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Each week, The Wrap will wrap up the week in women’s wrestling by compiling the week’s smaller news stories, rumors and gossip – anything not normally covered by Diva Dirt. Got a tip for next week? Send it in.

* Dana Brooke competes in her second Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. (YouTube)

* Beth Phoenix comments on her WWE Hall of Fame induction. (USA Today)

* Bayley discusses winning the Raw Women’s Title on the main event of Raw, WrestleMania and the significance behind her “Hugger” persona. (LA Times)

* SportsKeeda lists five reasons why Nikki Bella is the greatest female WWE Superstar. (SportsKeeda)

* TV Insider lists five reasons to love Alexa Bliss on SmackDown. (TV Insider)

* Rumors are spreading that Brooke Adams has left Impact Wrestling after tweeting out she would not be at this weekends taping. (Twitter)

* Impact Asylum analyzes the rise and fall of Dixie Carter‘s time in TNA. (Impacy Asylum)

* Lita praises Alexa Bliss during her time in NXT. (Heartbreakers.me)

* Forbes highlights why John Cena and Nikki Bella can be the “Jay Z and Beyoncé of WWE”. (Forbes)

* Natalya blogs on embracing life’s challenges and thrive. (CalgarySun)

* Sexy Star will make her boxing debut on April 22nd. (Squared Circle Sirens)

  • And Dana Brooke placed DEAD LAST in the Arnold Classic lmao. She was already being buried on Raw but I’m sure they’ll tarnish her career more for losing like that.

    • Joseph

      She said it wasn’t about winning its about pushing yourself or some shit like that.

    • Jo9834

      I really hope Emma and Dana reunite this year, she’s a straight mess without Emma.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Dana looked bomb though. I give her props because she was training like a beast during WWE’s heavy schedule.

  • They didn’t let Dana take full time off to prepare like other girls did. She had to manage the travelling with her workouts, wasn’t easy at all. Still big props to her, she looks great!

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

    Brooke already left after only a month? LMAO TNA, whatchu doing?

  • glassjaw

    Dana looked incredible. Her body is sickening.

  • Femme Fatale Venus Fly

    Go Dana! She looked amazing!

  • Dana looked flawless on that contest, I wish I can have a body like hers. It’s a shame that Brooke left so soon the company, she gave us a brief light of hope.

  • Randall

    That was a great interview with Lita. Just listened to it on YouTube. ?

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Screaming at Brooke left TNA!!! Omg she was there for like what a week lol?

    Anyway since Beth is in the Hall of Fame we can most def count on her being part of the HOF DLC. I wonder what matches they’ll do. I’ve came up with three.

    1. Her match against Candice Michelle at No Mercy. This is just my bias pick because I love Candice and I’d love to see her in that attire in the game. But this was when Beth won her first women’s title. So it’d be nice to have that as her showecase.

    2. The I Quit Match with Melina. That was ultra iconic and would definitely be good video package to watch of the build on showcase.

    3. Her women’s title match against Mickie James on Raw. (The time where she beat Mickie James and made her cry/ a few weeks later Mickie wins the title on Raw) Obviously Mickie would be on 2K18 and I can see 2k being lazy and just using Mickie as her oppent as well as just giving us an extra for her.

    • Huntrry94

      Oh I hope the Candice Michelle one!! Since it was her first title reign and also because I love Candice and would love to see her back in the new generation video games!! But I think it would be cool if they did it!!

      • and it would be cool to see her entrance with the robe too

        • Huntrry94

          That was one thing I always wanted in the games and they could never do it! So I hope they do it!!

      • Denesedstafford

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    • ThePeaceVibe.

      We’ll probably end up with one of her matches against Kelly or possibly LayCool. I would love to get the Melina I quit match. I hope they don’t go with a Mickie match because she will most likely be in the game anyway or on some other DLC pack. I wouldn’t mind Candice either though. :-)

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        If they go a LayCool route I’d prefer they do the tables match. We’ll get an old school Natalya attire, Layla, and Michelle McCool. That’s not bad at all. The Kelly Kelly match would probably be the same as Mickie. She is returning and they usually use the roster that’s present around Wrestmania which is this time of year. So she might end up in the game already.

    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      Well, 2K might be lazy and just create Mickie since she will be back in the again no matter what. Having Beth again on a game and Mickie are just dreams for me. That is the generation I followed the most, since I was a teenager when they started and left the company. Of course if we could just get Melina & Candice added but instead of the No Mercy match, I want the 2 out of 3 falls where she got injured. Also for some wrestlers they did two matches so it could be so good to have the I Quit Match with Melina.

      • YonceLuvsDivas

        Same my teen years I grew up with Mickie, Beth Candice, Melina, Kelly, Michelle and Layla. I’d love to see them all back in the game. Either way they choose I won’t complain.

        • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

          I mean, other wrestlers got 2 or 3 matches so the least they could do is bring Beth’s best matches. Melina, Candice & Laycool are highlights on her career. Mickie is too but her matches with Beth aren’t as fantastic.

          • YonceLuvsDivas

            Yea but you know 2K is lazy when it comes to the Women’s division. Especially on showcase. Jacquline, Lita, Trish and Alundra had way more iconic moments of they could’ve used. Instead they gave us one and the matches either never happen or is an irrelevant moment.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            Well I’m glad I got Ivory & Jacqueline. Lita, Trish & Alundra weren’t part of the legends showcase since it only featured superstars not on the game yet.

          • YonceLuvsDivas

            I meant to refer to Trish and Lita showcase on WWE 13 I believe. They just had a basic match from Smackdown.

  • conan_kun

    What a sarcastic birthday wish from WWE

  • Delroy Coke

    Nikki Bella as the greatest WWE superstar of all time…. She would be in my top 6-10 for women of all time. Moolah, Mae, Trish and Lita are the greatest of all time in my opinions

    • Zayniac. #Emre

      Moolah, Mae and Lita are in ring wise SHIT. Nikki is better than all of them and this is not even me being biased. Trish slightly better than Nikki though.

      • Jo9834

        In ring wise is a whole other discussion however I agree, Nikki is definitely ahead of a lot of those girls mentioned. Superstar wise Nikki isn’t quite at Trish or Lita level yet, I think the Bella’s overall are great but are still missing those 5 star moments the girls before them had.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    1. That Dana picture is KILLING ME! I love it! She looks fun and spunky, something she would not show up in WWE. With her tension with Charlotte, I just hope WWE is bringing her back for a feud after WrestleMania.
    2. I’m still GLAD Beth was chosen as a HOF inductee. She deserves it, I have cool memories like her lifting Mickie & Melina, her RR entrance, Glamarella, Super Glam Slam on Eve, Stretching the hell out of Melina on the I Quit match & injuring Candice.
    3. I love the fact that Nikki Bella is lowkey the most successfull diva outside of WWE to date.