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Each week, The Wrap will wrap up the week in women’s wrestling by compiling the week’s smaller news stories, rumors and gossip – anything not normally covered by Diva Dirt. Got a tip for next week? Send it in.

* Former WWE Superstar Kaitlyn reunited with her Chickbusters partner AJ Brooks on her birthday. (Twitter)

* Charlotte Flair calls her PPV streak “more of a statistic than a story”. (Wrestling INC)

* The word going around is Naomi will likely be back in time for WrestleMania 33 as a surprise challenger for Alexa Bliss and the SmackDown women’s championship. (CageSide Seats)

* Natalya shares her favorite memory Connor “The Crusher” Michalek. (YouTube)

* Gail Kim and Charlotte Flair each other for the first time. (Instagram)

* CageSide Seats gives a retrospective look on how the Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks feud played out. (CageSide Seats)

* Rebel will be heading over touring with STARDOM in Japan sometime this spring. (Squared Cirle Sirens)

* Nia Jax receives her first Mattel action figure. (Twitter)

* Look for Sasha Banks to turn on Bayley at WrestleMania or the next night. (CageSide Seats)

* Nikki Bella hosts a special baby shower for her sister Brie Bella. (YouTube)

* WWE’s Bad Blood PPV will return in July as part of a Raw PPV. (Wrestling INC)

* Dana Brooke worked as a babyface match at Friday’s WWE live event in Montreal, teaming up with Sasha Banks and RAW Women’s Champion Bayley to defeat Nia Jax, Alicia Fox and Charlotte Flair. (PW Mania)

* Triple H clarifies his former unhappiness with NXT and shares he wants WWE to have diversity on every level. (CageSide Seats 1, CageSide Seats 2)

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    About 1-2 of those are news and the rest are speculations we all make…

    • Monkey Tennis


      “Today in things that might, possibly happen…”


      Seriously though……. Diva Dirt needs to stop reporting on rumors and dirt sheet news…..

  • Lol ofc that streak was nothing but a statistic and that’s why the Raw division has been suffering for months.

    And I hated how it ended randomly, with no hype. No one is even talking about it. Could’ve saved us from all those short reigns earlier. What’s worse is that the person who broke it is losing on Raw week after week.

  • Charlie Flickinger

    That Nia figure looks awesome! I’m so glad they didn’t pull a Kevin & make her a twig.

  • StraightUpBitch

    The Kaitlyn and AJ one is making my cry happy tears. AJ had so much dedication for her work, which no one can take away from her. She worked for a company that risked her husband’s health. I love her and I’m so happy they’re still friends

  • Don Prima

    Nia’s action figure looks amazing!

  • MK126

    See like i said WWE made a bigger deal about it than it should have been. They havent even mentioned it since Bayley won which proves how pointless it was

  • conan_kun

    After Sasha turns heel, only Bayley left as relevant babyface, I won’t count Dana as she’s already jobbed out to Charlotte last week.

    • Joseph

      Dana isn’t ready to be face it makes way more sense to turn Charlotte face.

      • JP

        It’s generally more useful to have the less-experienced wrestler be face, because heels typically call the match.

  • conan_kun
    • glassjaw

      Ironically, “women’s revolution” has become more of a marketing brand than a real movement – yes, we’re seeing women in more prominent spots but the narrative behind those spots are often nonsensical and/or superficial. WWE needs to get into the habit of writing stories for the women that casually pit them on the same plateau as the men as opposed to everything revolving around who started what, why and when.

      • Gabriella Panajotova

        To be honest, though, most male storylines these days are pretty superficial as well.

        • glassjaw

          Storytelling in WWE is sketchy at best, yes, but the men generally have more than one style of narrative. I’m just personally at the point of wishing we never had to hear about the “women’s revolution” again: less talk about it, more do about it.

          • Gabriella Panajotova

            Oh, I agree. Personally, even though SD is not perfect I like them better because they didn’t really pat themselves on the back for the revolution and just acted on it…until Mickie came and the revolution talk was used on SD as well.

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    • GailKimStan

      Nothing but truth. All Gail wanted to do in WWE was what women are doing now but during her time there everybody backstage acted like she was crazy for wanting that

    • Jo9834

      Gail spoke nothing but the truth here. When her and Awesome Kong put on their incredible series of matches which subsequently elevated TNA, the WWE’s Diva’s division was a mess.

      Gail is truly the greatest female in ring performer of her time, no female has had more 5 star matches (Sasha will catch up to her eventually though) throughout their career than this woman. I would love to see her back in the WWE, especially during this era.

    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      Preach Gail Kim! In all honesty, I remember tons of stipulation matches from the women of TNA. The Queen of the cage, The ladder match where Roxxi ended bald, The falls count anywhere (specially Mickie vs Tara). I mean TNA wasn’t afraid of giving them a story to work with and a match to kill it. Recently, Jade vs Rosemary was fire.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    That’s so cute Gail and Charlotte met each other for the first time. And the Nia Jax figure is perfect. I was scared in how they’ll size her up and completely dress her up. They never had a plus size woman figure at Mattel hell even Jakks didn’t. They cheated Vickie Guerrero. They gave her a I guess average figure body and just throw padded top or really thick piece of plastic as top to give off that plus size look. I’m glad that they actually gave us all those lovely curves on her.
    But anyway the best news of all is Queen Naomi returning at Mania!!! Yesssss!!!!!

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    “Surprise challenger” when we all predicted it…

    Either way, I hope to see extra level of agression when Sasha actually turns heel on Bayley. That same intensity and level of agression she used to have as a heel on NXT. Can’t wait for THIS Sasha banks to come back!

    • we’re all expecting a Sasha heel turn yet you’re expecting iconicness from it, so what’s the real truth bby

      • Wrestling.fan.from.France

        You tried to make a point out of mine without even getting it. I didn’t say that Naomi’s return is gonna be bad because it’s predictable which it is and neither that Sasha’s heel turn wasn’t predictable because it’s what they have been clearly building to. Looking for things that doesn’t exist, as usual Boris…

        • a surprise turn, doesn’t necessarily mean surprise since people read everything on the internet, but more a return on the spot, and not a week before, or on live events, like Finn Balor is doing it at the moment. you can’t hide anything from the internet, we even know about the whole WM card months ago!

          • Gabriella Panajotova

            LMAO I love that you still don’t get his point.

          • sis…

      • Instant Classic ?

        TAMINA’S FACE <33333333

  • Monkey Tennis

    Seems like a missed opportunity not to give Nia’s figure Action Man style Eagle Eyes!

    Still, it does look a lot better than this one of Steph… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/83b927d1cc037735d75e32d39aff2428c6703d870becdb896c69bfbd8fb3e68e.jpg

  • Instant Classic ?

    3 months and STILL can’t get over that Mayu was supposed to win the world championship :(((( And they nixed it because she’s CONTEMPLATING retirement by the END of the year which is worse. She deserved it sooo much :*(

    • Raekon

      She doesn’t retire though, she goes to Nana Takahashis Promotion seedling. :)

      • Instant Classic ?

        OMGGGGG Thank GOD!!!!!! *wipes bead of sweat at temple* This brings SOOO much more relief but did you find out why??? Especially if she was supposed to have won the world title here and would’ve been more than likely pushed to the very top of the brand with Kairi already signed and for sure Io as well after her try-outs????

        • Raekon

          Yeah I was also very happy when I heard that cause in my opinion she is still young and has lots more to offer. On the top of that she is one of my favorite Performers and it’s always exciting watching her in a match. :)
          I don’t know how far this is true but the owner seems to be doing a bad Job in the meantime and if 3 of his biggest stars are leaving at the same time then you know there must be some truth into it.
          Now they will have to build up the newer generation more like Momo, Azumi, Kris and the others to keep the Company going on. From what I heard, Io didn’t even needed a tryout. :p
          It was more like “testing the waters” from her side by participating in a Training day at the Performance Center.
          That’s why they also took down all pictures she was on from their site.

          • Instant Classic ?

            Great point about Io!! Thinking about what you said about Mayu allegedly having issues with Ogawa and management, it doesn’t come as a surprise if it’s true considering AJW was often heralded as a terrible place to work :((

  • Instant Classic ?

    NOT trying to be rude lol but as cute as she is maybe Chelsea can show Rebel the ends and outs of mediocrity and constantly being carried over there…but then again IDEK maybe she’s massively improved

  • Vito

    I’m happy dana is face, its refreshing, but why did they turn foxy heel…. they should make foxy stay face then have a heel paige, emma, and summer return

    • Joseph

      Cause Fox is pretty much as a heel since she is with Dar.


      Foxy has been flip flopping since 2012 lol it was almost a running Gag for the past few years how often they switch her to being a face to heel

  • Robin Zabriskie

    rebel touring with stardom? ……

    • Joseph

      Yes i don’t know why they picked her.

      • Robin Zabriskie

        maybe she has improved but stardom??? no way

        • JP

          It’s surprising but kind of cool. I hope it helps her improve.

    • Raekon

      She was working the Indies too and she has indeed improved.
      She had already improved in the last few Matches she had with tna but she couldn’t Show much due to the booking. Working with the women in stardom will definately be good for her :)

      • Robin Zabriskie

        hope so….don’t get me wrong i don’t think she is that bad….her match against shelly was unfortunate…..and if shelly is a wrestler for more than 15 years she should lead rebel….but shelly is awful so even rebel didn’t know what to do….surely the stardom ladies could help her

        • Raekon

          Yeah, Shelly was a good Manager, valet, Entertainer but her in ring skills mostly lacked.
          She had a few good matches under her belt through the years but she seems to have degressed with time since she is barely Wrestling anymore.
          Yet alone through her experience she could had lead Rebel into a decent to good match, yet she didn’t so… we know the outcome of it.
          What I like about Rebel is that she is athletic, can play her characters and when given the chance she can work decent matches. All she needs is proper Training and if there is one place she can improve them best then definately Japan cause Wrestling down there is not as easy as it is in the USA for sure. ^_^

          • Robin Zabriskie

            sure she has charisma….her match against odb last thursday was so funny ;)

      • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

        Yeah, ppl tend to underrate her and love to jump on ppl that don’t come from the indies.
        Matter of fact is she’s shown great potential from her first match on but TNA never capitalized on that by having her only wrestle every few months.
        But from the get go she had unique moves, spunk and a lot of charisma.
        Ppl hyper her up as the MVP of the leathal lockdown match but already turned on her like two weeks after that.
        To me she’s always been exciting to watch.
        Sry for the long and late comment ahhaha

    • Instant Classic ?

      My thoughts exactly, question mark and quizzical expression included lol. I do really hope she has improved for her own sake and safety but last time I saw her she was involved in one of the worst matches in recent memory and still had a LONG way to go before putting on a passable or to be nice at the very least more than average match so to put her in the throng of women who work a very stiff and quick-paced style is kinda confusing. But then again Laurel was only two years into her career when she worked some matches in Stardom and it helped her massively…but everyone and their learning pace is different. She’s just a really…uhhh…interesting recruit to tour lol

  • Joseph

    Oh by the way Stephanie was at that same event that Gail and Charlotte. I would image that Step and Gail were talking to each other.

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

    If Naomi doesn’t win the title when she comes back I’ll riot.

  • A match between Gail and Charlotte would be a dream come true. Hope Naomi appear as surprise challenger to Alexa Vs The World WM 33 match. I like Nia Jax first figure but her hair is a mess. WOW! Bad Blood is returning hope they don’t screw the theme of the PPV, another dream will be seen a Women Wrestler First Blood match.

  • So who is winning the Raw Title match? I haven’t seen too many predictions yet. I thought it would be Sasha because I’ve heard for many months that she was set to have a huge WM night.. I honestly wouldn’t be upset if Charlotte won it either. Team Sasha though..

    • MK126

      I’d say Sasha wont win it just because of the fact that if she does turn heel and wins the belt she’s gonna cry just because she won it at WM which will definitely defeat any turn shes gonna make… so id say shes gonna turn heel either at WM and not win OR win and then turn heel the following Monday. As for who’s gonna win I couldn’t even guess cause I’m not all that invested in it

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