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Your Two Cents is our interactive feature where we ask for the opinions of our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followers.

This week, we’re asking this: Which WWE brand’s Women’s division are you looking most forward to after the Superstar Shake-Up? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

  • Adam DeSoto: Raw. Time for that brand to shine again.
  • Brett Duplisea: SmackDown Live. Raw may have a stronger division, but SmackDown just has better storytelling and every girl has gotten to shine in various storylines, not just the two same girls feuding over a title like Raw.
  • Daniel Royce Wilhelm: I have high hopes for both brands. I hope SmackDown finally gives Tamina a dominant solitary role, and I would love to see some sort of 3 way feud between Natalya, Charlotte Flair and Tamina seeing as they are all second generation superstars. As far as the title, I’d love to see a heel turn for Becky Lynch putting her up against Naomi. Also I think we are all curious as to whether Lana will be wrestling or not… I sure hope so. For Raw, I sincerely hope Bayley drops the belt to Emma or Alexa Bliss soon. I could see either of the two of them carrying the division in the right direction and giving Dana Brooke, Mickie James, maybe even Summer Rae and Paige title shots. This whole “this has always been my dream” crap from Bayley and Sasha Banks is so old and tired. Also I HOPE after the sloppy match this past week that WWE sidelines Nia Jax until she can get better in the ring, because I thought Charlotte was gonna get killed in their match this week.
  • Matthew Brown: Raw! Now that Emma has returned & Alexa & Mickie have been drafted to Raw, the division feels fresh & things have already taken a turn in the right direction. I’m actually excited for the next episode of Raw already & I haven’t been excited about Raw for a while!
  • @Music_Wrestling: SmackDown because Naomi is champ, they got Charlotte Flair, Tamina is back and maybe Lana will finally wrestle.
  • @Nogr3yareas: Honestly was Team SmackDown cause of the diverse stories given but I cant lie Raw is looking nice with Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. So much they can do – Alexa gives me Trish vibes also Mickie and Nia on one show gives me throwbacks to Beth Phoenix vs Mickie for the title. Nia being so green, such a crisp vet like Mickie is what she needs to help her. Mickie has wrestled them all from TBP, Gail Kim, Trish Startus & Lita.
  • Philipe Caldas Sousa: Raw. Love Maryse but I am sad that she doesn’t fight.
  • Sieg Ramos: SmackDown, still have high hopes for Tamina.
  • @TgDenovan: Obviously Raw Division. In SmackDown, Charlotte, Becky and Naomi will carry the division on their backs.
  • @TheJoseCanUC: SmackDown. I’m curious to see how adding Tamina and Charlotte will fare for the previous mainstays, especially when their top heel left.
  • Tom Fox: It’s good to see that both divisions are now equaled out. I would personally say that I’m looking more forward to SmackDown only because the writers are a lot more better and looking back at what they did this past year with the division, each girl served a purpose. Saying that though, RAW does now look more interesting with a mix up of girls.

And now we turn it over to you…

Give us your two cents! Which WWE brand’s Women’s division are you looking most forward to after the Superstar Shake-Up?

  • thenotorious1

    Smackdown will definitely push Tamina. Shes gonna prove fans wrong when she came out and got no reaction. Shes back with a vengeance. Charlotte is def gonna beat Naomi soon to become the first ever raw and Smackdown womens champion. Its obvious. Carmellsworth will die soon, becky may turn heel, and Nattie will step her game up and might even be Lana’s first feud.

    Alexa and Nia alliance? Smallest and biggest girl could be a deadly combo. Dana brooke as generic blonde underdog being bullied by Emma. Mickie as the veteran who thinks bayley is a knockoff of her. Sasha and Alexa in a dream heel vs heel feud. Or maybe Alexa, Summer, and Sasha alliance? And soon Paige will come back to a huge reaction.

    • A?.

      I see Carmella getting a title shot but Ellsworth accidentally costs her the match which ends up with her turning on him.

    • Radic

      Well to be fair, even though Tamina hasn’t been relevent in… hardly ever, the SmackDown crowd this week blew. They only reacted to like, four people (Owens/Zayn/Styles/Nakamura) out of everyone there.

    • Juri Han

      I like your positivity, I’m dying to see Summer and Paige return but that most likely not gonna happen (Especially Paige) If they did they will just stand there and do nothing.

  • Wrestling.fan.from.France

    With Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie and Emma on the same brand, it’s hard for me to look at anything else…
    But seriously, I hope both brand kill it, there is a lot of potential here to do big things!!

  • MeddlingDiva

    I know fans don’t want Tamina to become Charlotte bodyguard. Why not? An Introvert can only fake so much with their personality


    So although I’m team raw for reasons I’ll get to in a minute. I just want to be sure to say to the Naomob I apologize y’all for labeling her as bland. After watching the most recent total divas she’s actually really really sweet kinduh like how bayely should be but she’s genuine still piecing her character together but genuine so I’ll be watching for Naomi’s growth I really hope she pours her all into her current stint and make the most of her reign ….
    Now I’m team raw for obvious Sasha reasons but Mickie James being on the roster might become the steal of the shakeup. She came back to wrestle not play second fiddle to a newbie so her matches are almost must see for me rn. Her interactions with banks and bayely should be epic.
    Now I’m not too geeked about Alexa on raw as most because after what we seen with Nia I honestly don’t want her to try stuff she can’t handle or try to match the pace of the other girls when she’s not there yet. I also hope she pushes her move set b/c if not her move to raw would be wasted. Don’t care for the rest of the roster. Well low-key marking for Emma glad she’s on raw she’s gonna get some good heat over there as the evil girl. I was vicious tho no bs Emma bring it.

    Poor nattie

    • Seraphina Rosenhart

      I agree with you except with the part about Alexa. Alexa can definitely put on a great fast paced match. The problem is that she only has great chemistry with women she’s worked with for a long time. Right now, that’s Carmella, Sasha and Bayley. Her old school matches with Sasha were very fast paced and she showed us some high flying moves that we don’t see from her nowadays.

      • GOD STRATUS•

        She was also face then too

  • PYM #TheRoadTo5

    I’m more excited for Smackdown. Ready for Queen Charlotte to claim another kingdom. I’m also liking what they’re doing for Lana.

  • Raw already set several feuds into place, so that’s what I’m looking forward to see.
    SD is unpredictable since nothing has been started yet, so that unpredictability is lowkey exciting.

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    • Juri Han

      I hope they don’t screw Emma once again , we need fresh chanpions like Mickie and Emma . These two are good enough to be champions !

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      • Virginiahfender

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  • A?.

    I’m excited for both but mostly for Raw, I don’t know why. Their booking was good these past 2 weeks, but I’m not getting my hopes up because we know how it works…

  • Don ???

    I’m easy to please. I’m looking forward to both brands. Maybe RAW a little more. There seems to be a lot more going on with Sasha’s heel turn coming, Emma and Dana’s alliance rift, Nia rising in dominance and the addition of Mickie James and Alexa Bliss. The next few months will be interesting for RAW. Smackdown will be full of surprises too I’m sure. Charlotte will elevate everyone.

    • conan_kun

      I am doubt that Charlotte will elevate everyone, they may let her go over the entire SD women division instantly, make her untouchable until Asuka moves to SD. Since nobody including Becky and Naomi look capable to beat Charlotte, unlike Raw with Nia, Sasha and Bayley.

      • PYM #TheRoadTo5

        Naomi doesn’t even look credible enough to beat Charlotte imo. SD used to be the land of possible jobbers. Meanwhile Raw had a lot of women that needed protection.

      • Don ???

        Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. ?

  • conan_kun

    Now SD women division is not better than before Superstar Shakeup, they lost Mickie, Alexa and Nikki (not sure when will she return), they replace by Charlotte, Tamina and Lana. Tamina is hardly to care about and Lana is still green, they’re not ideal replacement for former SD top heel Alexa or living legend Mickie, hope Charlotte won’t get overpushed and go over entire women division instantly like she did on Raw. Not sure if Tamina is face or heel, then SD women with only Naomi and Becky are babyface while Charlotte, Tamina, Natalya, Carmella and Lana are heels are too imbalance.

    • Iteaseutouch

      They can cover it up by adding Summer and a debuting Asuka to SD

    • Iteaseutouch

      Or even Paige, who Knows.

  • vdcvt

    I’m looking forward a bit more towards RAW just because there seems to be a current focus on most of the women’s division finally. Emma and Dana look to have their own thing, Sasha vs Bayley is teased down the line, Alexa vs Mickie is continuing, and Nia is looming over them all.
    SD should still be pretty awesome, but it’s like the first ep last year. Everyone’s introduced but the battle lines aren’t drawn yet.

  • Delroy Coke

    There’s a possible Charlotte Flair vs. Nikki Bella tease on Twitter. That’s when Nikki Bella is ? percent healthy. Overall the women’s division is balanced, but RAW will have NXT feel along with future HOF Mickie James. Hopefully both brands have equal playing field with storylines, character development and matches

  • Wicked Bliss

    With that short argument between james and naomi, it seems like Carmella will be the next contender for the championship. I hope this happens and Charlotte has not done anything yet to be a contender in SD.

    • Gail-Rollins Fan

      So Ellsworth smarts off and that’s enough to make jobbermella a contender, but Charlotte being the best overall performer in the entire company isn’t enough to make her one?


      • Wicked Bliss

        She’s just arrived. You want her to bury the division this early eh? And SD gives people opportunity and Charlotte has been given opportunity on Raw so she is where she is now. And giving Carmella a chance is not far fetch specially in SD.

      • A?.


    • Seraphina Rosenhart

      I agree that Charlotte doesn’t deserve a championship reign with the SD Women’s championship yet. She needs to feud with a couple of others first. However, Carmella has also done nothing to be a contender for the championship yet. She needs to get away from Ellsworth first and foremost.

  • Wicked Bliss

    I’m excited to see two shows! Both can offer new stories!

  • Luiz Giem

    I think both brands have the chance to shine and this time it feels like the draft was more fair.

    RAW feels more diverse with Emma, Mickie and Alexa there. With Charlotte finally gone there’s more room for the girls to shine and they seem to have a lot of storylines going on.

    Smackdown on the other hand has a terrific team of writers and they can build up new characters like Tamina and Lana, plus with Charlotte there the rest of the girls will have to step up their game.

    I’m more invested in RAW but SD didn’t disappoint me before.

  • SD Womens Division will most definitely be the interesting one to watch considering there is a odd bunch of women on the same brand but in a good way however, for the first time in about 6 months I will be looking forward to the Raw Womens Division, they had the best “shakeup” and already looking forward to the new matches between those girls too.

  • Call Up Asuka NOW

    I really like how RAWs women’s division looks SDs not so much but let’s see what happens

  • Radic

    At this point in time, Raw has the better division on names alone, but this was the case with the original brand split, and SmackDown has out-performed Raw almost all the time. So who knows, I’m just interested to see where things go.

    Also I know both aren’t the greatest (as much as people on here would say otherwise), but we get a video package for Lana yet no focus/switch for Alicia or Summer? Not even short image switches like Rusev got (who is also currently injured)? Come on now…

    • Juri Han

      I’m pissed that they screwed Alicia and Summer while the likes of Lana and Eva Marie are putting in the spotlight.

      • Seraphina Rosenhart

        To be fair, Summer is still injured. They might give her a push and a good feud once she’s ready to return.

        • Juri Han

          She’s “STILL” ?? omg she took too long , I thought she was cleared . Do you have any idea when she’ll be back/cleared ?

          • Seraphina Rosenhart

            She’s okay now, but not cleared just yet. I believe that she’ll be cleared soon though.

      • Radic

        Well Eva hasn’t been relevent since before her first Wellness Policy Strike, and she’s on her way out. But I suppose if she wasn’t leaving that would still stand.

  • Raw if it can now develop all the women decent characters looks as if nia is going to be the destructive monster she should have always been and possibly an alliance with bliss. Smackdown all depends on how they use charlotte she doesn’t need to be champ for a while just use her to put the other women over and build them up.

  • Victoria&Melina19

    I’m looking forward to both. Raw since they already have some feuds set, but Smackdown is full of suprises too.

  • Jesus’s brother / AF Club

    I love how you guys make Mickie James this “Living Legend” when she has flopped left and right! She has failed…

    • Seraphina Rosenhart

      I agree with you on that. Like, I was expecting soooo much more when she returned but then she just kinda failed. She has just been doing the same old moves that she used to do and it’s getting boring and repetitive. Her character and moveset have become bland.

  • Ryan Leslie

    Raw because of Emma and Smackdown because of Tamina as well as being able to see everyone elevated simply by being in the ring with Charlotte. I feel like good things are on the way!!

  • Ryan Leslie

    I feel as if they might have Tamina and Naomi reunite if only to have Tamina be a roadblock for Charlotte before taking the title from Naomi. Charlotte is in a league of her own on that show with Becky and Naomi being close seconds but it would be great to see Naomi get in a successful title defense or two!

  • Raw I think is going to be great again, The SD Live! Will still slaying WWE and I can’t wait to see everything happening.

  • chrissi calvert

    I would have put Nia on SD & pair her with Tamina as a Samoan dynasty, dominating the women’s division. Then have Charlotte & Natty team up as 2nd generation superstars to feud with them.