Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling as well as Xplosion.



* ODB and MJ Jenkins defeated Laurel Van Ness and Angelina Love (w/ Davey Richards) after Angelina and Davey walked out. ODB chugs her bottle & Laurel chugs her flask then Laurel kisses Earl Hebner causing him to Fargo Strut.

Impact Wrestling

* KM and Sienna defeated Braxton Sutter and Allie. Kongo Kong comes out to the ring and lays out Braxton with a Samoan Drop. He then hits the cannonball on the corner but Sienna tells him to leave. A drunken Laurel comes down from the back to attack Allie after Sienna hits her with the AK-47. Sienna pulls Laurel off and tells her to get a hold of herself. KM, Kongo Kong, Laurel and Sienna leave as Braxton checks on Allie in the ring. Braxton then carries Allie to the back after the new group exits ringside.

* Davey Richards (w/ Angelina Love) defeated DJ Z with a Pop Up Kick turned to an Ankle Lock. Eddie Edwards runs out but is stopped by a lot of security. Alisha comes out and goes after Angelina. They fight as security hold back Davey in ring and Eddie on the floor.