Earlier today, SHIMMER was a part of the WWN Experience at WrestleCon with their 91st volume. Here are the results courtesy of Tom Richards on Twitter.

Cherry Bomb def. Alex Windsor

Britt Baker def. Veda ScottSamantha Heights & Neveah

LuFisto def. Leva Bates

Shayna Baszler def. Santana Garrett

Jessicka Havok def. Cat Power

Nicole Matthews def. Shotzi Blackheart

Vanessa Kraven & Tessa Blanchard def. Mia Yim & Kay Lee Ray to retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship

Sexy Star def. Kellyanne

Mercedes Martinez def. Candice LeRae to retain the SHIMMER Championship

The matches from SHIMMER 91 will be available soon on ClickWrestle.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Watched the iPPV. Was a funny kind of show. Basically, all the matches were fantastic with Matthews/Shotzi and Garcia/KellyAnne being my own personal standouts.

    However, one aspect of the show did diminish my enjoyment of it a little. Perhaps it’s because this was essentially a stand-alone ‘showcase’ kind of taping, but the results of every match ended up being uniformly predictable (with the exception of the four way, where there was no obvious winner).

    Veterans went over new talent, heels went over faces, Champions retained. It just felt a little.. static. OK, fair enough with regards to Mercedes not losing the Shimmer Title so soon after getting it back after Skater’s short run (which, as I suspect at the time, did turn out to be a ‘farewell gift’ from Shimmer ahead of her recently announced retirement). But if we’d seen just a couple of surprises prior to the title match, I might have actually believed there was a possibility of a Candice victory. Instead of watching it, 100% certain in the knowledge that her every pin was going to end in a two count.

    I think the biggest disappointment in terms of results was Nicole Matthews beating Shotzi Blackheart. Given that Shotzi is the current holder of the Rise title, it would have been a healthy rub for Shimmer’s ‘next generation’ to have their Champion defeat an established Shimmer star. Instead, and like the rest of the show, it was just another case of ‘business as usual’.

    • jim

      May be girls from Mexico will wrestle for shimmer to upgrade thier wrestling cards

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  • ?K . A . T ?

    I thought Candice might not win considering she’ll probably be in the wwe women’s tourney that’s happening this year. And I can’t wait until Savoy gets back in the ring!

  • I loved SHIMMER from 2008-2012 … it feels not the same anymore..

    maybe because you can have access to so much womens wrestling now on YT… back then SHIMMER was THE promotion as far as Womens Wrestling goes. Every small Indy Promotion has womens titles now… i miss the Days when Del Rey & MsChif where around.