Below are spoilers for this week’s episode of WWE Main Event, airing internationally and on Hulu.


* Alicia Fox defeated Dana Brooke.


  • Bryskers

    that’s literally the third time they faced each other on ME, with the same result.

    • limfox

      !!! I was JUST about to type this until I saw your note.

      WWE trying to avenge Foxy’s Win-Loss record. a MESS

    • SamoanSquad

      Alicia racking up them wins someone has to take out the trash.

  • yass Foxy but wow, poor queen Dana, she lost in her hometown :(
    Can WWE let anyone win in their hometown these days?

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      They’ll only do that honestly when they are not really paying attention. Their method is to always let the hometown crowd down because it’ll be oblivious if someone wins in their hometown. This way it’s just earned not given.

      • SamoanSquad

        But Dana is trash anyway so I’m glad Alicia won.Queen Dana is trash

  • Robert Guerra

    Alicia queen of beating people in their hometowns. First Paige and now Dana Brooke. Leqend.

  • Cupcakke !

    YAASSS MISS 205 Live Queen of the Cruiserweights got a WIN !!!!

    Poor Dana tho lol

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Two consecutive wins over Dana the jobbers’ jobber.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    umm okay. I’m happy for Alicia but now they’re making Dana look weak. What even happened to Dana and Charlotte now?

  • conan_kun

    Dana needs to go back to NXT since they won’t let Emma reunite with her and losing to Alicia 3 times on C-show

  • Asa the Hutt


  • Alice In La La Land


  • limfox

    And I don’t understand why Superstars and ME are still a thing. Just get rid of it.

    • Winter Fresh

      They got rid of Superstars for 205 Live.

    • For lowcard talent to do something since they can’t book them on Raw.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      It’s basically a show for the audience who are waiting for the show to start as more people are feeling in. Plus like Boris said it gives superstars that are not really being used something to do.

    • Lucius #PYM

      nah they should keep main event.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I so hate when they do these minor show repeats back to back. If they mixed up and than gave us a another repeat weeks or months later it’ll be fine. Ugh diva stuff!….

  • Radical

    Honest question, with WWE bringing in more enhancement talent, would this be a show where they could have the superstars, both men and women, having people like Fox, Brookes, etc, winning over local talent to make them look better? I mean they do it for Nia, may as well use them when they need it for other names on shows like this.

  • howie_ruhl

    Alicia has become one of those girls that sound fantastic if you keep the full story to your self.

    Alicia Fox won for the third time in a row (against the same girl.)
    Alicia Fox was used (on a supplementary program.)
    Alicia Fox is in a storyline (with a couple of mid carders.)
    Alicia Fox is so talented (and wasted.)

    I get it. She has weaknesses. She has a tendency to go overboard during her promos. She’s not exactly the best actress when you require her to do something subtle. But she’s beautiful and she’s talented in the ring. Other girls have gotten more by having much less.

    • SamoanSquad

      It’s sad isn’t it?.But according to some “Women’s wrestling” fans on this website they rather see sexy hot women instead.And Alicia I guess is just cute and not sexy hot so that could be why she hasn’t been pushed.

      • Alicia is sexy. She is probably the most attractive woman in WWE right now and she has tons of sex appeal. She’s more than cute. Cute would be Alexa Bliss or Liv Morgan.

        • SamoanSquad

          Exactly that’s what I been saying she is sexy! You just got another upvote! keep it up girl!!!

        • Super Mateo

          Cute can only get you so far. Alexa Bliss is super cute and she’s my favorite. Liv Morgan is extremely cute, too, but I can’t stand her.

    • Lucius #PYM

      It’s about making the most of the cards you are dealt. Beggars can’t be choosers. She’s being used, that’s all that should matter.

      • LeBoss

        She’s being used more than any other woman on the roster right now, and screen time is everything.

        • Lucius #PYM


  • I can barely believe this, Alicia Fox is finally getting a proper push as the First Lady Of 205, appearing on RAW and having a winning streak. About time. ????

  • Cameron’s Beatdown

    It seems like they’re starting to invest in Alicia again, wins over Dana, and a consistent spotlight in the cruiser weight division on raw and 205 live. Makes me proud! She’s been a favorite of mine since she started as the wedding planner for Edge.

  • Mark

    Might as well book a generic mini-feud between these two on ME. Why not? Start it with a generic catfight backstage near the make up table. Then bam.

  • Stef’

    Dana will have to lose to Alicia every week until she sells the scissor kick well to break the curse.

  • Kyle

    I forgot about Main Event. Does DD post it? Lol


      They put spoilers yet don’t even do reviews so yeah, I don’t really see the point.


    What will always hold Alicia back is this kind of situation. I know RAW’s division is lacking in terms of face characters but, let’s be real, Alicia is portrayed as a heel now against Alexander so WHY THE F*** having her being the opposite of what she is being portrayed as when she enter the women’s division?
    That’s why fans won’t ever react to her strongly, because when she is wrestling, she’s a face but when she is with men, she is a heel like, what the hell… Confusion!

  • glassjaw

    I would say that I don’t think these two match up quite well, but then I’d say that for pretty much anyone who pairs with Dana in the ring right now. Happy that Alicia has wiggled her way into a more enviable spot recently though. Her angle with Cedric/Dar is harmlessly daft and it is true: she does have considerable talent that shouldn’t be going to waste.

  • vdcvt

    I thoroughly enjoy seeing Alicia in the ring. And hey, it’s so much better when she’s got the win :D

  • It’s great to see Alicia pick up yet another victory. She’s one of the best they have, and definitely in the top three of the best homegrown WWE female talents ever. I think it’s about time they put her in the title picture again. She’s given up all her 20’s in WWE, and she more than is worthy of a title reign. However I don’t see what’s the point of Dana losing over and over again. She has little to no credibility anymore, and it does nothing for anyone to beat her. Just a couple of months ago, she beat Paige, Becky and Nattie in a row and now she loses to everyone.

    • Lucius #PYM

      Alicia wouldn’t even be in my top 10.

      • I don’t give a fvck about any of your top whatever, Trumpster.

  • Shady

    Dana lost in her hometown….to the premier jobber… on main event.

    Yikes. I don’t even like her that much but she really got the worse end of the stick by ending up on raw

    • They should swap her and Alexa. She’d be able to to thrive on RAW. ?

      • conan_kun

        Why do you want Alexa goes to Raw and feeds to Bayley and Sasha

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      She should’ve went to Smackdown. She could’ve been used more and able to show her ability more.

    • Lucius #PYM

      She’s a heel. That doesn’t matter for heels.

  • LeBoss

    Dana has clearly been training lately because this is her best ever singles match. She stayed on Foxy the entire match and she looked amazing, in the ring and physically!

    But wow talk about a career rebirth for Foxy! Believe it or not she is getting the most screen time out of any woman in WWE right now (RAw, 205 Live, and ME). The crowd was so hot for her too, thats such a relief because she really does deserve it!

    oh and i LOVED how she spiced up her finisher, it looked amazing. Im just happy that Foxy is getting some shine that she rightfully deserves. I just hope she can be inserted back into the title picture because she’s given so much to WWE in her 10 years there and has yet to be properly rewarded.

    • Charlie Flickinger

      Did they edit it that much? I was there last night and the only pops that happened were when JoJo said Dana was from Cleveland and when Alicia hit the Axe Kick. And there were serval botches. Alicia at one point completely missed a kick and Dana oversold it and then at another point Dana completely no sold the a suplex. I want to like Dana because she’s from the city I now live in, but she was really messy last night. Even my husband, who has only been watching for about 6 months, asked if something happened to her because after she took a toss at the beginning of the match she acted completely lost.

      • LeBoss

        wow !
        thanks so much for your comment because i always wondered about Main Event because the pops are always much louder. I figured it was true because ME is taped before RAW so the fans are full of energy and the pops sound 100% real versus back in the day when you could clearly tell they edited in the pops.
        Well kudos to the editing team because this match definitely looked a hell of a lot better than what you described actually happened lol.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    People calling this the rebirth of Foxy’s careers. WTH?! Dana is right now the jobber’s jobber. Alicia has been a longtime favorite of mine but her booking isn’t exactly good. Right now on ME is she working as a face, on RAW she’s in the middle of heel and face (with Cedric already moving into other things since this past RAW) and right now we don’t know where is she heading. The only reason she was being featured in 205 is because of that Cedric angle but that is over, lets see how she can stay in that program. Yes, she got most of TV time from any RAW women but now that might be over.
    The only thing we have to be happy about is that the storylines on 205 and RAW are giving her character life and we have to wait and see if the creative team is going to book her.

  • Super Mateo

    I guess they couldn’t fit this on Raw because Nia Jax used most of the 60 seconds allotted to women’s matches yesterday.

    Please. If the Nia match was even one minute, adding in the Sasha confrontation and the Charlotte/Bayley interviews, maybe the women got ten minutes. The entire Raw women’s division deserves better than this, and that includes Dana and Alicia. They should have put this on Raw.