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According to PWInsider, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is in attendance at Green Bay, Wisconsin and is scheduled be at tonight’s Raw taping. Ric’s presence will most likely be used in a segment to help further Charlotte Flair’s storyline against Bayley ahead of their Raw Women’s Title rematch at Fastlane.

Ric is no stranger to being involved in some of Charlotte’s storyline – having previously made numerous appearance that include a split from his daughter, congratulating Sasha Banks in winning her third Women’s Championship on the main event of Raw and a public apology between the father-daughter duo that went sour.

WWE.com has given a preview to tonight’s Raw with the following briefing:

In light of the controversial circumstances surrounding Bayley’s Raw Women’s Title victory on the Feb. 13 Raw — Sasha Banks attacked Charlotte Flair with her crutch when the referee wasn’t looking — The Queen demanded that The Huggable One relinquish her title. Fortunately, much to the delight of the WWE Universe, Bayley didn’t honor that demand; in fact, instead of getting the title returned to her, Charlotte received a loss at the hands of The Boss just moments later.

No doubt still furious after being forced to tap out to Bayley’s best friend’s finishing maneuver, the Bank Statement, Charlotte is likely plotting some serious mind games to get inside the new champion’s head before their Raw Women’s Title rematch at WWE Fastlane. Will the high-and-mighty Queen sink to new lows this Monday night?

What do you think will happen on tonight’s Raw? Do you think Ric Flair will make an appearance? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Keep him away, he won’t help and neither add anything…

    • glassjaw

      Yep. Charlotte has outgrown her Father’s laurels and needs no one.

  • Lushluke

    Can Sasha turn already and Nia use new moves

  • Where have I seen this all before? For some reason it all seems so familiar.

  • John Finnie

    It’s confirmed Beth is going into the HOF

    • limfox


  • OJ Von Erich

    So Beth Phoenix has been announced as the next Hall Of Fame inductee…

    I’m happy for her an all, but I can think of women more deserving/worthy, I mean, what did Beth do that was so outstanding other than compete in the Royal Rumble?

    No hate, I just find it a little perplexing. =

    • saul de la efe

      -tables match
      -extreme makeover match
      -2-1 handicap
      -4 WM matches
      -4 times champion
      -i quit match
      -nice feuds vs melina, candice, mickie, laycool, kelly, eve, etc.
      -she could carry any woman.. literally and sometimes even two at a time
      -clearly a dominant force

      yeah you right, i don´t see anything outstanding out of royal rumble……….

      • GLITCH.

        omg drag that wannabe IG model

        • Welchy


    • limfox

      Agreed. It’s clear she is deserving, but nowhere near so soon. I mean this chick was just here 5 years ago. It took true legends like Trish and Lita damn near a decade just to get inducted.

      This company can suck it. I’m about to write a Shether diss record if they keep fucking around

    • S/P

      She’s undoubtedly one of the best female workers WWE has ever had. That alone puts her in the running. She is truly one of the all time greats, regardless of how her career played out.

    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      I agree there are other women whom deserve to go in there first; Molly Holly, jazz, Victoria and ivory just to name a few; but Beth definitely earned her spot in the HOF.

  • Please no. The last time he was there they did nothing after Charlotte dragged him so why bother. Let the girls do the work.

  • Cailum?


    • Memo Soto

      said no one, ever.

      • Windyhawaii

        Hope you know she was joking…

  • trishlita721

    Omg no more Charlotte!!!

  • Kira_cx

    There are rumors about Triple H starting a new stable with Kevin Owens and Samoa joe and he is supposedly going to have another member. Some have said it is going to be Charlotte or someone else. But that could also be why Ric Flair is going to be at Raw, she could join Triple H, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens to bad mouth her dad. IDK something like that may happen just a theory from a rumor.

    • Geek God

      I don’t see Charlotte fitting that stable, seems better for Paige (WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE SHIELD!!!) or maybe Nia Jax

      • Kira_cx

        Yeah, I could see Nia Jax with Triple H’s new stable but it would also look good for charlotte because her dad is Ric Flair and her dad and Triple H used to be allied to together

        • Geek God

          Ohh i see what you’re saying

    • limfox

      That would be so freaking dope! Charlotte is a STAR and her name and presence holds weight so I can see it playing out perfectly. That would be one hell of a stable. I’m SHOOK

      • Kira_cx

        Right like i’m hoping for this to be true. Plus its been awhile since a woman was part of a male stable. This would make the women look amazing and lift their status. I love when the women fight next to the men, it looks way cooler then both divisions are together rather than staying separate. IMO

  • PoisonYourMind #PYM

    Guys shut up. Ric can possibly help add depth to the Charlotte vs Bayley rivalry. I’m excited to see what he has in store for tonight.

    • limfox

      Stand up for the Queen ?

    • GLITCH.

      The feud is boring as shit and complete trash. No depth can be added

  • Sable’s Bumps

    he should cost her the win at fastlane, breaking her PPV undefeated streak.

    • -B

      we all know who’s really gonna cost who at fastlane, it’s obvious as a day lols

      • Sable’s Bumps

        LET A BITCH DREAM!!!

  • MK126

    Another week of missing Raw… what could they possibly do since she told him off the last time they were in a segment together… come on uncreative writing team get creative

  • limfox

    And the problem I have with this company is how they keep using these people on and off when they feel like it with Absolutely no explanation or storyline progression. For example, we saw Dana Brooke help Charlotte out of nowhere when the chick was absent from programming for like a month. And then Ric raises Sasha’s hand in her 3rd title win and then is featured once more the following week and then is suddenly gone with no explanation. A MESS

  • Kessa Kez

    Toilet break when flair is out.

  • I don’t like this feud anymore TBH! It’s boring and Bayley’s momentum isn’t that great, even though I loved her in NXT.


    Meanwhile Smackdown slaying

  • But we ALL know Asuka is the ONLY one with a shovel strong enough to permanently bury the streak of Charlogeddon. This 5-woman song n’ dance (yes I’m throwing Nia’s non-wrestling ass along with Ric’s stiff-ankle bengay rubbing ass that’s supposed to be retired) is only procrastination.

    • Vito


    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      If Charlotte loses the title on raw and wins it back at every ppv until asuka comes back I will literally die!!!!!!

    • Welchy

      Nia ain’t that bad stfu

      • Really she is; but then again, this IS coming from a delusional mark who thinks Alexa is a better in-ring competitor than both Naomi AND Becky, so I can’t take your comment seriously.

        • Welchy

          So which mark you talking to bc you ain’t talking about me lol I never claimed neither. But if you got your screenshot and receipts ready I’ll be SO HAPPY to see.
          And you don’t have to take my comment serious dear, half your comments hating ass comments on the newer girls lmao like get ya thumb out ya ass.

  • Vito

    Can we take charlotte out of the title picture….. raw is so boring its painful to watch…….

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Raw continues to pale in comparison to smackdown again this week I see! Charlotte is literally Paige all over again. she has literally been in the title picture ever since her debut can we please move on already?

  • Zayniac. #Emre

    Why are they recycling shit?
    Why are they bringing Ric Flair in this, who will bring nothing to this feud?
    Why can’t they use other girls instead of the same people over and over again?
    Why does RAW have to be such a bad show and not be as fresh and dedicated for newer things like Smackdown is?

    This is all so annoying to me I really can’t find words to express how I am feeling about this TBH.

    • Monkey Tennis

      “Why are they recycling shit?”
      They didn’t.

      “Why are they bringing Ric Flair in this, who will bring nothing to this feud?”
      They didn’t.

      “Why can’t they use other girls instead of the same people over and over again?”
      Right now, the only active/fit woman (girl?) not being used properly/at all is Emma after the clusterfup that has been Emmalina. No denying that was a colossal waste of everyone’s time and continues to be a waste of Emma’s talent, but other than that, every active woman on the roster is currently being used. Some more so than others, for sure, but that’s applied just as equally across Smackdown and NXT over the last 6 months or so.

      “Why does RAW have to be such a bad show and not be as fresh and dedicated for newer things like Smackdown is?”
      I can’t speak for both shows in their entirety as I basically fast-forward through anything non-women’s division related when I watch either show. As for the respective women’s divisions though, I’m not seeing a whole lot of ‘new’ on Smackdown. Since the split, we’ve had a couple of title feuds and Nikki having exactly the same feud with Carmella and then again with Nattie.

      • tstumo

        You’re severely determined to state and prove that raw is somehow better than SD and it simply isn’t. I used to be like you thinking that Raw was better due to the talent of Sasha who is my fav and Charlotte but it’s dry formulaic and boring. SD is indeed fresh and it’s much more than “oh, all the girls are being used” on Raw Charlotte is fine sasha is fine Bayley is okay Dana is just there and Nia still isn’t coming off impactful as she should.

        Whereas nattie has made me a believer, nikki has taken a backseat in the title hunt and has had two great personal feuds that makes sense now why john cena has CONSTANTLY been brought up. It’s so that they both can finally tag together and it all come together at wrestlemania against Miz and maryse. Naomi, Alexa, Becky and Mickie have all been utilized amazingly. And carmella is being set up for something. The planning and writing is just miles better. Raw doesn’t get it. its ” oh we have no storylines for you, so we will keep you off tv and act like you don’t exist” SD finds ways to utilize people and build up to something bigger in the future. THATS how you do it

        • Monkey Tennis

          Except I didn’t say that I thought RAW was better. And I’ve never said that. What I have said, and I continue to believe is that it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other between both shows. Both have had some good moments, both have had some great matches and both shows are frequently flawed.

          Nikki’s upcoming/probable match at Mania is no excuse (or indeed anything in the way of story-telling) for the generic, bland, one-note childish back-and-forth name calling that has formed the basis for her two exchangeable feuds.

          Likewise Mickie’s return was not executed well and neither Nattie or Naomi were well served in the first few months, post brand split.

          Basically, there have clearly been mistakes in both sides, but for some reason (cos Smackdown the underdog show, cos of some anti-horsewoman bias, who knows?), the blue brand frequently gets a pass.

          For me, they should all be judged to the same standard. So that’s what I do.

  • Marlon Eric


  • ?K . A . T ?

    Man I hope that once Charlotte loses her PPV streak, she gets one hell of a break. She’s been going nonstop since she started on the Main Roster, woman is a workhorse.

  • Monkey Tennis

    And this is why it’s pointless reporting rumours.

  • jeff zimmerman

    thank god they didnt go down that road, BECAUSE IMPACT DID IT FIRST!!! LOL

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Oh please WWE gave this exact sameness preview last month. All they did was switch a few words around this time. Girl sit.