WWE has taped several weeks worth of NXT. Spoilers below.


Airing April 12th

* The show opens with a “Takeover: Orlando” recap. There’s also a new intro video and theme song.

* Ruby Riot defeated Kimberly Frankele, formerly known as Kimber Lee. Ruby controls the match until Nikki Cross comes out from the crowd. Kimberly tries to take advantage of the distraction but Ruby bounces right back. Nikki looks on smiling as Ruby picks up the win.

Airing April 19th

* Liv Morgan and Aliyah defeated Peyton Royce and Billie Kay in a sloppy match. Aliyah got the win for her team with a roll up.

Airing April 26th

* Nikki Cross came to the ring during the opening NXT chant. She got out of the ring and knelt down by Dasha Fuentes and called out Ruby Riot on the mic. Nikki told Ruby to come out and play. Ruby came down and they brawled around ringside. Nikki threw Ruby into the stairs as referees ran down to break it up. Nikki jumped off the stairs onto Ruby and security. Refs got them separated as a “let them fight” chant breaks out.

* Ruby Riot came out for a match but Nikki Cross attacked her during her entrance. They brawled around ringside again. Refs and security try to separate them but Ruby jumped off the stage onto Nikki. Refs carried Nikki away to stop the brawl.


  • LaurenYorkStan

    This is nasty as hell

  • conan_kun

    So Asuka and Ember feud may only appear on non-taping backstage segment again. Billie and Peyton still on 50-50 bookings.

  • Tunasha

    So they can’t do more than once storyline at a time or what? Dissapointing there’s not in ring time from both Asuka and Ember. As for the other 4 girls, they seem so lost in the shuffle, are we going to have another mini feud between them? What was the purpose of that tag match?

    Anyways, I like they are at least building Nikki vs Ruby. Their singles match should be awesome!

  • Moz za

    I assume ember and asuka got called up as a part of superstar shakeup

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    This Ruby and Nikki feud sounds like life! Omg I’m loving the battle of the crazy chicks.

  • TotalDivasMark

    Why does there always have to be so many people missing from the tapings when we have such a large division? For the past couple, many of the women weren’t here and now the two major stars of the division aren’t even present -_-

  • Don ???

    Some things never change. ? The only way for NXT to fix their continuity issues and FULLY utilize their Women’s Division is to increase their air time to 2 hours, because I feel 1 hour is crippling everyone. Do the men have this issue as well? I only pay attention to the women so I don’t know. I’m excited for Ruby vs Nikki though. Ruby’s career is starting off really well, and it’s great Nikki is getting screentime and another storyline.

    • Organization XIII

      An hour is enough. It worked before. The issue isn’t the time

  • PYM #TheRoadTo5

    While this looks lackluster, I am liking that they are somewhat further building up a feud between Ruby (Lovelace) and Nikki. I expect them to have a one on one match for the next Takeover.

  • Wicked Bliss

    I like it. Brawling and fighting outside the ring suit Nikki and Ruby’s characters unlike other women wrestlers.

  • Next NXT Champ

    sorry but IMO ruby , Kimber Lee and all them have no chance in getting over especially on main roster

    • howie_ruhl

      Just screen capped this since people said the same thing about Charlotte and Bayley because they looked “non-traditional.” Your opinion shall be verified by the future. ;)

    • Wicked Emma #WickedGirl

      You don’t know that.

    • Kvngbalor

      I remember when ppl said this bout all the 4HW when they were first signed now they eat their words Ruby has a alternative look that fans can relate to and Kimber Lee has the girl next door type of beauty both will do well

      • Aye Mate

        Bayley got compared to a basic CAW when signed, Sasha was dogged for her hair and Charlotte was body shamed; they’re now the biggest female household names WWE has ever had in years, who’ve equally gone on to accomplish feats which will set the precedent for women to follow in the future.

        Ruby and Kimber have come under similar scrutiny, some remarks even verging homophobia, which I find surprising given the huge gay fan base women’s wrestling has.

      • Next NXT Champ

        Well we will see I just don’t think they will succeed

    • Asa Loves You

      This applies more to Aliyah and Liv honestly.

      • Summer_Slay #KellyToSaveRAW

        the same liv thats been working live events for RAW ?

    • Darren C. #Anti-Marks ?

      They are more likely than Ember.

      • Next NXT Champ


  • Rose Márie ?

    Billie better not have taken that roll up.

  • K. W. M.

    Have a feeling they gave up on the Iconic Duo! Had high hopes they would be in the title picture and now they even job for Liv and Aliyah! Really disappointed!

    • Wicked Emma #WickedGirl

      Just because they lost doesn’t mean they have giving up on The Aussies.

      • K. W. M.

        I know! But i’m completely disappointed at the moment so i am in the most negative mood i can be. Since that Peyton/Asuka match they did nothing! And it doesn’t look like this will change. And with all the womens tournament talent coming then…future doesn’t look that bright anymore for them.

        • Wicked Emma #WickedGirl

          I can see where you’re coming from. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. I hope the Aussies can debut on the main roster.

          • K. W. M.

            I’m a die hard pessimist and this makes me being afraid thinking the worst to come :/

  • Juri Han

    I was so excited before until I read THIS ….
    Quit watching NXT forever !!

  • 3???????

    Asuka booking

    1.Shows up a week before a special
    2.Squash some random who isn’t on the roster
    3.wins her match at the special , match consist of kicks and hip attack . Oh and one German suplex.
    4. Disappears for 3 weeks .
    5. Noh buhdy retdey
    6. Repeat

    This is the definition of OVERRATED!

    • Laquane Anderson


      • Bettygbenson

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      • Jackiedchilds

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      • Christinehjonas

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    • Organization XIII

      Screaming @ #5. I can’t

      • KatyaMenelli

        lol YYASSS! I died!

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      Even Undertaker shows more vulnerability :D

    • A?.

      Why is this so true?

    • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

      I disagree, she’s the champion and the reason she’s special is because she’s not there every week. This is also the way to keep her undefeated without squashing the rest of the division.

      • A?.


      • 3???????

        She’s already done so …

      • Angelica Marie MoNae

        Or to completely seclude her from the division she is supposed to be carrying on and leading after Bayley left.

        • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

          The division is not something one wrestler carry. I’m sure Asuka is not a leader in the locker room, she can’t speak english so she just shows up, kick ass and move foward. She’s the best champion in a while, making the champion loose outside of championship defenses or important matches is what RAW & SD does and for that reason they could look weak. NXT is keeping her undefeated record intact, she’s not squashing girls weekly giving others the opportunity to show up and grow. She’s the ultimate boss, like in the video games. You have to get pass them but you don’t see them everytime.

          • Angelica Marie MoNae

            I know one wrestler can’t carry the division but one girl who destroys everyone in the division tears the division down, it doesn’t build it or asuka up. This isn’t a videogame this is wrestling entertainment and a champion that shows up only for takeovers isn’t entertaining.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            I can see you only follow wrestling, in other sports, the champion will fight only when they defend the belt and the rest have to climb the rakings ladder to get the opportunity. Asuka defends her belt in all PPVs, might show up once per month in the actual show to promote her championship match but she’s already developed so instead of showcasing her dominance yet again is good that NXT takes time to build another wrestler like Billie, Peyton, Ember, Nikki Cross, Ruby Riot and even Liv & Aliyah. It should be about the rest of the girls trying to get to Asuka.

          • Angelica Marie MoNae

            No I don’t watch other sports but wrestling isn’t like other sports nor should it try to be. People don’t want a wrestling boss video game character, they want a fighting champion that shows up even when the title isn’t on the line.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            Fighting champions defend their belt every PPV, Asuka is already that. I think you are using the term “boss video game character” incorrectly. That is not a character, Asuka will still be this successfull wrestler that ends up turning heel because she feels invincible now resorting to dirty tactics to keep her important undefeated streak and belt. What being the “ultimate boss” does for her and the whole division is that creates hierarchy. This shows who is at the bottom, who is at the upper side of the ladder and how to get to the champion.
            How is this helpful? Well, it develops the rest of the competition and the girls that are at the bottom would need to climb the ladder to get to the champion. The story is always about the contender, how they get there but once the champion is able to retain it builds her as well. How did you believe Charlotte’s PPV streak got to be something important about her? First she was just retaining the belt against her contenders, it had nothing to do with her character or storyline, then it was an extension of her. The rest were also built while being contenders and turning into bitter rivals.

          • Angelica Marie MoNae

            What I meant by carry is when Becky, Sasha, and Charlotte left NXT Bayley was left to lead the division and move it forward without 3 of it’s biggest stars. After asuka beat Bayley she was selected for the role of leading the division but she hadn’t done anything but hold it back and keep anything from moving forward.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            This makes no sense, everyone says great things about Bayley backstage. Bayley doesn’t control the creative team, while Bayley was there, Alexa, Carmella, Nia & Asuka got their chance and she sold them as threats. That’s all she could do.

          • Angelica Marie MoNae

            No Bayley did great while she was there. I’m talking about since asuka took over. I was saying asuka burried and tore down what Bayley and the other 4 horsewoman established at nxt.

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            I don’t think Asuka is the leader of the division because she can’t comunicate with the rest. She doesn’t even show up every week.

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      Her abilities her overrated? Please… Poor booking don’t equal poor abilities. She’s arguably the most charismatic woman WWE have NXT and MR combined. WWE’s best in-ring female talent as well. She’s a great talent that would have much more benefited from a better booking.

      • 3???????

        U clearly can’t read nor comprehend

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          You basically said that her booking was bad and then you ended up saying that she is overrated. How is that not what you said?

          • 3???????

            I didn’t say she was overrated as a talent , her booking + her praise don’t add up THUS deeming her overrated .

    • Darren C. #Anti-Marks ?

      I always said that Asuka was useless and boring, but no one believed. Now I’m saying the same about Ember and people are not believing.

      • 3???????

        Ember and asuka are great in ring workers , we just aren’t getting anything to make us care about them

    • PYM #TheRoadTo5

      ew at these upvotes… Asuka isnt overrated. She wrestles circles around every woman on NXT right now. I’d even say better than Ember.

      • 3???????

        Never said she was overrated as a wrestler , her booking doesn’t add up to the praise she’s been getting as of late . She hasn’t even put on a 5 star match yet

        • PYM #TheRoadTo5

          Her match with Ember just this past weekend was 5 star!!!!! get out of here!!!

          • 3???????

            Match full of kicks lmao

          • PYM #TheRoadTo5

            omg you dont know what ring psychology is then. because that match was a solid 5 star match.

          • 3???????

            Eh ok your opinion

          • PYM #TheRoadTo5

            Popular opinion*

    • Luigi Anthony

      OKAY I’M DEADD “Noh budhy retdey”

  • 3???????

    Nikki and ruby booking in the next coming weeks >>> asuka last 12 months

  • Ronald Dotson

    It seems like after the Paige, Emma, and four horsewomen era in NXT the women’s division is a mess there’s no continuence NXT really needs to rebrand their women’s division cause all the girls can wrestle a great match it’s just like a big ass tsunami right now

  • Dionte Brown

    So they aren’t going to continue the askua/ember feud?

  • Organization XIII

    Hopefully there’s since backstage segments of Ember & Asuka. Otherwise it’s just as thought. They are going to continue on relying on the fact they both are very talented in the ring instead of telling a story for us to invest in

  • iOwnThatSonOfABitch

    I need to see Mandy Rose.

  • Kvngbalor

    I remember before the draft the tapings looked like this the stars who were getting called up was nowhere in sight … Hmmm

  • YonceLuvsDivas

    Honestly I’m tired of seeing the same women do the same thing with NXT. Like the Ruby and Nikki feud is good news. But everybody else is suffering. Why do we barely see the champ. What is the of The Iconic Duo, Ember, Aliyah and Liv Morgan? They all seem to be working pretty much towards nothing? Where is Mandy, Daria, Binky, Macey, Daniella, and Sarah? NXT needs some serious help. These are questions I shouldn’t be having.

  • Zayniac. #Emre

    Honestly I like these tapings!

    Yes, they don’t involve Asuka, but we still have the next tapings before NXT Takeover: Chicago and I am staying positive until further notice. I like how they didn’t stop Nikki vs. Ruby feud and actually turned this into a singles feud instead of a stables feud, which gives more exposure to both of the women especially Ruby. What I do like a lot also is that both got the upper hand of each other in one episode, which makes the feud come across more intense.

    As I said I like these tapings and can’t wait for the upcoming ones and see if Asuka is going to do something significant with Ember or her next challenger.

    • A?.

      Asuka will get a match against some jobber, Ember will come out and both will stare each other down then we get a Chicago match! Can’t wait, yay..

  • Kelly/Asuka???RainbowGoddess!

    Ruby and Nikki are way more interesting than Peyton and who? Tbh

    • Mark

      My shoe is more entertaining then those two tbh

    • A?.

      I guess they didn’t teach you how to read.

    • Darren C. #Anti-Marks ?

      Ruby and Cross >>> Peyton & Billie >>> Asuka and Ember

    • KatyaMenelli

      can’t take you seriously with Kelly Kelly and Kana right next to each other…

  • Asa Loves You

    Boring tbh. At least they’re going somewhere with Ruby and Nikki. Will likely lead to a match in Chicago, but they need something else. No in-ring appearances from Asuka or Ember, same old thing with the other girls. They should start using the other girls they have. Daria, Mandy, Sarah, Macey, etc. Just do something.

  • Marcia Brady

    I’m hoping this is a sign that Asuka, Peyton & Billie are all going to the main show, that’s my only glimmer of hope I can have.

  • Rose Márie ?

    It’s going on almost 2 years and we still don’t know Liv Morgan or Aliyah finisher.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      Or their personalities besides smiling all the time :D It’s quite bad.

    • Queen of Spark

      Actually just Aaliyah. Liv had that guillotine as a finisher and a spinning kick.

      • Rose Márie ?

        But she never was consisnt with any of them moves and she used the spinning kick like twice and the guillotine isn’t really a finisher to me since everyone basically uses it in the women’s division. The only thing I see is that could possibly indicate is the running bulldog she uses.

    • In the Indies, Aliyah’s finisher WAS a “Moonsault,” but Lita has kinda killed that move as a finisher for any other woman in WWE.

  • Vito

    And no progression for ember vs asuka….

  • No Ember and Asuka continuation? Typical NXT…..

  • nbvyvjhvghv

  • Why tf would they let the two blandest girls in the division win over the Aussies?

  • conan_kun
    • Gabriella Panajotova

      No. Far too early. They are just now starting to find their spot and characters.

    • Aye Mate

      They go to the main roster now they’ll produce the same bland matches that Alexa and Dana Brooke have. Nowhere near as abysmal as the latter, but definitely not at the level they should be. NXT needs them for just a while longer.

    • Darren C. #Anti-Marks ?

      No. They still need a lot of experience. If this happens they will be equal to Alexa or even worse.

      • A?.

        They have been wrestling for 9-10 years, lmfao. What lack of experience are you talking about? It’s not their fault that WWE has watered down their moveset. Next.

  • ?K . A . T ?

    Seems pretty dull, bar the Nikki/Ruby stuff.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Nikki/Ruby has got to be a feud that ends up having a crazy stipulation that was never done by the women before. The intensity seems high enough and their characters are more hardcore than usual.

  • Diva_Fan

    Bar the Nikki and Ruby stuff everything else is trash were the hell is Asuka and Ember ??

  • Lushluke

    I want Mandy to save my soul

  • Aye Mate

    No Asuka and Ember Moon follow up? Shite.

    Great to see Nikki Cross breaking out more on her own however, and Ruby Riot getting a spot so quickly since joining NXT.

  • A?.

    Mandy and Daria just vanished, sad. Remember when we used to get two matches during these tapings? Yeah, me too. It’s like they lost all the interest ever since the 4hw left, lmao. So many wasted talent on this division.

  • cant wait to see these

  • Hangga

    Nxt has been mess since bayley nia alexa carmella departure to MR. Where is asuka? Where is ember? As much as i love billie and peyton these two need more dangerous gimmick.

  • Dreignz


  • Limfox #JanitorOfTalkingDivas

    I’m just baffled that they didn’t even acknowledge the Ember and Asuka match but then when it’s time for a rematch going to act like it all happened yesterday

  • Sass.

    Very disappointed in the lack of Ember/Asuka follow up. Hopefully there’ll be backstage segments at least.

    Nikki/Ruby sounds great though. Hopefully they’ll get a match at Takeover: Chicago in addition to the NXT Women’s Championship rematch.

  • Exotic


  • Stef’

    Aaliyah gets her first pifall win in forever, that should be noticed. I want them to push Billie though.

    • Queen of Spark

      …..She lost by Peyton’s bridge fisherman suplex finisher.

  • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

    I give kudos to NXT for giving us a different type of rivals. We have not seen much of character like Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross against each other. It’s refreshing.

    Regarding the rest, NXT is not the same they used to be. We hardly get two feuds going strong like in the past. I’m all to see more Liv & Aliyah because it helps them to grow, last night Aliyah looked great with Peyton so I’m all into seeing more girls and making sure the division will be stronger. This doesn’t mean that I want meaningless matches like Liv & Aliyah beating Peyton & Billie. First, Billie & Peyton are growing stars, and these looses makes them a joke while they should be going for the belt again. I would like to see Asuka vs Peyton or Asuka vs Billie one on one. Maybe a triple threat match or a first ever one on two for the belt. Second, lately the title picture is too uncertain until is close to a TakeOver event. Where is Ember after the amazing match she just had with Asuka? Asuka can dissapear so she doesn’t squash nobody and keep her undefeated record but Ember should be there kicking ass and having a “side” feud while she gets to fight Asuka for a second time.

    Let’s go back to two feuds on NXT for women, one involving the contender and another between people outside the championship picture.

    • K. W. M.

      I tell you, i really am afraid this loss for the Iconic Duo means they are giving up on them for now or are not planning to do something with them the next weeks. This is so random and i heard that even Peyton was pinned. The one they pushed most and got her a Championship match. And she wasn’t even protected in this match? Highly disappointed.

      • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

        The spoilers says it was a messy match, I have to see it. I think this is stupid because now is when Billie & Peyton are actually showing character, charisma, etc.

        • K. W. M.

          Tell me i’m reading too much into that loss, because my first reaction was “To Liv and Aliyah? They are giving up on them!” It’s just one loss and not more, right? They will be fine? :((

          • Miguel Orona Rodríguez

            I don’t think Liv & Aliyah are a threat at this point. Billie & Peyton solidified themselves already, finally their characters comes across smoothley.

  • Not that I’m complaining about the Nikki/Ruby development (because it IS better than nothing), but they could’ve easily put this much effort into Asuka and Ember. Like, where the fuck are they??

  • ralfikh

    This what happen when u dont use ur women on tv often.
    Seem like they forgot how to perform on tv literally.

  • Where the fuck is asuka and ember? They should ripped off that title from her, The ruby and cross feud look’s interesting and a bit extreme, but come on! Where is the champ? Also the Iconic ones, still booking horribly, now losing to liv and aliyah. Meaningless tapings.

  • John Finnie

    So no champ or challenger?? This is why NXT is getting stale only having the champ in backstage segments or squash matches
    What happened to her heel turn??
    Why didn’t Ember cut a promo in the ring about being cheated out of her win?? Get it together NXT

    Liv Morgan and Aliyah defeated Peyton Royce and Billie Kay in a sloppy match. Aliyah got the win for her team with a roll up…. I mean why even pair the two sloppy workers together keep Liv Morgan off tv & put the champ & challenger on every show

  • Radic

    Well, at least the Ruby/Nikki stuff is kicking off. Shame the most important part of the division wasn’t even mentioned. You know… THE CHAMPION?!?
    I’m sure there might be recorded segments, but still, there needs to be more interaction. Hopefully they sort themselves out for the next tapings before Chicago. But I sadly have little faith at this point.

  • Cory Stewart

    Aliyah is such a good wrestler! Give her a wider moveset and give her a push!

  • Raekon

    NXT started to become an afterthought when it comes to the women in the meantime which is VERY sad to see. We all fought so hard for years so the main roster women becomes the Attention and freedom the nxt women had and now they just reversed Things giving the main roster women more Attention while the nxt women appear whenever to do whatever, No storylines, no direction and a champ that comes by once in a while to Squash someone so we know she still exists.
    The Thing that hurt them the most was when the headwriter of nxt went to SD.
    It seems like if he were the only capable Person to put something good together while the others were like hired only because they could. Barely any skills at all and main Focus on the males only.

  • Darren C. #Anti-Marks ?

    Ruby and Nikki are the best on the NXT now, I hope they can get the chance to put a MOTN in the next TakeOver and show how superior they are over Asuka and Ember.

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    And again asuka isn’t at the tapings….. Does NXT even care about their women’s title or their champion anymore?

  • Angelica Marie MoNae

    Poor Peyton and billie…. The only heels in the division and they are losing to the bottom feeder faces.

  • John

    I wouldn’t be surprised if on Monday Asuka was on Smackdown and the iconic duo was on RAW.