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Each week, The Wrap will wrap up the week in women’s wrestling by compiling the week’s smaller news stories, rumors and gossip – anything not normally covered by Diva Dirt. Got a tip for next week? Send it in.

* The current rumored card for WrestleMania 33 features a Fatal Four Way match between Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Title as well as a Mix Tag Match featuring John Cena and Nikki Bella against The Miz and Maryse. (Wrestling INC)

* No word yet on what WWE is planning but the company has been reaching out to a lot of former female talents from the past to tell them that they’re wanted for WrestleMania 33. (WrestleChat)

* Squared Circle Sirens has compiled a list of women who took part in WWE tryouts this weekend, which include former TNA Knockout Lei’D Tapa, former SHIMMER Champion Nicole Matthews, independent stars Barbi Hayden, Renee Michelle and Kennadi Brink. (Squared Circle Sirens)

* Apparently, WrestleMania 33 will be Nikki Bella’s last match in WWE due to issues with her neck. (CageSide Seats)

* Fightful.com has listed the most Google shopping rankings for WWE’s female talents for the year 2016. (Fightful.com)

* Dana White of UFC believes that Ronda Rousey is ‘probably done’ with UFC. (MMAJunkie.com)

* PWPNation looks into Linda McMahon‘s new administrative role and accountability. (PWPNation)

* Dixie Carter has moved out of the TNA offices in Nashville, TN and is not involved in any TNA decision-making going forward. (PWInsider)

* Broadly publishes a new look at Chyna‘s final days. (Broadly)

* Sunny has been released from jail after being charged with possession of alcohol and being under the influence of alcohol which violated the zero tolerance terms of her probation. (Pro Wrestling Sheet)

* Dutch Mantel has officially joined TNA’s Creative Team, joining Matt Conway, John Gaburick and Madison Rayne. (PWInsider)

  • Charlie Flickinger

    I’m actually really upset that Nikki is set to leave. I never super liked her, until she came back from her injury. She’s looked so good since she came back! She’s crisper. She’s sharper. Her in ring psychology is %100 better. Also if Wrestlemania is her last match I want it to be against Nattie, not Maryse. Let her go out putting over her best friend.

    • Rose-Quartz

      She isn’t leaving. Don’t believe anything unless she confirms or denies it.

      • Charlie Flickinger

        The problem is that nobody is denying it. Just like nobody confirmed or denied it with Brie last week until Wrestlemania weekend.

        If this had all been happening a year ago I would have been jumping up and down cheering, but if she actually leaves now I’m gonna be kinda sad. Lol.

        • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

          very true, if it wasn’t true, she would have denied it!

      • limfox


      • Delroy Coke

        Only Nikki Bella will let universe know when she retires. I would rather wait for official word from her period.

    • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

      I feel the same way! Why should Nattie vs Nikki end at EC? Let it continue and finish at WM! That will be a better sendoff for Nikki!

  • Rose-Quartz

    Nikki isn’t retiring! It’s just a rumor so far. She or anyone else hasn’t denied or confirmed anything. If you really think Nikki worked so hard to get in the ring for literally a year and is still having matches at live events just to retire you have to be joking, yes her neck is still sensitive subject but I don’t think she’s retiring because Brie is suppose to return at Summerslam ( well she wants to have her return match at Summerslam ) but the match is literally a rumor and so is everything else.

    • limfox

      But tbh, it makes me mad that they approved that neck bump she took a while back from Carmella. I believe it was the SDL before Survivor Series when Charlotte/Team Raw invaded. I believe Carmella gave her a brutal neckbreaker from the apron to the outside. It’s like you know that girls neck is still sensitive and management is approving a spot like that? Mess.

      But yeah I hope she still has some steam left in her

  • limfox

    The day I thought I’d say this – but I really hope Nikki isn’t retiring. She’s actually grown on me so much since her return. Anyone who followed me since day one knows that I used to come for that women’s neck (no pun intended). But as I mature and see past the stupid reasons I disliked her, I actually see how much she has come into her own and I have to salute tbat, regardless of how I feel about her. I hope she isn’t retiring – she deserves at least one title run with the SD women’s championship before retiring (not necessarily next, but sometime in the distant future, after Naomi of course :p)

    And like I said before, if Raw gets a women’s match so better SDL

    • Charlie Flickinger

      Agreed. If SDL doesn’t get at least a 3 way match on the regular card I’ll be upset.

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

    Why would Nikki only return for only a few months after going through a year of training to come back? Shouldn’t get doctors told her that even if she did return it would just act up again? Really hope these rumors aren’t true.

    Also I wonder who WWE reached out to? Maybe Melina and Victoria?? I heard a rumor about them being interested in Melina coming back a few months ago ??

    • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

      not saying the rumors are true but Nikki has been for almost 6 months now, not a few.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      If she has troubles with her neck this can explain why.

  • LassKicker

    OMG Sunny is out of Jail worst news of the year

    • thefuzmeista

      This was def the best comment so far

  • GailKimStan

    “Dixie Carter has moved out of the TNA offices in Nashville, TN and is not involved in any TNA decision-making going forward”

    • Charliesgonzales

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    • Peggydgonzalez

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    • limfox


  • Windyhawaii

    I don’t believe the Nikki Bella rumors, plus how I don’t understand why they’d put the belt on John now if in literally 2 months he’s gonna go to a Midcard mixed tag match. I’d prefer Nikki to have a match with nattie so that they can have a really good mania match that shows nattie good attention and Nikki, who have been in the company awhile and deserve it. Maryse, I like her but WM should never be anyone’s debut match tbh, or a re-debut, it’s just too risky. You never know how ring rusty she might be. As for the RAW match, horray for them not making it a triple threat like I thought they would at least adding Nia, but I really hope the (hopefully) match between Alexa and Naomi or Becky and Mickie isn’t on the pre show. Like NXT in an hour was able to put on three women’s matches im SURE wrestlemania can put on like 5 or 6 women’s matches, maybe one on the pre show knowing how WWE is.

  • For everybody saying she won’t leave after training to come back for so long…keep in mind things change. She has said herself on YouTube that her body doesn’t feel the same; she might be realizing her body can’t take this kind of lifestyle anymore. Her body has been getting banged up for almost 10 years now…women don’t have the muscle mass male superstars have that absorb a lot of the impact from taking bumps. It’s normal for women to have shorter careers as a result.

  • Jo9834

    Wrestlemania booking is always so weird when it comes to the women. Its like they want to build up to these ‘Big matches’ out of nowhere which have no long term build or make any sense.

    How are they supposed to all of a sudden have Nikki pair with Cena, finish her feud with Nattie abruptly, have Maryse and Miz inject themselves into the situation, AND Cena shy away from the title scene. Its such a big creative mess.

    Raw looks promising, but I was hoping for a one on one between Sasha and Bayley. With Sasha turning heel at mania during their match. It would have been epic and the crowd would have ate it up. THAT would be a WM moment.

    Smackdown multi women match for the title is the way to go, the girls have all been built so well that it makes sense. What we’ll probably get is a multi tag match with returning ‘diva’s’ from the looks of things. Lead by Lita, Mickie, Kelly, and Beth i’m guessing, GOOD BYE to Naomi’s big hometown win because I bet she’ll be lumped into that match too.

    • Charlie Flickinger

      There have been several rumors that Cena is losing the title at elimination chamber. So we’ll see. Having him lose to the Miz, and Miz bragging about it easily gives them like a month and a half to build for Wrestlemania.

    • 0ZZY

      It’d be easy to make this happen, they have a little less than 2 months to have Cena drop the title to Bray and Nikki cleanly beat Nattie at EC on the 12th, have him lose the rematch on the following SD! by Randy or Luke getting involved, and have the Miz taunt him about it and reignite their feud, and insert Nikki into the picture not too long after that. It really makes sense now if this has been the plan why the topic of Cena has been the center point of Nikki’s recent feuds.

  • Hangga

    i hope they also make 3 way match between mickie vs alexa vs becky. SD womens title deserve to be on card

    • KatyaMenelli

      Fatal 4 way with Naomi*

  • Nikki retiring this early doesn’t make sense. She didn’t get metal stuff in her neck and train so hard only to retire a few months later, and if her neck is acting up as bad as it is claimed, she wouldn’t be working the full schedule and taking big bumps like she has been since her return.

    However, anything is possible, but I’m looking it from a logical point of view. We’ll see, but I hope she doesn’t go before winning the SD title at least. She deserves that.

    • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

      She doesn’t need to win the SD title, that opportunity needs to go to other girls who haven’t held gold or Becky and Bliss need second reigns to help balance out the hot potato mess from late 2016 from RAW. Besides she already successful and has plenty of accolades to retire proudly. Plus she is the longest reigning DIVA’s champion. She is the reason why WWE hasn’t completely abandoned the term. She has plenty to work with when she goes in the HOF, whenever that will be.

      • This comment makes no sense at all. If Charlotte can win it 38 times, so can Nikki once and I hope she does. Legend.

        • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

          your comment does not make sense and stop exaggerating, Charlotte won’t be a 38 time champion maybe she’ll be a 17 time legend in the making. Also Nikki is fine the way she is and I hope she retires without winning either of the new women’s titles.

          • Charlotte did more since 2015 than Nikki has in 8 years and she will still continue making history. Does she need it? Hell no. Will she do it? Of course she will. Hopefully Nikki will too. Enough saud.

  • Db

    If Brie is reportedly returning at Summerslam I think a hiatus for Nikki is more likely than permanent retirement. But there is no point speculating till she confirms. In terms of WM I like the idea of the F4W but it would be ridiculous to not have a SD womens title match. Nao needs to snatch that belt!!!

    • Tunasha

      I hightly doubt Brie will be available in time for SummerSlam, her baby will be just a few months born? I’m pretty sure she’ll be a full time mommy for the first year of her baby at least o:

      • Db

        I think if Brie returns it will just be as a part timer, if that, the return could just be a one time thing? Who knows aha

  • Hope that Nikki rumour is just that, I don’t want her to retire neither to face Alexa on WM 33. It’s Glow Time don’t screw Naomi again.

    • KatyaMenelli

      Right. In her hometown at that.

  • BlossomingNarcissist

    Nikki is done??!?!?! Nooooo wtf, but I’m not feeling this whole mixed match between miz and maryse vs John and Nikki, but imagine John proposes then I’ll cry for her. Imma need the SD women’s title to be on the line like let’s make it prestigious and that’s a nice step

  • alexl467

    From the list of tryout participants who do you all think will get signed by the WWE?


    • KatyaMenelli

      I hope Renee, Hyaneyung, and Miranda are signed.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I highly doubt this is Nikki Bella’s last Mania. That woman worked too hard to get back all just for a couple of months. I also don’t believe that mixed tag match is going to happen. John Cena is more than likely going to go on to defend his title against Orton and Bray Wyatt in a triple threat. These mania rumors are ridiculous. I’ve seen some of the worst Mania rumors and match cards all week.

    Now them contacting former divas I do believe that could be true. Idk why but for some reason I feel like Miss Wrestlemania will return. Only to give all the women something. But this year it’ll be 100X better than that trash we got years ago. No shade to the women. But shade to the writers.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      With Trump winning I just don’t dare to laugh at any idea anymore lol

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Just remember the 25th and 35th president has both been assinated. I’m not worried bout him.

        • Gabriella Panajotova

          Now that is bad talk. I dislike the guy but assassination is not an answer. If America is on the verge of civil war now a dead president will only cause it to actually happen.

          • YonceLuvsDivas

            It’s fine we’ve survived way more than this!

  • conan_kun

    No news for Smackdown women title match at Wrestlemania

  • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

    If we don’t get a mix tag match, Nikki’s final match should be a real final showdown between her and Nattie. Why should Nattie vs Nikki end at EC? It should continue and end at WM! Just throw Becky and Mickie into the Smackdown title match with Bliss and Naomi at WM, so they are not left out problem solved. 3 matches at WM.

  • glassjaw

    I will be personally disheartened if the Smackdown Women’s Championship isn’t defended at Wrestlemania on the main card. All the women have worked hard in creating an entertaining division and they deserve that spot.

    Not hugely into the fatal four way idea, if I’m being completely honest.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    I don’t know if those Nikki news are true. Wouldn’t be better if she leaves in a one on one match? The road to WM started and I haven’t seen development between Maryse & Nikki, moreover Maryse hasn’t wrestle since forever. Why would they trust her an injured Nikki? The problem is, WWE waits to last minute and to inform fans she’s leaving.

  • PoisonYourMind #PYM

    I really hope the Raw women’s championship isnt a fatal 4 way. And I hope the SD women’s title is defended that night too. The mixed tag match seems like a horrible idea.

  • I’m suprised no one is really talking about the former female talents like I’m so shook to see if anyone returns even if it is for a one time appearance or even a Match at Mania

    • Shan

      I am SO ready!!!!

  • Carlos?#canigetarefill

    All passengers onboard get the fuck off that bitch gone!
    Love dutch mantell, you can tell hes back to booking the knockouts… hate fat ass gaburick he dismissed aj styles and samoa joe… i hate his ole fat head ass!

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    I don’t see Cena packing his bags…although I do like the idea of it. Tying with Flair as 16 time champ is a good way to end it.

  • Radical

    ‘Dixie Carter has moved out of the TNA offices in Nashville, TN and is not involved in any TNA decision-making going forward.’