Whose star shone brightest this week? You tell us!

With our Star of the Week poll, we’ll pick the week’s top five women in wrestling and let you choose who is number one.

The poll will open each Saturday and close on Sunday afternoon.

Let’s take a look at this week’s top five:


Carmella began to set her sight on the SmackDown Women’s Title at WrestleMania 33 with an ambush attack towards opponents Becky Lynch and Natalya on SmackDown.

Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke broke free from Charlotte Flair on Raw after weeks of scolding from her former mentor.


Diamanté made her Impact Wrestling debut alongside the newly reformed LAX and wiping out The Decay on Impact.


Maryse delivered a hard and bold message to Nikki Bella on SmackDown, all leading up a mixed tag showdown at WrestleMania 33.

Nia Jax

Nia Jax began to make a case as to why she should have a shot at the Raw Women’s Title at WrestleMania 33 with a beatdown towards Bayley on Raw.

Who did you vote for?

  • Luna Lovegood


  • Shady

    surprised Mickie isn’t on here but I guess Carmella follows

    • Crazy. #RIPMae


  • MiguelAngl


    • TotalDivasMark


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  • Eric Smith

    after weeks of experiencing weeks of scolding??????????
    What? That’s not grammatically correct at all.

  • ssilva872

    Maryse for sure although Idk how Becky and Mickie were snubbed when they won matches especially for Carmella…. ?

  • Diva_Fan

    Can’t believe I’m voting for Dana Brooke but she really deserves it this week by far IMO !

  • Juan

    Diamanté! Not only did she join the most badass tag team in wrestling history but she took out the Knockout’s Champion too!

    • Thiago Oliveira

      Obviously. But remember that some people don’t watch TNA. So, this here is “The popular of the week” because really the star was the debut of the Angel Rose (Diamanté).

  • Radical

    Likely part of the minority here, but I’ma go with Diamanté. A new face on TV and she make quite the impact (no pun intended).

  • wwepassion

    Dana, she really needed that moment. It’s about time someone on raw besides the HW get the spotlight and a great reaction.

  • Dark Heel

    Diamante looks awesome.

    No Paige? Great tag team match.

  • Corey Anderson

    I would’ve voted for paige

  • Nathan

    Dana really deserves this :)

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Dana Brooke for sure.

  • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

    Dana’s week. I hope she wins and gets added to the WM match.

  • Dana of course!

  • conan_kun

    I won’t be surprised that next week on Raw, Dana just apologize to Charlotte and back to Charlotte’s side again, pretending their issue last week never happen at all like last few months ago.

    • Rose

      Yeah that was pretty damn stupid.

  • Rose

    Just a quick observation now that Dana attacked Charlotte what’s the point of Charlotte being in that wrestlemania match because now what is Dana going to do? I remember months ago when Dana slapped Charlotte and nothing came out of that little segment….

  • Ryan Leslie

    Way to split the vote, DD!! I am very happy to see that we were able to give Dana her props this week, she is more hated by the commenters her than any diva in recent memory. When this happened on RAW I actually though “It would be nice if she could actually get star of the week for this!” Yeah, so I am a nerd. Props to DD readers.