Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up! After being hunted down by a train of women last week, Knockouts Champion Rosemary will be keeping a close eye to the winner of this week’s number one contender Gauntlet Battle Royal to see who will be the next challenger to her title.

Kicking off our Gauntlet style match is… Ava Storie? Wait a minute, is Brandi Lauren just not going by her previous KC Quinn persona now? The one Impact dedicated a whole introduction to on their site!? Eh, maybe this is a sign that the young star is a possible signing. Anyhow, Ava has her hands full as the second participant to this match is five-time Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. Thank you for bringing back the ‘Killer Queen’ theme song Madison!

Completely ignoring the bickering between Josh Matthews and Jeremy Borash (not this again…), the match starts off with Madison taunting the aspiring Knockout with a pat on the head. Ava slaps away Madison’s hands, whips her to the ropes and takes her down with a spinning kick when she comes back.

As Ava continues to work on Madison from a corner, the next participant Rebel makes her way to the ring. Rebel saves Madison from Ava’s attacks by landing a high kick to Ava from behind and tossing her across the ring by the hair.

Though the heels initially double team Ava, they begin to argue when it comes time to determine who will actually be the one to eliminate her. This allows for Ava to regroup and take down both Rebel and Madison with a double clothesline.

The fourth participant is out next and its Amanda Rodriguez, who goes on to attack all three Knockouts inside the six sided ring! Ava, Rebel and Amanda begin to fight one another for some control all while Madison lays low and out of the action.

Two more minutes pass and our fifth participant, MJ Jenkins, literally bounces into the match with a springboard dropkick that takes down Amanda! It’s a chaotic scene in the ring as all the women continue to stay alive in this Gauntlet match.

LAX’s own Diamanté enters next and immediately looks for a fight when she dashes inside the ring! “Se acabó” declares Diamaté as she dropkicks and clotheslines her opponents down.

Halfway through the match, our first elimination occurs courtesy of Rebel who scoops Amanda over her shoulders and tosses over the top rope, adding a kick for good measures. Just as Amanda is out of the match, in comes ODB ready to change things up!

One by one, ODB stacks up ALL of the Knockouts to a corner and fully charges after them, which leads to the next elimination as ODB clotheslines Ava over the top rope. BAM! Brandi Rhodes is our final participant and gets a few licks to her opponents upon her arrival, going as far as to eliminating Diamaté.

On the other side of the ring, another elimination occurs when MJ ducks a corner kick from Rebel and tosses her over the top rope. A newly confident MJ begins to target ODB and Brandi, taking the pair down with a double clothesline but it doesn’t take long for the numbers game to come to play. After a double shoulder block, MJ goes down allowing for Brandi and ODB to collectively toss her over the top rope.

With only three competitors left, Madison comes out of her playing possum state to eliminate Brandi next. It comes down to ODB and Madison, with the next Knockout to score a pinfall or submission will be the winner. The Impact Zone heavily favor ODB, who emerges victorious after hitting a TKO to Madison. Get ready for a future ODB vs. Rosemary title match!

Though they didn’t take part in the Gauntlet match, other ‘official’ Knockouts make appearances throughout the show, including Angelina Love and Alisha Edwards who get into a physical altercation during the brutal Last Man Standing match between Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.

Alisha would come to her husband’s defense when Angelina tried to interfere and the two battled it out at ringside! Alisha removing her belt to whip Angelina around but said weapon would be against Alisha as Angelina fights her off and chokes her out with it before sending her to the guardrails. Back in the ring, Angelina orders her husband Davey to finish Eddie off with a stiff kick that earns him the big win.

Karen Jarrett also booked a mixed tag match for between the team of Allie and Braxton Sutter against Sienna and her cousin KM. The match comes after a backstage interview where Allie said it felt good to stand up for herself from Sienna last week. This prompt Sienna to confront Allie and continue her accusation that she ‘ratted’ out Sienna on some disclosed bullying.

Quick reminder: ‘Fury’ will be unleashed next and based on this week’s vignette, Sienna has an even bigger plot for Allie/Braxton that goes beyond the mixed tag match.

Thought: It isn’t really a surprise that ODB is being set up as Rosemary’s next challenger. As I said last week, its a safe bet to have Rosemary go against an established name for the time being. I don’t see ODB winning the belt right away and with word that Gail Kim is planning to make her return to Impact, here is where I expect Rosemary to have her real ‘full-fledged’ feud.

As far as the Gauntlet match, well it was forgettable for the most part with some messy spots. With Allie, Sienna, Laurel Van Ness, Angelina and Alisha in their own respective storylines, it felt as though the likes Amanda, Ava, MJ and Rebel were brought in to basically fill up spaces for this gauntlet match. Part of me wishes that Impact would have tried going with a fatal four match between ODB, Madison, Brandi and Diamaté (who is now part of the Impact roster) instead. It wouldn’t have felt so clustered and I think it would have given me breathing room for someone like Diamaté who is warming up to fans. On the positive, I did like the bits that we did see from MJ and would like to see more from her.

Angelina was absolutely brutal with Alisha and I’m loving her pull/chemistry with Davey. This was the most intense we’ve seen from Alisha and I’m ready to see her and Eddie get some sweet revenge against their rivals!

I’m ready to see more of Allie getting in the ring and we are seeing a new confidence grow in her character through this feud with Sienna. Though I don’t think there is a need for a ‘fury’ factor, there are already enough people in this feud, I think its interesting to see Sienna being able to pull some strings to get someone new on her side. I just hope that this circle doesn’t get too crowded to the point that the women are pushed to the sideline.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Would you like to see any of these new names signed by Impact? Are you enjoy the mixed tag side feuds? Let us know in the comments below!  

  • Juelez

    Chile that gauntlet match. Even though Ava was eliminated early I can see a bright future for her in tna . I like that They really let her mj and diamanté shine but I feel bad for the other new girl. Loving them finally bringing back killa queen can’t wait for Madison to start putting them bitches back in line.

    Also here for Sienna she along with LVN are still my favorites right now can’t wait to see where this Allie bit goes

    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      I love Ava and MJ. Too bad Ava didn’t really get to do much.

      I hate that the match was so unmemorable and repetitive.
      Finally the knockouts get more time and all we get to see are clothelines and stomps.
      LVN, Sienna and Allie should’ve been in the match as well. They are in separate story lines but Gauntlets are usually not about just one story line. They are actually a good way too mix people from different feuds and furtherthe feuds in one match.

      I wonder if we’ll see Madison more frequently but I doubt it.

      Sienna and LVN are so funny and I hope that Allie finally gets to show her “progress” in the ring

  • MafiaMM

    Wait….I thought Rebel left TNA…

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      Well, they decided to take her back for some reasons…

      • Gabriella Panajotova

        That body. She’s been wrestling on the indies though, so maybe she got better.

        • Wrestling.fan.from.France

          Considering they don’t have a training facility, it’s really stupid to hire or even use any talent that don’t have a decent level of skills tbh. They should just let her improve on her own in the indies and then come back at her when she gets “there”.

          • Gabriella Panajotova

            At least they have Diamante. That’s something.

          • mking2590

            Rumors going around that Impact is bringing in Christina Von Erie at the next tapings and she have skills
            Plus Gail and Brooke are coming back soon and out of the 3 new girl’s Impact is looking to sign MJ

          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            She’s still alive? Lol I completely forgot about her tbh, it’s been a while since I’ve heard about Von Erie.
            Never been high on her but that’s something.

            As for those returning, I mean, Brooke? Yawn… As for Gail, well, it’s just Gail. I have grown really tired of her unfortunately due to them not really taking the time to build long-term stars and actually keeping them and focus on keeping Gail Kim all the time (who I think should have her place, no offense to her as the division can thank her for building this division and for saving it multiple times).

          • Malcolm James

            They great with building Allie and Rosemary

          • Wrestling.fan.from.France

            True, that’s one thing they have been good at (even tho I believe that they may be going a little bit too slow with Allie).

            Now, what I said is long-term not short-term and that’s the big difference sadly. You won’t see any star they are building last more than the original ones coming and leaving left and right as if nothing has changed and we are still stuck in the same past.

            Sadly, I don’t see Rosemary lasting and neither Aillie because well, TNA and that’s what bothers me.

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    Around WM every wrestling company up their game like crazy! But TNA has always been against the tide…

    • Wrestling.fan.from.France

      To their defense, it’s not live and well, they have their own WM in October so why should they “up” their level because WWE’s big show when their have their own “big show”.

      • Gabriella Panajotova

        I was just making a joke. But they should try to at least provide a certain level. They’ve been lacking the past few weeks.
        Diamante is cool as shit and should’ve been in the place of ODB in this match. TNA needs to push that chick because wrestling-wise she is ready and looks legitimate.

  • Carlos?#canigetarefill

    Mj Jenkins is dope she reminds me of Naomi with the springboards. I wasn’t feeling this gauntlet match tho, it was bland.

  • The only good thing from this episode was Madison’s old entrance theme.

    • Jackiedchilds

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    • Christinehjonas

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    • John Finnie

      It took me till she got to the ring & me humming tune to realise it was killa queen
      The match was basic & I’m not a fan of Madison & her wimp of a husband pairing up

      • Phyllissjensen

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  • Jazmine Monique Perciann Gordo

    The Gauntlet was good, but looked like it was dragging on Rebel, and brandi seemed like they improved a bit. Diamante, MJ, and Ava had me watching. ODB and Madison always have me watching lol. The segment with Alisha and Angelina was brutal. And the Segment with Allie, Braxton, Sienna,Her cousin and Karen was good. I can somewhat believe Karen as a baby face but she was a bit aggressive.

  • Wicked Emma #WickedGirl

    ODB?. Seriously TNA.
    Diamante should’ve won the tournament.

    • Radic

      Give it time, she’ll get her chance.

  • A One of a Kind Collectible

    When Madison Rayne gets put on the back burner for months because of Maria and Brooke’s flop return only to lose to ODB of all people… Can we at least get a Madison Vs Karren feud as that would at least make sense

  • GEO
    • Ulizabeth

      A bit too late. She is no longer seen as a threat.

  • BlaamLaambb

    I like the way TNA brought new faces to the knockouts division, i’m bored seeing the same person going out and in the company again and again. Even though it still happens at least we get to see a lot of new knockouts

  • Vito

    i don’t always keep up with TNA but when did madison go back to being heel?

    • Juan

      Madison Rayne is like Alicia Foxx. One week she is a heel and the next she is a face.

      • MK126

        And then another week shes doing commentary

  • PYM #TheRoadTo5

    The KO division looks like an independent fed. So gross. But nice to see ODB win.

    • Kelly_Killer

      Nothing nice about that TBFH.

      • PYM #TheRoadTo5

        I like ODB

    • Radic

      What’s so ‘gross’ about indie feds dare I ask?

      • PYM #TheRoadTo5

        their outfits looking cheap as hell

        • Radic

          Ah fair enough. Well aren’t signed up anyone yet/not earning enough money to get prettier gear most likely, so its to be expected.
          Though I’d say MJ’s attire looked the most appropriate out of the new girls.

          • PYM #TheRoadTo5

            It’s also just a weird combo of women. ODB, Madison, and Brandi are already a weird combo as it is. and then a weird mix of indy women. Just a random looking group of women.

  • Kelly_Killer

    A very disappointing match at least to me. The division is more tragic than it was in 2016. All those new girls without a build feel like nothing more but a bunch of Dionna Purazzos. The LA chick was eliminated by freakin Brandi Rhodes *faceplam*. Im glad to see Rebel back but thats about it. She disnt improve that much. I cant believe they resigned ODB she’s just tragic. Bring back Jade, Gail, Raquel, Santana even Velvet is gonna be better than any of these unkowns. AND WHERE TF IS BROOKE? Are we gonna ignore that she had a feud with Sienna. OH, but now Sienna is feuding with Allie instead of Laurel M-E-S-S.

    • mking2590

      Gail and Brooke are coming back and Allie is feuding with both Sienna and Laurel

    • AllWrestlingMatters

      I agree 100%

    • Asa Loves You

      Brooke wasn’t a part of one week of tapings, and misses out of several weeks of programming bc of it.

      • Kelly_Killer

        yes i know, but why she missed them ?

    • KatyaMenelli

      Velvet is nowhere near MJ or Diamante level, on the mic or in the ring. Stop that lie.

  • Radic

    Odd that they would rename Kayci to Ava. Kind of which they didn’t. Kayci Quinn stands out more than Ava Storie in my opinion. Hopefully they change it back during the Knockouts Knockdown or any future Impact tapings.
    Hopefully we do see returns from others that appeared in this match who aren’t in contracts (Kayci, MJ looked impressive, heck even give Rebel another chance. She’s appearing more on the indies with a supposed Stardom tour in Japan soon.)

  • A?.

    I love Alisha.

  • 3???????

    Terrible , knockouts will never put on great matches taping 4 shows in one day , when do they have time to rehearse ?

  • Kvngbalor

    I read this review and caught myself saying who tf are these ppl im so lost and confused


    Decent showing for the Knockouts this week!

  • Acorn


    • Amy


  • AllWrestlingMatters

    Who was the pregnant chick in the red?

    AndI only liked MJ & Diamanté and I know most of these women in the match weren’t signed just brought in for the tapings so there’s still hope for better knockouts coming in

    • Ken Lushh

      i am so dead!!!

    • KatyaMenelli

      Yea, They were the only two in the match that can work a match and get the crowd invested in a match. You saw how both of them had chants within the crowd during the match.

    • -B


  • Asa Loves You

    Just watching Madison’s entrance, and I’m already cringing.

  • Alexa Bliss Booty

    Haven’t watched tna in 1 month when did ODB and rebel get back

    • Robin Zabriskie

      odb permanently….rebel just for these tapings

  • AllWrestlingMatters

    I understand most of the women are going to “try” to make it to WWE with this tournament coming up but there are plenty of talent women they could have chosen to be used at their tapings besides the group of women with the wrestling ability of Rosa Mendes they brought in but with the fans reaction to that match I know they’ll bring more talented women in at the next tapings

  • Asa Loves You

    The gauntlet was cringeworthy, and that’s a shame. Props to the girls for putting on a match, but commentary was a mess. I get that it’s part of a current storyline, but it’s unbearable. The only way to watch this is by muting it.

    Of the new girls, I lol’d at ACR having Sarita’s old theme. I like MJ Jenkins! Glad to hear TNA signed her after learning of her story to attend tapings. Diamenté sucks. Brandi made me depressed. ODB gave me cirrhosis, and I hope the Rosemary vs. ODB match is over with quickly.

    Angelina and Davey are creepy as shit, and their feud with Eddie and Alisha is pretty cool to watch. Allie and Sienna continuing to feud is fun to watch too. Glad to see Sienna step out of being Maria’s henchwoman bc now I kinda like where she’s going. She can be a real heel champ again and not as part of someone else’s storyline. Also, fck Karen Jarrett.

  • AllEyezOnMe

    The knockouts division is a damn disgrace. More than half of these girls are lacking character and are expendable. What made the original knockouts division in 2007/early 08 so good was how different every girl was from each other. The division does not have that now, and even if Gail was to return now she wouldn’t be able to save it like she did in 2011. They need to start from scratch.

    • Crazy. #RIPMae

      omg queen hey do you have twitter

      • Ulizabeth ?

        ty love.

  • Juan

    Some thoughts:

    Madison Rayne brought back “Killer Queen”? Yes!!! About time!

    KC Quinn is no more? Hmm I actually liked the name more than Ava Storie.

    Lol they gave Amanda Rodriguez Sarita’s old theme song haha

    Rebel and Brandi were the weakest links. They are quite awkward in the ring.

    MJ Jenkins and Diamanté are amazing! I’m so glad they signed the latter and I’m hoping they’ll sign the former as well! Definitely the strongest competitors next to Madison Rayne.

    Of course it comes down to ODB and Madison! Rosemary needs to go over an established Knockout to solidify her reign and other than Gail Kim/Angelina Love it doesn’t get more established than these two!!

    Here’s hoping Rosemary beats ODB and we get some good matches out of it.

    • Juan

      Also that feud between Angelina Love and Alisha Edwards has been brutal!! I cannot wait for them to go one on one!

      Sienna/Laurel vs Allie has been going on for nearly a year lol What’s the end game here? Oh well at least Sienna is getting more time to shine, Allie is getting more build up and Laurel has an amazing new gimmick!

  • LeBoss

    Madison and that iconic theme <3

  • MeddlingDiva

    It was shocking news to me. That Josh Matthews had married Madison Rayne. My mind kept wondering how the hell did that happen. So, I barely paid attention to the match. After, Cowboy James Storm and the other segments was done. Sorry but I had changed the change

  • thenotorious1

    Amanda Rodriguez stole Sarita’s theme.

    • KatyaMenelli

      caught that too.

  • Stef’

    Haven’t watched a TNA match since Jade vs Rosemary and well… What a mess !

    I regret the time when you had Gail, Angelina, Madison, Brooke, Taryn, Mickie, Tara etc… squaring off in every possible combination and it felt so super high level for women wrestling, and now TNA is a bunch of amateurs barely pulling out some moves, those girls could have been picked up from the audience and asked to throw each other off the ring it wouldn’t have looked less messy.

    And what is this thing with the “over the top rope” elimination ? It’s super hard for them to lift and throw each other over that damn rope so every elimination looks damn ridiculous !

    And Rebel is back hahaha what a joke, still as bad as ever, Madison has a large move set and did litterally nothing, ODB being so comedic is terrible, Brandi is BAD she doesn’t have the required level to wrestle on TV without looking ridiculous.


    • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

      I feel you, this match was just bad and most recent KO matches were mehh.
      But the new girls are actually very tallented. They do some great work on the indies, they just weren’t allowed to showcase much. So don’t lose hope in the girls just yet.
      Although I’m starting to become indifferent to the KOs due to their horrible booking.
      Brandi definitely needs some training but both her and Rebel are working on the indies so the potential is there.
      It would already help with Brandi if her body language wasn’t always that off.

      • Stef’

        Brandi looks like Rosa and Eva-Marie in the ring, either crippled or over exagerating even her steps, and lost overall.

        The stuff with thesse girls being good in indies, honnestly, I don’t care, I don’t watch the indy promotions, I watch Impact, and if they are trashy on Impact, on TV, it doesn’t matter if they are indy goddesses. The same speach was taken to advocate for Marti Belle and others, and they never delivered. I have just one hope for this MJ who looks above average.

        • MeddlingDiva

          Brandi made Eva Marie looked way more better at being tossed out

        • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

          But it does matter. It means that the talent and potential to be great on TV is there.
          We can’t properly judge how they’ll be on TV till we’ve seen them in properly booked matches on Impact.
          I wouldn’t call them indy goddesses but they are really good given their experience level.
          All I’m saying is for you not to lose your hope on MJ, Diamanté and Ava right away just because they were thrown into this mess of a match.
          And those people who said Marti was good on the indies straight up lied. I’ve yet to see one good match out of her. And I actually like her because she seems to have a likable personality but I gotta be honest.
          I’ve seen much better work of MJ, Diamanté & Ava in the short amount they’ve been around than I’ve ever seen of Marti.However you can forget about that other new girl, she’s still green as hell.

          • Stef’

            the one with Sarita’s music ?

          • PoisonFelino#Watermelondrea

            Yeah, that one. I’ve got nothing against her but I’ve commented last week that she basically was Carmella without the charisma and mic skills.


    I’m a big impact and most importantly knockout supporter but this match concerns me for their future. MJ was the standout of the new girls+Rebel, she’s the only one who looked ready in my opinion. Amanda is good but didn’t show much here.
    They need to keep Brandi outta that ring until Cody teaches her some more, or she works more Indy’s.
    Madison was entertaining as always, and it’s good to see ODB back although I hope she gets back to being a little more badass and a little less comedy. Although she’s good at comedy. Oh and Diamante, damn. I’m liking her.

    Love everything Angelina & Allie has been doing too.

  • DollahMAB

    Killer Queen returning as Madison’s theme was the highlight of that tragic match.

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      Omg she brought it back?! PRAISE THE WRESTLING GODS!

  • Robin Zabriskie

    amanda ava mj and rebel please don’t come back again……rebel was the most decent looking of the 4 but still she is not good……amanda rodriguez couldn’t even give a proper clothesline, she was the worst one and one of the worst I’ve seen so far….ava is sloppy, mj ok with the moves but so blank in her attitude…..i agree with your idea…better a fatal 4 way with diamante madison odb and brandi……even if i don’t like brandi at all

    • KatyaMenelli

      Your eyes are ALL fucked up.

      • Robin Zabriskie

        at least say your opinion otherwise just don’t reply

  • DollahMAB

    Funnily enough, the booking of the Knockouts division has gotten worse with the guy who helped create the golden era of the knockouts behind the current division! I understand that what they’re trying to do is reboot the Knockouts Division but it was poorly executed. Why were we suddenly supposed to care about a group of women who have no established characters (apart from ODB) and can hardly find their way around the ring? The intention was good but the execution, not so much. Next time they try to do this, pick a better group of women and spotlight them on the shows before this so we can get a better understanding of who they are and why they’re their.

  • Raekon

    Funny that almost everyone here were asking for some fresh blood and now that they brought a few People in to fill up the Slots and to start rebuilding the Division, everyone is whining. Shows how true it is when People say that Wrestling fans are the worst.
    In my opinion it was refreshing to see Ava, MJ, Diamante, Rebel and ACR being involved and it would be nice if they get really signed and build up all (we know Diamante is) cause it would help the Division to grow and bring in some fresh air.

  • Tunasha

    Not gonna lie, the gauntlet was painful but to be fair I wasn’t expecting something good considering half the girls were just fillers (I think).

    Amanda was forgettable and using the theme of a former knockout doesn’t make it right…

    MJ had some good moves but till she’s a full time knockout, she was forgettable as well.

    Ava had the typical underdog cookie cutter girl with zero charisma, also she got a new name so Imma guess she’s part of the Knockouts division now?

    Brandi can’t wrestle to save her life. The only reason she’s not heavily hated is because of her last name. Girl needs to train hard if she wants to make it, her moves are so robotic and sloppy.

    Rebel… I liked her a lot more when she was with the Menagerie. But same as Brandi, she really hasn’t improved that much and I wonder if she’s back as a full time knockout or just a filler for the tapings.

    Diamante was good, but her involvement and elimination were meaningless.

    Madison was her old self which is much better than her try-hard face persona. She was just born to be a heel. Now I hope they can actually use her right this time, she’s been forgotten from creative for quite too long!

    As for ODB, well it was the old same thing. Only difference is she’s not getting younger by time and she doesn’t move as she used to. I don’t know if she’s back full time or was just used for this set of tapings.

    AND finally, it was weird not seeing the main knockous at all on this match but I guess it’s becasue they are all being used in other storylines. Hopefully as time goes, they can develop more compelling characters and start using girls like Allie as part of the division.

    Finally, If Gail returns, I just hope they don’t put the others girls aside. We need them to establish the newer girls instead of relying on the same all the time (even tho Gail is the only one that brings the best on any girl at this point, the matches have been sucky as hell with the exception of the Jade/Rosemary saga).

  • Wicked Bliss

    Oh this show is still alive.

    • KatyaMenelli

      Stop acting like you don’t watch every week. I see you here in the comments section all the time lmfao

      • Crazy. #RIPMae


  • KatyaMenelli

    i NEED to see a Madison Rayne vs. MJ Jenkins feud. They were going in on each other on twitter.

  • Christinehjonas

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  • Marlon Eric

    Gone are the days when the Knockouts were diverse and talented. And when Angelina had some muscle weight and dat ass.

  • Radic


    That’s about it.

    Nah but seriously, I found it odd they would change Kayci’s name to Ava when they promoted her a Kayci on the website. Also, Kayci Quinn just sounds more appealing than ANOTHER woman starting with A in their name. They already have three, stop with the As. Too many As! Almost as bad as when they had too many Rs (Rebel, Raquel, Rosemary, Reby) and Ms (Madison, Maria, Marti)
    Out of the girls brought in, MJ impressed the most. Hopefully she gets more chances in the future. Wouldn’t mind seeing Kayci and Rebel back occasionally, after more practice in other places. Apparently Rebel will be touring Japan with STARDOM soon so at least she’s planning on doing that, good on her.
    I’m just hoping we get to see Viper appear for Impact at the next tapings, that would be pretty dope.

    Also, so random to hear Sarah Stock’s/Sarita’s TNA theme used by Amanda.

  • DAMn! thaT Glauntlet was so boring, I don’t know why the Divas/Women’s Battle eoyals have always been more entertaining than the KO’s battle royals/glauntlet matches. Don’t know, the only interesting in Impact right now is The wolves wifes feud.

    • Gabriella Panajotova

      Not always. During the golden era of TNA they were killing it. Idk what happened. Some say Dixie, some say Hogan…but someone sure fucked the company up.

      • Totally agree with you, maybe were the KO’s who were more interesting. But Yup! Someone fucked the company up.

  • Milly

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  • Queen of Spark

    I honestly only found Madison Rayne to be the highlight of that gauntlet battle royal. ODB is a filler, plus I’m not sure if she’s one of the best or not. I just can’t wait to see Allie and Sienna wrestle next week. If I dare see LVN look like a mess again…

  • Shady

    Just Yikes, ODB has never been a fave of mine, she never has done anything impressive in the ring for me to notice ever. The new girls… no comment, same with Rebel.

    Diamantè is pretty good though, she was very impressive in her match with Asuka and seems to know her way around the ring. Allie is greatness but her character needs to move on now. Angelina and Rosemary are also doing great. Madison is pretty boring lately but she is quite good in the ring as well. The division should just be those 5. Not to be disrespectful but the rest seem like a waste of space but TNA never learns

  • autobusmaximus

    You see, so many times have I been told that all the fire Russo
    chants never were because of stuff that was actually booked by dutch and
    that Dixie was all wrong believing that. Now look at the BS that they
    book for the Knock outs. I mean Pervie McFuck for a referee and now ODB as the NR one contender… WTF and Brandy rhodes… GOD DAMN IT!!!!!

    No need to mention, that they waste money El Moron instead of someone that is actually trustworthy

  • Gabriella Panajotova

    How can someone runs so funny? Look at Brandi lol

  • -B

    It’s 2017 and the only thing they can get back is ODB? That’s so tragic…

    Thank God that Rosemary is the champion because the only active wrestler that actually deserves to hold the title is Madison, but she had her moments already.

  • Radic

    Not sure how recent this was, but it appears MJ is officially with Impact now. She got a profile added on the TNA roster page, along with all the other women who are currently signed.