On this day in history:

February 16th, 2007 | In anticipation of her issue of Playboy going on sale (and the WrestleMania feud that would go with it), Ashley Massaro unveiled her cover on SmackDown with the usual fanfare. In addition to that, a behind the scenes look at the shoot revealed its theme, which matched Ashley’s rocker style, making it pretty big departure from the more “glamorous” Playboy shoots of the past.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • MiguelAngl

    Queen ??

  • MiguelAngl

    Wow that theme song too. So many memorys ??
    Also today 10 years ago i become a (divas) fan ?? (thanks Ashley & Melina)

  • No thank you.

  • She really didn’t need a WM title match. Should’ve had a side feud with someone else (like Candice did it with Torrie) while letting Melina defend the title against Mickie/Victoria.

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  • Montel Porter

    Mickie and Melina had a HOT feud going during this time but everything was dropped for this chick.Such a waste of a WM match but it’s not like it would get better after this.Oh no we would get a bunch of Pointless tag matches and the worst battle royal ever in history.Things didn’t start picking up until mania 32.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I swear Ashley theme song was lit. I use to love for her to come out so I can hear it. That’s a theme I don’t mind WWE recycle.

    Ashley playboy unveiling had to be the worst one. She look and her mic skills was cool. But that’s just it. She just came out and unveiled. Everybody else had some type of story going on for theirs. Hers was just dry.

    • howie_ruhl

      That was the only thing I liked about her: her theme. If only she lived up to the hype that it generated. Imagine her actually being a wrestler as good as Mickie AT THE VERY LEAST; her coming out with at theme like that–she would’ve been her generation’s Lita.

      She, Christy and Stacey got really good themes with Christy rocking The Hives and Stacey working with Zz Top.

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Omg you just listed like 3 of my top five themes. Feeling Me(Kristal) and What Love Is(Candice Michelle, original version are my other two.

  • Summer_Slay #MollyHolly4HOF

    The problem with Ashley was that they let her wrestle way too green. She had her first match the same year she won the DivaSearch 2005. And for some stupid reason people bash her for her botches and mistakes, good luck to you putting a good match with 0 wrestling experience and only a few weeks training.

    She really did improve later on her career. She did the top rope Startstruck and other moves like Hurricanranas, headscissorstakedowns ,monekyflips and had the looks.

    Too bad they didnt send her at least for an year in DSW or OVW.

    …and yes i lowkey stan her

    • Rose

      First ever women to the springboard double axe handle!

      • hitesh khanna

        whats that.. is there a video of it?

  • John Finnie

    Isn’t this the least sold playboy magazine for the wwe divas?

    • heard it was Maria’s

      • John Finnie

        Knew it was one but wasn’t sure who thanks

  • I loved her, she improved and her look’s was so good at that time. Shame that she didn’t improve enough to make her way to gain the women’s championship.

  • howie_ruhl

    I remembered that there was a talent contest which saw the other women doing their thing and then this woman shows up with her talent: doing that generic rock sign while a tarp of her Playboy cover came rolling down. That pretty much summed up everything that was wrong for the women in that era. Thank god it’s in the past. Here’s to hoping that Kelly’s rumored return doesn’t wind the clock to those stale, bathroom break days.

  • MyleneCruz

    Oh look the angry prostitute!! I hate this girl. I loved the feud she had with torrie and candace at one point but then it got stale because of Ashley for me.

  • BlaamLaambb

    Because of this we didn’t get Melina vs Mickie match at Wrestlemania.. what a waste! The girl couldn’t wrestle at ALL

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Ashley was likable but WWE’s handling her was so cringey. They invested in these kick ass theme songs and the pyro.They put her with vets, they put her with the most over woman- Trish and it just flopped. If only they had invested in training her properly…

    I remember in one of the Afterbuzz shows (all the way back when Maria was a host) she appeared there with Melina and Jillian and she was like “The management said I’ll have a match that night and I was like “I can’t wrestle” and they said “Have you ever been in a fight?” and I was like “Hell yeah””. So yeah…WWE fucked that one up.

  • Zayniac. #Emre

    Ashley Massaro aka. the queen of theme songs.

    Like this girl had 3 different theme songs I believe and all of them were good AF.

    Side note: She is the queen of Gauntlet matches as she is the first and only winner of a female gauntlet match in the WWE.