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According to WrestlingInc, SmackDown Superstar Eva Marie will not be renewing her contract with WWE.

The site states that a source at WWE informed them that “the company will not be renewing Eva’s contract.”

Eva Marie made her name known to the WWE Universe as she starred in Total Divas since the first episode. She has since appeared at two Wrestlemanias and was drafted to SmackDown in July 2016.

Things went downhill for All Red Everything as she was suspended the week of SummerSlam, and has yet to return.

Since then, Marie changed her hair color back to black and filmed two movies.

Speculation amongst the WWE Universe suggests that Marie purposely got herself suspended and didn’t plan on returning. Further speculation indicates that the Emmalina character that debuted on RAW was WWE’s attempt at replacing Eva.

With Eva leaving WWE, her spot on Total Divas will most likely be gone also, as the relationship between All Red Everything and WWE may not be at its best.

The last time we saw Marie on WWE television was on the August 9th edition of SmackDown Live – just days before her suspension. Here Eva was supposed to compete against Becky Lynch, but experienced a wardrobe malfunction and was escorted backstage. Alexa Bliss then took Marie’s space and defeated Lynch in her debut match.

What do you think of this news? Are you sad to see Eva leave? Let us know your views in the comments below!

  • Iteaseutouch

    Thank God. Bye


      Damn you mad…. lol lighten up there

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    I am no longer an atheist!

    • ILoveMelina(Real ILM)Yiorgos


  • Issac Gore

    I was a fan of Eva when she first came in and I actually wanted to see her improve and she did compared to when she first stared but I just lost interest in her after her NXT run. I wish her nothing but the best.

  • havok

    Honestly, I’m not really sad with this one. She definitely had the look to be a star and a big heel, especially with how much people hated her, but I think it’s for the better for her tbh. I think a lot of people were very into what she was doing on SmackDown before being suspended, but I don’t think she really wanted to be there to wrestle anyways. It never felt like she was passionate about it. She’ll be successful without WWE, so I wish her the best if it’s true.

  • Robert Guerra
    • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      Yes Robert!

  • Luiz Giem

    Hard to say I didn’t see this coming. Even when I liked how they were booking her character on SD and that I loved that she was embracing the heat she got from the crowd it is fair to say she was never that passionate about wrestling in first place and as soon as she landed those roles in the movies I knew she wasn’t coming back. I’m gonna miss her a bit but we’ll be fine. I wish her the best.

    BTW, I think they won’t make public her release until this season of Total Divas is over but judging for the trailers she won’t play a big role.

  • Cameron deserves her spot back if this is true. #Justice4Cameron

    • ThePsycho

      Cameron’s career is over. She was trashing WWE while supporting Ryback.

      • Nope. Ryback himself wasn’t released for that but Cameron was. They just didn’t have plans for her at the time.

      • She didn’t trash WWE at all. Stop rewriting history.

      • Joseph

        Yea we don’t need Cameron back.

    • Phenomenally AWESOME

      I miss cam, SD needs another good heel on the mic. WWE should’ve made Eva a heel manager. Such a missed opportunity to get over a heel.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      As if Cameron’s spot was taken by Eva in first place…

      • No I’m saying they released Cameron even after she went down to NXT on her own to improve, while risking her spot, and they still canned her, but they gave Eva chance after a chance. Could’ve saved them the investment on the other girl and she would’ve stuck there longer.

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          Because one had more long-term potential and value than the other, it’s that simple. Cameron’s value and long-term potential wasn’t necessarily good/big enough for WWE to keep her and she didn’t seem to be very appreciated in the company. Unfortunate for her but not a major loss nonetheless clearly..

          • Yes, and Cameron was the long-term one. Eva always ended up going somewhere, while I believe Cameron would’ve been there 24/7. But, it is what it is.

          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            Eva was clearly. Look, popularity, marketable, undeniable presence, heat magnet, clearly, more potential here…

          • Key word ”long-term”. Eva phased out as you can see, Cameron wouldn’t have, because she would’ve focused only on wrestling, not movies, clothing line and what not.

          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            How do you know she wouldn’t have? I don’t see her wrestle anywhere right now so how do I know she wouldn’t have? There is nothing that makes me believe that Cameron would have stayed for a while.

          • Because Cameron didn’t do the stuff Eva did/does while in WWE. Eva has been more out of the WWE than she has been there. Cameron did personal training on her own and everything and it was still in vain. And like she said she’d wrestle again but not in every company, because she has standards.

          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            Sure, she didn’t because she couldn’t. Oh, I hear you and all that yet I still am “waiting” for her to wrestle again…

          • Cameron had presence. Her entire shtick screamed presence. She was selling her Girl Bye merch on her website and it was selling like hot cakes so they put it on WWEShop = marketable. She was a heat magnet in NXT as shown during her match with Asuka when she came out to heck lot of boos and shrugged them off and made crowd even more mad. Which Eva failed to do. Cameron was also way better in the ring and on the mic. Don’t know what you’re smoking.

          • A One of a Kind Collectible

            In Eva’s defense she got the crowd wayyy madder on several occasions. Just look at her brief storyline with Bayley down in NXT. Neither girl could talk on the mic the boos were that loud

          • TorrieTrishStacyLita


          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            And what I said is that Eva had more presence, was more marketable, clearly was more popular and had a better look.

            And what I said about Cameron specifically is that her worth wasn’t so big for WWE to keep her. Not saying she had absolutely nothing going for her but clearly, her value wasn’t big enough.

            Now, no offense but I should expect Cameron to be much better in the ring as she had more experience so that’s the sole thing she’s had over Eva (with mic skills).

            About heat, yes she was a heat magnet on NXT but Eva was a heat magnet EVERYWHERE. NXT, main roster, people reacted which wasn’t necessarily the case for Cameron.

            I see that you like Cameron and tbh, I don’t like both but to me, as a business man, If I had to choose between the two, Eva Marie would be my choice as I see more potential here than with Cameron.

    • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

      Just this time because i adore Cameron and i agree.

    • Ronnieboi_M

      I could see her coming back. She wasn’t bad at all in-ring from what I remember. Just needed polishing.

    • John Finnie

      Cameron to me was useless UNTIL she took herself off to NXT trained harder wanted to be better did get a lot better
      That’s when Cameron to me became someone who had enough passion to learn & for that…. yes I’d like to see her reveal as champ Naomi attacker storyline a real jealousy with hate passion etc

      • i’d love it, they have history and could go from there

    • PYM #TheRoadTo5

      Cameron ain’t any better. If she really wanted a job she’d still be wrestling. She obviously was looking for a way out since day 1. She wanted to build a platform in WWE then take off as soon as possible. I don’t dislike her, but she’s just the same as Eva.

      • Cameron said she’d wrestle in decent companies and not for everyone, but she still showed more commitment than Eva ever did.

        • PYM #TheRoadTo5

          No she didn’t.

      • MyleneCruz

        Cameron to this day still talks abt returning to wwe and how much she wants that and refuses to work for any old company. It’s not about wrestling just for the hell of it. It’s about her standards and always aiming high even when you have nothing. Aiming high gets her booked for a lot of things. Once you settle for anything all the time you become useless.

      • Jorge Hernandez Moran

        Mmm nop im sorry Cameron atleast tried to improve even though she wasnt a wrestling fan she respected the sport. Eva showed total disregard and total disrespect for wrestling she didnt tried to get any better the only time she tried is when she notice that she was getting less and less screen time not to metion it was 2 years after shed been hired and she looked down on developmental when she first got their talking about how she didnt wanted to be one of those girls who spends 2 years training .
        It obvious that they both were using WWE to build a platform to launch their carreers in hollywood but atleast Cameron had respect for it and tried her hardest to not make a mockery out of it like Eva did

        • PYM #TheRoadTo5

          That’s basically Eva as well. You can’t say Cameron was more passionate than anyone because she was as unpassionate as they come. You don’t work backstage stage, idiot. So how do you know how Eva viewed developmental….. Don’t say because you saw it on Total Divas. How did Cameron handle herself at all better than Eva? At least Eva improved far above Cameron. Cameron’s only match that didn’t suck. Cameron actually got worse back in 2015 after not being used for so long. Her only good match down in NXT was against Asuka when Asuka completely annihilated her.

    • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      Yes Borris!!! Can’t believe they kept kool aid over Cameron

    • Zesty|||?(Mell)


    • Number One

      Forget it. Cameron had many chances to improve and got even worse. I’m honestly not surprised by this. I’m a loyal Red Queen supporter, but I figured with all other things she was doing, maybe she should leave and move on to other projects.

  • Robert Guerra

    One of the most embarrassing WWE careers of all time, she literaly had it all to be a big deal, the officials were always high on her, she got opportunities that other women wolud die for and yet she never showed interest, that’s why money can only get you so far if you’re not passionate for what you do.
    The worst thing about it is that they chose to keep her over Cameron.

  • James

    YES! YES!! YES!!!

  • Lushluke

    Oh erm awkward I like Eva

  • MK126

    It wouldn’t surprise me if she did purposely get herself suspended but I feel like that would be pretty stupid on her part given the way her character was being developed and how high the company was on her. It did seem rather odd that she didn’t return after her suspension or even attempt to train at the PC while being suspended but I guess the girls feel dumb now as they all knew she wasn’t here to wrestle or had the passion for it…

  • Spiteful Dark Angel #ABliss

    I liked but I knew she never had passion. Actions speak louder than words. Her character was just starting to become interesting though. It’s too bad, but hey at least they can give another woman a spot on SDL.

  • Rose

    I was rooting for her! Damn, we don’t have Eva Marie anymore and now if they rumors are true about Nikki taking time off after wrestlemania we’re not going to have anyone to look forward to seeing. Poor Eva I want them to reconsider.

    • Spiteful Dark Angel #ABliss

      “We’re”. I hope you’re speaking for yourself honey. Because I know I’m looking forward to watching Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Naomi, Mickie James, Carmella & Nattie.

      • MK126

        Exactly… its not like anyone’s been saying “Damn… I wish Eva Marie was part of this storyline” or “Wheres Eva? I wanna see her challenge for the belt” You can tell that SDL moved right along without her and didn’t care

        • Spiteful Dark Angel #ABliss

          Mhmm. I like Eva, but that’s just too bad for her.

        • Geek God


      • PYM #TheRoadTo5


      • Geek God

        Exactly, i look forward to 90% of the other women every night lol

    • Spiteful Dark Angel #ABliss

      And if anything Eva is the one who needs to reconsider her job in WWE. They can only do so much for her.

  • Diva_Fan

    If this is true I think it’s a shame despite the negativty I always saw potential in Eva . I think she was really finding her feet just before she got suspended as well her character was on point !

  • GEO

    The end of an era tbh ?
    I blame the neckbeard keyboard warriors and the 4 horsie stans for always coming at her strong
    Lmao y’all it’s just wrestling for Christ sakes….

  • Organization XIII

    Sad to see her leave. Was really rooting for to overcome.


    Sad thing is she really could have been something in the WWE all she needed was the wrestling down and I honestly could have seen her being the next Candice, Michelle and Eve (Woman who started off as model then turn into amazing wrestler)

    But hey…. if she wants to sell sun glasses as a career, Gurl go a head and make that money

  • tHUGLIFElina
    • TorrieTrishStacyLita

      Bitch lmaoooo!!!!

  • ssilva872

    I somehow have no tears..

    She was gone already so nothing really changed.

  • Montel Porter
    • Kvngbalor

      I wish they would do her like this frfr lol

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      The way Alicia took her by the head lol

      • Yvonnelgallegos

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    • YonceLuvsDivas

      Omg that was hilarious

    • MK126

      This looked WAY too real so I wouldn’t be shocked if this wasn’t planned LOL

      • TorrieTrishStacyLita

        Damn right. I got up in there and pulled her wig a little too ?

        • MK126

          Its like in ring hazing/ribbing ??? everyone beating her was prolly mad she was wrestling with no experience so this was their opportunity to legit beat her ass

    • Exotic

      LMAO this cracked me up

    • C Mack

      Deaaaaaaaaaaaaad. That looks like an episode of Bad Girls Club! Lmfao??

  • Kvngbalor

    Im happy she’s gone beautiful girl who never gave a damn bout wrestling she rolled with the punches and stuck it out to get where she wanted to be and everyone saw straight through her fans and other roster members all saw her for who she was an opportunist she won’t be missed bring in Taeler Hendrix that’s a red head i would love to see in WWE and Mandy Rose who is just as beautiful yet actually can and wants to wrestle the Emmalina character would be perfect for Mandy

  • Glitter Bliss Banks

    Despite all the hate and negativity she got, all the slandering and abuse she gets, Eva had presence and had a way of getting under the fans skin, as a Heel she had conducted the kind of heat and response from the audience that any superstar in the company would DIE for!. People underestimate her character and he ability to play the audience big time, she knew exactly what she was doing and knew how to conduct herself and use her heat. It’s a shame because the amount of heat and reaction she drew out of people is something wrestlers dream of being able to achieve, if she kept on the path she was before she got suspended, she would have gone far!

    Yes- I thought her wrestling ability SUCKED! but it think there came a point where WWE and some of the fans accepted that she was never going to be a Charlotte or a Natalya, I think when she started again in NXT we were just excited to see her and her character radiate. I know im going to get slack for saying this but regardless of women’s wrestling revolution and the whole wrestling being superior, but I think the key with Eva was to just keep her away from the ring, keep her a character, a personality rather than an in-ring competitor. The way they used her on Smackdown was perfection! that’s is how you use someone like Eva Marie and they could of carried on going down that path and it would of worked, because the fans expect that from Eva, it fires them up and they want to hate her, therefore the heat continues to garnish.

    Eva could of been an asset for the company but I kinda feel her Husbanger, who I have been vocal about before got too much involved with WWE politics, which I think is what not to do when your working for a company like WWE, a company that wants to control your image and every asset whilst your under contract, Jonathan comes across to domineering and I feel he tries to crave her in his image? it’s how it looks on TD and Instagram atleast. Eva seems like a smart businesswoman that knows what she wants so I wish her luck, WWE may not be her calling but there will be something that is.

    • Kvngbalor

      She gets too much credit blowing kisses at fans is about all she did they hate her has nothing to do with character they saw right through her she lacked interest and it showed getting head by playing your role i.e Vickie i.e Stephanie and being bood cause fans despise you in general is two diff things

      • Glitter Bliss Banks

        But she was still a personality on TV/playing up to a “character” on WWE programing . She was hated, she knew it, the company knew it and everyone lapped it up. She knew her role and she played up to it. Blowing kisses was all she really needed to do though to get the crowd pissed, everyone legit hated her which is actually what makes her different to say Vickie and Steph, this was raw emotion she was playing up to which makes it more intense, Vickie and Steph are TV characters that leave their work in the ring and they go home, Eva carried this with her 24/7. Her head wasn’t in the game I give you that and it did rub me the wrong way too, but I have to give her credit for sticking around and playing with the hate she got, because I wouldn’t of, it was scary some of the comments I would see fans write to her, it takes someone different o laugh in the face of hate, specially in this business.

      • Geek God

        You blocked me ???

    • Carolution

      getting heat due to fans seeing right through you isn’t the same as being hated like vikki was for being a great manager.

      that heat also shook her for LONG time and it got to her also and she couldn’t hide that.

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  • A One of a Kind Collectible

    Just as she finally had a well developed interesting character. Its a real shame, had she not been suspended Alexa may never have held the title, Eva would have probably defeated Becky by shenanigans. Nevertheless we all saw this coming, so I guess best of look with all your future endeavors


  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Ugh what can I say. On one hand I’m disappointed because I was really rooting for her to turn her hater in to believers. On the other hand I’m not surprised. Wrestlemania is this weekend. Home girl hasn’t been working on getting to fan axxes or trying to at least be apart of it. She didn’t dye her back red nor has she been training. Plus the fact that total divas promo really lil to no shots of her. I wish her well and hope she continues to slay my life on Instagram.

  • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

    Yet we all forgot how they picked Rosa over Aksana.

    • trishlita721

      My God don’t go there I loved her :(

      • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

        Same < / 3

        • trishlita721

          Remember the crawl slap :(

          • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

            remember how they would beat her with shovels way back in NXT season 3

    • E-Force

      I cried a lot when she was gone, I loved her even when her wrestling abilities were meh, I remember she had a good match against Nattie tho

      • Geek God

        She also had a good match against Nikki and i liked her work with Kaitlyn too

    • Carolution

      well maybe if she didnt gain weight or break naomi’s face she still might be employed.

  • Kyle

    So much for being the “female version of the rock” that goal was short lived

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    Good riddance if that’s true.

    On her part, while she was able to develop her brand quite enough, I don’t think she left at the right time because I don’t think her fanbase is developed enough for her to go on her own. Long-term wise, I don’t think it will be as good as it could have been for her but I could be wrong.

    Nonetheless, she had no passion for this really. Her goal was to make it to Hollywood and WWE was never her main goal. Despite any long-term potential that she may have had for that company and value due to her popularity on TD, I am glad that she won’t come back on WWE programming. She wasn’t made for this and she won’t be missed.

  • No!!!! My queen needs to stay!!

  • Mike

    Not sad to see her go but deff sucks to see such wasted potential. SDLive is doing just fine without her but the heat she could’ve gained as champion especially if she cheated Becky would’ve been NUCLEAR and when Naomi beat her for the title Naomi definitely would’ve gotten over even more than she was when she won. However if she would’ve stayed who knows if Alexa Bliss would be the star she is today and Carmella definitely wouldn’t have gotten the heat she did with Nikki even though it died down and same goes for Natalya so there’s definitely a silver lining, though if Mickie would’ve returned to help Eva I think that would’ve definitely got Mickie the reaction she was looking for when she returned. Best wishes for Eva in the future

  • Cathy Kelley.

    Hope she leaves, won’t be missed. All that “progression and training” was just for Total Divas, she doesn’t even care now and she’s too worried about her own clothing line, see ya sis. http://popcrush.com/files/2015/05/mariah-wave-bye.gif

  • Bellatrix Lestrange

    This doesn’t surprise me.

  • Gabby M.

    Not really surprised it seemed a like she put an effort training with Brian Kendrick but seems more focused on Hollywood then the WWE.

  • LaurenYorkStan
    • B J

      Whose that?

    • A One of a Kind Collectible

      I love Anna Nicole Smith!

      • LaurenYorkStan

        Are we fighting?

        • A One of a Kind Collectible

          Hey, she looks like a young Anna in that black dress, Besides no one should feel shamed to be compared to Anna, queen paved the way for trashy reality series and hot messes

          • LaurenYorkStan

            She don’t and why you disrespecting the dead um

          • A One of a Kind Collectible

            I’m not disrespecting the dead, I love Anna Nicole, but she was a hot mess, she herself knew it and marketed herself in that way. Plus her reality show was undeniably trashy. And yeah she did look like her in that black dress

          • B J

            Is that Molly Holly?

          • LaurenYorkStan
          • A One of a Kind Collectible

            Ohhh miss thing! The Library is open! ahaha

          • LaurenYorkStan

            I’M SCREAMING

    • Gayomi.

      No the phone lines have been disconnected

      • LaurenYorkStan


  • #Justice4Cameron They were both considered the same by many, but Cameron was passionate about her career. She was improving and put on good matches at the end of her run.

    • LaurenYorkStan

      Cameron deserved to stay tbh here it is Eva leaving and Paige is acting a nut ass fool Cameron was coming along really good with wrestling and was very entertaining on Total Divas she would be slaying rn on SD

      • Girl I know. Cameron was the life of that show. But they canned her yet kept monotone asses Brie and Eva. Also Paige boring ass.

        • LaurenYorkStan

          They not even showing all the Paige mess like ugh do they even want ratings?

        • LaurenYorkStan

          After this season Brie needs the boot they got too many girls to keep ha we got Nikki she can just be a friend of the show after she have Birdie Joe

    • mking2590

      Cameron did not have passion for wrestling

    • Joseph

      If Cameron had passion for wrestling she would still be training and wrestling on the Indies.

      • wwepassion

        Charlotte doesn’t have passion for wrestling but she is here because she’s getting the easy treatment unlike Cameron.

        • Joseph

          You can’t compare Charlotte to Cameron.

          • wwepassion

            Yes I can the fuck? None had passion, difference is Charlotte had it easy since day one Cameron didn’t .

          • Joseph

            No she didn’t Charlotte has the pleasure of living up to her Dad and two brothers.

          • wwepassion


          • Joseph

            How can you not understand that?

          • wwepassion

            That made absolutely no sense, what I’m getting is you trying to dig your way out of me giving you facts that Both Cameron and Charlotte have no passion for wrestling, but Charlotte had it easy since day one so she’s not going anywhere. I debunked what you said about Cameron.

          • Joseph

            Did you guys forgot why Charlotte starting wrestling???

          • wwepassion

            It wasn’t because she has passion. I remember her saying she wanted to give it a try and plus for her dad. Still doesn’t change that she didn’t get into WWE because she loves wrestling so it really doesn’t matter ya know.

          • Joseph

            She didn’t start wrestling for her dad seriously you guys clearly forgot why she went in. Do some research.

          • wwepassion

            I heard her interview bro she said apart was for her dad and because she just wanted to try it. Like I said it doesn’t matter because it wasn’t her passion that led her to join WWE end of story.

          • Joseph

            It was Reid who push her into wrestling not Ric. Reid saw that she really wasn’t doing anything with her life and push her to try it.

          • wwepassion

            I know what I heard and like I said it was passion that led her here case closed.

        • LaurenYorkStan


          • wwepassion


          • LaurenYorkStan


      • How can you tell that, old man? Not everybody wants to wrestle in dirty high school gyms. She values herself enough to not do that. You’re a real hypocrite. You claim Maria isn’t passionate about wrestling and is only on indies cause she has no other options. But in the same breath, you say Cameron isn’t passionate either because she isn’t wrestling on the indies.

        On another note, why is a man older than the entire womens division such as you so damn bothered by what they do online? Act your age and grow up.

        • Joseph

          I said Maria doesn’t need to wrestle she’s great as a manager huge fucking differences.

        • LaurenYorkStan


        • Joseph

          I’m in same age group as most of the women in WWE.

        • Gayomi.


  • LaurenYorkStan

    I would love for
    Or all to replace her tbh she was boring as shit on Total Divas even when she was the so called antagonist I wanted to fall asleep on her monotoned voice no personality having ass and her busted ass husband was just as annoying like I get you’re not a good wrestler but damn bitch at least have a little personality…not asking for a whole bunch

    • Pearlita Marie McGee

      Omg Imagine Maria becoming the new all red everything. <3

  • Hardly a shock and not bothered either way…

  • After rumors started circling around about Eva supporting Trump, I stopped giving a damn about her. But I always had a soft spot for her just for the fact that she had the so called ‘smarks’ mad as hell for just existing. Cameron too.

    • Gayomi.


  • B J


  • Don ???

    I hope for the best in her future if the news is true. I always felt Eva was more suited as a heel valet than an in-ring competitor. She reminded me so much of Carmella DeCesare from the 2004 Diva Search. A heat magnet. A lot potential lost unfortunately.

  • Ronnieboi_M

    Oh man. Eva will get DRAGGED if this is true. People always suspected she was in it for fame. I do like her in a “curious to see improvement” sort of way. But honestly, most fans were never gonna give her a chance. NOBODY will ever get heat like she did. That heat was magic.

  • She really maximized the platform WWE gave her. You can’t deny that. She crossed over more than anyone else from Total Divas.

  • Joseph

    Na na na na
    Na na na na
    Hey hey hey

  • John Finnie

    Had to laugh at her 4 year sober post lol she made AA quotes & that means abstinent not popinpiping pulls then getting suspended for it #fool #dontinsultcleanpeople #AA #CA #NA

    • She got suspended for adderall, not alcohol you twat.

  • PYM #TheRoadTo5

    After all that hard work she just wants to up and leave? I seriously hope this isn’t true because she was making me into a believer.

    • LaurenYorkStan


      • PYM #TheRoadTo5

        She was trained by Brian Kendrick and was down in NXT for a year for goodness sake. She was obviously down there to improve, and she did.

    • Joseph

      What hard work? she clearly didn’t give a shit about wrestling.

      • PYM #TheRoadTo5

        I believe she was starting to care. She was doing well down in NXT, then became somewhat entertaining on Smackdown. It’s sad if all that build up to see her actually wrestle, never gets to be shown. I was really looking forward to the “new and improved” Eva.

  • #Hooligan ?

    Not a big loss.

  • wwepassion

    What a waste of time…..Really WWE? You know what you were getting when you decided to make her skip NXT and go straight to the main roster? The fuck?

  • Carlos?#canigetarefill


  • Call Up Asuka NOW

    I was hoping Sasha , Alexa , Charlotte and Eva would be the top 4 heels and Becky , Bayley , Mickie and Nikki would be the top 4 faces but oh well

  • AllWrestlingMatters

    Even Rosa Mendes Has Had More Of A Career Than Eva Marie

    • Rosa Had OVW & FCW Storylines
    • Rosa Managed Superstars
    • Had A Storyline With Beth & Melina
    • Had A Few Matches On SD

    Anyways Eva Marie Knew What She Was Doing That Red Hair Made Her Stand Out From The Rest Of The Women & Gave Her Outside Opportunities So I’m Sure She Could Care Less About WWE

    • Pearlita Marie McGee

      Rosa even won something in FCW

  • Bryskers

    I’m not an Eva hater nor a fan. I believe she could have been something, but i’m surely not gonna shed any tears on this news. Looking back on her “career”, she probably deserved less than what WWE gave her.

    If this is true, then I wish her the best.

  • @disqus_eLxTFgdDI9:disqus You’re old as shit. Why you creating multiple accounts on this website and always hating on Cameron, and then stanning the likes of Carmella in the same breath?

    You’re a gotdamn hypocrite and you need to go.

  • Connor Johnston

    Good riddance. Eva Marie was just another in a long line that used WWE to get into other media.
    She had zero passion and was abysmal in her work in every way, the only person worse was Rosa Mendes.

    • D<3

      but rosa had passion

  • glassjaw

    Thank you Jesus.

    But she won’t be the last of her type to wander through WWE.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Chile the news today is hot!! I forgot we hadn’t seen that dead to the bed ass wig since August.

    Cameron girl your time to reclaim the throne is NOW!


  • Oh Eva Marie! You nailed it! You reach the top of the mountain gaining WWE success and now you can go to do some other movies instead, but please NEVER wrestle again, for christ sake!

  • Vito

    Nooooo I was actually excited for her return

    • Pearlita Marie McGee

      same :<

  • AllWrestlingMatters
    • Carolution

      lawls at the “potential” part.

  • TorrieTrishStacyLita

    Girl if you wanna use WWE as a stepping stone, AT LEAST get a championship reign out of it. Follow this Queen #BluePrint


  • Exotic

    I genuinely was rooting for her last year and now she gonna leave me hanging? Bitch literally proved all the smarks right.

    • Geek God


  • Stef’

    Do you really call her Marie like that’s her last name ?

    That article is the most WTF ever on this site, shame on who wrote that “speculations among the WWE universe” SERIOUSLY !? What kind of source is that ? And WWE made Emmalina on RAW to replace Eva Marie from SmackDown ? Please…

  • Lily #BuyCrazyIsMySuperpower

    Who is she?

  • Yuri Castrovinci #GoddessGabi

    she had massive potencial to be iconic

  • Instant Classic ?

    SMH at the Rock’s promoted girls falling out –.–

    • Geek God


  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    I’m so glad honestly. I’m done with Eva. All the off time and perfect schedule that she gets she wouldn’t even be training. You can preach all day long “I want to be the best” but if you don’t do the work, no.

    Please be true. I’m over her.

    • Timalee

      Someone who wants to be on top without doing the work. Even when in the WWE it seemed like her priorities was not wrestling. It was either her extensions brand, or photo shoots, or movies, or other things. Then she doesn’t really even promote on her page about WWE unless if she’s called out on it.

  • Timalee

    I’m glad she’s gone. She really wasn’t anything special other than her red hair. To me she just used the WWE as a stepping stone and more or less will never step foot in another wrestling ring. Completely won’t give her no mind. This definitely gets rid of the rumors of them putting the title on her. Happy she’s basically leaving now.

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian



  • Gail-Rollins Fan

    I knew they were just holding off on announcing her departure until it airs on Total Divas.

  • Brett A. Wolfe

    THIS IS AWESOME! clap clap clapclapclap THIS IS AWESOME!

  • Geek God

    Not surprised she never did have passion, once this is confirmed im deleting her off my social media, she doesn’t deserve to use the wrestling fans to gain fame

    • Stef’

      She’s 100% about her clothing business, boring. She reminds me of Kaitlyn somehow.

      • Kaitlyn’s different… She left WWE for a man that she’s ironically getting divorced from soon.

      • Geek God

        Kaitlyn made me mad lol i was her biggest fan ever since she accidentally won that battle royal, but her lack off passion and wanting to focus on outside projects caused her to leave wwe prematurely just like Eva now

        • D<3

          no she had passion and wanted to do so many things. she has spoken out about wwe shooting down her ideas or getting in trouble for taking “dangerous spots” she had passion but wwe put her down which is why i see why she quit for her man. i mean i would too if the company i was putting my body on the line for treated me like shit and i was the divas champion at the time.

        • Stef’

          I felt the same, I even bought her t-shirt and she left the month afterwards… All those “booty scrunch” pics and the total absence of reaction to big events in women wrestling made me unfollow her.

        • Carolution

          thats not why kaitlyn left, she left because vince wanted her to thin up and she wasn’t being used so she wanted out, among other reasons also and kaitlyn was passionate about wwe.

  • Geek God

    Like gosh we bashed Kelly Kelly and that girl was Much more passionate and lasted Mich longer than Eva Marie smh

  • Allyn

    I really was rooting for her I feel she could have done something interesting, but if she leaves then she leaves, but you never know maybe this is a troll yet again, even if all the clues point to this being true sadly. There will never be anyone who will get the amount of heat that she did, that is and will always be her greatest achievement ?

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    Well Eva might be done with WWE but she’ll be fine, this girl is creating her brand & she can be a movie star any day. I’m not going to miss her, nor will I hate on her ever.

  • If that is the case, she wasted people’s time and took a spot from more deserving women. I was actually rooting for her. Drag her.

  • StraightFire


  • Raekon

    To be honest, I think this was the best thing she could do at this Point cause after the second ridicoulos suspension and then not letting her return because they didn’t knew what to do with her was a huge waste of time.
    Find also the statement that they won’t renew her contract hilarious since she already gave them up around 2 months ago when she took out the wwe part of her name in social media indicating that she was done wasting her time waiting for no reason at all. :p
    Also to the people blaming her for being in a ring without Training: don’t blame her, blame the wwe that immediately throw her into a ring to promote total divas.
    She and jojo were actually hired for the total divas to even start with.
    After her Training with Brian she had a few decent to good matches down in NXT and after she embraced the fans hate, she turned into a good heel character.
    I personaly loved the gimmick with the announcer when SD Live had started.
    Anyway, I wish her all the best on everything she does in the future!

    • Carolution

      eva is a waste from the get go. jojo was a natural in the ring yet shes announcing yet eva sucked at everything wwe gave her. she wasn’t even a great heel character or she’d have been like vikki and worked off it but no eva was shook by the heat for a long time and didnt shake it off.

  • Lushluke


  • Jouey

    Nooooooooooooo ??????

  • Kiana Taylor
    • Shan

      Damn. That’s probably the first time I genuinely feel like that move did damage.

  • willh


    Like we didn’t see this coming…………. ANYWAY, lets move on to something more important

  • Victoria&Melina19

    If this is true, that would be a shame because I was actually rooting for Eva

  • MeddlingDiva

    I’ll say something positive…I loved her personality on Total Divas

  • Jordy

    Good riddance. You all need to realize her heat wasn’t something to be proud of. It wasn’t heel heat like Vickie Guerrero had. It was “you suck, go away” heat.

    The biggest problem with Eva is that she was terrible at playing her Jessica Rabbit character. I don’t get how she’s being booked for movies when she lacks the ability to act?

    You have other divas like Kelly Kelly, AJ (yeah I said it), Cameron, etc. who weren’t very good in the ring but they all had a good amount of charisma and stage presence.

    Eva went out there and everything felt plastic and forced. Before having her train, they should have used an acting coach to help her actually cut a promo…

  • Sable’s Bumps

    i wanted Eva to succeed so bad, i gave her the benefit of the doubt so often, and it turned out like this. One of the most embarrassing WWE careers ever, for both her and the WWE. But they both got what they wanted in the end i suppose; wwe gave Eva a platform to be noticed and with that the wwe got into some high end events, namely with fashion. Still tho…..damn.

  • Cory Stewart

    What a waste of time! And MONEY! WWE stop giving contracts to models! Trish was just luck.

    so glad she is gone! I hope her fashion line quickly declines and her movies bomb! Cause im a dick like that who has always been offended by people who use the company as a steping stone when, she was living another girls dream!

  • Whalenx

    I called it when she dyed her hair black. Sure it was for a movie but I felt like that hinted her end.

    She was a waste of talent anyway. Couldn’t even make a slap believable.

  • QueenSableBomb

    I’m shocked she lasted this long. Girl had nothing, nada. I wonder what WWE saw in her

  • Jouey

    She’ll be back one day! And she will be champ!


    • Carolution

      no she wont be back and rightfully so

  • D<3

    hopefully maria comes to sd and snatches that spot or they bring back cameron.