On this day in history:

February 10th, 2008 | Awesome Kong was one month in to her first Knockouts Title reign – only the second reign in the belt’s history – when she defended the title against ODB at Against All Odds 2008. ODB, demonstrating her characteristic gusto, took her licks and kept on fighting, mouthing off to Raisha Saeed mid-match. She even found the strength to toss Kong from the turnbuckle to the mat, stunning her. It wasn’t enough, though, and Kong soon planted her with the Awesome Bomb to retain the title.

Also occurring today in history:
* 2/10/08 – Traci Brooks defeats Payton Banks at Against All Odds 2008.

What are your memories of this moment?


    ODB is so much fun! I know she gets some slack often but I for one loved ODB! She is always lots of fun, she was an absolute crowd favorite, and she could still be taken seriously as a title holder and threat with her in-ring work

  • Issac Gore

    The KO’s division from 2007-2013ish was so good but its sad that they had so many good Ko’s and hardly used them.

  • A One of a Kind Collectible

    This was the very first Knockouts match I ever watched at the tender age of 11 I was HOOKED

  • PoisonYourMind #PYM

    ODB reminded me of a female triple h

  • Ollie Byron Roché

    I loved the Raisha Sawed character but feel like it was wasted on Melissa. Honestly, I wanted Raisha to be women’s champion but Melissa has too much talent to be a manager. I wish they gave the role to Peyton Banks

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