Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up – the very first under the new Jeff Jarrett administration. As it was previously announced, this week sees a new name make a splash in the Knockouts division as Rachael Ellering makes her Impact Wrestling debut against a, now, solo-riding Sienna. Let’s see how the second generation star does.

Our show kicks off with a celebratory of video of Impact Wrestling’s history that includes a special shout to the Knockouts division for creating their own legacy when it comes to women’s wrestling. Even if this is the 100th time Impact has pressed the reset button to usher in a ‘new era’, it’s nice to the Knockouts, past and present, get a special nod.

Before we get to our Knockouts match of the evening, we run into McKenzie Mitchell who is backstage looking to get Maria Kanellis’ thoughts on the fallout of the wedding she orchestrated but was never meant to be. Instead of Maria, McKenzie runs into Sienna who mocks the interviewer’s journalism skills for not being aware of what has happened to Maria.

Apparently, Allie’s selfish actions from that wedding have caused Maria to have a nervous breakdown. No ‘fake news’ here! Pinkies are up as Sienna gives McKenzie a lesson in classiness and then turning her attention back to Allie, warning the lovable babyface that her happy fairy-tale ending will not last for much longer. Sienna plans to follow through with whatever plans Maria had cooked for.

Speaking of Allie, she makes an appearance alongside her beau Braxton Sutter during his Fatal Four Way X-Division match and surprisingly got involved in the match! After tossing Marshe Rockett to the outside ring, Allie would climb the top of a turnbuckle, behind the referee’s back, and deliver a crossbody to Marshe! You’re teaching Allie well Braxton!

Braxton then hits a Swinging Fisherman Suplex on Marshe that earns him the win and it’s a great start for Impact’s favorite couple… that is until an eerie Laurel Van Ness comes out! From the entrance ramp, Laurel is still in her wedding dress, wearing her shoes around her wrists and mouths “YOU!!!!!” as she points out to Allie and Braxton during Braxton’s celebratory win. Pull yourself together Laurel!

Time for our Knockouts match:

After both contestants make their entrances, the bell sounds off. Over at the commentary table, Jeremy Borash attempts to introduce Rachael to viewing audience at home but finds himself in a nagging war against Josh Matthews, which pretty much lasts throughout this entire match! *sigh*

After the women tie-up, Rachael lands the first strike to Sienna with a kick to the face. She then follows up two roll-up pin attempts and then takes Sienna down with a hard right elbow shot. Rachael goes for another pin attempt after connecting a Senton splash to Sienna but only earns a two count.

Rachael maintains control of the match and forces Sienna to retreat to the outside ring after being hit with an enziguri. As Sienna tries to regroup herself, Rachael climbs the top rope of a corner, only to be knocked off by a returning Sienna. Rachael gets taken down by a hard hitting clothesline, which is followed up with a kick to the back of Rachael’s head and numerous forearms.

Sienna sets Rachael up for the AK-47 but Rachael counters this with a suplex! Rachael nearly earns the win over the former Knockouts Champion with a series of offense that include chops, uppercuts, an STO and even a springboard leg drop.

In the end, it was Sienna dodging a running elbow drop leading to the Silencer that earned her the win over the aspiring Knockout.

McKenzie Mitchell is back on our screens again, this time to interview Eddie Edwards to ask how he feels about Davey Richards and Angelina Love’s betrayal. Eddie says he would never have imagined that Davey would stoop so low and tries to keep his wife Alisha out but in comes Angelina!

She tells Eddie that he better watch his mouth when talking about Davey. She blames Eddie for being the reason that fans “forgot” about Davey during his injury and slaps him across the face; this being a message from the Lone Wolf. Eddie takes the slap but then finds a way to insult Davey through this by saying that Angelina hits harder than her husband does.

And finally, for all you Broken Hardy fans that are still out there, the TNA Tag Team champions make one last appearance on our screens as they continue to teleport the space and world in their expedition for Tag Team gold.

Somehow, in the midst of Vanguard 1’s teleportation, we see The Decay backstage of the Impact Zone in possession of the TNA Tag Team Gold with Rosemary declaring that the Broken Hardys are now deleted, obsolete and decayed! Well, that’s one way of writing the group off I suppose?

Thoughts: For a show that was dubbed as a new start, this week’s show was a bit disappointing.

While it was great to see a new name in the Knockouts division, Rachael has gone to say she isn’t officially signed to Impact which more or less makes this match come across as filler/tryout. There isn’t anything wrong with that but I feel that for such matches, they should be left for Xplosion or even a One Night Only even rather than Impact’s main show.

The match itself was short and sweet; I really like seeing Rachael’s strength countering out of Sienna’s AK-47 and springboard leg drop! It’s just too bad that this match was overshadowed by the awful bickering over at the commentary table. It made this match unbearable to the point that I had to re-watch it by muting out the sound. Please don’t let this be a common thing during this Borash/Matthews feud.

On the positive, I did like Sienna’s interview with McKenzie. It addresses Maria being gone from Impact and gave a chance to show Sienna some character, which is needed as she breaks out as a solo performer. I thought she was humorous and laid some ground work in a potential feud with Allie. I’m not sure if Laurel and Sienna will part ways going forward or if they’ll bot target Allie but its a good start for some new feuds within the division.

I am surprised to see her get involved in Braxton’s matches, just because it felt very random and heelish for someone who is still considered a top babyface. I’m not sure what the point of the crossbody was but maybe it was to show that Allie is still “learning” to wrestle? The bigger take from the match was Laurel still carrying this “broken bride” persona. It’s a gimmick that has potential and is different from the spoiled brat we’ve seen so far but I’d like to see some more scheming from Laurel’s part.

There isn’t too much to say about Angelina this week but I continue to enjoy this new badass role she is portraying across Eddie.

One thing I did want to address was Impact’s desire to solve their identity crisis by ridding of their ‘TNA’ name and going by the name of ‘Impact Wrestling’ from here on out. I understand that they want a fresh start but I think the execution from Bruce Pritchard and Dutch Mantell could’ve been handled better without the need to complete shutdown some of the good of the past. This new administration have their own trouble following them and have made their own mistakes of letting talents slip away so far.

Let’s just hope things turn around in the coming weeks.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Would you like to see Rachael officially join the Knockouts division? How would you book Allie’s next feud? Let us know in the comments below!

  • hitesh khanna

    Danm… Rachael is good… she was not a jobber for sure.. and she was doing so good in the ring.. the crowd sucked tho

    • Annerburrowes

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  • The only thing I remember from this match is that Springboard Spinning Leg Drop and I can only thank Josh Matthews and JB for that. Who the hell thought that their feud will be a good idea? I have to remember to watch Impact without sound the next time because I just cant’ stand Matthews. I’m having flashback from 2010/2011 with Cole disrespecting the divas.

    • One of the worst storylines ever, I hated how disrespectful was with the NXT season 3 divas.

      • What?

        CM Punks commentary was hilarious on NXT Season 3. It was a joke of a show…

        • Good point but divas didn’t deserved that kind of threatment by Cole.

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      Oh my, M.Cole is what I had to think of as well.
      The commentary was atrocious

  • saul de la efe
  • Juan

    Rachael would be an excellent pick-up for the Knockout’s division. Girl has potential!! But dear god that announce team sucks!!!

    I’m loving all the side feuds going on with Allie, Laurel, Sienna, Alisha and Angelina but I want to see more of Rosemary!! She’s the actual champion!

  • Francisco Baguer

    Good trying to make Impact great gain when you have just lost 4 women in only a week. Reby, Maria, Jade, and now Gail Kim have all walked out and left the company. So they try to bring an NXT washout just to job to AK-47, which how weak the division has become.

  • Francisco Baguer

    Good luck trying to make Impact great gain when you have just lost 4 women in only a week. Reby, Maria, Jade, and now Gail Kim have all walked out and left the company. So they try to bring an NXT washout just to job to AK-47, which how weak the division has become.

    • DollahMAB

      Gail hasn’t left, she’s just currently not under contract and the loss of Reby & Maria is hardly a big deal.

      • mking2590


  • I’m glad they are beginning a new era for impact wrestling, Rachael is good to be honest. Sienna is boring, no impressed with her at all.
    Just please shut the fuck up Josh Mathews, he is annoying and horrible as commentarist #FireJB!

  • Chargemander

    god Josh Matthews voice. Hopefully Ellering can get signed. Would be a great addition

  • saul de la efe

    i really hope they shut my mouth proving they can still put on a show… but well

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea


      • Jeannieadupont

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  • Asa Squirtz

    “Make Impact Great”

    I can’t with this lol, especially after Reby’s been scalping TNA on twitter.

  • GailKimStan

    Oh god just fucking use Rosemary, is that so difficult?

  • Mark

    Oh TNA? They’re still alive? Only good thing about that show is Rosemary. We’ll see what they do with my queen Angelina down the line but judging by the past I’m not getting my hopes up.

    • DollahMAB

      No. TNA is dead. They said it on the show.

    • Dark Heel

      TNA is dead.

  • Radical

    The episode as a whole was interesting. Not good, not terrible, just… interesting.

    The main turn-offs throughout the night was the lack of crowd reaction for all of the show (which will likely carry on until the end of April since they taped that many episodes)
    Also the biggering between Borash & Matthews was quite unbearable throughout the whole night. Only thing I liked from it all was Matthews calling out on The Impact Zone fans getting into the building ‘FOR FREE’. Never agreed with that, never liked the Impact Zone. They just don’t care… maybe if they had more wrestling fans than Universal fans it would come across better.

  • Moz za

    Didn’t the spoilers say rosemary attacked KC Quinn ?
    they have a new epiosde to bring in the new era but don’t include their champions like rosemary in it. WTF impact can do better

    • Dark Heel

      Xplosion dumbass.

      • Moz za

        It didn’t actually specify that it was xplosion scumbag

      • Welchy


    • KatyaMenelli

      That’s clearly for Next week.

  • Welchy

    Haven’t watched the product in almost a year now. Wow

  • Raekon

    The reason why Allie attacked him with the crossbody was because she got insulted by him. This just showed that she won’t take any shit from anyone anymore. ^_^
    Loved the match between sienna and rachael. The only thing that was a bit sad was that Sienna didn’t got much offence. I guess they wanted to showcase Rachael more. :)
    Funniest Moment for me was when the Referee told sienna to “knock it off” and she replied “what do you mean with knock it off? I’m trying to win!”.
    She was always very vocal and funny in her Matches no matter in which Promotion she worked and that makes her very entertaining for me. :)

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      Oh, thanks for clarifying that. I didn’t notice Allie was being insulted and was like “You’re a face, what the heck, Allie?” Now it makes sense.
      “I’m trying to win” that was so funny.

      • Raekon

        Yeah, he goes near the ropes and trash talks her before she makes a face, goes up and attacks him after. :)

        • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

          I really missed that. At least that way it makes more sense.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    Sienna gave a pretty good promo and wasn’t awkward for once.

  • Shady

    Rachael is sooooo good! To think she’s wrestling only for a year and 4 months, putting several girls to shame. Good stuff

    In one match she outshined whatever Sienna has done since her debut

    • KatyaMenelli

      Right? She’s been wrestling for such a short time and better than some women who’ve been wrestling for over a decade lol

  • OJ Von Erich

    I’m not gonna judge Impact on it’s current state, because it came back from a women’s division of near death before & gave us some moment’s that will go down in history.

    Although with that being said, I’ve not watches this week at all, although I will be watching the Laurel Van Mess & Allie interaction!

  • OJ Von Erich

    Did anyone else see the Alisha vs Laurel Van Ness match?

    Alisha reminds me of an early Taryn Terrell/Tiffany.

    • KatyaMenelli

      I saw it. Match was pretty good and probably LVN’s best Impact match. Her offense entertained me for damn sure.

  • DC

    Someone shut Josh Matthew’s mic off. Ugh. I mean I get that commentators are supposed to oppose each other but the commentary during the KO’s match was total shit.

  • Marlon Eric

    I swear, every year the TNA women’s division gets wiped clean and rebooted.

  • Nikolas Dombkowski

    I LOVE that Sienna is finally being allowed to speak. Hopefully she stays solo and they drop the enforcer bullshit.

  • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

    Short boring match. The awful commentary killed what little excitement was left.
    All matches except for the mainevent were criminally short…again.
    I don’t see any change except for the ugly owl in the logo.
    They shouldn’t have wasted so much time with the JM vs JB feud. Actually they shouldn’t have wasted any time with that.
    I understand the need for talking segments but all those segments were way too long.
    Let’s hope for better episodes in the future.

    LVN’s banshee-like appearance was funny. Maybe this will lead to an interesting gimmick.

    Allie’s crossbody was cool but the face manager interfering didn’t make sense as the heel she attacked wasn’t cheating. Still I hope she keeps being physical against the men while she’s managing.

    • Raekon

      If you check the Scene before, he looked to the outside and trash talked her. The only reason she attacked him was to show that she won’t take any shit from anyone anymore. :)

      • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

        Thanks a lot for sharing. I really didn’t realize that when I watched it.

  • MeddlingDiva

    Nonstop shoots on WWE from Josh Matthews who needs 50 snickers.

    Promos, Promos and More Promos.

    Sorry but Alberto winning the belt isn’t the reason why I restarted watching the show. If Bobby doesn’t go off the script about former wwe superstars. #RIPTNA

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    The “new” girl can wrestle but is as generic as it gets.