Below are spoilers for Impact Wrestling’s One Night Only: Knockouts Knockdown PPV.


* Jeremy Borash introduces the show as 8 prospects will face 8 Impact stars. The winners will meet in an 8 woman tag match at the end of the show. Gail Kim is introduced. She says she isn’t participating, but she’s excited to see the action. Jeremy Borash introduces the competitors one by one and who they will face. He mentions that two prospects are “Wild Cards” as they have wrestled for the company before. Each prospect gets a chance to speak and tell why they are here. Jeremy Borash also mentions that Rachael Ellering is the final prospect, but that she was being tended to by the trainers after a backstage incident. The prospects/wildcards are: KC Quinn (Brandi Lauren), Leva Bates, Amanda Carolina Rodriguez, Alisha, MJ Jenkins, Santana Garret, Rebel, and Rachael Ellering

* Angelina Love defeated KC Quinn.

* Leva Bates defeated Allie after Sienna interfered.

* Diamante (Angel Rose) with LAX defeated Amanda Carolina Rodriguez.

* Rosemary defeated MJ Jenkins.

* Alisha defeated Sienna after Allie provides a distraction.

* Laurel Van Ness defeated Rachael Ellering.

* Wildcard: Santana Garret defeated Brandi Rhodes.

* Wildcard: ODB defeated Santana Garret

* Main Event: Leva Bates, Alisha, Santana Garret, and ODB defeated Laurel Van Ness, Rosemary, Angelina Love, and Diamante. Alisha pins Laurel Van Ness to win.

Post match: Eddie Edwards comes out and congratulates his wife Alisha. He mentions how much he appreciates her putting up with him. He introduces Karen Jarrett who offers Alisha a contract. Alisha signs and is an official part of the Impact roster.


* Laurel Van Ness defeating Rachael Ellering was taped the evening prior to this and will be part of this show


  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Excited for Alisha

  • Troy Rochester

    I don’t know most of the names listed on those spoilers lol …..

  • Shady

    not particularly excited for any of these matches, again they don’t manage to bring in very talented workers. They will never beat the first one, especially without Jade and Gail not working these matches

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

    When I think of these PPVs all I can think about is “MY VAG!”

    • Radical

      ‘I SAID MY VAG HURT!!!!’

      • Denesedstafford

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      • Desireegbottoms

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    • YonceLuvsDivas


    • Angelica Marie MoNae

      I remember that iconic moment lol

      • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

        It’s literally the only thing I remember from these PPVs ?

        • Angelica Marie MoNae

          Same here, the excitement of an all knockouts ppv died quickly because the matches are typically sub par and forgettable. Most of them are really short too.

  • Ace

    Seems Rebel got taken out in an extra segment backstage on the show.


    This is absolute trash I don’t even know like half of these girls

    • Radical

      Isn’t that the point?

      • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

        the logic i swear

    • Tihetris Weathersby

      So its trash because you don’t know who they are, maybe we need to see some new faces.

    • DollahMAB


  • Radical

    Not sure on most of these names, and that makes this show all the more interesting. Cool to see this Diamante/Angel Rose getting a chance so soon. The stuff I have seen of here has been quite good, so she is a nice addition to the roster.

    Also nice for Alisha to officially be in TNA now, not that she wasn’t before I suppose.

  • GailKimStan

    I hope Santana gets a second chance in TNA

    • Radical

      If WWE or ROH (linked with STARDOM now) don’t snatch her up fast, then I wouldn’t it so long as they don’t ruin her again. Girl only won her debut match as Brittany, which was a roll up win mind you.

      • Joseph

        She has a Stardom tour coming up.

  • ralfikh

    So this year the winner is not crown the titles?

  • ralfikh

    Brooke is not include in the match

    • Femme Fatale Venus Fly

      From what I heard, she’s been let go.

      • chrissi calvert

        She’s still with Impact, she just wasn’t at these tapings

        • Tihetris Weathersby

          She has a to take care of

      • Edwin #SlayMeKnockouts

        She had prior commitments .. heard she was in New York

      • ralfikh

        Really? Isnt she just got signed back?


    This sounds kind of fun!

  • Femme Fatale Venus Fly

    What’s with the “Idk half these girls” comments? Do any of you actually follow the Indies? Every woman here is a well-known wrestler.

    But besides this, I am very interested in this year’s event.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Sounds alright

  • No one won the title of Queen of Knockouts 2017? I thought this was Rosemary year to win that.

    • GameChanger #HBIC#GoldenGodess

      guess they are doing something different this time.

      • Meh! Don’t like this stuff of no one getting the honor of been “The Queen Of KO’s”

      • ralfikh

        What a waste of KO PPV.. They should keep crown the Queen of KO
        Im sure that what makes this PPV worth it

  • -B

    santana & rebel billed as “wildcards” or w.e when they both had storylines in that company, lmfao i can’t with this company

    what the hell is “diamante”? that’s not even a name, ha
    this is by far the worst knockouts knockdown imo

    • Juan

      It’s Spanish for Diamond I think. Don’t quote me lol my Spanish sucks

    • Edwin #SlayMeKnockouts

      i think it was explained that 2 wrestlers are Wild cards cause they are former knockouts.. can’t really call them new prospects now can you.

    • Dark Heel

      You’re an idiot.

      • -B

        boo don’t even try

  • Juan

    Sounds good to me! I can’t help but laugh at the people complaining about not knowing who the women are! That’s the whole point of the show!! Women trying to make a name for themselves!!

    Angel Rose is a great pick up! There was also no doubt that Alisha would get picked up since her husband works for the company so she’s also a good pickup. Fingers crossed for KC Quinn and Mj Jenkins!

  • Edwin #SlayMeKnockouts

    ODB beat Rebel not Santana. Interesting that Madison didn’t Participate despite being there. Offcourse Missing Brooke and Gail as well.. OBD and Diamante were not introduced as prospects and Wilds cards so just confirms what we all know.. the 2 are the new additions to the roster. Alisha also got confirmed.

    • mking2590

      Gail host it

  • Dark Heel

    LVN vs Ellering, Angel Diamante (thats the name) vs Amanda CR and Rosemary vs MJ Jenkins are worth the price of this PPV alone ($14,95) and are getting rave reviews from people there. The main event was outstanding as well.

    Its a really good one this year.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Really though? The contract is fine and dandy but they’ve never done it as “the prize” before and now offer it to Alisha lol? I don’t get it at all. What would have happened if an established knockout won lol? Extend her contract? Being queen of the knockouts was so much better and it didn’t even get any outcome from winning or even get mentioned on impact so t didn’t even mean much but still made more sense to me otherwise there should be no current knockouts at all since it was basically a tryout lol.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Also why is Madison not wrestling anymore? I figured she would at least be wrestling for this but that’s not happening. Is she pregnant again or something or is she just not wrestling anymore and is only going to be knockouts commentator now? If she is just going to be on commentary they could at least let her do the whole show instead of just regulating her to 5-7 minute knockout matches.

  • PYM #TheRoadTo5

    who are half of these girls? I won’t be watching.

  • Zayniac. #Emre

    SCREAMING so loud at these.

  • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

    Can someone please reply to this comment with just the match ups without the results?

    • Cathy Kelley.

      Angelina vs KC Quinn (Brandi Lauren)
      Leva vs Allie
      Angel Rose vs Amanda Carolina Rodriguez
      Rosemary vs MJ Jenkins
      Alisha vs Sienna
      Laurel vs Raechel Ellering
      Santana vs Brandi Rhodes
      ODB vs Rebel

      • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

        Aww thanks, that’s very sweet of you

  • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

    I love Santana, Angel Rose, Brandi Lauren and Rachel Ellering.

    Rosemary vs Santana or Rachel could’ve been show stealers.

    I’m not too crazy about most match ups.

    Brandi(still very new), Allie(holding back) and ODB will definitely lower the match quality.

    I think Rebel could’ve worked better with Leva and ODB with Allie.

    Brandi could’ve hidden her greenness in a tag match or fatal 4way.
    (Nothing against Brandi, she could be good one day once she has more experience. )

    I know Santana can get a decent match out of Brandi but Santana could’ve easily had a 5 Star match vs Gail, Rosemary, Jade or Rachel.

    It’s too bad Gail, Jade and Brooke aren’t part of this show.

  • S/P

    They got Santana for this and had her face BRANDI?! TNA is always so tragic like it’s so hard to root for them