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January 25th, 2009 | At 2009’s Royal Rumble, the Glamazon Beth Phoenix defended her Women’s Title against Melina. Beth did her best to thwart Melina, tossing her around like a rag doll and twisting her like a pretzel, at one point making her kick herself in the back of the head. However, a fast reversal into a roll-up pin earned Melina the win and the right to call herself the new Women’s Champion. This would mark the start of Melina’s third and final run with the title.

What are your memories of this moment?

Note: This was originally posted on 1/25/13.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • howie_ruhl

    First time I saw that leg to the head spot was between Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif and I thought, ”if someone did something like that with Melina, the WWE would gag.” Lo and behold, Beth did. Not with a Koji clutch like hold though but still.

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    • glassjaw

      I always felt Melina drew inspiration from MsChif.

  • Hurry back Melina! We miss you!

  • The chemistry these two had together was legendary! Same goes for McCool and Melina! What a nice fast paced match that made Beth look good while still putting over Melina. The last move, the wheelbarrow into the tilt-a-whirl sunset flip pin variation was BEAUTIFUL! And, I would even say this wasn’t even their best match together. For me Melina and Mickie are the greatest of all time as far the women’s division is concerned.

  • Underrated gem between these two legends. Oh how they would thrive in current’s landscape.

    • Jesus’s brother

      Beth sure
      Melina? Only if she cut off her screaming thing! it was annoying as hell

      • Melina knew when to scream and sell the intensity of the match and her moves, unlike Kelly Kelly for example.

        • Denisemheavener

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  • Bryskers

    A very good match. And that spot where Beth beat Melina with her own leg HDSJGFYGFFYGYRGGRFYG Melina’s flexibility was truly impressive

  • MK126

    I just noticed that the spot in the gif is also the spot they used at the bunnymania tag match… except melina made it look like a moonsault instead of being dropped by beth lol

  • SamoanSquad #Justice4Naomi!

    You know one thing I learned about this era of wrestling is you can see the women are fighting hard they want to be taken serious here too.Of course on one hand you have to blame creative and Vince for this booking but then when you look at the crowd screaming “Santino” instead of saying “let’s go Melina” it’s not helping the women here.

    You can see the crowd was somewhat into it but this era with Melina,Mickie,Beth,etc was so mishandled and misused which is why Imo so many people tend to forget this era.Not to mention santino literally buried the women’s division at mania and this was when Gail Kim was back in WWE.The women’s division is somewhat better now but looking back these girls so much untapped potential there and was never fully utilized.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      The reason why the revolution meant so much was exactly because we saw those women for what they were-talents. And we saw how they were wasted.

  • Claire

    I don’t think Melina got enough credits for how talented she was in the ring.

    She was by far the best at selling moves and could put on great matches no matter who was in the ring with. Her rivalries with Micke, Michelle Cool, Beth, Trish, etc were all great.

    • Melina was and is everything! One of the most well rounded women in the history of WWE and easily one of the greatest ever. Iconic matches with just about everyone she got in the ring with, consistent character be she a face or a heel, and stellar matches if they were three minutes or if they were twelve minutes. Though she received one of the larger pushes of her generation there was still SO much more than could have been done with Melina and I think she could contribute something to the division today.

      • Claire

        I would love to see her come back to the WWE but i’m not sure if she’s in good terms with the company.

      • Sunny’s Therapist

        legit inquiry: i always hear about how great Melina was, but after Trish and Lita retired i went into a self imposed grieving period, and I missed wwe from 2006-2010. Any suggestions for Melina classics to educate myself on?

        • Melina v Beth (I quit match)
          Melina v McCool (great American bash and Night of Champion)
          Melina v Mickie (falls count anywhere)
          Melina v Candice Michelle (at unforgiven I believe)

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      Credit from WWE or fans? Cause her title reigns say WWE were pretty aware of her abilities and drawing power.

      • Claire


        • Gabriella Panajotova

          Then I’d disagree. She is very well decorated women’s wrestler. I can see some underappreciation from fans but I don’t see how WWE trusting her with numerous title reigns and Mania spots is underappreciation.

          • What?

            Mania spots meant nothing before WM32, with the exceptions of the two triple threats with Trish and Chyna vs Ivory. Ashley Massaro, Christy Hemme, Maria, Torrie, Stacy, Miss Jackie, Sable, The Kat, Candice, Terri Runnels, Santina….Wrestlemania has been dreadful for Women’s Wrestling.

          • Gabriella Panajotova

            I disagree. It still means the company trusts you and are willing to give you the grandest stage of them all.
            Also this was just a fraction of my point.

          • Jesus’s brother

            The only good match before WM32 was mickie vs trish

          • What?

            How did I forget that one?????

            Its been a cespool of multi diva tags, catfights and playboy pillowfights.

          • Jesus’s brother


          • Sunny’s Therapist

            ummmm, Wrestlemania 19. Trish VS Jazz VS Victoria

          • Jesus’s brother

            it was decent

    • glassjaw

      Well, Melina is one of the WWE’s most decorated women in history but at a push I would agree that her legacy isn’t derived as much as it ought to be.

      • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

        I don’t get your point of view. Tons of fans like you mention Melina in this website on a daily basis. She’s a 5 time champion in WWE. I don’t see how she wasn’t recognized when she’s one of the most decorated female wrestlers of all time.

        • glassjaw

          Derived as in referenced by WWE since her departure.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            Well you don’t see much packages for Beth and she’s been considered for the HOF.

          • glassjaw

            That hardly refutes my point.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            It does, nothing is more recognition than the career she got in WWE and the fact that fans still keep her in the conversation. Being one of the most decorated and remembered women in wrestling is enought. Yes, WWE previously did packages of Lita & Trish because of their feud and the history they made being popular enough to have main event spots, feuds people invested in & others. Still women like Beth, Mickie, Melina & Michelle McCool found ways to be recognized without intense feuds like that but tons of memorable moments. I’m not including Layla but I think Laycool also did the same.

          • glassjaw

            You haven’t refuted my point because you’ve missed what I was saying in the first place.

            Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix and Melina – the most decorated women in the post-Trish/Lita era – are seldom mentioned on TV for their contributions and accomplishments. Not once are they mentioned as having the same direct influence on today’s women that their peers have. Each time the WWE touts their “women’s revolution” in the form of a promo, the timeline generally spans from Moolah to Trish and Lita to now.

            Going back to Melina: you can see her influences here and there in today’s division but has she ever been referenced for it? I can’t seem to think so.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            The thing is, if we talk about making history & doing things that never happened before. Moolah was a pioneer (they tend to ignore tons of other women prior or during her time so is even more unfair), she’s very much mentioned because of the fact that her tittle lasted for 28 years. She was the first to wrestle in Madison Square Garden (with Richter I believe) among other things. The packages ignores women like Sherri Martel, Luna Vachon, Velvet McIntyre (and this one is a pioneer of highflyers for WWE), Bull Nakano, Alundra Blayze, Rockin’Robin, Sable among much others but is because they weren’t involved in history making feuds or moments. (Or at least WWE doesn’t think so.) Then Trish & Lita became the first two women to main event RAW thanks to their heated feud. After that, women continued to compete regularly until now when Charlotte & Sasha main evented a PPV. They mention the 4 hourse women but only atribute history to Flair & Banks. The package tends to show most of all the women I mentioned including Melina, Mickie, McCool & Beth. Even when they aren’t mentioned, they are acknowleged because you would see them in the video.

  • glassjaw

    Beth smashing Melina’s head with her own foot was the best spot of that whole PPV. Santino, the Leisure Suit Larry of WWE, had no right being involved with the women. He add zero to whomever he was paired with.

    • I thought Beth and Santino actually had really good chemistry together where the joke was always that Beth was the dominate one in the relationship. They were cute together and I feel like it elevated Beth in a way. Gave her even more of a rub as a heel.

      • glassjaw

        For me it was a death blow to her credibility. It should be said that I absolutely loathed Santino’s brand of comedy, though.

        • I’m not fond of it either, but until Wrestlemania I thought that Santino was at least the butt of all of the jokes and Beth was the serious one continuing her dominance.

  • Claire

    The 4 Horsewomen won’t be here if it wasn’t for female wrestlers like Melina, Michelle McCool, Lita, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James and many other.

    It seems like people forget about how they carried the Women Division during their time and even with limited time they never failed to impress. They always delivered good promos and matches in just 3 minutes WWE gave to them?.

    • What?

      Never failed to impress? Disagree. They had some decent matches but I am not impressed with 3 minute matches and the childish, catty nature of Melina and Laycools promos.

      • that wasn’t catty, that was personal and real, unlike today’s feuds which consist of reciting poetry. LOL give me a break.

        • What?

          What was personal and real? Id argrue that todays storylines are a lot more grounded in reality and personal lives than anything done in 2004-2011, no matter how heavily scripted they are. The only reason the womens promos are more bothersome these days is because they actually give them a decent amount of time to speak. I only ever remember Melina being jealous of all of the Playboy girls.

          • Piggie James storyline. Hello?
            Melina vs Playboy girls wasn’t jealousy, it was “real” hatred and Melina trying to teach them a lesson.
            Candice vs Melina got more personal on that note. You weren’t paying attention. Current storylines barely have any of that. Nikki and Carmella did but that was about it.

          • What?

            You are such an intolerable bitch. Are you capable of having a civilized conversation with anyone who disagrees with you?

            The Piggy James storyline was both catty and childish, and was a pimple on the ass of Mickie James’ career. I also reread the the entire conversation and no mention was made of the Piggy James storyline before you did. Hello? I was a fool to unblock you and attempt to engage. Go watch Candice and Melina have a bra and panties match, then a pudding match leading up to their encounters at Vengeance: NOC and GAB 2007 and keep lying to yourself that it was better back then. Byeeeeeee.

          • I didn’t say anything that was rude, it’s just you.
            If you think Piggie James was catty then idk what to say. That storyline sent a message to fans and told about real issues going on, and if you weren’t informed, Melina and Candice had real issues going on which resulted in a war of words on TV and eventually title feud.

          • hitesh khanna

            what is being an intolerable bitch who doesn’t even know the real feud between melina and candice resulted in a reel feud with real feelings and attitude

          • Exactly lol. Like that was over the internet at the time.

          • What?

            Yeah, there was a blog post Melina made that Candice took offense to, but this was before Twitter and even Facebook, so while sort of ground breaking at the time, it is now common place. I watched it. I was paying attention. I was actually very invested in Candice at the time and it was a joy to see her win the belt and improve so much back then, but it is complete garbage by todays standards. I’m not such a mark that I can’t admit that fact. Their feud included a fucking pudding match. Thats why I’m not taking Boris’ stereotypically gay condescending bullshit.

        • Sunny’s Therapist

          lol reciting poetry. more like rhymes you find on the back of a cereal box

  • Jouey

    Queen Mel, miss ya!

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    I’d kill to see Melina in WWE again tbh. With the right storyline and everything it can be pretty epic.

  • 8 years ago! Omg I can’t believe this amazing match happened so long ago, I feel so old!

    • Sunny’s Therapist

      i feel like being a wrestling fan makes time go by faster. how the hell is this almost 10 years ago? its freaking me out!!!

      • Yeah I feel like being a wrestling fan makes time go quickly too

  • These two women along with Mickie SAVED a dying division after Lita and Sable 2.0 left. Think about it; for the longest time, every women’s stipulation match up until Michelle McCool’s retirement featured AT LEAST one of these women.

    – Falls Count Anywhere (Mickie and Melina)
    – Triple Threat (Mickie, Melina, and Beth)
    – I Quit (Beth and Melina)
    – Extreme Makeover (Beth)
    – Tag Team Tables (Beth)

    Hell, Melina and Mickie (respectively) were the first women to pin Beth with ACTUAL finishing moves; not just a roll-up.

    • Lucius #PYM

      you just called trish sable 2.0…… delete your account.

      • Nah I’m good…

      • Sunny’s Therapist

        seriously. as salty as the dead sea, her ignorance floats.

    • Shady

      Trish has nothing in common with Sable other than sex appeal. Trish was superb in all areas while Sable struggled with mediocrity

      • Trish was average in the ring at best; and that’s only because 98% of her opponents were FAR more experienced than her in the ring, and able to make her look a hell of a lot better than she really was (like Sable). There’s no way that someone who couldn’t even properly run the ropes until her 5th title reign could cleanly beat women like Jazz (fucking JAZZ), Jacqueline, Ivory, and Molly Holly (women who’ve wrestled and beaten MEN).

    • Sunny’s Therapist

      *record scratch*

      Trish is Sable 2.0? I love Sable, and I love Trish, and they dont have much in common besides their looks. If by Sable 2.0 you mean the hot blonde that ran the division for a while, then i could agree with that. But until you clarify yourself you need to go stand in the corner and think about what you said.

      • Sweetie, Trish was nothing more than a Canadian Sable. Think about it:

        – Sable was the “model turned wrestler” (so was Trish)
        – Sable was carried through her matches by women who’d DESTROY her in a real match (so was Trish)
        – Sable had an undeserved title reign (so did Trish)
        – Sable could barely wrestle (so could Trish)

        Trish was basically what Sable would’ve been had Sable known her place. Any real wrestling fan could catch that tea.

        • Sunny’s Therapist


  • The Paparazzi Prince (MIMQ)
  • Don Prima

    2009 was definitely Beth Phoenix’s worst year in WWE. She started the new year losing her Women’s Championship then spent the Spring season feuding with “Santina” Marella. She then took the backseat in the Maryse vs Mickie James feud over the summer. Failed to capture the Diva’s Championship in the Fall and lastly spent the rest of 2009 rebuilding her Glamazon persona on Smackdown.

  • Lushluke

    I did like this feud tbh

  • Juan

    I’d mark out if Melina returned and joined forces with Becky Lynch to take on the Mickie/Alexa duo. That would be amazing!!

  • Victoria&Melina19

    In the back of her head, miss Melina. I was shocked when Beth made Melina kick herself, and the ending of their I quit match. Like I knew Melina is flexible but damn trynna break her but made it interesting with Beth’s dominance that we didn’t see at the time.

  • Gail-Rollins

    Wish one of them (or both!) was back. I’m happy for the Mickie fans but these two had more left to prove/accomplish IMO.

  • Shady

    Melina was so awesome in this run. 2009 was her year and this match was a lot of fun. They had a couple of botches that I never noticed before though, still a cool match