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Former WWF Superstar Nicole Bass has passed away at age 52, according to her official Facebook page.

The post reads:

“Dignity and Respect. 2 things every person on this planet deserves. 2 things very important to Nicole Bass. The past few days I, Kristen Marrone, have been posting to my girlfriends pages to try and keep her very personal life private. Rumors have been spreading around the internet about her health. A few days ago we didn’t know all of what was going on so I have been trying to keep it quiet until we had answers. Nicole values her privacy and I Respect that. Before anyone tries to take the story and twist it up and make it ugly I want to put it out there in a Respectful way. A few days ago Nicole got very sick. She was brought into the hospital and they did everything they could to help her. I have been sitting here with her in the room 24/7 since she got here making sure she was being given the best possible care. Today we learned that there is nothing else that can be done. Nicole was an amazing woman. Strong not only on the outside but inside as well. Beautiful soul and kind heart. Many people knew Nicole but few ever got close enough to know the REAL woman that she was. I got to be one of the lucky few. Not only was she my soul mate and my girlfriend but she was my best friend, my teacher and my business partner. I learned many valuable things from her and created many beautiful memories in the time we had together. I would like to keep her page open for her loving fans and friends to share their photos and memories. I just ask that you treat Nicole with the dignity and respect that she deserves. Thank you to everyone that has been reaching out to and helping me through this very difficult time. Nicole, I love you. I will always love you. I will always be yours and you will always be mine.”

Nicole’s friend also shared a tweet dedicated to her after hearing of the unfortunate death:

Nicole Bass debuted in WWE in 1998. Here she aligned herself with the likes of Chastity, Jason and Justin Credible.

She then made her WWE debut at Sable’s bodyguard during WrestleMania XV. Here Sable successfully defended her WWE Women’s championship against Tori.

After leaving WWF, Bass continued to wrestling on the independent wrestling circuit and became a personal trainer.

We here at Diva Dirt are extremely saddened by this news and wish nothing but the best for her fans and loved ones.

What are your favorite memories of Nicole Bass? Let us know your views in the comments below!



  • R.I.P. Nicole. Sending loving thoughts to her family and friends.

  • #VindictiveBitch

    This is so sad. She was so much fun on twitter. May she rest in peace. We really need to do something to save some of the former wrestlers that are at risk.

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  • OJ Von Erich

    Sad news to hear & such a young age to go as well, she truly was an icon of her time, don’t think there has ever been/ever will be a woman quite like her, the definition of hired muscle, just ask Jacqueline…


    Nicole Bass, snatching Diva’s bald since 1998…


    RIP Miss Bass, thought’s & prayer’s to those closest.

    • Carolution

      if she wasn’t so uncoordinated in the ring she would have lasted longer or even got the womens title.

      • Sunny’s Therapist

        people are out of control

        • Inezjlambert

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  • Ken Lushh

    R.I.P to her. This is the exact type of character/ image of a person EVA needs behind her. Nicole worked really good for Sable when they were together and sold her image.

    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Nia Jax was supposed to be that for her.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    I remember that she would scare me, her presence was impactful. R.I.P to the most effective bodyguard a female wrestler would have.

  • Atholl

    This is so sad! 54 is not an age someone should pass away at! RIP Nicole Bass

  • Timalee

    So sad. So much potential, and wish WWE used it. Could had formed a team of Chyna and Nicole and have them dominate the division, ending the their team at Wrestlemania or Summerslam for the Women’s Championship, because Nicole was feeling unappreciated by not having a title and felt without her, Chyna would had lost the title a long time ago. but you know…..WWE wasn’t thinking like that.

    • PoisonYourMind #PYM

      I think was primarily there for comedy effect or to be a strong body guard like manager. I wouldn’t have taken her seriously as someone to face Chyna. Also, I don’t think she really had passion for the business.

      • Raekon

        She had the Passion but after she reported someone backstage that harrassed her sexually, they released her which shows how bad the wwf/wwe was and partially still is when it comes to such things.
        She worked in the Indies after the wwe and were wrestling prior to the wwe aswell. If you check her twitter she also kept following wrestling till a few days ago.

        • PoisonYourMind #PYM

          No she didn’t I saw somewhere that she said that she didn’t keep up with wrestling while she was in the business or after.

          • Raekon

            Yes she did. She left the WWF/E in 1999 and she wrestled afterwards for Xtreme Pro Wrestling.
            She also Held the NWA Worldwide Intergender Championship
            and the NWA Jersey Women’s Championship.
            You can even find one of her matches in 2001 here: http://www.clickwrestle.com/pro/22256/little-jeanne-vs-kattra-vs-nicole-bass
            So she spent a few years in the indy scene before she focused on being a personal Trainer and on fighting against her health issues.

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      Chyna never wanted to be in the Women’s Division because she felt with her stature and coming off fighting men for so long, it wouldn’t be as convincing to see her lose to the likes of the women then. When Nicole and Chyna were both in the WWF, you had the likes of Debra, The Kat, Terri, BB, Sable and their only believable competition would have been Ivory, Jacqueline and perhaps Tori. It wouldn’t have been great in the long run unless pitted against women like today or Victoria, Trish, Lita, which even then we’d know they’d somehow “squash” them.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    RIP Nicole, my condolences go out to her friends and family. 52 is way too young to be dying at.

  • Mark

    Horrible and very sad but kind of expected. Last I heard of her she stole something and then ended up homeless or whatever. Super tragic life. Hope she finds peace now. ??

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I swear life is crazy. Chyna and Nicole was considered each other’s competition. And just almost a year from Chyna’s death comes Nicole. RIP to Nicole. She wasn’t someone I really knew much about. Honestly I just learned more than I did about her career this past year. From what I know she was sweet ane perseverant.

    • PoisonYourMind #PYM

      Nah. Nicole was never considered competition. I didn’t even think of her and Chyna as even in the same league.

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        I’m going off what she said. She said back when Chyna got signed people put them against each other because they was similar. But they always had respect for each but they never was friends or anything.

        • PoisonYourMind #PYM

          I don’t blame her. Nicole was a little (very) strange.

          • YonceLuvsDivas

            No shade

        • cunchofbunts

          Before WWF snatched her, she was most definitely ECW’s very own Chyna. She was bigger, stronger and hell of a lot more imposing and unfortunately a lot…like a lot more uncoordinated in the ring.

  • howie_ruhl

    God dammit, I just got my eye make up done and here I am crying it down my face. My thoughts go out to her, her friends and her family. May they find the strength to endure through such a rough time.

  • PoisonYourMind #PYM

    This may sound bad… but I think she was definitely born a man.

    • Missus ?

      Yes there’s no time or place for it at all, especially under the sensitive and tragic nature of the subject. Why even mention that??

      • Mike

        Agreed. And even if she was born a man (which she wasn’t), does it really matter?

        • John Finnie

          This message is removed but I assume some fool came out with the old cliche?? Rip

  • Zayniac. #Emre

    I am not going to act like I never made of her appearance and how she was build, but my deepest condolences to her family and may her soul rest in peace, cause everyone in this world (well except Trump and his family) deserve to rest in peace.

    You will be missed, Nicole!

    • Sunny’s Therapist

      wow you anti trump people are crazy. going to wish him and his family an unpleasant death? in the comments section of an article about a dead wrestler?

  • RIP, condolences to her family and loved ones.

  • Missus ?

    This is incredibly sad. May God bless her and her family, taken way too soon. From past reports it sounded like she wasn’t in the best place and to know she suffered health-wise as well makes it worst, I won’t mention the obvious finger from which it points to out of respect but may she rest in peace.

  • Raekon

    One of the greatest enforcers of her time.
    Too bad the wwe never capitalized on that.
    Gone way to soon! RIP Nicole and all the best for your Family and friends.
    Say hi to Chyna and chokeslam/powerbomb everyone together that goes again you both in heaven! :)

  • saul de la efe

    OMG i just look for videos of her recent activities out of wwe, OMG this is so weird, i wasn´t a fan of wwe back in 98 but looking at videos is clearly she was an intimidating force, RIP

  • glassjaw

    A unique force of nature. Rest in peace sweetheart ?

  • RIP Nicole

  • Carolution

    this should be a reason not to use steroids. rip nicole

  • RevealingRSR
    • Carolution

      how sad.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Unfortunate. But I gotta say people really need to think their life choices through and think about the consequences that they’ll reap. The steroid use probably contributed a lot to her passing away so soon.

    • limfox

      But that’s the thing, some people don’t really value their lives or care much about the long term impacts. Not saying that was Nicole Bass herself because I never followed her and don’t know much of her, but just generally speaking.

      RIP to her though

      • John

        I agree, not just in wresting, few people think of the longterm damage of using drugs.

  • SashaBanksBoss

    RIP to her I hope haward stern feels bad for ripping into her every time she went on his show

  • Victoria&Melina19

    RIP. Such sad news to hear

  • I didn’t saw her on the time when she debuted. But Rest In Peace.

  • John Finnie

    So the reports coming out now is she is still alive but she’s brain dead, whatever it is she seemed a good soul who was genuine & humours more that alot of our faves are
    God bless her & her family

  • John Finnie

    Never watched her in wwe but I checked in on her on FB & she was funny as,
    She knew she got slagged & dragged but took it without judgement rest now ??

    • glassjaw

      I always applauded her maintaining a sense of humour about being regarded as the resident “circus freak” in whichever room she was in. That must take a great strength of character.

      • John Finnie

        Yes but at the same time when she’s all alone it must have broken her heart I think she seemed like a empath, it’s a curse as much as a blessing

  • Rest in Peace, Nicole. I hope we ALL as a wrestling community can give her (and the other women we have lost) the love and respect a lot of us DIDN’T give her when she was here. Maybe not the best wrestler, but she was a kind soul- looking for love and happiness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1LXuf1wHKI

  • QueenSableBomb

    The amount of early deaths that this business has is ridiculous and so sad. My goodness. I’m so sad for her girlfriend

  • Divo’s Champion

    Rest in Peace Nicole Bass. Thank you for everything.

  • Glitter Bliss Banks

    They get younger and younger I swear, I mean 52 man. My thoughts and prayers to her Family, Friends and her Girlfriend, how devastating :(

  • BitchFit

    thanks for messaging me last year. (she thought i was asuka) RIP Nicole. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/284f206a477163e9c60a1becaff0698bbc27664116b22cdeec303a6270c61167.png

    • Sunny’s Therapist


  • Kendall Anthony

    She’s been sick for a while. I got a chance to meet her a few months and she was such a sweetheart..but it was obvious that she wasn’t doing well. RIP Nicole.

  • Sunny’s Therapist

    so sad :(