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According to a new report from PWInsider (via Wrestling INC), the female name being considered to join the class of 2017 WWE’s Hall of Fame is Beth Phoenix!

Beth has had a very decorative career in WWE, having won the WWE Women’s Championship on three occasions, the Divas Championship on one occasion and the 2008 Slammy Award for Diva of the Year. Beth is also one of few women to have participated in the Royal Rumble, notably eliminating The Great Khali.

She has also had memorable feuds across the likes of Candice Michelle, Mickie James. Melina (where the two took part in the first ever Women’s “I Quit” match), Kelly Kelly, LayCool (Michelle McCool & Layla) – which also led to Beth teaming up with Natalya in the first-ever Women’s Tag Team Table match.

Since her departure from WWE in 2012, Beth has married fellow WWE Superstar Adam “Edge” Copeland and have become parents to two daughters: Lyric, who was born on December 2013, and Ruby, who was born on May 2016.

As of now, the only name confirmed by the WWE for this year’s WWE Hall of Fame is Kurt Angle. The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony takes place Friday Mar 31, 2017 and will air live on the WWE Network as part of WrestleMania weekend.

What are your thoughts on Beth Phoenix rumored to be inducted to this year’s WWE Hall of Fame? Who would you like to see induct her? What are your favorite Beth Phoenix moments? Let us know in the comments below!

  • howie_ruhl

    Why this early though. Don’t get me wrong, I like Beth. I like Beth a lot. But a lot of women deserve this before she gets it. I mean, Molly Holly and Victoria. Victoria, in my opinion had a larger impact. Heck, if we’re going to go for more current girls that more people remember, LayCool (which I was never a fan of to begin with) should go in before Beth. This smells politically fishy tbh. Are they courting her or Adam for something? I hate thinking this way because, again, I like Beth and I think she deserves more than what she’s gotten. But this seems a bit much. Am I missing something?

    • Geek God

      It does sound like they want her and edge back in the wwe someway somehow, and im all for it i liked both of them when they were in wwe

  • Queen, she’s one of my faves but this would be too early. She’s only 36 and it would make her the youngest inductee ever, even over Trish, so I don’t know if they’d like that.

    Idk why her mentor Molly can’t go in, or powerhouses before her like Chyna and Victoria. Or queen Ivory.

    I don’t like this skipping eras thing tbh. They should finish with certain eras before they move on to the newer ones.

  • trishlita721

    No way this year has to be ivory

    • Lilliancgrant

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  • Eva Marie McGee

    Why not Chyna? Chyna deserved to be there.

    • Joseph

      Probably because they don’t like adding more than one dead person. Rick Rude is rumored to be in.

      • Eva Marie McGee

        But she achieved more than Beth Phoenix! She’s even the first lady to get into the royal rumble, Beth is just second to that.

        • Joseph

          Not talking about achievements I’m talking about WWE doesn’t like adding more than just one person in the HOF every year.

  • Lucas

    Uuuuh, that means we’re getting Beth on WWE 2K18?? YASSSS
    Hopefully we get Candice or Melina as well, as they put Ivory vs Jackie this year.

    • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      Did ivory vs Jacqueline Dlc match come out yet? I’ve been looking all over online lol

      • Lucas

        no, not yet. they still have to announce when it’s coming out. wish we could at least see their models

        • TorrieTrishStacyLita

          Right I’ve been checking each week lol

  • Victoria&Melina19

    I would prefer Chyna, Molly Holly, Victoria and Ivory to go in before Beth tbh

  • mking2590

    Way to early for her and specially when Victoria, Chyna, Sable, Molly, Ivory, Luna and Jazz are not in the hall of fame Miss Elizabeth,Stacy Keibler andTorrie Wilson should be in the hall before Beth

  • Kvngbalor

    Before Sable Chyna Ivory Victoria Jazz Molly and even Mickie ? something is off i wouldn’t of expected Beth to probably a decade later this is way to early at this point its like WWE draw names from a hat

  • #Hooligan

    Queen but why not someone before her like Victoria, Molly Holly or Ivory? Beth is HoF worthy for sure, but that’s too soon.

  • Radical

    Beth deserves it for sure, but not this soon when women like Ivory, Molly Holly, Jazz, Victoria and Chyna haven’t received it yet.

    Seriously though, Ivory has to be next.

  • Rose-Quartz

    A slap in a face to the women who came before her. But I’m not surprised this is the ” new era ” they forget all about the history and records books and respect. Everything has gone out the window. I have no probably with Beth it’s wwe. There being ridiculous childish and pathetic. Who’s ever making these decisions should be fired. I’m pretty sure this year should have been either Molly, Ivory, Victoria. Considering both Molly and Ivory was both at the table for two. I thought they was maybe a hint they would be inducteed together but I guess not. I wouldn’t mind Michelle McCool, Mickie James, Candice Michelle, Melina going in ( don’t press me about Candice ) because she was so improved in the ring if she wasn’t so injury prone she would have been a big star. Hell even Torrie Wilson can go in. But Beth? That’s so unlikely to me. Let’s not even forget about Sable and Chyna who had done so much for the women’s divison despite Chyna and Sable both doesn’t want anything to do with the company and I see why.

    • Taryn Cutter

      Candice Queen those flops better not come for her.


        • sani

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        • Kathyaanderson

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      • Robann

        Loved this outfit!

        • Taryn Cutter

          the best female gear in history PERIOD

      • Rose-Quartz

        Candice would have been so big in wwe espically while the divas championship was around. She could have held the divas championship so many titles and have had the most reigns before Eve and Aj Lee’s most reigns record even existed. Sucks though she knew when to quit before her body completely broke down.

        • MK126

          Wasnt she fired after she got drafted to smackdown around WM25?

          • Rose-Quartz

            She wasn’t fired. She was very very injury prone. She broke her collar bone I think or fractured it or possibly tore it and they wwe and officials or herself decided it was her time to give wrestling up.

          • MK126

            I know she was injury prone but i could have sworn she was supplemental drafted to SD… was there for WM25 battle royale outside with mae young and then let go of her contract weeks later without making her SD debut

          • Maddox

            She was actually fired lol

          • MK126

            I knew i wasnt crazy lol

          • YonceLuvsDivas

            She was injured when she was drafted. While she was off the road she started to plan her family. Her and wwe came to the agreement that she should be released. She said in an interview both sides felt there was nothing more she can do and that her being injury was a big fear. Shortyly after she got pregnant.

          • What?

            Injury prone? No. Victoria broke her nose in early 2007, then Beth Phoenix’s dumb reckless ass hit the ropes entirely too hard, shattered her clavicle, dragged her by the arm and hair and basically ended her career. She had so much momentum and it was stopped dead. Tragic.

          • The second time around it wasn’t her collarbone, it was another body part. I don’t quite remember what it was, but I was a huge fan of hers back then and I watched her interviews and she specified how that injury happened. After Christian returned to WWE, Candice was told to ditch the Candywrapper. She was working on coming up with a new finishing manuever, and had plans to use the spinning heel kick from the top rope, and injured herself performing that while training.

            And her release was not cordial. She said she was let go a few days after they cleared her from injury and that was heartbreaking, but she had plans to leave during the winter next year as her contract was expiring either way so it all worked out for the best.

        • YonceLuvsDivas

          I believe the Fab Four back then would’ve been Candice, Mickie, Beth and Melina. Michelle would’ve been playing fifth fittle. At the time when she was drafted I think she would’ve eventually feuded with LayCool when they initially formed. Her, Maria Gail and Melina competing against Michelle, Alicia, Maria, Layla and Nattie. Eve wouldn’t have been wrestling as much, she’d probably be doing interviews til they drafted her over to Raw. Candice would than team with Mickie against LayCool during the piggy James storyline. After that I don’t know what she’d do because the dark era began shortly after during the Season 3 of NXT. And honestly I don’t see her being part of the Total Divas against AJ Lee and friends. She would be gone by then.

        • She didn’t quit though. She was fired.

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        My Queen!!!

    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      Rose while I get you, th WWE HOF has never done things based on timing. It is a show and they are looking to make inductions that will make people watch the show. Kurt Angle is very deserving of his HOF but there are tons of wrestlers that “should” have it first. The same happens to women, while Trish & Lita deserved the belt there are tons of women that I believe should have been there first. Beth is one of the most successfull wrestlers they ever had and she was really etertaining and historic. Another thing is that she fits really well with the PG era, she was always classy and was portrayed as the wrestler of the division instead of having her doing playboy or in bikinis.

    • Max

      Yessss i ageee with everything you said 100% Love me some candice covergirl too champion wish she never got injured :/

    • How tf are Candice and McCool more deserving than Beth? Because they debuted before her or what?


    Love Beth… she was incredible… but yikes?? So many Golden Era women would be skipped if this is the case??

  • Bryskers

    I don’t mind her going into the HOF, but since they usually do one Female entry each year, I figured this year would be Chyna …

  • Summer_Slay#BellasAreOverParty

    Why Beth over so many of the AA women? This is so not fair for Ivory, Victoria, Torrie, Stacy even Candice and Michelle (lol see what i did there) debuted before her.

    • Geek God

      I don’t see Candice going in lol, but wwe never does the induction in order they just choose what will look good at the time

  • glassjaw

    Love me some Beth, but right now Luna or Sable for me.

    • TorrieTrishStacyLita


  • Robann

    So….no Chyna? Even after the girls dead she’s not a shoe-in. Smfh.

    I really hope this isn’t true. I like Beth but there are SO many people who deserves it before her.

  • Kara Stevens

    Chyna, Ivory, Molly Holly, Torrie, Jazz are a few who deserve it before her. I wish they’d put Chyna in. But, someday Beth deserves a spot.

    • Geek God

      They don’t ever do the inductions in order, not even for the men, so that’s why beth going in now gets a pass for me

  • Jouey

    Melino for the HOF pls.
    And why u guys want Torrie to be in the HOF !? What exacly she did for the womens divison?

    • Geek God

      I loved Torrie but wanna i also know what did she revolutionize besides Bra & Panties Matches ? ???

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      I love Torrie but I love that you called out the elephant in the room lol Torrie was entertaining but during her career she was basically seen as a sex bunny.

    • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      Torrie = Queen of Smackdown. She was the blue brand’s women’s division

      • Geek God

        What does “Queen Of Smackdown” title consist of? I thought Melina was the Queen Of Smackdown?

        • TorrieTrishStacyLita

          Nope not Melina. She didn’t establish the women’s division on the blue brand nor was it built around here. Torrie was everything. DD already established that

          • Geek God

            Torrie established the women’s division???

          • TorrieTrishStacyLita

            On Smackdown. Yes. Let’s keep it real. Raw’s womens’s division was built around Trish at the time and Smackdown’s was built around Torrie. All divas feuds and matches involved Torrie from 2002-2005

    • Taryn Cutter

      And what exactly the flop on your avi (all botch everything) did?

      • Jouey

        Believe me, she will do a lot more than Torrie! Actually she already did more than her, when Torrie had reaction from the crowd like Eva’s?
        And im not saying Eva dor the HOF, u are the ones who want Willson there!

        • Taryn Cutter

          phahahahahahahahaha screaming, now i know that you are trolling “when will torrie had a reaction from the crowd”…um never becuase she was not only pretty but also a great wrestler so the crowd never booed her they just cheered, torries dog is a better wrestler than eva LMAO

    • ILoveMelina(Real ILM)Yiorgos

      yasss i’m PERCHED for melina

  • Alice In La La Land

    It’s too soon.

  • GailKimStan

    This makes no fucking sense lol

  • Also wanted to add, Stacy was rumored to have been one of the inductees for the 2014 HOF, and it turned out to be Lita, so we can take these reports with a grain of salt.

    • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      Oh true I remember that

    • Geek God

      You remember everything ??? historian

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita
  • MK126

    Ummm i love me some glamazon but didnt she literally just retire like a few years ago? Why would they throw her in there so soon when theres a line of women waiting to get in before her

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    This would be just odd. Won’t go on a rant though. I don’t wanna discredit Beth’s work.

  • Geek God

    While Beth is extremely deserving of this, this was CHYNA’s year following her death, and no one, arguably with the exception of Trish & Lita are more deserving than Chyna, BUT as we all know, WWE does NOT go in order for these inductions, & Beth only just left in the end of 2012 or 2013 during the “Who Attacked Kaitlyn at Night Of Champions?Storyline”, so we need to pay attention to Beth Phoenix for what she did, not what others before her did, Beth still deserves to be in the HOF & i am extremely happy that the wwe will be acknowledging the Beth, Laycool, Melina, & Mickie James era

    • Maddox

      What of Ivory?

      • Geek God

        You would figure it would be ivory’s year too after being on the wwe network to reflect on her career & her PMS counterpart Jacqueline & Right To Censor counterpart God Father going in last year, but after Chyna’s DEATH her time is now! This is wwe’s best Chance to redeem theirselves after all the pain they put her and her fans through, on top of that Chyna was one of the most popular people in the entire company male or female during her prime

      • Geek God

        So Chyna actually deserves to headline a HoF, they never let a women do they before, and they dropped the ball when they inducted Trish & Lita to allow a woman to headline it

        • Maddox

          I doubt they would let Ivory headline tho because of her Porn History. Won’t be surprised if she is inducted the same year as Undertaker to take the shine out of her induction and all, that kinda thing

  • Raekon

    I could name quite a few women of the 80s, 90s and 2000s eras that deserved to go in before Beth.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love Beth and In my opinion she deserves to go in the HoF, however I find it a bit too early for her, most of all since there are many others that deserve to go in before her.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    I don’t believe it. Honestly, this wouldn’t make much sense to have her be the first inducted this early. She’s obviously a future HOF but it’s way too early to induct. Some women need to be spotlighted over her first I believe.

    That being said, I find it quite laughable how Candice is even being considered to be a potential HOF to some of you.. Candice’s career ended when her major injury occurred which is unfortunate but a reality. She’s no future HOF. Her career isn’t HOF worthy, let’s be real, she’s fall in the category of the “What if” when it comes to her career but that’s about it.

  • limfox

    Way too soon. This is BS if this is true. Another way for them to gloss over Chyna and her accomplishments and make it seem like “Beth Phoenix was the first ever dominate woman WWE has ever seen.”

    Keep it.

  • Hangga

    too early and beth didnt do anything standout during her career, she was in dark era of women division and her movesets are boring

  • Asa the Hutt

    Way too soon for her. Maybe in another 5 or 10 years because she is deserving, it’s just there’s plenty of other women to go in before her. Ivory, Molly Holly, Miss Elizabeth, Chyna, etc. should be among the next inducted. Even Mickie should go in before Beth.

  • A One of a Kind Collectible

    If Chyna isn’t inducted this year, then WWE truly has no soul

    • Jacklyn Wright

      Well sorry to say but it looks like it’s NOT gonna happen anytime soon…sadly, there appears to be a reason for it & this seems to be it…

      Reg. CHYNA~

      Let’s see. Leave WWE, who gave you a career, and put you on the map.

      That’s cool. No hard feelings. Hope it works out for you.

      Then, you get involved in the reality TV genre, exposing your life for the whole world to see.

      Hey, it’s a trend, no harm done.

      Then, you make an amateur porn tape with boyfriend Sean Waltman, aka X-Pac, exposing, well, EVERYTHING for the whole world to see.

      Eh, I don’t know, that’s pretty big. But, you know, at least there was no coming out of retirement to work for the competition.

      Then, you show up in a TNA ring.

      Okay, that sucks.

      Now, you have turned the porn hobby into a career, where the lighting is much better, and you say that you have never been happier.

      Well, been nice knowing you. Lose our number.

      And, that, in a nutshell, is why Chyna is likely never going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

      And here’s Triple H’s words about the matter:

      “You know, that’s one of those questions… Does she deserve to go in the Hall of Fame? Absolutely. … It is a little bit of a double sided edge. It’s not just as easy as ‘should this person go in the Hall of Fame?’ Completely 100-percent transcended the business, changed the business, paradigm shifter of the business, right? Did what no woman ever did before and was awesome at it, and a phenomenal talent. All the other stuff that happened happened and I don’t need to get into any of the other stuff but there is no beef on this side with anything, and I mean that 100 percent. From a career standpoint should she be in the Hall of Fame? Absolutely.

      It’s a bit difficult, though, and this is the flip side of the coin that nobody looks at… You have a, I’ve got an 8-year-old kid. My 8-year-old kid sees the Hall of Fame, and my 8-year-old kid goes on the Internet to look at… ‘oh, this is Chyna, I’ve never heard of her, I’m 8-years-old, I’ve never heard of that.’ So I go type it in, I go punch it up, and what comes up? And I’m not criticizing anybody, I’m not criticizing lifestyle choices; everybody has their reasons. I don’t know what they were and I don’t care to know. It’s not a morality thing or anything else. It is just the fact of what it is. That’s a difficult choice.

      The Hall of Fame is a funny thing in that it is not as simple as ‘this guy had a really good career, a legendary career. He should go in the Hall of Fame.’ Yeah, but we can’t because of this reason, we can’t because of this legal instance, we can’t because of this. … It’s different than any other Hall of Fame in the world and at the end of the day, it’s for our fans.”

      • Dionte Brown

        Triple h pissed me up with that statement. WWE has had a history a long history degrading, embarrassing, misusing, humiliating women. They have had a standing contract with playboy and literally hired bikini models to be apart of their program. Let’s not forget the infamous Trish bark like a dog. They now want to be holier than thou? It was bullshit. Chyna changed the game when it comes to women’s wrestling and that comment was just a slap in the face.

  • FaBuLoUs CaRmElLa FaN

    I’m just happy to see a women go in the hall of fame does Victoria deserve it more most would say yes but Beth deserves a spot as well I mean the rock isn’t in the hall of fame yet either so it’s all out of order anyway

  • Vito


  • BLKLTR05

    So skip all of the other Attitude Era women and go straight to Beth?! I mean COME ONE!!!! Does Beth Deserve a spot? I’d say yes. She was a beacon of hope during those dark, dark days in WWE Women’s Wrestling but there are others ahead of her who deserve it more like Victoria, Molly Holly, CHYNA!!!!!

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Ummm…. it’s too soon. I love Beth and I’m not saying she don’t deserve it but it’s just too soon. You got Victoria, Sable, Molly, Torrie, Stacy, Chyna, and Ivory who all had a career way before Phoenix. Giving her the award is like giving it too Mickie James at this point. Meaning their careers are still fresh. She basically is still at the point of possibly still having a career with WWE compared to women who’s settle in their lives and have no point of returning.

    • Jacklyn Wright

      As far as I know of, she won’t be returning back to WWE anytime soon, considering she’s now a mother to two girls (ages 7 months & 3 yrs) and she’s also going for a new career in her life in which she’s soon to receive her MA degree in Forensic Psychology…She may return at some point in time so that her two daughters can see what she could do, but as of this point a return is extremely unlikely

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Candice is in the same boat but she does have that choice like Beth to return. Hell Mickie has a kid and brought her butt right back.

  • Glitter Bliss Banks

    I saw that the rumour was that she was being Considered on Instagram, I think Beth is more than worthy but not this is definitely a name that has ben drawn out the hat in terms of other other candidates right now. They are just going to bypass Victoria, Molly, Jazz, Chyna, Sable, etc? other women from way before Beth’s time that made waves in their own rights? I guess it doesn’t really matter in the long run the order of how the women get inducted each year but it’s a small detail that a lot of us pick up on and will remember and we will remember Beth being Inducted before Chyna!.
    Yes, Beth Phoenix is a very worthy Inductee, It just somehow doesn’t feel right doing it right now, it feels like they would be scrapping the barrel choice wise and completely shunning the other women from the Golden era. I really want Victoria to have her chance this year and I feel she is the perfect choice to be in right after Jacqueline!

  • Laquane Anderson

    MESS! Lol

  • Beth Phoenix in BEFORE Chyna?? Hell, SABLE would’ve been a better choice than Beth. If this is true, WWE just stooped to a new kind of petty.

  • Jo9834

    Chyna, Sable, Torrie, Stacey, Mickie, THEN you can start moving onto the others,

    The fact the WWE has glossed over Sable for so many years makes me believe one of two things, SHE herself doesn’t want to go in OR Brock has blocked it due to the nature of her run and the fact that she is the mother of his kids.

    Chyna not going in would mean that the WWE had decided that from a PR standpoint, it’d be too risky, perhaps the fans would backlash again the way they did when she passed away, OR they are literally saving it for a moment when DX is inducted so they don’t have to induct her separately.

    Either way, its sad to see the HOF used as a political tool as opposed to a standard of recognition and celebration.

  • Kyle

    There are so many better choices! Molly, Victoria, even Torrie should be inducted before her. Eventually Beth should be inducted but not yet.

  • What?

    Who do you think will induct her? Nattie? Mickie James?

  • Jay

    Beth Phenix? COME. THE F. ON.
    Why don’t we all rise up and start a freaking universal hashtag during Raw and Smackdown? #CHYNAWWEHOF
    She is the most ground-breaking woman IN THE ENTIRE WRESTLING WORLD. I’M SORRY FOR STATING FACT. NO WOMAN HAS DONE MORE FOR THE WWE THAN CHYNA. She is the female version of Stone Cold, The Rock, Hogan and Triple H.
    WHAT A B.S. Hall of Fame. I’m so disgusted. SHE’S DEAD. JUST LET HER IN ALREADY.

  • BlossomingNarcissist

    Too soon, it should be Victoria or jazz honestly

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    No offense to Beth because she definitely deserves to be in the HOF but there are so many women who need to go in first. Jazz, Victoria, Molly Holly, and ivory just to name a few.

  • ILoveMelina(Real ILM)Yiorgos

    Cute….but before chyna, ivory, melina, mickie &victoria (not to mention probably others deserving before them}…. mhhmmmm no thanks

  • ILoveMelina(Real ILM)Yiorgos

    is inducting beth this year subtle shade to chyna since beth followed ha footsteps…. DAMN

  • Jorge Hernandez Moran

    I got real excited at first but then i taught of all the women who should be honored before MY fab 4 (Beth Mickie Melina Michelle) who btw are my favorite wrestlers of all time. There is alot of women who paved the way for this legends that should be recognize before them ( I mean Melina and Mickie are still active and Beth and Michelle only retired about 6 years ago). My opinion is that it should be Victoria she was the 3rd most important diva in the golden era and if not her maybe Ivory, Molly Holly, Jazz, Bertha Faye, Bull Nakano, MISS ELIZABETH, SABLE, CHYNA!!! etc.

  • Divo’s Champion

    It’s not Beth’s time yet IMO. I really thought Ivory or Molly Holly would have been next in line.

  • A little too early I would say. However I don’t mind it. She has enough accolades to be worthy of the nod. However I’d say they should wait a couple of years before inducting her. It’s yet to be 10 years since her official debut in WWE, and that’s what makes it very early. Trish was inducted at 37, and is thus the youngest inductee in the HOF. Beth is even younger than Trish, and it’s so weird to think that Beth of all people will be breaking that record because Trish is creme de la creme as far as womens careers in WWE go. Beth for most of her career was a foil to give the top girl an amazing feud, (Melina, Mickie etc.) and not really the golden goose. I think Melina or Mickie are more deserving to go in if they want to induct anyone from that era.

  • Those of you saying Edge is the reason she’s being considered got me thinking McCool will go in next because unlike Beth, McCool really only achieved all her accolades AFTER she got with a top guy, and IMO she should go in after Beth, Mickie and Melina. And her induction should be as part of LayCool rather than her solo run cause that was a flop.

  • Chyna’s dream was to go into the HOF, and have that final glory moment in front of the fans and WWE made sure she wouldn’t have that. They wouldn’t have inducted her even if she was around for 50 more years. It will be very phony to induct her now, whenever they choose to do it. It would disgust me, so I don’t really care if it doesn’t happen.

  • Ashley Lancaster

    As much as think Beth Phoenix is one of very few HOF worthy women from the era she competed in, I must agree with many here who say this is way too early.
    When I think HOF worthy women of the past that was pioneers or genuinely memorable I think of Chyna, Miss Elizabeth, Luna Vachon and Sable.
    From there I think women like Victoria, Molly, Ivory and Mickie James are all worthy additions.
    Beth Phoenix is worthy but I do not understand why so many women who had a much bigger influence on women’s wrestling or a more memorable role are being bypassed for someone from the era that WWE only recently ended.
    Beth was successful in the game for sure but the era she was in makes her less standout when her main competition was the likes of Kelly, McCool, Candice, Layla, Eve, Mickie, Melina, Fox and the Bellas which was hardly a classic division and was the precursor to the even worse Total Divas era.
    There are very minimal women from that period that I personally think deserves to be inducted into the HOF with Beth and Mickie being the only 2 that are realistically worthy.
    But way too soon when far more important and memorable eras are still not recognised well in the HOF yet.

  • Rocky1990

    My list of women who should be in the HOF (It’s kinda in my personal order as well). Didn’t include Miss Elizabeth since apparently her family doesn’t want her in, otherwise she’d be at the top.

    Cyndi Lauper
    Bull Nakano
    Molly Holly
    Lillian Garcia

    Bella Twins
    AJ Lee

    • Sha95

      I agree with your list and the order, except I think Stacy, Torrie & Candice all deserve spots as well.

      • Rocky1990

        I’d actually agree with all of those as well

  • Timalee

    To me…it’s too soon for Beth. I need to see more women from the attitude era before Beth and Mickie’s generation start coming in.