Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up: Genesis style! The time has come to pull out those Monsters Ball invitations from the Impact to witness the collision between Rosemary and Jade! The prize in all this, of course, is the Knockouts Championship! We also get a bonus invitation to a date from new lovers (?) Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness.

We first find Braxton and Laurel at an undisclosed restaurant for their date night. Laurel seems all too happy to have Braxton all to herself while Braxton looks as though he would rather be anywhere else than with Laurel. As the couple wait to be seated, Laurel they take selfies and talk about how good Laurel looks tonight. Bring out the wine folks, its going to be a long night for these two!

From the restaurant lobby to the dinner table, Laurel continues to dominate the conversation by talking all about herself. She tells Braxton that things between them have turned for the better… given their unfortunate date back at Thanksgiving. She quickly name drops Allie and blames her for being a constant third wheel between them. Poor Braxton drowns in a bottle of wine just to get through this date. Let’s check back with these two a little later…

In the meantime, it’s time for our Monsters Ball Knockouts Title match:

The challenger makes hers entrance first, taking a sneak peek at some of the weapons inside a nearby trash can before heading to the ring. As for our champion, she doesn’t even make it to the ring, as Jade takes her down with a suicide dive! Jade hits several forearms but Rosemary is able throw in an offense of her own after ducking a clothesline from Jade to hit one of her own.

Rosemary tosses Jade back to the ring, along with an arsenal of weapons. The champion introduces the first weapon to this Monsters Ball match by striking Jade’s back with a trash can lid. After adding a kendo stick blow to Jade’s back, Rosemary goes for the pin, earning a two count.

Now, this wouldn’t be a Monsters Ball match if there weren’t any tacks right? Rosemary channels in her inner Abyss and retrieves the small black bag of tacks from under the ring! She opens up the bag and spreads the dangerous spikes at a corner. Rosemary goes after Jade and attempts to suplex the War Queen to the tacks but Jade is able to fight through Rosemary’s grasp.

Jade brings down the champion with a dropkick, unbuckles her belt to whip the back of the Demon Assassin! Jade then uses a kendo stick to inflict more pain onto Rosemary but Rosemary manages to throw Jade off her tracks with the use of a trash can.

When Rosemary goes for a high flying attack, Jade knocks her off the rope with the same trash can and quickly grabs Rosemary from behind to hit a German Suplex onto the tacks! Ouch!

Jade goes for the cover but Rosemary stays alive. Rosemary goes for a mist attack but Jade shields herself with a trash can lid, which she tosses to Rosemary’s direction to land a quick kick to face!

Jade brings in a table to the match but doesn’t get a chance to set it up as Rosemary strikes from behind and hits a snap suplex. Instead of setting up the table already inside the ring, Rosemary fetches a barb wired table that is conveniently located on the outside ring and places it in the middle of the ring.

Rosemary scoops up Jade and attempts to throw Blue to the barbwire table but Jade counters with an STO, sending Red to more spikes again! Jade goes for another cover but once again, Rosemary kicks out just in time. Still making the most of the barbwire table, Jade places the board over Rosemary and runs the ropes to land a springboard moonsault to Rosemary!

The spot momentarily paralyzes Rosemary, giving Jade some time to set up the table which she had initially brought in. With the table now in place, Jade throws Rosemary onto the table and climbs the top rope. The champion slides off the table before Jade can take flight and counters off Jade with a super suplex through the table for the three…. or four count?

After this brutal match, Gail Kim comes down the ring to check in on Jade but gets hit with a Red Mist attack from Rosemary, who goes on to cackle from the outside ring.

After her successful title defense, Rosemary runs into Brandi Rhodes backstage. Brandi had just gotten off the phone with her husband Cody to assure him everything is going all right. Rosemary proposes that Brandi join her hive but Brandi politely declines the offer. Hmmm…..?

And we close out Impact with the final minutes between Laurel and Braxton’s dinner date. As usual, Laurel talks all about herself but before any post dinners plans can be made, Braxton excuses him from the table by stating he is going to pay for dinner. While Braxton is away, Laurel calls Maria Kanellis to dish out on how well the date has gone. Well, at least one of them had a good time.

Thoughts: HATS OFF TO ROSEMARY AND JADE! That Monsters Ball match was as brutal as they come!

Its pretty surreal to see that just a year ago, Rosemary was debuting as a manager/leader to a dark TNA stable while Jade was still playing second fiddle as a Dollhouse doll. Since then, Rosemary has climbed her way to top of the Knockouts division while Jade has been able to tap into her inner War Queen! Rosemary showed that she can endure some pretty sick bumps that Jade can throw her way.

Even though this match was cut short, both women told a story of wanting to do as much damage as they could to one another, all in the sake for the Knockouts title. The Knockouts division is starting to really rebuild itself, all while elevating the belt after a hard 2016.

The Gail Kim appearance match was an interesting touch. This certainly sets up for an eventual showdown between Rosemary and Gail, while giving some extra heat to Rosemary but I’ve been enjoying what we’ve seeing from Jade/Rosemary so far. I’m not sure when Gail will be making her return but I hope that creative can find someway to bring her back.

I wasn’t too crazy about the Braxton/Laurel segments. They felt a bit cheesy for my taste. Still, they did serve as character development for Laurel – that being a spoiled and conceited persona while also demonstrating the kind of blackmail Maria has over Braxton.

I also wish Allie was somehow incorporated to this date, aside from a name mention. One scenario being Allie walking in and on the date to further question why Braxton has suddenly rejected her. This is all going back to being about Allie after all.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Did you enjoy the Braxton/Laurel dating segments? How would you book Gail Kim’s return? Let us know in the comments below!

  • HEELHornet

    Great review for a great match which will not be topped anywhere for a while.

    You think it’ll lead to a showdown between Rosemary and Gail? Thats not the direction I’m looking in. Smells like a betrayal from either Gail or Jade.

  • Jesus’s brother

    This Laurel stuff, terrible… really terrible!

  • GailKimStan

    I have one word for the match: ICONIC

  • PoisonFelino #Watermelondrea

    I loved the match.
    I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was 3!or 4 and I still cringe every time I wrestlers take these nasty looking bumps.
    I wished that Rosemary herself was able to dish out more punishment since this is supposed to be her match type.

    TNA needs to stop cramming all their title matches on one show since the KO and XDivision title match always fall short on time. Sometimes the Tag Title matches as well.

    While this match was great I believe that it could have used 3-4 more minutes in order to become even more memorable

    • GailKimStan

      Yeah, i’ve been reading reports that the last ko standing match they’ll have in the future was too short as well. I don’t know why tna keeps doing this

      • PoisonFelino #Watermelondrea

        Oh will it be between Jade and Rosemary as well?

        It’s so bothersome. These matches could mean so much for the KO division and the company itself but they don’t capitalize on it as much as they could.

        If you put your women in matches like these anyway you might as well give them more time. The women deserve it.

      • HEELHornet

        No it wasn’t. I was there.

        • GailKimStan

          Oh ok, i’m glad to hear that

        • Moz za

          Can u please tell me some of the spots they had in the last knockout standing match ? I’m intrigued

        • FK9

          This Monster’s Ball was originally longer, but had parts cut out, presumably because of time constraints. Nothing stopping that from happening again.

    • HEELHornet

      TNA only have 2 hours, take out the commercials and they also had an Iron Man match on this show.

      • PoisonFelino #Watermelondrea

        Yes, that’s why I said I don’t get why they try to squeeze all the title matches in on show.

        • HEELHornet

          If the Iron Man match wasn’t on the show they’d have got more time.

          • PoisonFelino #Watermelondrea

            Idk about that. The KOs rarely get more time these days.

          • HEELHornet

            Rosemary and Sienna got 12 minutes the other week.

    • This was their “Genesis” show so they treated it like a mini PPV with all the title matches.

      • PoisonFelino #Watermelondrea

        Yes I know, these fake per view episodes are a silly idea due to limited time.
        I’d rather two well-booked shows than one half-assed show.

  • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

    Incredible KO monster ball match, Rosemary retains
    set up of future feud between Gail and Rosemary
    Brandi and Rosemary segment
    Character development of Laurel
    Thank you Impact!!

    • SamoanSquad #Justice4Naomi!

      YES Match of the year so far!!

      • Elizabethrwebb

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  • Such a great match, but I didn’t like the abrupt ending and that messy crowd. They really need to leave the Univeral Studios.

  • Raekon

    Loved the match. Just hoped it would had been a bit longer so Jade and Rosemary can Showcase more of what they can do. Love them both anyways and I’m happy they really got the chance to do such a match. :) Let’s hope that TNA will pick up again and the ko Division will gain more time and interest as also much more needed development with more women being involved in feuds.

  • glassjaw

    Incredible showing between Jade and Rosemary, the latter easily shaping into one of the more interesting champions since Taryn Terell after her heel turn.

  • HEELHornet

    I smell a betrayal angle with Jade and Gail. Jade may turn heel or Gail may turn heel.

  • Francisco Baguer

    Here’s how I would book Gail’s return. Have Rosemary defeat Gail, & then the next week Jade calls out Rosemary. Rosemary attacks Jade & just when it looks like Gail will save her, she then turns on Jade & becomes a heel. She can then feud with Jade & become this bitter veteran feuding with new talent like what Mickie James is doing now against Becky Lynch.

    • Moz za

      No I reckon once Gail gets cleared they’ll have a title vs retirement match since rosemary has been obsessed with retiring Gail. If they let rosemary go over that can really put her over as champ

  • Victoria&Melina19

    I actually enjoyed this match

  • Luna Lovegood

    Let me guess when Gail comes back she’s going to get another title shot , and become thr new TNA Knockouts Champion?.
    On the other hand TNA hasn’t built up any Knockout to become a threat to Rosemary’s championship.
    The match between Jade and Rosemary was good. Rosemary reminds me of Daffney.
    For some strange reason I’m becoming a fan of LVN.
    I think that Brandi will join forces with Rosemary.

    • HEELHornet

      No. It looks like Jade and Gail may feud.

      Yes they have. Sienna is next in line.

      I won’t spoil it but she doesn’t.

      • hitesh khanna

        u work in the creative?? share

        • FK9

          Well, Sienna already had a title shot at Rosemary at the ONO show a few weeks ago and lost clean.

          • hitesh khanna

            I know that I saw that video and read the upcoming spoilers, but u said sienna is next and the gail and jade feud but i didnt recall seeing anything like that in spoilers.. I just remember the spoilers of brooke and sienna getting into ti

        • OJ Von Erich

          They’ve taped loads of episode’s, some of us have simply just read the spoiler’s & know what’s happening throughout February.

      • Luna Lovegood

        I hope Sienna is next in line.

  • RosemaryIsBestChamp

    Rosemary beat Gail at slammiversary and then beats Brooke in Aug-Sept and then loses to Allie at bound for glory is what I’m guessing

  • HEELHornet



  • Juan

    That match was just incredible! The Knockouts are slaying 2017 so far!! I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us!!!

    Rosemary is a star! I can’t stress this enough! Her title reign has been so entertaining and has brought back so much prestige to the championship! I think her reign has the potential to surpass Taryn’s reign, which in my opinion was the best reign ever for a KO’s champion! I look forward to seeing who else she crosses paths with!

    • Gail-Rollins

      You really think Taryn’s reign was the best? It started off very strong but the Dollhouse angle IMO is what sent the division into its lowest period ever.

      • Juan

        Yeah I do. Taryn’s reign is easily the most memorable reign the title has ever had, especially since the champion turned heel mid reign. It’s unfortunate she lost the title in such a unceremonious way!

        Other memorable reigns include include Gail Kim’s 2nd reign (when she returned to TNA), both of Awesome Kongs title reigns (the matches were incredible) and Madison Rayne’s 3rd reign (Killer Queen gimmick). Brooke’s first reign was also pretty good too.

        I expect Rosemary’s reign to join those ranks when all is said and done, considering she’ll be at 143 days as champion by the next tapings :)

  • limfox

    It wasn’t the greatest match ever but, for the stipulation, it served it’s purpose. The match was really nice and had me CRINGING at certain points (Rosemary being German Suplexed into the thumbtacks, Rosemary falling onto the barbed wire).

    They really did an amazing job and I enjoyed the match – and that’s saying a lot because I generally don’t enjoy the TNA product.

    Nice job ladies! And I love how the announcers subtly put over the evolution of women’s wrestling across all platforms when he said we can see some greatness from women’s wrestling “on any given night” (i.e. WWE, ROH)

    It really is a GREAT time to be a women’s wrestling fan. For real for real

    • Moz za

      Well this match definitely shat on the Becky vs Alexa cage match.

      • limfox


      • Wrestling.fan.from.France

        Why even compare the two matches…

  • Steven5812

    I was expecting BLOOD in this match – ESPECIALLY after that tack suplex, AND the barbed wire spot.
    But this match + LASHLEY/Edwards + Galloway/MOOSE = Ratings.
    *Tries not to imagine Brandi Rhodes in Decay face paint*. :O
    And that scheming slut “Chelsea” WILL get hers, courtesy of “Allie” – I’m sure of it.

  • Moz za

    I bet in the next coming weeks watch wwe now book a hardcore match between Sasha and nia or between Natalya or Nikki

  • Francisco Baguer

    Here’s how I would book Gail’s return. Have Rosemary defeat Gail, & then the next week Jade calls out Rosemary. Rosemary attacks Jade & just when it looks like Gail will save her, she then turns on Jade & becomes a heel. She can then feud with Jade & become this bitter veteran feuding with new talent.

    • HEELHornet

      That looks like the direction they’re going in lol

  • Cathy Kelley.

    This was iconic, omg! I live for Rosemary, she’s so good! And I’m curious about that Brandi/Rosemary segment. TNA is getting better!

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Not really keeping up with the show but since I heard about an “incredible showing”, so I thought I would look it.
    The match was really nice (even tho I think that me building some high expectations over the match due to the feedback it got during spoilers made me feeling a tad underwhelmed). I really cringed during some spot but it was a really nice performances from these two.
    Keep up that way.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    While women in WWE are learning to use chairs & kendo sticks, the Knockouts use barbed wire & stacks. The table spot was safe to make an impact, the moonsault spot was crazy. This is the best stipulation match I’ve seen in a while. It was really something to see.

    • SamoanSquad #Justice4Naomi!

      WWE would never

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      Not even the guys use tacs in the WWE. Like you people need to read the environment before commenting. Also brutality doesn’t neccessarily make the match great. In this case the particular feud required such brutality and TNA not being PG allowed for these weapons to be used.

      • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

        Gabriella you need to look just a few years back, WWE being PG and using tacks. It have been years since a barb wire has been used a weapons but the rest have always been part.

        • Gabriella Panajotova

          “Just few years back”. I am talking now.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            Well, I saw some good “extreme rules” matches this year and the past year. Çhris Jericho used the tacks with Dean Ambrose. I haven’t seen barbed wire in years in WWE so that is next level of extreme. Women in the other hand barely use chairs and the kendo stick.

          • Gabriella Panajotova

            Was there a storyline that justified more though? Arguably not. Plus I hold on my initial point: Having few brutal spots doesn’t make a match good.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            Well that can make a good match if they are executed correctly. Jade vs Rosemary are an example of that.

          • Gabriella Panajotova

            My point is it doesn’t take a match like this to tell a great story in the ring and the WWE girls proved it.
            It’s not a shade at anyone it’s just something that I felt the need to point out since everyone is so stuck on WWE not giving deadly matches left and right.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            The point is that WWE don’t let their women to go extreme. My comment has little to do with them being able to tell a story without the stipulation. So your point is not really defying mine. WWE is just not ready yet to have women doing hardcore things. They should because these type of stipulations can elevate Nikki Cross.

          • Gabriella Panajotova

            Yeah…so not ready they gave them a HIAC match and a tables match…

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            That compared to Jade vs Rosemary is nothing. The matches didn’t got that brutal.

          • Gabriella Panajotova

            And here I go again to something I already said. Rosemary vs Jade made sense to have the brutality. WWE haven’t had a feud that needed this or pushed it over the edge.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            Nikki vs Carmella, Charlotte vs Sasha. Both of them needed to be brutal last matches.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Pleaseeee don’t let Gail Kim get another reign. The Knockouts always suffer when Gail is champ. No tea, no shade.

    • Gail-Rollins

      Really? Because it was Taryn & Brooke’s reigns last year that sent the division into this downward spiral that it’s just now recovering from. Then Jade, Sienna, & Maria had some of the worst reigns in history. But sure put it on Gail LOL

      Gail doesn’t need the belt any time soon, but your claim is moronic.

      • Crazy. #RIPMae

        Half of her reigns are unnecessary. The division doesn’t need her at the top all the time.

      • TNA JADE FAN

        Brooke had a 1 month reign and 2 title defences but her reign put the division in bad shape right

  • Maybe I need to watch the match again because I was extremely underwhelmed. The pace was weird, the spots boring, and the finish crap. And do not even get me started on how terrible commentary was. Literally the only thing that really caught my eye was Rosemary having a tac in her shoulder for half the match.

    With that said I like Rosemary’s character, but that is hardly a silver lining.

    I wish that Madison would come off commentary and play a bigger role in the actual division.

    • Jorge Hernandez Moran

      Yees i want Gail to move onto the X Division and Madison take Gails spot as the Veteran of the division


      I thought I was the only one. Don’t get me wrong… all the credit in the world to them for being able to have this kind of match but Rosemary was barely German’d onto the tacs, Jade barely connected the moonsault to part of the barbed wire board… like… and take away those two spots and you have an otherwise lackluster match that had almost 0 wrestling outside of suplexes. Idk it made me think of Becky vs Alexa in the Steel Cage.. they tried to make them go big but they just weren’t ready and it showed.

    • Dee Marie

      i feel like knockout matches seem to have a slow pace to them alot of the time lately and that the moves dont look as strong. maybe its the 6 sided ring idk

      • Yes! I forget about that damn thing. Really, only the original crop of knockouts seemed to know how to work a match in the six sided ring.

    • HEELHornet

      You’re in a minority, the tacks were in Rosemary’s head. Stop being selfish.

      • Damn right I am being selfish and holding them to a higher standard too. They could have done more.

  • Edwin #SlayMeKnockouts

    Great Match.. can’t wait for the Gail- Rosemary showdown.. rosemary showed here she can take brutal punishment and we all know how Gail loves to go all out in her matchs.. can’t wait to see some stipulation matchs between the two.

  • Mark

    I despised Laurel for so long because ugh… Like I don’t know why. But I became a fan watching her in these segments.

    The match was awesome! If I’m being nit-picky, I do think the paste sometimes was a little off and Jade looking around for things to do at certain points was blah. But overall an incredible, incredible match… I do wish Jade took a few more nasty bumps though, other then in the ending through the table. I felt like Rosemary took all the big bumps.

    Overall, incredible episode of Impact. Gail coming out at the end, ugh, now I know she will eventually be put into an angle with Rosemary and she will be champ again. Hopefully not. I want to see Rosemary beat her to be honest. Rosemary is a queen.

    • HEELHornet

      Its Gail and Jade who are feuding.

  • Mark

    Rosemary makes Nikki Cross look like her bitch. Big mistake WWE…. HUGE mistake. Signing Nikki Cross over queen Rosemary.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      They’re different characters lol. Not every crazy is the same crazy.

  • Carlos?#canigetarefill

    me during this whole match!! It felt like the old knockouts bimbo brawl matches… This was just epic… Omg that lionsault on rosemarys face and
    I couldnt stop laughing at how rosemary hit jade in the face with that trash can??? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a21eeaf5c73a80cb9109584533d082f87e699ae36bc138be72d81e87621cc372.gif

  • Marlon Eric

    People are already comparing the Knockouts and the WWE women like the Knockouts are far superior. Yeah, TNA have them doing more advanced things but I give my hat off to WWE for getting with the times. TNA have already done right by the women.

    But the one thing that I never liked about TNA, is lack of consistency and no real long term goals. Sure, TNA have a handful of women who will most likely always be around (looking at you: Gail Kim) but they’ve done a really bad job in staying consistent. There’s a constant merry-go-round of new women. Each year, and the year before last, there was a new Knockout Champion who we thought would be the next big thing.

    I gurantee you next year, Rosemary and Jade won’t even be on the roster and there will be “insert-name-here” as champion. Does it matter now? Might be a little exciting. In the long run, hell yes. Atleast they’ve established Trish, Lita, Charlotte, Sasha, Nikki and even the lesser women as long term players that’ll have some lasting impact.

    • mking2590

      They still have Madison Rayne, Angelina Love, and Brooke and I highly doubt Jade,Rosemary and Allie are going to leave next year

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    I think TNA is finally getting on the right track.
    Rosemary holds this division interesting imo.

    Brandi is horrible at acting at least in this particular segment.

    Laurel’s character is too typical to praise it but her execution is good.

  • FK9

    The best part was when Rosemary spit the poison mist in Gail’s face and the fans in the crowd said, “Thank you, Rosemary!” as she was walking up the ramp. lol

    I just hope management gets the message and don’t have Gail win the title back after she’s cleared.