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Lillian Garcia and Becky Lynch get very deep and personal in Lilian’s latest “Making Their Way to the Ring” interview. In a video for the new podcast episode, the two talk at length about a variety of topics, including Becky’s upbringing in Dublin, Ireland, her pre-WWE career as a flight attendant, training under the tutelage of Finn Bálor, body image and more.

Here are a few highlight quotes to take away from the clip before watching the video in its entirety:

On visiting Finn Bálor wrestling school for the first time with her brother: “I went down there the very first day that it opened. My brother was a little bit annoyed that I was coming along, like ‘Little sister tagging along,’ you know? I went in expecting this giant warehouse, with the big sign over top of it and loads of big, giant lads and muscular women and everything. I walk in and it’s just Fergal [Devitt aka Finn Balor], he was 20 at the time, you know all skinny and everything and just a bunch of guys with half grown out long hair trying to look like the Hardys.”

On questioning her wrestling career after a devastating injury in the ring: “I got hurt…I did stop. I remember as well then I was on the way to Orlando…and I remember calling on a pay phone and I was like ‘Mom, I, please I wanna come home. Sorry I’ll get a real job, blah, blah, blah. I wanna come home. Please.’ And she was like, ‘No, you’re not gonna come home. You’re gonna see this… see this through.'”

On body image and her own struggles with disordered eating: “I really wanted to get to WWE before I was 20. I wanted to get there as a teenager. Thank God I didn’t. But I was like ‘Well, if I look a certain way they’re gonna want me.’ So that’s when I started getting into bodybuilding and then that was my downward spiral. I started eating far too little. I remember going off to Japan four weeks before I was supposed to do a competition. Every bump hurt. I had no protection on me. I didn’t have the energy.”

On not realizing her dream of getting into the WWE at 20 years old: “Thank God I didn’t. I wouldn’t have lasted at 20. I was an idiot! If I had gotten there, then I wouldn’t have had all of the life experience that I had. Maybe it would have gone to my head or something.”

Watch the full interview below:

Did you like Lilian’s latest “Making Their Way to the Ring” interview? What revelation about Becky’s life shocked you the most? Who would you like to see Lilian chat with next? Let us know!

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Becky <333 And yep, I agree it was for the better that she had her WWE chance later on in life, because we all saw how Paige turned out. Wrestling fame isn't something many younger people can really handle. Randy Orton is another good example. He has said himself that during his younger years he was a complete shithead.

    • MeddlingDiva

      Some fan say Randy still is a shithead. Sometimes, I wanna to ask for an explanation

      • Geek God

        Didn’t y’all hear about him beating up a fan about a month ago for taking a picture of him? Still sounds shithead-ish to me

        • Joseph

          Randy wasn’t being a dick it was the fan that way. Go read Lance Storm post about it.

        • MeddlingDiva

          Yea but I’m talking like years ago

  • Bellatrix Lestrange

    Becky I is a class act. She’s so cool.

  • Queen, she’s so sweet and humble.

  • glassjaw

    When we hear the atypical “I’ve dreamt of being a WWE superstar since I was a foetus” trope in promos, I always reflect on Becky Lynch’s real life journey to where she is now. In the mid 00’s she was running with the underground elite of promising female wrestlers: Nattie Neidhart, Beth Phoenix, Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, MsChif and more. Then, suddenly, she left the equation after an injury spooked her almost entirely from wrestling. Now, she is unquestionably one of the more creditable performers in WWE who have gotten over on the strength of her own talents, becoming one of the better produced female babyfaces in a long time. One of the things I feel loan sincerity and passion to Becky’s promos, for instance, is that she has plenty of stories to tell; outside of wrestling she has had a veritable range of different life experiences. I just really, really love Rebecca Knox.

    • BeverlyRoberts111
    • Angiejtrussell

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  • Sass.

    Becky ? She’s so talented and inspiring. My fave HW.

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch


  • StraightFire

    My fave <3

  • limfox

    Her point on coming in at 20 is a valid one. I know not all 20 year olds act the same but you kinda see what she’s talking about with Paige. The girl is clearly too immature (and I’m not saying that in a shady way) to handle the WWE life and is still stuck in a stereotypical late teens/early twenties mindset. I’m glad Becky deciphered that early on

    • Geek God

      All i could think about was the stupid mistakes Paige has made when she said that

  • Geek God

    I love Lillian’s new show, i hope it’ll get featured on the WWE Network and talked about during Raw and Smackdown soon, and i hope she comes back some day while still continuing her show

    • Joseph

      Why? She already on Afterbuzz TV and Itunes its not hard to find it.

      • Geek God

        More exposure

  • I really love Becky this short interview that I’ve read is amazing, such an epic return on one of the numer 1 sports entertainment; WWE. In the beginning she was going to be the typical stereotipycal Dublin Fighter, long time of that. Thank’s for always put everything Becky.

  • comradecena

    becky is a sweetheart