Last night at Fastlane, we saw the tides change in the RAW women’s division with the Champion, Bayley, ending Charlotte’s coveted streak, while Sasha Banks finally got her victory over Nia Jax. With just weeks to go until WrestleMania, all eyes are on which way the division is going to go!

RAW General Manager, Mick Foley, is out to introduce ‘The Huggable One’ Bayley fresh off retaining her title. However, Bayley seems a bit deflated as she recalls how last night, she asked for Charlotte to come to the ring alone without her protege Dana Brooke, but yet her friend Sasha interfered in the match. She focuses and mentions that her goal is to look forward to WrestleMania, since she missed out last year while the other Horsewomen took centre stage… but she still doesn’t seem happy. Foley reassures her that she doesn’t need to worry because she WILL be on the card, but they still need to find out who she’ll be facing…

Cue the entrance theme of ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks! She comes out and says that Bayley shouldn’t feel bad about last night, since Dana Brooke wasn’t guaranteed to ‘stay’ at the back and that Bayley doesn’t need to worry about them anymore. She wants to talk about WrestleMania and recalls how they both said that they wanted to face off on the grandest stage of them all! Sasha issues the challenge and Foley relays the question to the crowd, who are on their feet cheering at the possibility of NXT’s Feud of the Year 2015 taking place at WrestleMania 33!

Cue the entrance theme of the ‘Nature Girl’ herself, Charlotte Flair who is accompanied by Dana Brooke. “And just like that, the plan is crystal clear!” says Charlotte as she comes to the ring, trying to expose that all of this was an intricate ruse by Sasha Banks since she knew she couldn’t get a rematch following Roadblock where she lost her title to Charlotte. Charlotte plays the victim card, claiming she lost her title and her streak due to Sasha’s meddling, accusing Foley of favouritism for Bayley and Sasha.

Cue the theme of RAW Commissioner, Stephanie McMahon! Boy did Stephanie handle that Chicago crowd with their ‘CM Punk!’ chants! Sticking to script and ignoring the deafening crowd, Stephanie tells Mick that she agrees with Charlotte’s claims. The woman who deserves a match at WrestleMania is Charlotte, who has been messed out of the title twice by Sasha. She makes the match official – Bayley will be defending the RAW Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 33 against Charlotte!

Oh, but Mick isn’t done! He stands up for Sasha claiming that she shouldn’t be left off the card due to the great year she’s also had, so he suggests otherwise – Charlotte to take on Sasha next week to see who will take on Bayley… Stephanie seems to understand Mick’s tenacity, so decides to give Sasha a chance… Charlotte will be at WrestleMania, Bayley will be at WrestleMania and Sasha may join in a triple threat… if she beats Bayley – tonight!

So, it’s match time! The Hugger VS The Boss, the match combination that made us fall in love with both of them in NXT!

Understandably, this match was a low-key affair between the two – but interesting considering they were both wrestling as faces. After a slow start with both of them sizing each other up, Sasha seems to take the upperhand before the first commercial break as she takes out Bayley with a wicked clothesline.

When we come back from the break, it’s still pretty even between the two. The commentary team play up the long history between these two friends, with each other them having a counter for each other. When Sasha seems to get the upperhand again, Charlotte and Dana leave commentary and begin to make their way to ringside for “a closer look”.

The end of the match sees Sasha locking in the Banks Statement on Bayley! As Bayley crawls to one side of the ring, Dana jumps onto the apron to distract the referee, Charlotte jumps onto the apron on the other side, but Sasha kicks her off the apron and uses the momentum to roll Bayley back into the centre of the ring re-cinch the Banks Statement for the victory! Sasha Banks is heading to WrestleMania to take on both Charlotte and Bayley for the RAW Women’s Championship!

However, Charlotte takes out both Sasha and Bayley with big boots! She raises the title and points to the WrestleMania sign – the Queen may have lost her PPV streak, but we’ll see if she can win the title once again in a triple threat on the grandest stage of them all!

Also, we caught glimpse of this promo highlighting the transformation of Emmalina back to Emma… while already using old clips of the Emma she’s supposed to be becoming. Oh WWE, Emmalina wasn’t a thing… please hide that in the dark corners of WWE history along with Rosa Mendes’ jump rope gimmick and Katie Lea’s incest gimmick. Corey Graves who used to shouts about his excitement groans “Oh not this again…”, oh Mr.Graves you read out mind!

It’s also worth noting that before the women’s segment of the show, the WWE honoured Hall of Famers, Trish Stratus and Lita as part of Women’s History Month with a short video vignette about their contributions to women’s wrestling.

Thoughts: As predictable as a triple threat is, I’m so happy they have decided to pull the plug on Nia Jax being involved. Okay… let me not be so mean, but if this was a couple years ago, Nia would have been on that card and probably winning the title. However, the bar was set so high last year that long gone are the days of sub-par WrestleMania matches. Nia would have been exposed a great deal with the other three workers, so it’s a good decision that they sit her out of this one.

Obviously, I might be jumping the gun here – but if rumours are true about the last minute decision to change the outcome of Fastlane and how she wasn’t involved in tonight’s match tells me that they’re sticking to the triple threat.

The whole conniving Sasha thing interests me. Sasha’s gimmick as a face has been super popular, but just hasn’t got that ‘x-factor’ that made us all love her in the first place. She seems to be on the brink of a heel turn and it will be fun to see her play tweener in this match… otherwise we’ll just have a repeat of last year. While last year was amazing, the whole aim is to raise the bar… not keep the bar in the same place.

Finally, Emma… here’s to hoping they don’t mess her up. I for one, am hoping that she debuts after WrestleMania and tears sh*t up in this super predictable division!

Are you happy that we’re getting another triple threat match at WrestleMania? Did you still want Nia involved in the title picture? Do you think I’m jumping the gun and she’s still going to be involved? You know what to do!

  • The Trish and Lita package gave me shivers. Can we have them and send these little girls back to NXT?

    • limfox

      !!!!! THIS

    • Luna Lovegood


      • Then keep watching your little stale product.

        • Luna Lovegood

          The product is not stale.

  • conan_kun

    How bad they’re booking Bayley, they make her from one of the biggest stars in NXT history by being an underdog to now she’s having her friend Sasha to help her win title matches, then act like she doesn’t care about that. They did better work for Becky, during Charlotte’s slow heel turn in late 2015, Becky is unappreciated for her friend Charlotte acts heelish and interference to help her wins match, that’s how they should book Bayley.

    • king valor

      Becky has always been booked perfectly in my eyes. She’s backstabbed people in the past only to receive multiple backstabbings on the main roster. She’s someone who capable of being beaten, but someone you want to see win. Bayley’s bookings wishes they could be Becky’s lmaooo

      • Robann

        Agree 100% lol. People are all on this “underdog Becky” thing which is true, but they seem to have forgotten baby girl was a HEEL in NXT for a while, before turning face against Sasha. She did a lot of backstabbing, and it basically came back to bite her. Whoever does her bookings now paid pretty good attention to that.

        • king valor

          exactly! i feel like becky’s transition from nxt to the main roster was the best out of the 4HW. She’s been the dark horse, but her stories have been steadily growing and growing. Each moment capitalizes on the previous. And when she’s given the time to speak…she’s on FUEGO lol like i kinda expected her to get the first title reign for SD but even then i wasn’t sure cause of nikki. Title switches on SD come off as actual competition too which i like a lot.

        • Cathy Kelley.

          I never thought about it, but it all makes sense now, omg.


      I mean, she did showed here that she wasn’t so proud about Sasha helping her (even tho it’s not constistant with the RAW talk but honestly, I rarely take them in consideration so..).

  • Robann

    This match compared to their other historic ones were bleh. Definitely was disappointed. And once again, we have a 4HW match at WM (let’s just switch out Becky with Bayley and call it a day). So no matter what a 4HW will be champion. I bet my bottom ass dollar that this women’s match will be held to a higher standard than SD Live’s even though SD’s women’s division is better all around.

    The Chicago crowds are always VERY vocal. I love it lol! But the CM Punk chants are getting old and quite honestly annoying. This is coming from someone who’s still a HUGE fan of him. It makes absolutely no sense to still do it since its basically been 2 years (or close to it) since he left. Like even his wife ain’t there no more -___- I’m low key tired of it.

    • Well, it was a Raw, not a Takeover or PPV. They’re not just gonna go out and deliver a twenty minute, awe-inspiring PPV quality match on an ordinary episode of Raw. Let’s be realistic.

      • Kvngbalor

        Plus it was a face vs face match with Bayley trying to tell the story that she really doesn’t want to fight her friend and Sasha doing what she has to do to get her Mania moment their chemistry is top notch and it showed they haven’t lost it

        • Robann

          Plenty of face v. face womens matches that were better than this. The story is there but the match itself was bland.

          • Kvngbalor

            I can’t recall many women face vs face matches in wwe that have stole the show bottom line this was their first one on one match on the main roster and the first of many to come why go all out the first round it would’ve made no sense and the way fans flip flop these days they’ll been done turned on Sasha vs Bayley before it begins

      • Robann

        Why not? That’s the problem right there. Stop saving your “going all out” for PPVs only because people will be bored during the week. If the men do it, the women need to do it as well. No offense but that’s a bullshit excuse.

        • Bryskers

          No It’s not a bullshit excuse. It’s actually quite logical. Bayley and Sasha are probably BOUND to face each other numerous time in the coming months. If they give their best match right away without a story, then what about the bigger matches with more stakes that may come in the future? They would disappoint. The purpose is to always raise the bar, but you can’t do that if the bar is already too high.

          For an unadvertised match with little story and with not much on the line, they did a great job. Expecting a 5-stars classic on a regular episode of Raw is unrealistic and, forgive me, quite dumb.

          • glassjaw

            Beautiful comment.

          • Robann

            No one was expecting a five star match. Just a match that was BETTER than this one. Their story has already been engraved, it’s been like that since NXT. Stop giving excuses for a match that was not even two stars.

        • It’s not realistic to expect the wrestlers to go full-out, balls to the wall on every episode of Raw. Not every match has to be held to the standards of the BEST matches in women’s wrestling. It was a simple, technically sound match that told a story. Perfect for an episode of Raw. Bayley and Sasha will have plenty of opportunity in the future to outdo themselves from Brooklyb

    • limfox

      3 years old to be exact

  • Really bad, the same 3 women once again, and Nia is nowhere to be seen.
    The lack of crowd reaction to the ending sequence said enough, even though they popped for it so much 2 years ago.

    Not excited for any of them winning because it’s still the same 3 champions we have seen so far.

    • king valor

      kinda want emmalina to pop in and just snag the title at mania. Bayley being so concerned about her friend turning on her, charlotte’s ego and emma just steals the win

      • most of us do, but because Emma’s return was held back so much, it’s not even possible at this point.

        • king valor

          i know. raw has backed themselves into a corner imo. Charlotte’s gonna be a 16x womens champ by 2019 if not 2020

  • And they’re doing it the wrong way with Emma AGAIN.

    She already told us she’s converting back to Emma, good, stop with these pointless videos. Do not hype it up and let it flop like her previous return. Just have her return out of nowhere with a statement (like Naomi did on SD). This way we will most likely end up disappointed agan.

    • ThePeaceVibe.

      100% agree. They need to pull the trigger SOON, and surprise us for a change.

    • limfox

      Agreed! She doesn’t need an introduction because we are already familiar with her lol

      They’re so stupid


      So where do you want her to fit? There is literally nothing possible for her to do. It feel like it’s much better to wait till AFTER WM like they should have had in first place since clearly, all the girls were pretty much focused on their thing, and make her return maybe the night after WM to have an impactful return with a hot crowd or soon after but having her return out of nowhere isn’t gonna make the fans much more interested in her clearly as she would be lost in the shuffle with the WM build… but that’s my view.

      • I didn’t say she should return before WM, just that she doesn’t need these vignettes. Have her return as a surprise and take matters into her own hands. These videos will take away from it.


          There needs to be some kind of continuation to her coming in and saying that “we are gonna witnessed the evolution from Emmalina to Emma”. Now that she came back and said it, there needs to be a follow-up. It’s literally worse to have her do nothing, why should we care if she comes back then out of nowhere after weeks of inactivity and after waiting the “makeover”?
          However, seeing baddass evil Emma is gonna make fans excited because that’s what they wanted her to be in first place so giving her some hype back is much better to me than just leaving her out without anything.

          (And it allows them to gain some time with her, without fans complaining about her absence too much).

          • Because people will expect her to return with a bang, like the first time, and she might return in a random match and everyone will be disappointed again. It doesn’t help that we will know when she will arrive so the excitement won’t be much there either.

            And as you can see, it clearly worked with Naomi. She just returned, started a program with Alexa and eventually won the title. No talk, just action. Her reactions have been impressive as well.


            “Might” : key word.

            “It doesn’t help that we will know when she will arrive so the excitement won’t be much there either.”

          • Where did I say anything about that character? It’s really good and we know it’s coming, but in her case, they’ve already disappointed us with her previous promo packages so why do it again? Now we are expecting even bigger impact upon return and if it doesn’t happen, well, you get it…


            Well, we’ll have to wait and see then and be hopeful in her case.

  • Kvngbalor

    Nia is definitely going to be a part of this match they’ve been building these four up for months and i doubt wwe do another triple threat at mania over the title so i guess she’ll be added over the following weeks

  • Bryskers

    I quite enjoyed this week’s use of the women. And things for WM are setting up pretty nicely IMO.
    I don’t really get the switch in Bayley’s attitude though. She didn’t seem to care that much about the way she won in Raw Talk, but had an issue with it on Raw ? Writers needs to be more consistant with her. Also, she was again, the weak link in that segment. Bayley’s weaknesses have been largely discussed on here, but girl really needs to step it up on the mic. Her showing last night was really weak and frankly tough to listen. I am well aware she is supposed to be playing that kind of shy, excited fan, but she fails to inject any real emotion in her words it’s just … bad. No matter what your character is, you need to sound genuine in order to get a crowd behind you. Bayley doesn’t. Hopefully she can improve quickly on that, otherwise it will end up hurting her.
    Sasha looked great as the opportunist, seeking to secure her place in WM even though she didn’t have a real claim at the title until after the match. I’m just waiting for her to fully turn now. I like the narrative they are pushing of a manipulative, cunning Boss, but they are right not to rush it.
    Charlotte also looked great as the bitter ex-champion, claiming she’s the victim (even though she actually is). I would have love to see more anger and agression from her on the mic, but her post-match attack did the job. She got great heat. Her presence is unmatched. Urgh, she’s the best.
    It seems like they subtly started to build Charlotte vs Dana again. Wich, imo, is a good thing. The story between the two is obvious, and with Evil Emma’s return, it could be interesting.

    The match was good too. At this point, Sasha and Bayley’s chemistry is undeniable. It doesn’t feel like they gave that match away either, as the girls obviously left enough room for improvement for potential future encouters (if that makes sense). The segment could have used less authority figures and a better crowd, but otherwise, I’d say it was a good week for the women.

    • Montel Porter

      I agree this was a much better night compared to fastlane.I understand people like to automatically throw rocks at raw but with a potential match of the year on the way and with the return of Evil Emma this was a good night and a good start.

      • Bryskers

        Let’s hope they keep it up ’til Mania.

  • I enjoyed the technical wrestling in the Sasha vs bayley match. We don’t see a lot of that anymore. Expect for mickie and Becky a few weeks ago. I think the triple threat could be a show stealing match. My only issue was the way the booking has been handled. Also I’m glad they removed nia from the match. I just hope they find something else for her to do instead. Glad to see emma making her way back. I don’t see her debuting until after mania.

  • conan_kun

    According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE might’ve removed Nia Jax from the title picture.

    “Maybe [Nia Jax] is out of it. Maybe that’s why she lost [at Fastlane]. The may have decided that she wasn’t good enough, and they didn’t wanna put her in it. Or, maybe she’ll be added next week, I don’t know.”

    • limfox

      Tbh, she’s not ready tho. She shouldn’t even be on the main roster yet tbh.


      “Or, maybe she’ll be added next week, I don’t know.”
      I think that this, let alone, sums up well the situation, all assumption but doesn’t know much.

    • glassjaw

      Nia Jax being included is a wildcard in every sense: she could, feasibly, walk out with the title given that she has clean decisive victories over both Banks and Bayley; she could also, however, hamper what might otherwise be another stellar match for the Wrestlemania history books.

  • Cathy Kelley.

    I feel like they’re delaying Emma’s return so she can never debut on Raw and get traded to SD after Wrestlemania. (Not gonna happen, but I can dream)

    • Zayniac. #Emre

      This is actually a good idea and hopefully will happen!

  • Don Prima

    Absolutely loved the Emma promo! From the eerie piano music to the dubstep to the purple evil-esque font that looks like it belongs in a horror movie used in the end. I can’t wait! ? I’m ready for Evil Emma… Whenever she returns.

    • limfox

      Wait I didn’t see it post it please

      • Don Prima

        YT search “Emma Promo” and filter results to videos posted today.

        • limfox

          Thank you sis!

    • Cathy Kelley.

      The music sounded like a tragedy just happened but then it turned into a badass one, I loved it.

      • Suzannejcrivello

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  • AllWrestlingMatters

    I Swear Raw Needs A Whole New Creative Team For The Men & Women. People Don’t Support TNA That Much But Their Storylines Is More Unpredictable & They Try To Involve Multiple Wrestlers In The Storyline & Change The Matches Up.

    The Main Damn Reason Why WWE Superstars Are Always Injured Is Because They Always Peform Or Try To Peform A Plus Matches Which Is Something We Appreciate But It’s Not Good For Their Bodies To Be Doing All Of That Especially If Its Every Week & On The Road Non Stop.

    I Hate To Say It But I’m Sure Charlotte Will Be Injured Soon Or After Wrestlemania Because She Hasn’t Had Any Time To Rest At All.

  • Okay, Okay! So once again a triple Threat featuring 3 of the Four Horsewomens of NXT with the only different thing is that Bayley is in the match also is champion. Good decision to remove Nia Jax because with the new women standars isn’t ready for Wrestlemania. Excited with this new Emma makeover return.

  • conan_kun

    Rumor said they originally plan to let Emmalina confront Sasha during Raw after Roadblock but they change to Nia instead. How blind are WWE officials have to be for thinking Nia is better choice when Emma is more talented and more experience than Nia, Nia’s movesets are mostly elbow drop, leg drop and throwing women like a ragdoll. if they let Emma return a few months ago, then she may be in Fatal 4 Way with Charlotte, Bayley and Sasha at Wrestlemania.

    • limfox

      Exactly. Nia is lame and needs to go right back down to NXT. She’s basically a Kelly Kelly just “plus sized”

      Nia is wack. #SendNiaBackToNXTfor2MoreYears

      • mking2590


      • GOD STRATUS•

        Kelly Kelly plus size!!

  • Montel Porter

    Nia still has pinned Bayley clean tho so I highly doubt there just gonna ignore that.Im no Nia fan or anything but she did pin the champion and rightfully so(Booking wise) deserves a title match.Or does pinning the champion and not automatically earning a title match no longer a thing anymore?

    • conan_kun

      I wish Nia gets one on one title shot on Raw before WM instead of adding her into title match at WM or else the match quality may be lower

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Why does Emma need a promo if we already know her

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Ok so I’m not the only one that thinks they pulled the plug on Nia lol.

  • PYM #TheRoadTo5

    This match just proved that Bayley sucks and shouldn’t be champion. Sasha vs Bayley really shouldn’t just be a throw away match. Guess now we saw that their Wrestlemania match would’ve been trash with just them two. Glad Nia is being kept out of the match because she’d only make the match seem messy. Hopefully Charlotte can start a Wrestlemania winning streak.

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      Well, too be fair, it wouldn’t make any sense for them to go all out on a Raw before Mania match.

      • PYM #TheRoadTo5

        It just wasn’t a very good match. Sasha vs Charlotte from a few weeks ago wasn’t that spectacular either but it was still decent. Bayley and Sasha haven’t went one on one yet on the main roster, so in a way it was kind of stupid that their first main roster one on one match was a throw away match.

  • -B

    god the way they ruined emma since she left nxt is just beyond me…
    i mean first they assign her with santino, which was just bad, then they send her back to nxt, then they FINALLY give her a character that is absolutely flawless but because of injury it fails and now they ruin it yet again by putting the blame on her as “emmalina” was not what they expected from her, like really?

    and yet again this proves that the raw women’s division is still not even close to smackdown, i mean they should not even to be lol

  • Allyn

    Yeah match was just bleak, but I agree they can’t give us a 5 star match every time, especially right before mania. Let’s just hope they have some nice spots which I’m sure they will, well we know Sasha and Charlotte will, the carebear… not so much….. as far as Emma goes wtf is wrong with creative they are killing Emma before she even has time to step into the ring, these promos are just a joke and no one is laughing. Oh and that lita and Trish segment was so nice! I never get tired of seeing wwe praise them, NEVER.


    This was actually well booked and quite a step up!

    First of all, it’s about time they start doing video packages about Emma again! Weeks of no follow-up wasn’t nice and to see them invest in her is a good thing. They have to take their time here and make her return after WM to take advantage of WM momentum with hot crowds and things like that. Evil Badass Emma is what’s best for business.

    Second of all, the title picture was pretty well booked. Bayley’s promo in the beginning wasn’t necessarily so good and the lack or reactions didn’t help things but it picked up when Sasha came in. The build to Sasha’s heel turn is so logical and cleaver. They established Bayley and Sasha’s relationship very well and the use of Steph and Charlotte to expose her true attentions is a great thing.
    The match itself was nice, they didn’t need to go all out here and the attack was nice as well. That was a good job all arround here.
    Now, we’ll see how Nia factor into this but we saw a lot of positive things here.

    • glassjaw

      I really enjoyed RAW overall, but it wasn’t without a few hiccups. Sometimes Bayley’s nervy approach to mic work results in her favour by way of seeming like a genuine delivery. Other times she meanders and loses track of the point she’s trying to get across. I thought the promo here was rescued largely by Charlotte and Stephanie, frankly.


        True about Bayley. The way she talks appeal to the audience and it has its charm but a lot of times ever since she came to the main roster, while it does help her connection with the WWE Universe, it was quite bad.

        Her “Just Bayley” promo with Stephanie her best promo on the main roster and one of if not her best promo to date. It was charming, it felt genuine and while she had that approach, it was great.

        After, she’s still fairly new to the MR so I guess it may factor on it but yeah, we’ll see how she evolve. Just like Daniel Bryan, she doesn’t need to be a great mic worker, just someone who the crowd will connect to and appeal with and her charisma will do it all.

  • Victoria&Melina19

    Nia might probably be added to the match, who knows. Either way I’m looking forward to Emma returning I wanna see something fresh, as long as Emma doesn’t keep losing then I’m cool.

  • Monkey Tennis

    For me, it feels like the ball was dropped here a couple of weeks ago. Sasha should have turned either immediately after helping Bayley win the title or, better yet, to have stopped her winning the title. Now it feels like there’s not enough time before ‘mania for that turn to be allowed to develop… unless it happens AT ‘mania – which would feel too little, too late.

    As for the match we’ll be getting at Mania’ again, the triple threat seems likely. But does that mean for the second year in a row, we’re gonna have Sasha in a No.1 contender’s match that ends in a draw/no contest?

  • Sass.

    I don’t know man, I can’t see this years triple threat being better than last, purely because I think Becky is a better wrestler than Bayley.

    I hope Nia is put in the match. I’m a supporter of hers, and I know she can do it – she just needs to put all the pieces together.

    • ThePeaceVibe.

      I agree.. Becky is more fun to watch in the ring, and comes off more natural. Bayley’s character screams “cheer for me” while Becky’s character is more, “I’ll do what I do and make you want to cheer for me”. Granted Becky is my favorite so maybe I’m being biased lol. I wouldn’t mind Nia being added to the mix and maybe she would do good under that type of pressure? Plus it would give the match an interesting dynamic trying to keep Nia down to pin her or someone else. I definitely agree with your last statement – she does have it all there, it’s just a matter of mixing it all together in the correct way. Her theme music doesn’t do her any favors, and I wish she would come off more angry in her promo’s.

  • Vince Martin

    Post Wrestlemania draft should be:


    Everyone Else


      You want to leave SD without ANY star power?

      • Vince Martin

        Raw can have the 4HW + Asuka. That way they can feature all of them. As for SDL, with its current booking and creative team and writers, I think we can build a solid division and eventually top stars.

    • ThePeaceVibe.

      I would like:

      Raw: Asuka, Charlotte, Becky, Paige, Alexa, Carmella, and Summer – I feel like this would give Asuka/Paige/Charlotte/Becky/Alexa to feud over the title, and then Summer aligns herself with a team and feuds with Carmella/Enzo/Cass.

      Smackdown: Emma, Sasha, Nia, Nattie, Mickie, Naomi, Alicia, and Tamina – This would give Sasha/Emma/Naomi/Alicia the opportunities they deserve. Tamina and Nia could feud or become a dominate team. Mickie/Nattie feud would be nice I’m sure. Plus Nia could use Smackdown to redeem herself and become more relaxed in the ring.. IDK why but Smackdown just seems more chill.

      If I left anyone out then eh… idk?

      • Vince Martin

        Sasha and Nia should stick to raw with the 4HW. At this point I see the HW + Asuka and Nia as poison to the other ladies since they’ll be booked strongly while the others will job to them.

        I don’t think Nia and Tamina should feud though since they’re both not very good in the ring. I’d be here for both of them to be Eva Marie’s bodyguards though. Imagine the fumes when they do all the dirty work for her and lead her to a title victory without lifting a finger.

  • a good raw this week and i like where some of the matches are going and also the womens triple threat

  • glassjaw

    RAW can’t really do right for doing wrong, but everything was fine here. Sasha and Bayley had a nice scientific match and a triple threat should hopefully see the reshuffling of the decks after Wrestlemania.

  • Lushluke

    God Charlotte is so good she’s amazing

  • I didn’t watch about the triple threat at Clash of Champions and I probably won’t watch this one either.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    RAW was ok with me this week. There is storytelling and clearly is going the right direction towards WrestleMania. My thing is that last year we got Becky vs Charlotte vs Sasha (in a show stealer match), I don’t feel like they have to repeat it. I miss the one on one matches for the championship at WrestleMania. I feel like WWE keeps packaging all of their women together, unable to have good feuds outside of the tittle picture.

    Sasha having this “master plan” is kind of heelish and it gives me something to watch, now I don’t feel she’s trust worthy, that is cool with me. Bayley is playing the underdog, she got the championship in a controversial way, she retained the same way and Sasha “is not taking the credit” for that yet. Charlotte lost her PPV streak, her tittle but keeps being the top dog and somehow looks stronger than Bayley and Sasha. She’s clearly the best superstar on RAW, the reaction she gets for her actions. This match was an example, people like Sasha & Bayley but sleep watching them, Charlotte just walked to the ring and people stood up (they knew the statement was coming) and she delivered. The crowd at this point don’t really boo her, she proved herself.

    Leaving Nia out of it, while is good for the match, is bad on paper. She’s the only element we haven’t seen enough of. Her matches with Bayley & Asuka showed that there’s something about her. The thing is, she lost when she got the firsts real chances, WWE is having a hard time to establish her as a monster. Since her main roster debut, she is yet to have a championship match and she already defeated Bayley & Sasha a few times. Fastlane was a way to keep her out of the way because she’s green. The execution of the moves is not that big of a deal if you can make her have matches like she did back in NXT. It’s about making a good show.

    SmackDown & RAW are both failing at WM by having this multi-women’s matches. This time both belts are on the line, good, but they still want to give all of them the spotlight together instead of giving us a classic one on one.

    Finally I have to address that RAW only dedicated the women’s month to Lita & Trish. Yes, they are both LEGENDS but; could they just acknowledge all of their previous workers?

  • What?

    ‘This predictable women’s division’

    All you bitches got it wrong at Fastlane.

    I love Evil Emma! Finally Dana will be able to serve her original intended purpose. I think Charlotte is definitely going to turn face soon, at the same time Sasha goes heel. It would make for some very fresh match ups with Nia (who could actually catch her moonsault), Emma and even Dana.

    • Lushluke

      Catch that moonsault in to forward slam?

  • Michael Burmeister

    Sorry, but I MUST disagree…can’t spell Mania without the Nia!

    • Lushluke

      Fuck. She should come out and be like MaNIA

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Yeah I’m hoping this Emma thing was to reinvent her to this bad ass chick that’s also hot? Is that what they are doing? I hate how apparent it is that WWE didn’t know what to do.

    But could we please get Emma added for a 4 way? Be like “no revolution without the emmalution and tired of 4 HW” type of thing? That’d be great.

    • Lushluke

      It was Emma who couldn’t perform not WWE not knowing what to do with her

      • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

        Yeahhh no

        • Lushluke

          No it’s not a secret she didn’t like the role.


    A stunning technical matchup between Sasha and Bayley. I expect a fun ride from these two on the main roster. Sasha’s heel turn intrigue has added mystery around the title picture and that’s exciting. Emma’s promo I can only hope leads to her going over Charlotte. Can’t wait for mania these women are gonna put it all out there and the match will be a highlight of the night.

  • Danny?

    Charlotte is just amazing she really is. I just need me some Emma now and for Paige and Summer’s comebacks to hurry up. If all that happens, Sasha goes heel and Alicia gets involved in the division then we will have a great roster. Nia and Dana should probably go back down to NXT though and as for Bayley she can just go for all I care I have zero interest in the girl.

  • Raleex2

    So… I think here Raw lost a great opportunity here. Sasha is definitely molding the division so she can be champion and that part is really cool on paper, but she’s so convincingly a good friend to Bayley and there is no camera shot of her being shady that the storyline may fell flat. Charlotte can actually switch as a face for a while, and she doesn’t trully needs to be the most cheered diva on the roster, she earned our respect and she is regarded as the best, after all she lost because Sasha interfered. All in all, Raw looks ok for the road of wrestlemania… but I’m not a fan of a triple treat, we need a one on one story that could fill Wrestlemania and stop thinking that all women need to be in the same spot.

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