justice 3.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • GailKimStan

    Reminder that TNA was giving women’s one on one matches the main event spot when in WWE there wasn’t even the slightest possibility of that happening.

    Also while in WWE only 4 girls got that opportunity, in TNA 8 of them were in the main event one on one at least once…just a thought, this is not a competition

    • Bryskers

      TNA really was ahead of it’s time with women’s wrestling (or WWE was late, or both), it’s a shame the knockouts took such a setback lately. I’ve always considered the division to be the main force of TNA when the company was in it’s prime, and I personnaly consider Gail Kim the biggest marquee name of TNA.

      • Mariajbartholomew

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    • SamoanSquad

      Not to mention that TNA used to always give the knockouts their own special episodes on TV I remember when TNA had Knockouts new year episodes and stuff.They also had tag belts and even though it was short lived it gave everyone in TNA a chance to do something.

      And with the royal rumble coming up everyone has been begging and pleading for a female Rumble match for YEARS yet WWE never capitalize on it.Meanwhile in TNA we been having gauntlet like matches that were the exact same thing as a rumble many times.

    • Nixie Newey ?


  • Gabriella Panajotova

    And somehow TNA managed to fuck up the best part of their product over the years. Man, how can you sit on gold and turn it into shit?

  • I remember this KO’s Match and definitely my favorite feud from all Impact Wrestling, they always deliver great matches.

  • Jo9834

    The original womens revolution right here. Kong VS Gail, will be be right up there with the 4HW era and Trish and Lita. Such a shame that years later they both ended up in the WWE together and left under the circumstances they did.

  • B J

    Hopefully Sasha Banks can bring this out of Nia Jax!!

    • Carlos?#canigetarefill

      Right… they have all the elements.

  • Juan

    Such a classic match!! Hopefully we’ll return to this quality of matches/feuds in TNA! 2017 seems off to a great start!

  • Carlos?#canigetarefill

    One of, if not the best womens wrestling fued, shid id go as far as saying one of the best fueds ever. From the wrestling to the storytelling if tna wasnt doing nothing right the women was always tna’s highlight. Gail and Kia really were making magic and getting the world to notice the women could outdraw the men if given a chance. Plus their workrate was something else.


  • Gail-Rollins

    I get goosebumps thinking about how much this feud means to me as a fan, and to women’s wrestling in general.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Today in history 1995 Survivor Series elimination match. One of the most amazing elimination matches where Aja Kong won as a sole survivor over Alundra Blayze that eliminated like 3 women.