Below are spoilers for this week’s episode of WWE Main Event, airing internationally and on Hulu.


* Dana Brooke defeated Alicia Fox.


  • LaurenYorkStan

    And this couldn’t be on a 3 hour Raw because????

    • Tunasha

      Becasue is meaningless? I’m all for more time and matches for the women but unless they start a storyline between them, this is just random match suited better for Main Event.

      • LaurenYorkStan

        Then what has Raw been for the last past years?

        • Yvonnelgallegos

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        • MK126

          As Nia said last night “Charlotte, Sasha and Bayley dealing with their high school drama and passing around the title”

        • Tunasha

          Doesn’t matter how bad the booking is, they getting storylines. So if Dana and Foxy can get one I don’t see a problem with them being on RAW. But they aren’t SO yea, their match its best suited for Main Event.

      • Cathy Kelley.

        They have useless and pointless segments/matches every week on Raw, I really don’t understand your point.

        • Tunasha

          My point is, despite bad booking or whatever excuse people try to find, I still prefer the women being used in storylines than some random matches. Besides Dana and Alicia will get more time in their match at Main Event than they would have gotten at RAW.

  • Rose

    Alicia already beat Dana Brooke 3x times as a face so I’m not surprised Dana won here as the face and Alicia has a heel what’s the point of Alicia winning as heel when there’s no real angle or storyline they have going on.


    DANA’s first win !!!!! I’m so happy !
    Yet this couldn’t have took place on Raw…..

  • So that “storyline” with Charlotte didn’t even last a week. Glad Dana got a win, even though beating Alicia means nothing, and vice versa. Hopefully they’re both heading to SD as soon as the next draft is on.

    • conan_kun

      Emma should go to Smackdown. I wonder if Dana cost Charlotte a match at Mania to continue their storyline.

      • ThePeaceVibe.

        I assume Dana will have something to do with Charlotte at Mania, but it really is annoying how Raw is so wishy washy when it comes to Dana/Charlotte continuation.

        • ralfikh

          Right?! How trashy they treat Dana.. She deserve better booking.. Her dominant character wont evolve if she got beaten by easy moveset and poor booking

      • Joseph

        RAW lacks depth why move Emma to Smackdown.

        • Cathy Kelley.

          Because Raw can’t even use her.

          • Joseph

            She hasn’t done anything yet on RAW.

          • Cathy Kelley.

            Thanks for proving my point.

    • I need Dana to cost Char the match so she would have something to do other than a title match. Basically a KO & Y2J like thing

    • Joseph

      Nobody said her storyline with Charlotte is over.

      • I didnt either but if they want to follow it up it makes zero sense them not to interact for weeks and then just restart it. See how they went for Nia vs Sasha.

    • Juri Han

      When the next draft is set to be?

      • No idea but whenever it is these two better get drafted.

        • Juri Han

          Wish no woman stays in RAW except for Sasha Char and Bayley LOL

        • Juri Han

          Because theses three is a safe place xD

        • Juri Han

          In a safe place *

  • FadedPaige

    I saw the Main Event spoiler title and literally guessed the correct match and outcome before reading the actual spoilers. I don’t really mind because personally I really like Dana but why couldn’t this have been on the 3 hours of RAW.

    • Joseph

      It was better off on Main Event.

  • Billie Kay

    Queen Dana squashing local jobbers

    • Who are better than her in each and every way.

  • Vince Martin

    They just need to stop with main event…even it is becoming predictable and stale

  • conan_kun

    Remember Alicia keep beating Dana on Main Event a few times

  • Asa Loves You

    I don’t know what I expected lol

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    I’m not even going to watch, Alicia was just winning months ago, she’s back to job Dana but no reasons behind.

  • Raekon

    Dana and Alicia are trading wins on main Event.
    At least it gives them something to do and we are still getting an additional match here and there to watch. -_-

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      We still haven’t seen Nia Jax vs Charlotte, Nia Jax vs Dana and Emma vs everyone on the Raw roster.

  • Sass.

    Whilst it would’ve been nice to see both these ladies on Raw, I’m glad we’re seeing them at all. They’ll probably have been given more time on Main Event to.

    I like both ladies, but I think Dana needed a win more. Hope she used the Samoan Driver. Would be cool if it was named to!

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      Dana Drop sounds fine to me.

      • Joseph

        Dana Driver

  • should be good

  • TabbyK

    Lol this is the second time they’ve turned Dana against Charlotte and just dropped it so Charlotte can go back to fighting for the title. I would laugh forever if they put them back together again like nothing happened.

  • Crazy. #RIPMae

    Yessss. About time Dana won. Her last win was against Bayley I think. She better be the babyface in this match and Alicia the heel cause if not then what was the point of the Charlotte/Dana thing? And Alicia has been playing heel on Live Events so.

  • Don ???

    I’m assuming Dana is a face now. I’m cool with it. ^-^ Not opposed to it at all.

  • Joseph

    Alicia Fox is pretty much a utility player in WWE.

    • KatyaMenelli

      And that’s sad because she’s really talented in and out of the ring.

  • glassjaw

    Not overly excited based on the showings these two have had in the past. Still yet to see something from Dana which doesn’t make me wish she was banished from being in the ring altogether.

  • *in my Asuka voice*

    Alicia foo?? She work here??

    • trishlita721

      This cracked me up!!!

  • Poor Alicia.

  • Timalee

    This show still exists? And I think it’s time for Alicia to go. She’s been made to be the jobber and there’s no way of making her credible anymore. If WWE wanted to make her big, they would had continued on during and after her first title run. But she’s really no threat to anyone.

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    I didn’t even have to click on the article to already know what the match would be. I was saying in my head it’s basically gonna be Dana vs Foxxy.

  • Nathan Bootleg Kardashian

    Is Alicia a face or heel? I haven’t been keeping up.

  • Same match from the past editions of Main Event for the Women’s, except for the result, glad that Dana won but FOR WHAT?