On this day in history:

February 17th, 2013 | In her first title defense as Divas Champion, Kaitlyn went one-on-one against Tamina. Kaitlyn was determined to not lose the belt so quickly after all she had gone through to claim it. Tamina presented a considerable challenge to that goal, though, her size advantage making Kaitlyn the match’s underdog. In the end, Kaitlyn’s most effective weapon – the spear – proved more effective than Tamina’s Superfly Splash, the champion laying out Tamina to get the pin and hold on to the title.

What are your memories of this moment?

  • #Hooligan

    Kaitlyn’s reign, and Kaitlyn herself were really underrated, it’s kinda sad. They started to book her well at the moment AJ won that battle royal to officially start their feud for the title.

    And Tamina was queen of the Elimination chamber, getting a championship match on this ppv two years in a row.

    • howie_ruhl

      I agree. She had so much potential because she was pretty, she could talk (not the best at it but she could,) she seemed serious about her craft and her build gives her the opportunity to work with an unusual combination of power moves and agility. I wanted to see more of her but she was somewhat mismanaged.

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  • A One of a Kind Collectible

    WWE really dropped the ball with Kaitlyn they built her feuds with Eve and Aj amazingly, but for some reason her actual title run was so poorly booked

    • Sunny’s Therapist

      it seemed like she didnt get along with the higher ups backstage. like that segment on the stage where stephanie chewed out Kaitlyn, and it being based on a real incident, allegedly. i heard rumors they were on her about her weight at the time, it sounds like things really soured and she lost interest. i really wish she stayed longer too.

      • saul de la efe

        your account is “sunny’s therapist” and i’m choking ahagagaghagagahagewdhfgrtewad

      • Carolution

        vince wanted kaitlyn to slim down while kaitlyn didn’t want to but triple h backed her though.

  • GailKimStan

    I was actually one of Kaitlyn’s 5 fans at the time lol

    • Geek God

      Me too lol

  • howie_ruhl

    When Tamina was trying to make a statement. For the nth time.

    • MK126

      IM HERE TO MAKE A STATEMENT! ??? oh lort her promos were always the same #QueenofStatements #TheECqueen

    • glassjaw

      For the umpteenth time.

  • Phenomenally AWESOME
  • saul de la efe

    a year before this, wwe could have build one of the best wrestlemania’s divas matches Beth Phoenix “the glamazon” vs “the warrior princess” Tamina snuka, it had everything to be a history book match, both powerfull, tamina was actually popular at that time, beth was this type of “no one can touch me” diva…… but instead we got one of the lamest wrestlemania matches of all time
    shame in wwe, if that same scenario happenned at this time, the match could have definitely be made… but well, it didn´t

    • John Finnie

      That match had all taminas detractors doing a u turn & seeing if put with someone like Beth she was pretty good & even the average fan though tamina vs Beth at Wm was the best plan same with AJ Lee everyone was waiting for that moment tamina took out AJ & challenge her at Wm but we got a rotten tag match & a basic bury everyone battle royal

      • saul de la efe

        finally those days are gone … i hope, cuz there are rumors of a battle royal for this year´s WM

        • John Finnie

          Oh please no…. give us a money in the bank for a cashin contract for any of the woman’s title

    • Geek God

      Don’t forget 2012 the year everyone wanted Kharma vs Beth Phoenix for Wrestlemania, even the casual fans, and yet they still treated the women like shit

      • saul de la efe

        yes, but let’s remember that kharma was like in a “no” position with WWE, i remember that was the first year WM had a kick off show, they could have easily done a kelly Kelly,maria menunous, alicia vs eve, bellas in the kick off show and beth vs tamina vs natalya vs kharma match, or at least a beth vs tamina or natalya, something great, and that could have dragged all fans in the arena not only diva fans, but no, they choose to put such a mess… even years before that, ashley taking mickie jame´s place at WM 23 vs melina, fucking dark times

        • aldo

          Ugh! Ashley at WM was hideous!! She’s beautiful and all but that’s it. And to think Melina and Mickie had an amazing match at Backlash.

    • Montel Porter

      Your crazy for even thinking of that clearly the better option was Bella Twin nikki vs Beth in a lumberjill match….

      • saul de la efe

        wtf are you serious??

        • Montel Porter

          I’m joking

  • One of the most boring feuds ever to be honest, I loved Kailtyn but Tamina has always been booked as “A Powerful Machine” but made me YAWN everytime she step in the ring.

  • John Finnie

    Tamina is my Naomi in the fact I want her to return better , faster,stronger & gets that title push Iv always liked tamina I can’t put my finger on why I like her but I do

    • Ryan Leslie

      Same here. Can’t quite pinpoint why but I just adore her.

      • John Finnie

        I know she’s just…. I don’t know lol

  • Montel Porter

    Kaitlyn had some of the worst themes I ever heard.None of her themes fit her personality she should’ve got some sorta rock theme song but was left with this trash.

    • Jorge Hernandez Moran

      Worst theme song in diva history

    • Her last theme was kinda cute (the intro just needed to be cut). But yea, overall her themes have been tragic.

    • Don Prima

      Who even thought this was a good entrance theme for her to have? Haha

    • Carolution

      she can’t even dance so this is LOL worthy.

  • glassjaw

    I never liked these two together. Both, in my opinion, were/are very hit or miss wrestlers.

  • Sad that they got only 3 minutes for a PPV match.. they still made it physical but could’ve been a lot better with time.

  • Tamina looked gorgeous in that gear!

  • Carolution

    kaitlyn and tamina were/are so underrated/underused. tamina needs to go to smackdown and be the big heel there and eventually beat naomi for the title.

    • Lushluke


  • Glitter Bliss Banks

    I honestly, was really pulling for Kaitlyn, specially when she won the Title and beat eve, I was actually quite into Kaitlyn VS Eve. Eve was the sluty,sneaky, snobby bad girl and Kaitlyn was the plucky girl next door, the two were polar opposites and Eve knocked her down at any opportunity and when Kaitlyn finally beat her I was really satisfied.

    Kaitlyn’s run was BS but so were all the title reigns at that time, tbh I kept trying to invest myself into Kaitlyn’s reign because I knew eventually that AJ would get to her and take the title off her lol and I was behind AJ and the Black Widow thing so much.
    Tamina VS Kaitlyn was nothing more than a hot second match lol. and it was a real shame, they had really good house show matches that were getting great reviews at that time, so much untapped potential in both girls, side note: Tamina looked fierce af in this gear, really compliments her body, she could of so worn this during the Team BAD days!

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Kaitlyn did a killer spear!

  • Cailumm #LittleMissBliss

    I appreciate Kaitlyns reign as it gave us her historic feud which Aj. Although there were many more deserving people for the belt at that time and you could tell she never really had a passion for wrestling her run was still Okay.

  • PoisonYourMind #PYM

    Kaitlyn’s only successful title defense on a ppv.

  • Jesus’s brother

    horrible feud

  • Lushluke

    God what a gross time to watch wrestling prob the only time in 18 years I was not interested

    • Don Prima

      Yeah, this was the year I stopped watching WWE for a couple of years. I was just not entertained with the entire division.

  • Cathy Kelley.

    Tamina was so good here, and her face run was really cute too. It’s a shame that they ruined her.

  • SP

    My god, how I even made it through this era of the division is beyond me. Thank god for #GiveDivasAChance and everything that it started.

  • D. #ILoveMelina

    Ok but, I’m waiting for Tamina’s face return to the RAW brand. Since that’s where they want her even though, they don’t know how to develop anyone. I want her to feud with Nia Jax and just be that one bitch who doesn’t care. I want her to be that one to finally beat Nia clean (besides the 4HW of course who for some reason can always pull out against her)

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      Tamina can do a lot on Raw too. She can feud with face Bayley, be a bodyguard for Emma or whatever, feud with Sasha considering their Team BAD history, align with Sasha, or even start a feud or alliance with Nia like you said.

  • Ryan Leslie

    Kaitlyn was decent and I was sad to see her go. I wanted so much more from her title “reign”. I’ve always had a soft spot for Tamina..she is stunning and her swagger is out of this world. Probably one of the best looking superkicks out there too. I think she fits a certain role extremely well and I’m looking forward to her return!!